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Trivia Quiz

This trivia quiz was posted in March 1995 on the original "My So-Called Life" Mailing-List by Eric Greyer.


Subject: My So Called Trivia Quiz Answers (LONG) Date: 95-03-16 01:09:41 EST
From: Eric Greyer


I know some of you have been waiting eagerly for this, so let me explain an little:

Scoring Each question had one or more 'elements' that made a correct answer. In order to score all of the points, you to mention all of the elements, possibly in order if the question required it. Where order was important, 2 extra points were assigned if all elements were present in order. The scoring was arbitrary AND capricious, and there is no appealing.

Errors: There were some errors in the original document. One question was not scored because a spelling error made it impossible to answer. I addition, one was ambiguously worded and therefore had two correct answers where only one was intended.

Accuracy: I believe that all of my answers are correct. Please inform me if they are not. I suspect some of you will find something wrong somewhere. Fell free to gloat about how you know more than the quiz maker - you probably do. :-)

Additional Information: Some entrants provided additional information which was occasionally given bonus points.

Trick questions: There were a couple.

One other note: At least one contestant had the correct answer for every question except one, the number of vocabulary words on the board.


Actually, this is rather specific knowledge. Answer as completely as possible, partial credit will be given!

1. Where was Sharon appearing with Rayanne in her dream?

In this water ballet for like charity.

2. Which vocabulary word does Mr. Katimski correct the spelling of?

3. Where did Buffalo Tom play?
Pike Street.

4. What does Cynthia Hargrove ask Angela in the bathroom?
"Did you ever work at Big Guy Burger?"

5. What color was Graham and Patty's bedroom before it was wallpapered?
Light blue.

6. Where did Angela put Danielle when they were kids home alone?
In The dryer.

7. What does Tony [Poole] do for a living now, and where?
Runs a Jeep dealership in Harrisburg.

8. What is the summary of Jordan's philosophy?
"Whatever happens happens."

9. What is Princess Di saying over and over in Patty's dream?
"Princesses just don't get divorced."

10. Name the order the characters made their resolutions:
Angela, Sharon, Kyle, Mr. Katimski, Brian, Danielle, Rickie, Rayanne, Angela, Patty, Graham, Jordan, Angela.

11. What High school does Angela go to?
Liberty High.

12. What are the school colors?
Orange and Black.

13. What did Rayanne's dad write in her birthday card?
Happy Birthday and maybe more.

14. Where is the boiler room?
In the basement near the north exit.

15. What was Patty's mom re-arranging that bothered Patty so much?
The Candlesticks.

16. What did Angela's "whole life seem to become divided into"?
"Kissing and not kissing."

17. What were the three sentences that Angela though were really meaningful when she and Jordan were kissing?
Angela: There's a tiny leaf in you hair.
Jordan: Is that you stomach or mine?
Angela: Your cuticles look like little moons.

18. In geometry class, what does Angela say boys are less afraid of?
Being wrong.

19. What is Hallie Lowenthal's first line?
"Well this utterly sucks."

20. What song does Angela play on the piano in the Christmas episode?
Silent Night.

21. What part of geometry did Angela ask Brian to help her with?
Congruent triangles.

22. Where did Stefan Dieter go to get "deglazed?"

23. What was the title of the sex tape?
"Dr. Linda Shields' Guide to Better Loving."

24. What does Brian's parents vibrator sound like?
A lawnmower.

25. What is the school team named?
The Pirates.

26. What is Delia Fisher looking at in the microscope?

27. What kind of pet do the Chases (allegedly) have?
A cat.

28. When does Patty see Jordan for the first time?
When he returns Brian's bike in "Pressure."

29. What did Graham tell Patty his resolution was?
Exercise more.

30. What two songs does Rayanne sing twice in one episode?
The Sesame Street theme and "I Wanna be Sedated."

31. Who does Amber dream she was serving pancakes to?
George Bush.

32. What famous person did Rayanne's mother serve a BLT to?
Bob Dylan.

33. What does Brian say he's wearing when he calls the Helpline?
Red flannel shirt and brown corduroys.

34. What does Rayanne say she's wearing?
A low cut tank top and super tight shorty cutoffs.

35. What did Rayanne and her mother eat together when Rayanne was 'missing'?
Raw Chocolate chip cookie dough.

36. What is Brian watching on the television before he calls the Teen Helpline?
Bullwinkle's version of 'A Christmas Carol.' [Actually, he was watching the 1938 Reginald Owen version of "A Christmas Carol." The Editor.]

