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Chapter 44: The First Argument...

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The story so far

Chapter 44: The First Argument...

written by anonymous author

added on: 11 Apr 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Angela on the phone with Sharon. Its Thursday night at 10pm. Angela is sitting on her window seat holding the phone receiver in her right hand. Her legs are stretched out across the seat.

Angela: So you havent talked to Kyle since last Wednesday?

Sharon (painting her toenails): No, and I dont want to. He hasnt even called here, like, at all.

Angela: Im really sorry Sharon. Are you ok?

Sharon: Yeah. I am so over it. Kyle was just one big mistake, I am so ready to move on.

Angela: Are you sure, I mean, it seems a little soon.

Sharon: Yes. I need someone else who will treat me better, and wont act like a butthead.

Angela: Really? Well, if you want I could try to set you up.

Sharon: With who?

Angela: This guy, Matt, that I work with.

Sharon: Is he cute?

Angela (embarrassed by how to answer question): I dont know, I guess.

Sharon: So, whats he like?

Angela: Hes 20, he used to go to Liberty, and now is pre-Law at Penn State.

Sharon: Oooohhh, a college boy, I could definitely use an older man. So, can you really try to set something up?

Angela: Sure. I can ask him tomorrow.

Sharon: Hey! I have a great idea, maybe you and Jordan can come with, and you know, make it less awkward.

Angela: Yeah, that could work. I will talk to Jordan.

Sharon: Thanks Chase, youre the best.

Angela: Sure. Ill call you tomorrow. Bye.

Sharon: Bye.

Angela walks out of her room and into the hall. It is quiet in the house, her parents and Danielle already in bed. She walks downstairs and into the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice. She hears a soft knock on the back door and goes to see who it is, although she already knows it is Jordan. She opens the door to let him in.

Angela: Hi.

Jordan (pulls her body close to him and gives her a passionate kiss): I feel like I havent seen you in so long.

Angela: I know, Im sorry I havent been able to come to practice all week. VO: I love how hes always surprising me by coming over unexpectedly late at night, even though he knows that I usually linger downstairs for a while waiting to see if he will come.

Jordan: Its ok, maybe you can come over the weekend.

Angela: Yeah, Id like that. So, how has your week been?

Jordan: It sucks. I have a Bio exam next week. I wish this was over already, I hate being there all the time.

Angela: Yeah, maybe I can help you study, if you want.

Jordan: Yeah, maybe. I was kinda hoping Brian might be able to help me study, you know, cause hes like, good at it, or whatever.

Angela: Oh, ok. So, umm, I was wondering if maybe you might want to go out on Saturday night. I am setting Sharon up with this guy from work, and told her we would go with to make it less uncomfortable.

Jordan: You told her that? Aw, Angela, I dont know. I mean, theyre your friends, why do I have to go?

Angela: Because it would be a date... and you are my boyfriend.

Jordan: Cant you just ask Rickie to go with you?

Angela (her eyes start to tear over): Oh, what, so you would rather have me go on a date with Rickie than with you? VO: Oh my God, please dont let this be our first fight. I dont think I can handle this now, not with all the harsh things Rayanne said to me.

Jordan: No. Its just that, you know, Im not really friends with Sharon, and if you ask Rickie, it will be like a bunch of friends going or something.

Angela: I cant believe this, I cant believe you dont want to go with me. (a tear falls down her cheek)

Jordan: Angela, come on, you know me.

Angela: Yeah, but I thought that you could do this for me, and forget about how you are for one night. (another tear runs down her cheek) Look, can you please go.

Jordan (tries to wipe the tear off her face, but Angela brushes his hand away): Angela, come on...

Angela: Just go!

Jordan: Fine! Whatever.

Jordan walks to the back door as Angela slides down onto the kitchen floor and sits crying. Jordan looks back at her and then walks out.

Jordan (stands with back against the closed door and gently bangs his head against it)VO: Whats my problem? Im like, in love with her, and I cant do or say the right thing. She would do anything for me. I dont deserve her.

Cut to the next morning at 8am in the Chase house. Angela groggily walks downstairs and into the kitchen. Danielle is eating breakfast while Patty gets her backpack ready for camp. Danielle is going to dance camp for one week, and then to overnight camp in Massachusetts for 6 weeks.

Patty: Good morning. Uh, Angela, do you think that you could run this casserole dish over to Sharons after work today?

