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Chapter 49: A Wedding...

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The story so far

Chapter 49: A Wedding...

written by anonymous author

added on: 25 May 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to the following morning. Angela is still lying on Jordans chest, and he has his arms around her. It is almost 10, and Jordan has to get to work. Angelas alarm goes off and is flashing 8am. She wakes up and shuts it off. Jordan slowly opens his eyes.

Jordan: What time is it?

Angela: 8, wait, it is flashing because the power went off. Let me go check.

She rolls over and gets out of bed and walks over to her dresser. She looks for her watch in her mess, and picks it up.

Angela: Oh my God, its almost 10!

Jordan: Oh, sh--, Im going to be late!

He jumps out of Angelas bed and grabs his clothes which had been drying overnight. They were still slightly damp, but that didnt matter. He gets dressed, puts on his shoes, and runs down the stairs, with Angela following him.

Angela: Im sorry.

Jordan: Its ok. I gotta run, Ill see you tomorrow, ok?

Angela: Yeah, uh, Ill see you at the restaurant at 4.

Jordan: Ok (kisses her on the lips) Bye.

Angela: Bye.

Angela shuts the door behind him and leans her back against it.

AngelaVO: Last night was one of the best nights I have had, in a long time

She walks into the kitchen and cleans up the mess that they made. After she is done she calls Sharon, and tells her to come over. Angela jumps in the shower, and an hour later Sharon is over.

Angela: So, how are things going with Matt?

Sharon: Ok, I dont know, I really like him, he is such a great guy, and I just dont feel like it is all there?

Angela: What is all there?

Sharon: You know, chemistry, I mean, we have a great time together, but I just dont feel like we have any chemistry.

Angela: Oh.

Sharon: I wish I had the kind of chemistry that you and Jordan have, you guys are so perfect for each other, the only guy that I have ever had anything close to that with is a major butthead.

Angela: You will find someone, I know it...

Cut to later that night. Angela is in the family room watching TV when the back door opens and Danielle comes bursting into the room and jumps onto Angela smothering her with a hug.

Angela: Well, hello to you too.

Danielle: I have been so worried. Dont ever do that again Angela!

Angela: Ok, look, Im fine.

Danielle: Ok.

Angela: So, how is camp?

Danielle: Its so much fun, I love it there! Uh, can I talk to you about something, alone? (looking at Patty and Graham who just walked in with their things)

Angela: Sure.

Patty: Was everything ok here?

Angela (smiles, thinking of last night): Yeah (kisses her on the cheek)

Angela gets up and starts to walk up to her room with Danielle. They close the door and sit on Angelas bed facing each other.

Angela: So, whats up?

Danielle: Ok, you have to teach me how to kiss boys.

Angela: What? No way!

Danielle: Come on, please!!!! I really need your advice.

Angela: Whats going on, is there some boy I should know about?

Danielle: Well, sort of. His name is Chris, and we have just been hanging out, like, a lot, and I just want to be prepared.

Angela: Oh. Well, Danielle, its not something you can teach someone, it just sort of happens.

Danielle: Oh come on, all those times I saw you pretending to kiss the mirror, you totally know what you are doing.

Angela: Well, ok, fine. But if you tell anyone I am going to kill you.

Danielle: Promise.

Angela shows Danielle how to kiss a boy with the back of her hand, and then watches as Danielle practices. She gives her pointers, and they laugh and have one of the best times they have ever had together.

Angela: Gosh, youre really growing up.

Danielle: Duh!

Angela: So, do you think you are ready?

Danielle: I guess. So, is it scary?

Angela: A little, but at the same time so exciting, it makes you feel so alive.

Danielle: How old were you when you got your first kiss?

Angela: Well, it was actually just a couple years ago. It was short and not very good, so dont expect a lot, but it gets better when it is with the right person.

Danielle: Is Jordan the right person?

Angela: Yeah.

Danielle: So, like, how do you know?

Angela: You just do, it just feels right and everything fits perfectly. Look, dont rush things, you will get your first kiss when the moment is right.