37. What is the one thing that Rayanne and Patty have in common (according to Rayanne)?
Angela means a lot to both of them.

39. Where did Brian's parents go over Christmas, and why did they go?
Denver, to visit his sister. [Actually, Brian's parents went on a ten-day cruise -- they offered to drop Brian off at his sister's in Denver. Brian's sister is apparently adopted, because when Patty says, "you will not believe what Bernice and Bob Krackow did," Graham answers, "oh, I know, but just that once, right, to make Brian, huh?" The Editor.]

40. What movie are Angela Rickie and Rayanne in line for when Rayanne drinks the beer?
Giant, starring James Dean.

41. What kind of origami did Patty do while waiting for Graham, Neal and Cheryl to return from their liquor hunt in "The Weekend?"
A swan (Actually a crane, Patty was wrong. Bonus awarded for Crane).

42. What did Rickie say happened to his face?
He hurt it "running for the bus and I slipped on a patch of ice."

43. What did Jordan do to stop his dad from beating him up?
Threw a chair at him.

44. What scene from Its a wonderful Life do we see on the Chases TV?
The suicide attempt scene. [Actually, we see several scenes from the movie in various episodes, including the scene on the bridge and the Christmas tree scene in "So-Called Angels," and the scene where George tries to put the petals back on Zu-Zu's flower in the pilot episode.]

45. What did Brian say was the Best sound he had ever heard?
A car alarm, in "The Life of Brian."

46. Where did Rickie put Danielle's sweater?
Under the coffee table next to the stack of magazines.

47. What apartment does Rayanne live in?
Apartment A.

48. What Brad Pitt movie did Sharon and Kyle watch on New Year's Eve?
"A River Runs Through It."

49. Where is the abandoned warehouse?
On Tennessee Avenue.

50. What university banner is on the wall of the Guidance office?
University of Pittsburgh.

51. What vow did Angela make "every day" in one episode?
"I'll go to geometry review."

52. What does the man at the police department ask if Rickie is?
A runaway or a throwaway. [The man at the police department, btw, was Robert Katims, who later played Grandpa Roth in Bedford Falls' "Relativity"]

53. What does Patty see on the wall of the police station?
A poster with the So-Called Angel's photo.

54. What is on the Chase's Christmas China?
A Christmas tree.

55. What are Brian's parents' professions (be specific)?
Bernice, behavioral psychologist.
Bob, Freudian psychiatrist.

56. What is the real name of the choir that is singing in the church?
Inner Voices.

57. What police agency do the Chases go to to report the warehouse?
The Department of Children Services.

58. What were the two colors of wedding gown Hallie had to decide between?
Ivory or bisque.

59. What problem does Graham have with the stereo, according to Neil?
"A little input/output confusion."

60. What was the name of the shelter Rickie went on the waiting list for?
Pride House.

61. What did the white bear say on him?
"I love you beary much."

62. Where did Kyle find the white bear?
Hanging from a urinal.

63. Where was Graham when Angela was born?
"Stuck in that airport."

64. Where does Brian go to make the yearbook video?

65. What didn't Brian finish eating, according to his mother?
His oatmeal.

66. How is Hallie's engine held together, according to Graham?
With string, literally.

67. What does the smell of Angela's hair remind Brian of?
An orange grove that we passed when I was eight, on the way to Grandmother's.