Angela: Sure.

Patty: Honey, are you feeling alright? You look flushed. (puts back of hand to Angelas forehead)

Angela: Im fine.

Danielle: No shes not. She had a fight with Jordan last night.

Angela: Danielle!

Patty: When did you have a fight with Jordan?

Angela: Never mind. I dont want to talk about it.

Patty gives her a worried motherly look.

Angela (goes to sit down at table): Look, Jordan stopped by last night after you guys went to bed, and we just had our first fight.

Patty: Do you want to talk about it?

(honk from car outside)

Danielle: Why do I always miss the good stuff!?!

Patty gives Danielle her backpack, kisses her on the cheek, and Danielle leaves.

Patty: So, do you want to talk about it, it might help?

Angela (her eyes start to well up with tears as her chin starts trembling): Its just that, I asked him to go on a double date with Sharon and this guy from work, and he refused to go and I just got so upset with everything that Rayanne said and then him refusing to go...

Patty: Well, Jordan doesnt really seem like the type to go out on double dates. Not that I am defending him, because he should have at least considered going, but sometimes people say things before they really have given it any thought.

Angela: I know. (wipes her face)

Patty: So, what did Rayanne say?

Angela (starts crying again): Shesaid that Jordan wouldnt have even noticed me if she hadnt help get us together and that I am a lousy friend for not forgiving her but for forgiving him and that I always run away from my problems...

Patty (sits down next to her and puts her arm around her as Angela puts her head on her mothers shoulder): Look, I am sure she didnt mean it. Did anything happen that would provoke her to say this?

Angela: Uh, she was drinking...

Patty: Oh, I see. She still hasnt given it up?

Angela: No. I dont know what to do.

Patty: Well, I am sure you and Jordan will work things out. It is all just a big misunderstanding, which most arguments usually are. As for Rayanne, I think you need to tell her how you feel and how much hearing her say those things hurt you. Dont worry sweetie, today this might seem like the biggest problem, but by tomorrow it will look so simple. (wipes hair out of Angelas eyes and stands up)

Angela: Mom...thanks.

Patty: Thats what Im here for. Ill see you tonight.

Cut to Jordans house at 10am. Jordan is just walking downstairs and goes into the kitchen where his aunt is at the table reading the newspaper.

Rita: Good morning. I heard you come in pretty early last night, didnt you go by Angelas?

Jordan: Oh, uh, yeah. (remembering the lousy nights sleep he had because of their fight)

Rita: And you got home that early? Jeez, what did you guys have a fight or something?

Jordan doesnt answer.

Rita: Oh, I see. So, was it your first fight?

Jordan: Look, I dont want to talk about it.

Rita: Ok. Look, Im not going to give you advice or anything, but just listen to me for a minute. (Jordan looks at her and from the deep look in his eyes you can tell he is really listening and understanding) When you look at the big picture, fights just are big misunderstandings, and seem so avoidable after you realize what they are all about. I remember my first fight with your Uncle David, I dont really remember what it was all about, but I do remember it was over some minor thing that I wanted him to do for me, and he refused. He even broke up with me over it, but then, when he realized how insignificant it was, and how much he really needed me, he came right back and apologized for being a jerk. After that he didnt ever leave me again until he died.

Jordan: Wow. So, uh, can I ask you something?

Rita: Sure.

Jordan: What, uh, should I like, say, to Angela, when I apologize?

Rita: I cant tell you that, you have to figure it out on your own, but I will tell you this, let it come from your heart...

Cut to the restaurant. It is 5pm and in the middle of Angelas shift. She is working until 10, and then going over to Sharons. Angela walks into the kitchen where Matt is waiting for an order.

Angela: So, you just drove Rayanne home after I left?

Matt: Yeah, she wanted to go to some party, but she seemed pretty wasted already so I didnt think it was a good idea.

Angela: Yeah. So, um, you dont have a girlfriend, right?

Matt: No, why?

Angela: Well, I have this friend, and I thought maybe you guys could meet or something.

Matt: You mean like a blind date?

Angela: Yeah, I guess, but not really a date, I was going to invite my friend Rickie, so it would be more like a group thing.

Matt: Uh, yeah, sure. You will be there though, right?

Angela: Yeah. So, how about this Saturday?

Matt: Ok. I get off of work at 6, so maybe like 7:30?

