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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 40: Late...

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The story so far

Chapter 40: Late...

written by anonymous author

added on: 22 Mar 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to the restaurant, Wednesday, 7:30 at night. Angela is in the kitchen getting an order her father just finished. She takes the order out to her table, checks on her other tables and goes to find Hallie.

Angela: Umm, Hallie, I was wondering if I could possibly get out of my dinner shift on Saturday night?

Hallie: What hours are you scheduled for?

Angela: Uh, I am supposed to work 2-10.

Hallie: Well, that is our busiest night. I suppose if you can find someone to cover those hours (in a snotty tone).

Angela: Ok. VO: Someitmes Hallie can be the Wicked Witch of the West.

Angela goes to find Matt, last week she took his Thursday night shift, and he said he would take the next one she needed off.

Angela: Uh, Matt.

Matt: Hey there! Can you believe how slow it is today? I wonder if it was this slow at lunch.

Angela: Yeah, it was, but it is usually like this on a Wednesday. Umm, I was wondering if you could take my shift on Saturday, since your not scheduled.

Matt: What time?

Angela: 2-10

Matt: Oh, jeez, on a Saturday night?

Angela: Please!!!! It is really important.

Matt: What could be more important than workind here? (laughs)

Angela: It's a long story.

Matt: Well, alright, but only because I owe you from taking my shift last week at the last minute. I can't believe that I am going to work for you on a Saturday night.

Angela: Thank you soooo much!!!

Matt(comes closer to her and whispers): If it was anyone else working here who had asked, I wouldn't do it.

He walks away from her and then turns around and smiles.

AngelaVO: Oh my God, was Matt just flirting, with me?

A half hour later, Matt gets ready to leave. Angela has another hour until her shift is over.

Matt: Hey, I was wondering if your not doing anything, if you might, uh, want to hang out after your done here?

Angela: Oh. Uh, well I am supposed to go out with a friend.

Matt: Well, she can come too.

Angela: How do you know my friend is a she?

Matt: Wild guess.

Angela: I can't, she really just needs to talk to me, about something private.

Matt: Ok. WEll, maybe another time?

Angela: Maybe. See you tomorrow.

Matt: Ok, bye.

AngelaVO: What's wrong with me? Why didn't I tell him that I have a boyfriend? I mean, he could have meant to hang out with me as a friend, right?

Fade out to black...

Fade in to Angela walking into Sharon's room, she sits on her bed facing her.

Angela: So, what's going on?

Sharon: I'm late.

Angela: As in, like, late?

Sharon: Yeah

Angela: Well, how late?

Sharon: 5 days

Angela: I thought that you were on the pill

Sharon: I am, but I forgot to take it a couple nights, and Kyle and I, you know.

Angela: Well, did you go get a test?

Sharon: No, I'm scared Angela (starts to cry)

Angela moves closer to Sharon and gives her a big hug.

Angela: Don't worry, it will be fine. But not taking a test is just going to stress you out more. Isn't it better to know?

Sharon: I guess so. I bought a test, but it's just sitting in my closet.

Angela: Do you want me to stay here, while you take it?

Sharon: Would you really do that?

Angela: Of course. Umm, have you told Kyle?

Sharon: No!!! He wouldn't understand, he would just start talking about our future together or something.

Angela: Oh, well, you should probably tell him.

Sharon: I will, I just want to know first, before I tell him.

Angela: Yeah. Well, are you going to go take it.

Sharon: Yeah (wipes a tear off of her face), thanks, for staying here.

Angela: Sure.

Sharon goes in the bathroom and takes the test. She comes back out with a small smile on her face.

Sharon: I'm not pregnant!

Angela: Good, well, at least you know now.

Sharon: Yeah.

Angela: So, are you going to tell Kyle?

Sharon: I guess so. Look, don't say anything to anyone else, ok?

Angela: Of course. I hate to leave you, but I really need to get home, I have to get up early for work tomorrow.

Sharon: Yeah, me too. Thanks, again, for being here.

Angela: Anytime. (kisses her on the cheek and leaves)

Angela goes home and finds her mom in her parent's bedroom. She goes in there and sits and talks to her mom.

Angela: So, I wanted to know if I could take Jordan somewhere for his birthday.

Patty: Oh, where?

Angela: Umm, camping.

Patty: Just the two of you?

Angela: Yeah.

Patty: I don't think so.

Angela: Why not?

Patty: Because, I just don't think it is a good idea.

Angela: What is the difference? I mean, when we went away last weekend we stayed in a hotel room by ourselves, the only difference is that during the day we were with our friends.

Patty: There is a big difference.

Angela: Oh, and what is that?

Patty: Uh, that, you guys will be out in the middle of nowhere, what if something happens?

Angela: Like what? A bear coming and attacking us?

Patty: I don't know. What happened to him coming over for dinner?

Angela: He is, but I wanted to surprise him and take him somewhere special after, and I thought it was a good idea. He hasn't ever been camping before.

Patty: Well, I guess so, where are you going camping?

Angela: That place that is an hour from here, where we used to go. It has a lake and everything.

Patty: Yeah, I remember. We haven't been there since you were 12.

Angela: I know. Thanks mom. Look, I know it freaks you out, that Jordan and I, you know, but I am old enough to make my own decisions.

Patty: I know, I guess part of me still thinks of you as my little Angela.

Angela: Well, I'm not, anymore, and haven't been for a long time.

Patty: Yeah, oh, Jordan called, he was at practice or something for Residue. He told me that they got the gig at the July 4th concert but they have to practice for the coordinator on Sunday, so he is practicing tonight and tomorrow night and won't be able to see you.

Angela: Ok, thanks.

Fade out to black...

Fade in to Sharon in Kyle's SUV. They are making out heavily. Sharon pushes Kyle away, and wipes underneath her lip.

Kyle: Sharon what's going on with you? You have been so...distant lately, and we haven't done it in like a week and a half. Are you going to break up with me again?

Sharon: No. Look, there's something I need to tell you.

Kyle: Well, what is it.

Sharon: The reason that we haven't had sex in so long was because....I thought I was pregnant.

Kyle(face turns to stone): How can that be? Your on the pill.

Sharon: Yeah, well I forgot to take it a couple times.

Kyle: Oh. So, your not pregnant, right?

Sharon: No.

Kyle: Oh, well, good. (moves in closer to kiss her again)

Sharon: Kyle! Stop! Look, you don't get it, I was really scared.

Kyle: Yeah, well, your fine now. We will just be more careful.

Sharon: It's not that simple Kyle, that is something that could have changed our whole lives.

Kyle: So what are you saying, you don't want to sleep with me anymore?

Sharon: I don't know, I just need time to think about what I want.

Kyle: Fine, whatever. You let me know when you know what you want to do.

Sharon gets out of the car and Kyle drives away fast, obviously pissed about what just happened.

SharonVO: I thought I knew Kyle so well, and that he would like, be more supportive and understanding, but instead he acts like a butthead, like a normal guy, like the way someone like Jordan Catalano would react.

Fade out to black...

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