68. When they are going Christmas shopping, what does Patty say they are going to buy?
"a few lumps of coal."

69. Name each person, in order, who touches the key when Graham and Patty return from The Weekend.
Patty, Danielle, Angela, Rickie, Sharon, Brian, Rayanne, Angela.

70. What was Delia Fisher wearing in her dream?
"This dress I saw on 'The Nanny.'"

71. Name the people who had the white bear.
Kyle, Sharon, Brian, hanging from a urinal, Kyle, Sharon. Brian did NOT give it to Jordan, he stuck it in his backpack.

72. Who gave Camille Tony Poul's phone number, and when?
Howard Pickett, at the last reunion.

73. What symptoms do people experience at Christmas, according to Sharon?
"Actual symptoms of depression, like emotional despair and loss of appetite."

74. Why doesn't Rayanne consider Tino a friend?
"Tino - not dependable."
"Unreliable" did not score points here.


Who said each of the quotes below, and to whom did they say it? Some quotes have multiple 'Speakers" and/or multiple listeners, or they could be from a voice over.

1. "You like, do this? This is like how you live?"
Brian to Jordan.

2. Mom, I love you but you're driving me to an early grave."
Graham to Patty (he was suggesting to her what to say to Vivian).

3. "Well everything means something."
Graham to Hallie.

4. "She looks like she's from a commercial for something really clean."
Amber to Rayanne about Patty (Episode 10)

5. "Actually, I think they're in the ticket line, line really close to the roller coaster."
Rayanne to Patty.

6. "Sometimes people fill their minds with all of these stupid things to like avoid thinking about things that are like really important."
Rickie to Brian (I don't think that anyone got this either). [Actually, Angela said it to Jordan in "The Life of Brian," in reference the World Happiness Dance. (which may explain why no one "got it.") The Editor.]

7. "You should consider having your lips permanently frosted."
Rayanne to Angela.

8. "Nobody should hate who they are."
Katimski to Rickie.

9. "You have to be awake to be right."
Graham to Patty.

10. "We're not in a parking lot, we're in a car."
Jordan to Angela.

11. "Well good, because we're not running a restaurant."
Patty to Angela.

12. "She chemically senses it if the fridge rises over 47 degrees."
Angela to Rayanne.

13. "Yes, he affirmed, firmly."
Graham to Danielle and Patty.

14. "It was like this thing, that happened."
Rayanne to Patty.

15. "On the edge - that's like your address."
Sharon to Rayanne.

16. "I can live with that because I kind of am a coward."
Hallie to Graham. [Brian to Sharon -The Editor.]

17. "I love your foyer."
Cheryl Fleck to Patty (Not Rickie, who said "I love [like] your house"). [Actually, what Rickie said was, "nice house." The Editor.]

18. "Its the new year and you find yourself taking stock."
Hallie to Graham.

19. "I had no right to point a finger of blame at you."
Mr. Katimski to Patty.

20. "Its such a relief to have my life back."
Angela to Rickie and Rayanne.

21. "Oh I forgot. The one who has the oldest clothes when they die wins."
Patty to Graham.

22. "It's always tempting to loose yourself with someone who has maybe lost themselves."
Patty to Danielle and Angela (actually a mis-spoken line, she should have said "themself"). [Should have said "himself." The Editor.]

32. "I have to talk to someone and you're like, the only one left."
Brian to Rickie.

24. "You know, you could drive a sane person crazy!"
Graham to Hallie.

25. "If she wasn't so good at pretending to be happy, she would be better at actually being happy."
Angela, voiceover.

26. "Do you ever get obsessed with the rearview mirror while you're driving?"
Angela to Jordan.

27. "I'm so clean you could eat off of me."
Rayanne to Patty. [Actually, to Rickie. The Editor.]

28. "I love sex in a different bed."
Graham to Patty, later Rayanne to Ricky.

29. "He just stands there like someone caught in a storm who stopped caring how wet he gets."
Angela, voiceover.

30. "The Phonics manual does not cover that type of situation."
Brian to Jordan.