Angela: Ok.

Matt: One question.

Angela: Sure.

Matt: Whats your friends name?

Angela: Oh, Sharon. I think you will like her. Shes really sweet. I have known her like, my whole life.

Matt: Ok. Just as long as it isnt Rayanne, she isnt exactly my type.

Angela: I dont think Rayanne is any guys type, well, except maybe for her ex-boyfriend.Sowhat is your type?

Matt: Oh, you know, sweet, thinks she isnt innocent when she really is, soft-spoken but knows how to speak up for what she believes in...

Angela (not realizing he is talking about her): Wow.

Matt: Yeah. Ok, well, Ill talk to you later.

Angela: Ok.

Cut to Angela ringing the Cherski doorbell after Graham dropped her off and then went back to close the restaurant.

Sharon: Hi! So, what did he say?

Angela: Were going out this Saturday at 7:30.

Sharon (gives Angela big hug): Thank you soooo much! I really need this.

Angela (giving her the casserole dish): Oh, here, my mom told me to tell you to tell your mom thanks.

Sharon: Sure. So, do you want to come in?

Angela: Actually, I am kinda tired. But, do you think you can give me a ride home, I dont really feel like walking?

Sharon: Sure, let me just go grab my purse.

Sharon gets her purse and they get into Sharons Honda Civic.

Sharon: So, are you working tomorrow, or do you maybe want to go to the mall with me and help me pick out a new outfit for tomorrow night?

Angela: Oh, um, ok. Im not supposed to work.

Sharon: Chase, are you ok?

Angela: Yeah, I just have a lot on my mind.

Sharon: Do you want to talk about it, I know how you always hold things in.

Angela: No, its ok. I already talked to my mom, which was kinda nice, cause I dont ever really talk to her about stuff.

Sharon: Thats good, but if you need to talk to me, Im always here.

Angela: Thanks.

At the same time that Angela was at Sharons, Jordan was at her house talking to Patty while waiting for Angela to come home.

Patty: Well, it sounds to me like it was all just a big misunderstanding.

Jordan: Yeah, Im just not, comfortable, like, being around her friends. When I see her, I just want to be with her, and like, be able to spend time, alone with her.

Patty: Thats understandable, you should probably let her know that.

Jordan: Yeah. The thing isis that, now I wish I could just take it all back, and tell her that I will go, because she deserves that.

Just as Jordan is saying this Angela walks in through the front door and hears him say this to her mom from the kitchen. Angela walks in and sees them sitting at the kitchen table with empty bowls and the container of ice cream sitting on the table.

Patty: Angela, hi. How was work?

Angela (gives Jordan an Im sorry look): Oh, you know, the same.

Patty: Ok, well, I am, uh, going to go watch a movie upstairs and wait for daddy to get home. Bye Jordan.

Jordan: Thanks, bye.

Patty walks out of the kitchen and Jordan stands up but doesnt come any closer, they just stare at each other for a minute, both thinking of what to say first.

Angela: Look, about last night...

Jordan: I should have...I didnt mean to...

Angela: I know, me too. I shouldnt have like, expected that you would want to go.

Jordan: No, you should have. Look, I guess its just that when I am with you, I just like, want to be alone with you, and, you know, have you, like, all to myself.

Angela walks closer to him and touches the side of his face gently and gives him a passionate kiss. Jordan deepens the kiss by holding the sides of her face and pulling her closer to him. Angela breaks the kiss by pulling away after a couple minutes.

Angela: Im sorry I got upset, I think that I just got so disappointed about it because what just happened with Rayanne, and I just felt like everything was falling apart or something.

Jordan: Look, I know you dont want to talk about it, but I want to know what she said to make you so upset.

Angela (sits up on the kitchen counter and Jordan stands in front of her with a hand on either side of her): Well, uh, she just said that you wouldnt have even noticed me if she hadnt been the one to get us together, (tears start to form in her eyes) and that I am a lousy friend because I forgave you for what happened and not her, and that I am always running away from my problems.

Jordan: Arugh, I could kill Rayanne. Look, you know none of that is true, right?

Angela: Yeah, I guess. (looks down at the ground)

Jordan (takes her face in his hands and looks deep into her eyes): Angela, none of it is true. I noticed you way before that night when I went with Rayanne to meet you, you know, to give you that ID. I mean if we hadnt like, met, that night, I probably would have found some way, to like, get to know you.