Danielle: I hope it is right this summer, because Chris is so cute!

Angela laughs and they go find Patty and Graham. They are in their bedroom unpacking their bags and getting laundry together. Angela and Danielle walk into their room and both sit on the bed.

Patty: So, did we get any calls?

Angela: Umm, Uncle Neil called and said that Marla is going to come over here at 1 to get ready and asked dad to go over by his apartment to help him get ready.

Patty: Ok. So, did you have fun?

Angela: Uh, yeah. Sharon and I just hung out.

Patty: Thats good. Are Sharon and Rickie able to come to the wedding too?

Angela: Umm, yeah. Sharon is coming over here to help me do my hair and then picking up Rickie, and I hope its ok, but I told Corey he could come too.

Patty: Sure. So, did you have Rickie ask Rayanne to come?

Angela: Yeah, but she and her mom are out of town for the weekend on some weird trip.

Patty: Oh, ok. Well, its probably better that way.

Angela: Yeah. VO: Part of me missed Rayanne, and wished that things could be back to the way they were when we first met, but the other part always reminded me of all the awful things she said to me...

Cut to Sunday at 1:30. Marla just arrived at the Chase house a few minutes ago, and Graham was walking out the door with his suit in hand. They were getting ready in Pattys room, and all of the dresses were hanging in Angelas bedroom. Sharon was over helping do hair and makeup. Marla had her hair done an hour ago, it was half up with tight curls and her veil was already attached with a tiara.

Patty: Marla, you look so beautiful. Neil is going to be speechless when he sees you.

Marla: Thanks, I just hope this guy cooperates today (feeling her stomach).

Patty: Oh, did you find out it was a boy?

Marla: Yeah, at my last appointment, Neil really wanted to find out.

Patty: Thats wonderful, congratulations.

Angela (walks into the room with curlers on her head): Mom, where is your hairspray?

Patty: Oh, here. (walks into the bathroom and gets it)

Angela: Thanks. (scene follows Angela into her bedroom)

Sharon has her hair up in a bun with loose tendrils falling down, and is wearing shorts and a tank top. Danielles hair is wet and she is combing through it. She is wearing her pajamas and sitting on Angelas window seat. Angela has on a tank top and shorts and her hair is in curlers, which she had done last night after she showered. She is sitting at her vanity picking out what makeup to wear.

Danielle: Do you think mom would let me wear makeup?

Angela: I dont know, why dont you go ask her.

Danielle runs out of the room, and comes back a couple minutes later.

Danielle: Yeah! Mom said I could wear makeup, but that you guys have to do it for me.

Sharon: Sure, come here.

Sharon starts putting makeup on Danielle while Angela takes her curlers out. Her hair falls past her shoulders, and is curling at the ends.

Sharon: You should curl your hair more, and we can put it back a little with bobby pins and I brought this to put in your hair. (takes babys breath out of her purse)

Angela: Sharon, thanks, gosh, you always think of everything.

Sharon: Of course, I just thought it would look pretty in your hair.

Angela curls her hair, with Sharons help, and they both do Danielles hair. Danielle has her hair half up with a flowered barrette and keeps it straight. By the time they get dressed it is 3:45, and have to leave to get to the restaurant to take pictures at 4. Marlas dress is white satin with spaghetti straps and an empire waist and full skirt. Patty is wearing a lavender A-line dress with cap sleeves and a satin empire waist, and her hair is short and curled at the ends with a lavender carnation behind her ear. Danielles dress is sleeveless light blue satin and matches the flowered barrette in her hair. Sharon is wearing a long pink spaghetti strap dress. Angelas dress is a two-toned layered chiffon dress. The top layer is coral and the layer underneath is orange. It is a V-neck halter with long straps tying around her neck and cascading down her back which is bare up to the middle. It is fitted up until her waist where it flares out to the floor. Sharon put her hair half back with bobby pins and babys breath but left a few curls falling around the corners of her eyes and ears. Angela, Sharon and Danielle walk down the stairs where Patty and Marla are waiting for them. The limo is outside to pick them up.

