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Chapter 21: I missed you

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The story so far

Chapter 21: I missed you

written by Renee

added on: 01 Feb 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to a scene of Jordan and his father driving in a truck (his dads car). They are driving on the highway quietly, and barely even looking at each other. Jordan is staring out the passenger side window with his head leaning against the glass looking over downtown Pittsburg. He closes his eyes for a minute and the screen cuts to a scene of him and Angela in his car kissing. He opens his eyes again and a small smile comes across his face. He leans his head against the headrest and closes his eyes again

Cut to Angela in the bathroom with Rayanne and Rickie. It is Tuesday afternoon. Prom is on Saturday, and Angelas birthday is on Sunday.

Rickie: Dont worry, Im sure Jordan is fine, he is probably going to call you tonight or something.

Angela: Yeah, I hope so, cause I cant even sleep. I mean, what is going on with him? Where is he and why hasnt he called me to tell me hes ok or something.

Rayanne: I could see if Tony knows. I mean, maybe he like told the band what is going on.

Angela: Thanks Rayanne, that means a lot that you would do that for me.

Rayanne: For you Angelika, I would do anything!

(bell rings)

Angela: Well I better go, I have Katimskis class and I am supposed to have this poem done today and I have barely even started.

Rickie: I am sure if you talk to him he will like give you an extension.

Angela: Yeah, maybe, I will see you later.

Rayanne: Bye

Angela (walks to class thinking to herself)VO: Being in love can be so confusing. Especially when I dont even know if I am allowed to be mad at Jordan.

She walks up to Mr. Katimski.

Angela: Um, Mr. Katimski, I havent exactly finished that poem we were supposed to write, but if you could just give me like one more day I know I could have it done.

Katimski: Is everything ok Angela?

Angela: Yeah, I just havent really been able to concentrate the past few days.

Katimski: Ok, turn it in tomorrow.

Angela: Thanks (goes to sit down in her seat)

Katimski: Ok people, settle down. I want everyone to get with a partner and read each others poems. After you have read them talk to each other about what you think. Uh, Angela, you can just sit and work on yours.

AngelaVo: I hate it when teachers like point you out in front of the whole class.
Angela takes out her notebook and looks down at her poem she started writing last week.

There once was a boy that everyone loved.
He didnt let anyone inside, and didn't even feel.
One day he found himself falling through the sky
He called for help
No one answered and he realized
He was alone.
He went to school and realized he was invisible
Until he saw her standing there.
She could see him, but
He pushed her away, and hurt her until one day
He realized he needed her, but she was gone.
She was asleep in a box made of glass.
He found her and kissed her.

She needed an ending, but she couldn't concentrate. She scribbled a couple sentences down on paper, but scratched them out. She frustratingly threw her head down on the desk(not hard). After a minute she looked up, and scanned the room. Everyone was working quietly, she flipped her hair back and looked out the door. Her eyes widen and fixate on Jordan, standing there, staring at her. She gets up and without even a thought runs out of the room into Jordan's arms. He wraps his arms around her and holds her tight, lifting her slightly and nuzzling his face in her neck. They pull away for a second and stare at each other, and then he leans in and kisses her gently.

Jordan: Can we go somewhere and talk?

Angela: Sure.

They walk down the hall and go down the stairwell to the boiler room. They both sit on the ledge against the chain fence facing each other.

Angela: So what happened?

Jordan: Um, my uncle died, you know, the one that choked on a chicken bone.

Angela: Oh, how?

Jordan: He was just sleeping and he had a heart attack or something.

Angela: I'm so sorry, are you ok?

Jordan: It is so strange, I mean, he was the only uncle that I actually liked, and now he just isn't there. I haven't had anyone close to me die before. Well, I mean, that I actually like knew.

Angela: Yeah.

Jordan: He was always telling me things, that like, my dad should have told me, but he didn't, you know. I remember this one time he told me how when he met my dad's sister he wasn't nice to her at first, and then she like, changed him, and he fell in love with her. Now she is like all alone, she doesn't have anyone. My dad is going to stay with her for a while I guess, he like, doesn't want her to be alone.

