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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 8: Working It Out

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Chapter 8: Working It Out

written by Joie

added on: 15 Mar 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman





RAYANNE: So, I mean, I guess I'll go or-

ANGELA: No! (realises how that sounded, tries to laugh casually) No, I mean, you.. you can't. I already told my dad you're staying for dinner, he, like, brought extra groceries and everything. So.

(RAYANNE gets the message to stay. JORDAN looks at ANGELA, mystified.)

RAYANNE: Okay then. Well, cool. I love your dad's food.

ANGELA: I know.


JORDAN: (to ANGELA.) Um, listen, can I just... uh, talk to you, for a minute? Please?


RAYANNE: I gotta call Rickie.

(Exit RAYANNE to kitchen.)

ANGELA: Oh God. I'm so.. d'you wanna drink, or something to eat, or something?

JORDAN: Uh, no. It's okay. (smiles.) I think I, like, finished your milk, last time I was here.

(ANGELA smiles, JORDAN smiles.)

ANGELA (VO): Sometimes the way you feel about someone just changes instantly. Like, when you see them? You forget how much you hate them, or like them, or whatever. You just... absorb them. Like, being around them stupifies your brain.

ANGELA: Sit down.

(JORDAN sits awkwardly, ANGELA sits too.)

ANGELA : So...


(RAYANNE, eating pretzels, sits perched on a stool, on the phone.)

RAYANNE: (on phone.) No, he's here... here!...Yeah, he just turned up... (RAYANNE makes a face.) I don't know... yes, I'm eating!...pretzels... forget it, so... no, ...I was gonna go, okay? She told me to stay....


ANGELA (VO): Why couldn't he just say it? Say the right thing, for once in his life?

JORDAN: So, uh, it's just, I mean... I know things, have been kinda weird, between us, and all.


JORDAN: I mean... I just wanted you to know, right, I do care about you. (ANGELA's face melts.) Okay, and.. I just wish, we could put everything, I don't know, behind us or something?... I don't know. Anyway. (JORDAN rises.) I just wanted you to know.

ANGELA (VO): Oh my God.

ANGELA: Oh...God. (JORDAN smiles, starts to go.) No, no, wait. Don't go. Um.

(JORDAN turns.)

ANGELA: I mean... I mean, did you mean that, what you just said?


ANGELA: Well, I mean... I would like to, as well. You know, start over, or something?


(JORDAN kisses ANGELA. PAN back to where RAYANNE watches, smiling, from serving hatch. She turns back into the kitchen, still on the phone.)

RAYANNE: (on phone.) Hold it, wait, they are back on!... He's got his tongue down her throat, that's how I know... Mm, I know!... oh, right... eating dinner? (laugh.) What are you, living in a two-parent household now or something? (RAYANNE holds the receiver away from her ear, then back.) Okay, see ya tomorrow. Mm. Bye.

(RAYANNE hangs up, heads for the fridge.)


(ANGELA and JORDAN kiss. Front door opens noisily, ANGELA breaks away to see who it is. Enter PATTY carrying groceries.)

ANGELA: Mom. Hi.

PATTY: Hi sweetheart, can you grab... (ANGELA takes one of the bags. PATTY sees JORDAN.) Jordan. Hi.

JORDAN: Hey Mrs Chase.

PATTY: Jordan's here. Well, uh. So, what have- I mean, I mean, uh... (RAYANNE bounds in from the kitchen. PATTY sees her, laughs, relieved.) Oh, Rayanne, you're here too! Well, uh, good.

ANGELA: Rayanne's staying for dinner, remember?

PATTY: (thinks she's forgotten, covers.) Oh, right. Well...good. Jordan, do you wanna stay for dinner too?

JORDAN says:

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