31. "Whatever happens, happens."
Jordan to Angela (Response, "I have to say, I really respect that.") Graham to Patty (Response, "I guess") [Actually, none. The Editor.] Brian to Angela (Response, "That's the stupidest thing I ever heard").


Give the names requested for each character, First, Last or Middle. I didn't count spelling, as long as it sounded right. In fact, some of MY spellings are guesses.

1. Patty's mother (F)

2. Patty's father (F)

3. Rayanne (M)

4. Amber (L)

5. Brian's mother (F)

6. Brian's Father (F)

7. Mr. Katimski (F)

8. The science teacher (FML)
Mary Anne Chavatal

9. The Math teacher (FL)
Renee Lerner

10. The guidance counselor (FL)
Cathy Kryzanowski

11. The Chase's doctor (L)
Dr. Skolnik

12. Neal's old girlfriend (F)

13. Neil's new girlfriend (FL)
Cheryl Fleck

14. Who plays Shane?
Shannon Leto

15. Who is Cynthia Hargrove?
Jordan's old girlfriend.

16. What name does Brian use when he calls the teen Helpline?

17. What name does Rayanne use on the Helpline?

18. What doctor made the sex tape that Sharon gave Angela?
Dr. Linda Shields

19. What is Danielle's "not my boyfriend" named?

20. Who auditions for the play immediately before Rayanne?
Holly Galanoy

21. What is the principal's name?
Mr. Foster.

22. Who runs the B&B?

23. Who couldn't stay out late to rehearse?

24. What nickname does Graham have for Patty at Christmas?

25. What are the names of the two couples from the sex tape?
Shelly and Mitch , Gunther and Liz


All of these questions are either directly or indirectly related to food.

1. What is in Rayanne's freezer that her mom suggest they cook?

2. What in the universal herb, and who said so?
Oregano, according to Vivian.

3. What kind of "Hooch" did they buy on the Weekend?
Dr. Allen's Ginger flavored brandy.

4. With what slogan are customers welcomed at Big Guy Burger?
Welcome to Big Guy Burger, where every guy is a big guy.

5. What does Hallie say that they serve at the bar she and Graham meet at?
Blood sausage and scrapple.

6. What is the name of Stephen Dieter's cooking show?
Stephen's Kitchen.

7. What did Graham know so much about that surprised Hallie?
Potage (Not risotto, which Hallie asks about. She says, "Where did you learn so much about potage?").

8. What kind of sauce is Graham cooking when Rayanne is over waiting for Angela?
Chocolate sauce.

9. What kind of sauce was Vivian trying to add oregano to "adjust the seasoning?
Curry Sauce.

10. What items does Graham discuss cooking for the Money Guys?
Rack of lamb with green peppercorn sauce, sautíed fois gras, creme brule.

11. What kind of burger does Brian order?

12. What kind of leftover Chinese do Amber and Rayanne have?
Butterfly shrimp.

13. What made Stephen Dieter so sick he missed the first class, and where did he get it?
Tainted shrimp at a book signing.

14. What was the subject of Graham's class the night Rickie left the Chase's?

15. What was Cory wearing in Angela's dream about him?
A towel made of Saltines.

16. What do the money guys need to know up front, according to Hallie?
That Graham is "pro-butter" (Graham: "The sauce had too much butter!" Hallie: "You're pro butter, they need to know that up front").

17. What kind of beer does Rayanne take out of the fridge?
Miller (I couldn't tell if it was Genuine Draft of High Life).

18. What does Graham want to see if Stephen Dieter can still do?
Stiffen his egg whites.


Each of these questions or answers is numerically significant. There were a lot of 'close but no cigar' answers here.

1. How old was Brian when the Chases met him?
Five years old.

2. What were the geometry test scores (including Abyssinia's 'fake' score)?
Angela 59.
Abyssinia 98, 60.
Abyssinia's friend 66.