Angela: That's nice of him. VO: When you hear that someone dies, it's like something in your brain disconnects to your functioning thoughts, and nothing meaningful comes out.

Jordan(moves closer to her and touches her cheek): I missed you.

Angela: You did?

Jordan: Yeah, so much it like hurt, to like, think of you.

Angela: I missed you too, I was so worried about you.

Jordan: I'm ok, now that I'm here, with you.

Jordan stands up in front of Angela and kisses her on the lips. He takes her face in his hands and kisses with more urgency. Angela runs her fingers through his hair. He moves in closer to her and runs his hands down her arms to her waist. They continue to kiss for a few minutes until Jordan pulls away.

Jordan: Do you want to get out of here?

Angela: And go where?

Jordan: Anywhere, I just want to be able to like be with you, without anyone being able to like innterrupt us.

Angela: Ok.

They walk out of the boiler room, down the hall, and out to Jordan's car. Angela is wearing jeans, a tshirt, and her infamous flannel. Jordan has on a tshirt, jeans, and his infamous jacket. Once they get outside they notice how warm it is (about 70 degrees) and Jordan takes his jacket off and Angela takes her flannel and wraps it around her waist. Jordan opens the car door for her, and then gets in on the drivers side.

Jordan: Did you want to drive?

Angela: No, it's ok.

Jordan: Where do you want to go?

Angela: Um, how about the park?

Jordan: Sure

Jordan drives to a nearby park. Angela walks towards the swings and sits down. She starts swinging slowly, and Jordan gets behind her and starts pushing her.

Angela: I used to come here all the time when I was little. We used to have races and see who could swing the highest.

Jordan: Oh, I never really did that I guess.

Angela: Well, get on a swing, we can do it now.

Jordan: Um, ok (gets on a swing, and starts swinging)This is kinda fun, just like hanging here with you.

Angela: Yeah, we never do stuff like this...

Jordan: Yeah, so how are you?

Angela: Ok, my dad is still not home, but I think he wants to come home, I don't know, I guess I really haven't been paying attention to that.

Jordan: Yeah, so, did you still want to, uh, rent that hotel room after prom?

Angela: Yeah, I mean, if you want to.

Jordan: Yeah, I mean, whatever happens, happens, I mean, that doesn't mean anything is going to happen.

Angela: Oh, yeah, of course...So, you are like going to be living by yourself for a while?

Jordan: Yeah, I guess. I mean, it will be kind of nice, like having the house to myself, you know, you could come and stay over if you wanted...

Angela: Yeah, I would love to, I will figure something out to tell my parents.

Jordan gets up and stands in front of Angela's swing, because she has stopped swinging. He leans down and surprises her with a forcefull kiss. Angela slowly stands up and wraps her arms around Jordan's neck. After a few minutes they pull apart and walk back to Jordan's car.

Jordan: Do you want to go back to my place?

Angela: Um, actually I told my mom I would be home after school. But no one will be home for like an hour, you can come with if you want...

Jordan: Ok, I wish you could spend the night with me tonight, I really want to be with you.

Angela: I do to, I will see if I can work something out, but I can't promise anything.

Jordan: Ok...

They go back to Angela's house and go up to her room. She turns the radio on and sits down on her bed. Jordan walks around her room looking at some of the stuff on her dresser. He turns around and sees her dress hanging on her closet door.

Jordan: Is this the dress you bought?

Angela: Oh, yeah, you weren't supposed to see it...

Jordan: How come?

Angela: I don't know actually, but I was thinking of maybe looking again, I saw another one I liked better in this magazine...

Jordan: Oh, ok...I am sure you will look beautiful whatever you wear...

Angela: Jordan, stop, your making me blush...

Jordan: Oh really...(walks over to her and kisses her as she lays down)

They fool around in Angela's bed for a while before she hears Patty open the front door...

Patty: Angela, are you home?

Angela: Yeah, mom, I'm up here....

Patty walks into her room and sees Jordan and Angela sitting on her bed.

Patty: Oh, hi Jordan, how are you doing?

Jordan: Ok

Patty: Well, I am going to go start making dinner, you are welcome to stay if you want Jordan.

Jordan: Um, I don't know if I can...

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