Angela: Really?

Jordan (puts hands back on either side of her resting on the counter): Yeah. And also...anyone would like, be lucky to have you as their friend. Rayanne doesnt deserve to have you in her life.

Angela (staring into Jordans eyes)VO: At that momentI forgot what our fight was even about, because every thought just seemed to evaporate from my mind, and all I wanted to do was to kiss him and have him hold me...

Angela gazes at Jordans lips and slowly inches her face closer to his until they are an inch apart. Angela can smell the sweetness of Jordans breath as she takes one more look into his eyes and then gently plants a soft, warm kiss onto his lips. Their lips stay gently locked for a minute, and they partially break away, with their lips only centimeters apart. They both smile, and meet in a deeper kiss. Angela wraps her arms around Jordans neck and Jordan wraps his arms around her body, pulling them closer together so they are pressed against one another. Jordan squeezes Angelas body and clenches his fists with Angelas shirt. He moves his hands down the sides of her body and places them on her hips and squeezes her body closer to him. Their kisses become more rapid and urgent. Jordan kisses Angelas bottom lip and they pull away from each other. Angela gives him a quick kiss as her father walks in the back door. Jordan moves from in front of her to next to her, with Angela still sitting on the counter.

Graham: Patty, Im home, come downstairs! (walks into kitchen) You too Danielle! Oh, Angela, Im glad youre here. Hi Jordan.

Jordan: Hey.

Angela: Whats going on?

Graham: Hold on, wait for your mom and sister to come downstairs.

Patty and a pajama-wearing Danielle walk into the kitchen.

Patty: Whats going on?

Graham: Ok, now that everyone is here, I can bring them in.

Patty: Bring who in?

Graham opens the back door and Neil and a very pregnant Marla walk through the door. Marla looks a little younger, maybe about 30, and she has long brown wavy hair, and is wearing a yellow sundress.

Patty: Neil, Marla, hi.

Neil: So, we have some big news to tell everyoneWere getting married!

Everyone: Oh, wow, Congratulations!

Marla (shyly): Thanks.

Patty walks over and gives them both hugs. Angela smiles at Jordan who has a smile/uncomfortable look on his face.

Danielle: So, do I get to be the flower girl?

Angela: When is the wedding?

Neil: Well, we want to get married before the baby is here, so we were thinking July 1st, its a Sunday, and we both want a very small late afternoon wedding.

Patty: Oh, that sounds lovely.

Marla: Yeah, well, I only have three weeks to get everything together.

Patty: Well, I would love to help.

Angela: Me too.

Danielle: Thats not fair! I will be away at camp and will miss everything!

Patty: Look, Danielle, Daddy and I will drive up and bring you home for the weekend, you wont miss anything.

Danielle: Really?

Marla: Well, you cant miss the wedding, especially if you are going to be my Junior Bridesmaid.

Danielle: I am, really? Yeah!!! Thank you so much. (gives Marla a hug)

Marla: Angela, Id love it if you would be one of my bridesmaids too.

Angela: Really? Id love too. Thanks. (gives her a hug)

Patty: Well, we have quite a lot of planning to go. I can make the invitations.

Marla: Thanks, Id love your help. We will have to get together.

Patty: Of course.

Neil: Alright, enough of this, lets go out and celebrate!

Danielle: Oohh, mom, can I come?

Patty: I dont know, where are we going?

Marla: Oohh, how about Bakers Square, I really have a craving for some pie.

Neil: Anything you want! Angela, you and Jordan are welcome to come too.

Angela (looks at Jordan who seems uncomfortable): Umm, maybe, I am going to go up and change out of my work clothes, maybe we will meet you there.

Patty: Ok.

Graham, Patty, Danielle (runs up and changes into clothes), Marla, and Neil all pile into the station wagon. (they leave Neils car at the house) Angela jumps off of the counter and stands in front of Jordan, putting her arms around his waist.

Angela: So, do you want to go?

Jordan: If you want to go, Ill go with, I guess.

Angela: Ok, maybe we will just go for a little while, and then, you know, we can go somewhere else.

Jordan: Oh, where did you have in mind?

Angela: Anywhere I can be alone with you.

Jordan: Good (leans in and kisses her)

Angela: Ok, uh, let me go change into another shirt.