Marla: You girls look so beautiful! Oh, gosh, I think I am going to cry.

Patty: Not yet Marla, there is time for that. Oh, Angela, you are stunning.

Danielle: Hey, what about me!

Patty: You look beautiful too Danielle, so do you Sharon. Well, we better get on our way, we are already a little late.

They all go outside and pile into the limo, letting Marla in first. Sharon leaves to go pick up Rickie and Corey. They arrive at the restaurant a few minutes late, and the photographer is waiting there with Neil, Graham, and their parents ,who flew in that morning from Florida, and Marlas parents. Graham walks out with Neil when the limo pulls up in front of the restaurant to help them get out. Patty gets out first.

Graham: Wow, you look amazing (kisses her on the cheek and then whispers in her ear). You shouldnt look more beautiful than the bride, its not fair to her.

Patty: Oh, Graham, thanks.

Danielle gets out next followed by Angela.

Graham: Girls, you both look so beautiful. (kisses them both on the cheek)

Neil takes Marlas hand and helps her get out of the car.

Neil: Wow, you look so pretty.

Marla: Thanks. Can we go inside, it is so hot out here.

Neil: Sure, come on.

They all go inside and Danielle runs and jumps into her Grandpas arms (Grahams father).

Danielle: Papa, I missed you.

Grandpa Chase: Whoa have you gotten big since we saw you last. You must have grown at least a foot! (teasing her)

Grandma Chase: You really must have, youre almost as tall as me (gives her a big hug). Oh, Angela, you have gotten to be such a lovely young lady.

Angela: Hi Grandma. How was your trip? (kisses her on the cheek and hugs her)

Grandma Chase: Oh, it was fine, now, when do I get to meet this boyfriend your father keeps telling me about on the phone?

Grandpa Chase: Boyfriend? What boyfriend? You arent allowed to date until you are at least my age (teasing her and hugging her).

Angela: He should be here soon.

Grandma Chase (whispers to Angela): I want you to make sure that you introduce me to him, ok?

Angela: Ok.

Photographer: Ok, I want the bride and groom and their parents to gather over here.

Neil, Marla, and both of their parents gather in front of the backdrop that looks like the night sky with stars and a moon. He takes a bunch of pictures of them together, then with just the Chase parents, and then with just the brides parents, and all of them separately. Then Patty and Graham join them, followed by Angela and Danielle. Just as the photographer sets them into place for a big family picture Sharon, Rickie, and Corey walk in, followed by Jordan. Rickie and Corey are both wearing black pants with shirts and vests over them. Jordan is wearing a black suit and tie, and looks amazing. Angela doesnt see them walk in because of the blinding lights shining on them while the camera is flashing.

Rickie: Oh, look at how beautiful everybody looks. Angela looks so gorgeous!

JordanVO: She is breathtaking...

As the photographer takes a break and changes film Angela fixes her dress and then looks up and sees her friends standing there. The light is shining in her eye and she doesnt see Jordan standing behind Rickie, Corey, and Sharon. She smiles at them shyly, self conscious knowing that people are watching her. The photographer takes a family picture of the Chases (Patty, Graham, Angela, Danielle, grandparents and Neil), then one of Graham and Neil, Patty and Graham, Patty with Angela and Danielle, Graham with Angela and Danielle, then Angela and Danielle by themselves. The photographer takes a break to go out to his truck to get more film, and everyone scatters. Angela walks over to where Sharon, Rickie, and Corey are standing. She looks up and sees Jordan standing behind them with his eyes fixated on her. She smiles at him when she sees how gorgeous he looks.

Angela: Hi.

Rickie (hugs her): You look so beautiful.

Corey: Yeah, you do.

Sharon: Have you seen Matt?

Angela: No, he should be here soon to set up everything for dinner.

Sharon: Ok.

Angela (walks over to Jordan): Wow, you look amazing.