3. What did Angela get for Christmas when she was 11?
A new bike.

4. What was the number of the sonnet Mr. Katimski reads?

5. At what time of night do Graham and Patty have their conversation about other people's children?
12:15 am.

6. About how long was Tony Poole in the Restaurant business?
About twelve years. (only one right answer).

7. Name the seven things Rayanne listed as options to do to her hair.
Rat it spray it tease it freeze it spike it shave it or shove it.

8. How much money did Rayanne get from her dad?

9. What three theories did Brad have?
Secretly and passionately yearn to do this and if you don't you'll kill yourself or someone else. You'll cave in at the last minute. #3 not explained.

10. What is the phone number of the real estate agency leasing the restaurant space?
412 555-4100

11. How long did Rickie stay at the Chase's?
A week.

12. How many members does the chess club have?
Six, sometimes.

13. How many names can be seen on the Drama club sign-up sheet (including Rickie)?
6 - five was a common answer.

14. How long does Rayanne tell Patty she has been clean?
33 days.

15. What time does Katimski's class end?
8:57 am.

16. What do Neil and his new girlfriend argue over at breakfast?
The 1971 Pirates.

17. How many vocabulary words are on the backboard?

18. How many men has Patty gone to bed with?
Five, but had told Graham only 4.

19. What apartment does Mr. Katimski live in?

20. How many years had Neil and his "old" girlfriend been dating?


A few automobile-related questions.

1. Patty drives what kind of car, what color?
Blue for Taurus wagon.

2. What kind of car does Jordan drive?
Red '72 Plymouth convertible.

3. Graham drives what kind of car, what color?
Graham drives a white Jeep Wagoneer w/ wood trim.

4. What king of car does Mr. Katimski drive?
An ancient Volvo (Maybe a 522? It is definitely not a Saab).

5. What kind of car did Neil Do something to?
A Duster.


Extra Credit. These are various lists that appear in the show. Fill them out as well as possible.

The sign up sheets should have given some points to everyone, because one of the main characters was on each sheet. The vocabulary words were included because I had seen a list of 23 of them distributed to the mailing list a week or two before I submitted the quiz. In fact, seeing that inspired me to do this in the first place.

1. The Tarot cards Angela lists off at the Anniversary party, and what character was associated with each (Hint: Five cards).




Dancing Couple (Aunt and Uncle)
Wheel of Fortune


2. The names on the Drama club sign-up sheet.

Nancy Jacobs
Diane Kelly
Willie Bearton
Janice Rogers
Ron Ripmeyer
Enrique Vasquez (not Rickie...)

3. The names from the Drama club sign-up sheet that appear in the closing credits from that episode.
Nancy Jacobs
Diane Kelly

4. The students on Tutoring sign-up sheet, and the subject they need tutoring in.

Bill Thomas

Jon Barrington

Willie T. Bear

Lexie Hale

Dusty Riddlemeyer

Nancy Lake

Jordan Catalano

5. Names on the Our Town cast sheet, and the roles they received. (You cannot see Abyssinia's name or Xi Quan's on the list.)

George Gibbs
Brett Cody

Rebecca Gibbs
Jacey Johnson

Wally Webb
Darcy Spires

Emily Webb
Rayanne Graff

Professor Willard
Pat Hoeschener

Mr. Webb
Tom Traugott... (this one is cut off)

6. The vocabulary words on Mr. Katimski's blackboard.
There are three words I can't make out on my tape, but someone with an SP recording should be able to get them. This is the order they are on the board.
Rapture; Mendacity; Proficient; Ulterior; Dehydrate; Dubious; Voracious; Sycophant; Delineate; Vituperative; Extensively; Various; Parallel; Specious ;Monopoly; Temerity; Perpendicular; Superlative; xxxxxx; Loquacious; Serendipity; Obelisk; xxxxxx; Bombastic; Extraneous; Procrastinate; xxxxxx; Conundrum; Sacred.

7. The words on Jordan's flash cards.
Guitar, harmonica, convertible, rhythm.

Thanks for participating, I hope you enjoyed it. Eric Greyer

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“Lately, I can't even look at my mother without wanting to stab her repeatedly.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"