Angela runs upstairs and unbuttons her white waiters shirt. She grabs a clean lilac tank top, leaves on her black skirt, and slides her feet into black flip-flops. She takes her hair out of the loose bun and lets it fall to her shoulders. She brushes through it quickly and checks her makeup in the mirror. She runs down the stairs and finds Jordan waiting for her in the family room. He is looking at a few family pictures from when Angela was little.

Jordan (looks at Angela): Is that really you, with blonde hair?

Angela (embarrassed): Uh, yeah.

Jordan: Oh, wow.

Angela: Why, do you like it better blonde? I was thinking of dying it back to my natural color or something.

Jordan: No, you just look different, I like your red hairYou look beautiful (staring into her eyes).

Angela (shyly): Thanks. So...are you ready?

Jordan: Uh, sure.

Jordan grabs Angelas hand and they get into his car and drive to the restaurant. Everyone else was already sitting in a big round booth in the back. Angela slides into the booth next to her sister, and Jordan sits next to her on the end. Next to Danielle is Patty, then Graham, then Neil, and Marla is on the other end across from Jordan. They had waited to order until Angela and Jordan got there.

The waitress comes by and everyone orders. Marla orders a brownie ice cream sundae, Neil orders cherry pie, Graham orders French silk pie, Patty orders apple pie, Danielle orders an ice cream sundae, Angela gets oreo cookie pie, and Jordan gets French silk pie. While they are waiting for the pie to come everyone talks to each other.

Angela: Marla, when is the baby due?

Marla: Oh, umm, August 9th.

Angela: Wow, are you scared?

Marla: A little, but not anymore now that Neil is going to be there with me.

Danielle: So, do I get to baby-sit?

Marla: Of course, you and Angela can both baby-sit. So, how long have you guys been dating?

Angela and Jordan look at each other.

Angela: Oh, umm, a couple months.

Marla: That is so sweet. I never had a boyfriend in high school, I was always so busy doing other things. Your Uncle Neil was actually my first serious boyfriend, and I think that no matter what your first boyfriend is always the most special.

Underneath the table Jordan takes Angelas hand and squeezes it in his. Angela looks at Jordan when he does this and gives him a shy smile. The dessert is brought to the table, and everyone starts eating. Angela and Jordan unlock hands, but Jordans left hand moves to her leg and rests there. Danielle steals pie from Angela.

Angela: Danielle, quit it!

Jordan steals a taste of Angelas pie too.

Angela: Hey, eat your own pie! (laughs and then steals a bite of Jordans pie)

They finish eating their dessert, say goodbye, and then Angela and Jordan leave. Jordan opens the door to let Angela in the car, and then she leans over to unlock the other door to let him in.

Jordan: So, where do you...

Angela stops him mid-sentence and kisses him urgently. She places each of her hands on either side of his face. Jordan is taken aback by this kiss, and welcomes it with pleasure. He runs his fingers through her hair as he slides closer to her. They break apart after a few minutes, both smiling.

Angela: Sorry, I just, really wanted to kiss you.

Jordan: You dont ever like, have to apologize for wanting to kiss me.

Angela: I know, but I interrupted you.

Jordan: Thats ok, so, where do you want to go, the loft?

Angela: I dont care, will anyone else be there?

Jordan: I dont think so.

Angela: Ok.

They drive to the loft and walk up the three flights of stairs and open the door. Once inside they hear sounds coming from the back, even though it is dark.

Angela: Whats that?

Jordan: I dont know.

Angela hides behind Jordan, trying not to act like she is scared. He takes her hand and they slowly creep into the back of the loft. Once they get closer they hear panting and squeaking, and can see two bodies on the couch, one sitting on the other having sex. Angela steps in front of Jordan and squints her eyes in the darkness because one of the figures looks familiar. As she steps forward she accidentally kicks an empty bottle of pop lying on the floor, and the two faces turn in Angela and Jordans direction, revealing Rayanne andShane! Angela and Jordan look at each other and he grabs her hand and they run out of the loft. Once outside by his car they look at each other and start laughing.

Angela: I cant believe that, I thought they hated each other!

Jordan: Me too, I guess they dont hate each other that much.

AngelaVO: Catching your friend having sex is almost like catching your parents, only your friends are your age, and it is something you expect them to do. For some reason, even though you have like, invaded their privacy, you end up being the one that feels violated...

Fade out to black...

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