Jordan (kisses her on the lips and whispers in her ear): You take my breath away...

Angela (blushes and takes Jordan by the hand): Come here, I want you to meet somebody.

Jordan: Who?

Angela walks Jordan over to where her grandparents have sat down in a booth.

Angela: Uh, Grandma, Papa, this is Jordanthese are my dads parents from Florida.

Grandma Chase (shakes his hand): It is very nice to meet you, I have heard a lot about you.

Jordan: Uh, thanks, you too. (shakes her Grandpas hand)

Grandpa Chase: So, when do you two plan on getting married?

Angela: Grandpa, were still in high school!

Grandpa Chase: So what, your grandmother and I have been married for 60 years, since we were both 18.

Angela: Yeah, but things are different now, and we have to go to college, and that is a long way away and things change.

Graham: Ok, whats going on here? Dad, what kind of crazy ideas are you putting in their heads?

Grandpa Chase: Oh, nothing...

Angela and Jordan walk away and talk for a few minutes by themselves.

Angela: Just ignore my grandpa, he likes to joke around a lot. I mean, come on, imagine us getting married now.

Jordan: Yeah. So, what did you mean by things changing?

Angela: I dont know, I just meant that things change over time.

Jordan: Oh. So, uh, can I ask you something?

Angela: Sure.

Jordan: Well, umm, its like, our 3 month anniversary this week, and I was wonderin if maybe you wanted to stay over, Tuesday night, after the concert.

Angela (shocked that he remembered): You remembered that we have been going out for 3 months?

Jordan: Yeah, why?

Angela: I just didnt think you thought about that kind of stuff.

Jordan: Well, I do. So, umm, what do you think?

Angela: Oh, umm, yes, Id love to. I just, uh, will have to talk to my parents. Wait, I dont know if that is such a good idea if your aunt and dad are home.

Jordan: Oh, umm, my aunt actually went back to Philly this week to visit some friends and my dad went with her.

Angela: Oh, ok.

Jordan: So, you will stay, with me, after the concert?

Angela (wraps her arms around his neck): Yes. (kisses him softly on the lips)

The photographer comes back inside and gathers everyone again. After they finish taking all of the standard wedding pictures Patty suggests that the photographer take a picture of her and Jordan. Patty goes over and asks the photographer and he says that he will. Angela pulls Jordan in front of the camera shyly and they take a few pictures. He stands behind her with his arms wrapped around her waist, then they take one facing each other, and another standing next to each other. The photographer clears his equipment out of the way and they set up for the ceremony with folding chairs, and the DJ they hired sets up in the back. They have a justice of the peace leading the ceremony. Marla, Patty, Angela, and Danielle go into the kitchen area where they will walk out from. Marla decided to have Patty be her matron of honor because she didnt want to choose one of her friends. Graham and Neil stand at the front of the restaurant where the justice is standing. The rest of the guests start to arrive, just a few friends and some more family from Marlas side. There are about 50 people there total. Everyone stands as soft instrumental music starts playing and Danielle walks down the aisle first. The photographer takes pictures as she walks down the aisle, and when she is half-way down Angela steps out. She sets her eyes on Jordan, who is sitting on the grooms side with Sharon, Rickie, and Corey close to the front. He is mesmerized by how stunning she looks. She shyly looks down for a second and then looks up again and sees Jordan hasnt taken his eyes off of her. She walks past where he is sitting and finds her place standing next to Danielle by the alter. While everyone else is turned backwards Jordan faces forward and watches Angelas every move. Patty walks down next and stands next to Angela. Everyone stands up as Marla walks down the aisle. The ceremony only last 15 minutes, short and to the point. After Neil and Marla walk back down the aisle, followed by Graham and Patty, and Angela and Danielle, the servers move the chairs out of the way and set up a few more tables and make room for people to dance. Angela finds Jordan standing on the side of the restaurant by himself. Sharon was helping Matt, just so she could be with him, and Rickie and Corey were talking to some of Angelas relatives. Angela walks over to Jordan and wraps her arms around his waist and kisses him gently on the lips.

Angela: Arugh, my feet are killing me in these shoes, I cant wait to take them off. (lifts her foot from under her dress and looks down)

Jordan: Yeah, youre almost as tall as me in those things.

Angela: Are you having a good time?

Jordan: Yeah, I guess, at least now that you are here.

Angela: Can we go sit down, I dont know how much more I can stand in these shoes.

Jordan: Sure.

They go find one of the tables to sit at. The waiters come out with salad and everyone else starts sitting down. Sharon, Rickie, and Corey join them at the table along with Danielle. They eat quietly for a few minutes, discussing work and what they all want to do for the rest of the summer. Angela starts talking about working again, because she is getting bored at home, and because she still needs to save up money if she wants to buy herself a car. Matt is serving their table, and he acts very professional, even though Sharon is sitting there. The DJ starts playing some soft music for people to listen to while they eat. The next course the waiters bring out is the main course of lemon chicken with steamed vegetables and rice. After it looks like most of the people have finished eating the DJ announces the first dance. Neil and Marla stand up shyly and walk to the center of the dance floor as the song Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton, Marlas favorite musician. Half-way through the song the DJ asks everyone else to come out on the dance floor and join them. Graham and Patty go out onto the dance floor along with Angelas grandparents. Angela watches them dance and smiles. Sharon asks Corey to dance, and then Rickie asks Danielle. Angela laughs at that, because it just looks so cute and sweet to see Rickie dancing with her sister. Jordan is watching Angelas face as she smiles at them. He nervously clears his throat and Angela turns to face him.

Jordan: Do, you, uh, want to dance?

Angela: Sure.

Jordan stands up and takes Angelas hand and leads her on the dance floor. He wraps his arms around her waist and she wraps hers around his neck and rests her head on his shoulder as they sway to the music. Sharon looks over at Angela, whose face is lit up by her bright smile. She smiles when she sees how happy her friend is. The song ends and I Cant Dance by Genesis comes on. Angela and Jordan pull away from each other just as Rickie comes over and pulls Angela with him. They start dancing together and singing, and after a minute Angela takes her heels off so she can dance better. Sharon joins them, and during the line: 'shes got a body under that shirt' Angela and Sharon run their hands up the sides of their body. Jordan has already sat back down at the table with Corey and is watching Angelas body move with the beat of the song. As the song ends Angela hugs Rickie, and the song Everybody Have Fun Tonight by Wang Chung comes on and they start dancing again. The next few songs are all fast they do the Electric Slide, the Macarena, YMCA, and the Chicken Dance. Then they call everyone on the dance floor. Angela runs over to Jordan.

Angela: Come on, come dance with me.

Jordan: I cant really dance.

Angela: So what, I want you to dance with me.

Angela pulls Jordan onto the dance floor and the Hava Nagila starts playing. The group form two circles, one inside the other, and hold hands and start dancing the Hora. On one side is Jordan and on the other is Rickie. Neil and Marla go into the center of the group and sit down on chairs and a bunch of men lift them up into the air. Marla screams from being thrown into the air and then starts laughing as she looks down on everyone. After they put them down Marlas parents are put into the chair, then Neil and Grahams, then Graham and Patty, and then they drag Angela and Danielle onto the chairs. Angela is laughing and looks terrified up on the chair, Jordan laughs at her frightened face as she is clutching onto the chair for life. After they put her down she runs into Jordans arms and he lifts her up and swings her around.

Angela (laughing): Oh my God that was so scary.

Jordan: Yeah, I could tell.

Angela: Did I really look that scared?

Jordan: Yeah.

Next they cut the cake and then throw the bouquet. There are very few single women there, just a couple of Marlas friends, Sharon, Danielle, and Angela. Sharon pulls Angela out there with her as Marla throws the bouquet. Danielle catches it and jumps up and down in excitement. Jordan goes to sit down as Graham takes Angela and dances with her to the song My Girl. Angelas Grandma goes and sits next to Jordan and starts talking to him.

Grandma Chase: Are you having a good time?

Jordan (watching Angela dance): Yeah.

Grandma Chase (notices Jordan watching Angela and looks at her): Shes a very special person. She can make you smile just by watching her with people and see how much she cares about everything she does. Can I ask you something?

Jordan: Ok.

Grandma Chase: Do you love her?

Jordan: Oh, umm, yeah...

Grandma Chase: No, dont just answer it. What is it about her that you love? When you can answer that then you know it is forever, and nothing can come between that kind of power. One time Angelas Grandpa went out with another woman, of course this was before we were married, but once he realize why he loved me nothing came between that ever again.

She gets up and walks over to find her husband and kisses him on the cheek and pulls him onto the dance floor. The DJ announces that it is the last two songs of the night.

JordanVO: There are so many things about her that I love...the way she smiles, how she laughs when nothing is funny, the way she thinks...but especially when she looks at me but she is really looking in me...

Matt finds Sharon as the song Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen starts playing. He holds one hand behind her and the other holds her hand, while Sharons other hand is on his shoulder. Jordan stands up and finds Angela talking to her cousin. He doesnt even say anything but just takes her hand and slowly walks with her onto the dance floor. He holds her the same way Matt is holding Sharon. They gaze into each others eyes as they gently sway to the music. Half-way through the song he holds her closer and rests his head against hers. Angela can feel how fast his heart is beating.

AngelaVO: There are some memories that stay with you foreverthe smell of your mothers perfume...the way you felt during your first kiss...what it was like to have your heart broken for the first time...I knew that this was one of those times...with his arms wrapped around me tight and the feeling of his head resting against mine while our bodies moved together to the music...I knew I wouldnt remember what song was playing but just how everything felt...

The song ends and To Be with You by Mr. Big is the last song played. Angela and Jordan continue to dance slowly together. Matt went to go start cleaning up and Sharon went to sit down and talk to Rickie and Corey. Neither one of them danced together because they both felt a little awkward. As the song comes to a close Angela pulls her face away from Jordans and gazes into his eyes. She focuses on his lips and they slowly inch closer until they meet in a long soft kiss. Jordan wraps his arms around her body and lifts her off of her feet a little. The song ends and everyone cheers. Jordan and Angela pull away and smile at each other. Sharon comes running up to them.

Sharon: Matt, Rickie, Corey and I are going to go out for a little while, do you guys want to come with?

Jordan: Uh, sure.

Angela: I should probably stay and help clean up or something.

Jordan: I could stay and help too.

Angela: No, its ok, you can go ahead. (kisses him on the lips and whispers in his ear) Thank you for coming tonight.

Jordan: Thank you for dancing with me. Ill see you tomorrow.

Angela: Ok. I love you.

Jordan: I love you too.

Angela hugs everyone else and they leave. Jordan ends up going to the loft and practicing with the band while Sharon hangs out with Rickie and Corey. Angela stayed back and helped Matt clean up.

Angela: Its amazing that after being away from this place for a couple weeks how easily you can forget how much work it takes to keep it looking nice.

Matt: Yeah, you know, you dont have to help me, if its uncomfortable for you.

Angela: No, Im ok actually, I am thinking about coming back and working again.

Matt: Thats good.

Angela rubs the back of her neck and twists her hair in a bun getting it off her neck. She stands there for a minute with her eyes closed rubbing her neck. Matt stares at her while she does this. After a minute she opens her eyes, and his trance is broken.

Angela: Do you mind if I go home, I am kinda tired.

Matt: No, sure, I can finish up, there isnt much left anyways.

Angela: Ok. I guess I will see you around.

Matt: Yeah, see ya

Angela walks out of the restaurant and drives home in the station wagon (her parents drove home in her grandparents rental car).

MattVO: I have to figure out some way to tell her how I feel...Being around her is intoxicating...

Fade out to black...

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