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Chapter 46: A Shocking Discovery

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The story so far

Chapter 46: A Shocking Discovery

written by anonymous author

added on: 21 Apr 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Patty sitting at the dining room table with Marla addressing wedding invitations together. It is Wednesday night at 10pm. Angela walks through the front door.

Angela: Mom, Im home. (walks into dining room) Oh, hi.

Marla: Hi Angela, how are you?

Angela: Im good, how are you feeling?

Marla: Ok, but the sooner this kid comes out of me the better, I hope I am able to walk down the aisle.

Patty: Angela, tomorrow we are going to go shopping for dresses together, what time do you work?

Angela: Oh, umm, I think from 10-4.

Patty: Ok, we can go around 5.

Marla: I already bought my dress on Sunday. Its amazing how many different wedding dresses they have for pregnant women.

Angela: Have you decided where you are having the reception yet?

Marla: Well, we accidentally got the dates mixed up, and July 1st is on a Saturday, and because of the Jewish religion we cant have it on a Saturday, so it is now going to be on July 2nd. We decided that we wanted it at the restaurant. We want to incorporate both religions into the ceremony, and if we have it there we can do the reception there after.

Angela: That should be nice.

Marla: Oh, yeah, Angela, I forgot to tell you that you are more than welcome to invite Jordan.

Angela: Thanks. Well, I am pretty tired, I think I am going to go upstairs.

Patty: Honey, are you ok, you look pale.

Angela: Mom, Im fine, Im just tired.

Patty (walks over to her): Are you sure, can I make you something to eat?

Angela: No, Im not hungry, I just want to go to sleep.

Patty: Alright.

Angela walks upstairs and you can hear the laughter from the dining room. She changes from out of her work clothes and into a big t-shirt, and turns on the radio, the song "Silent All These Years" by Tori Amos is playing. She plops down on her bed and stares at the ceiling for a minute.

AngelaVO: People are silent about so many things in their life. Like, you could be living with someone and think you know everything that goes on, but the truth is, you really dont, because they are hiding something that they know other people wont be happy with...

(From background)

Danielle: Angela, phone!

Angela: Ok, I got it. Hello?

Jordan: Hey.

Angela: Hi. Danielle I got it, hang up!

(Danielle pretends to hang up the phone, but keeps listening)

Angela: Sorry, she is so annoying, I can't wait until she is gone for 6 weeks, only one more day. So, what's going on?

Jordan: Nothin', I just wanted to say hi.

Angela: Oh, well, hi.

Jordan: Look, I'm sorry you had to see that at practice the other night, you didn't even get to see us play anything.

Angela: It's ok, are things better now?

Jordan: Yeah, Tony made it clear that Shane isn't allowed to come back there while we are practicin', and Shane just has a huge gash on his lip, he'll be ok.

Angela: Yeah.

Jordan: Yeah, so I didn't ever get to thank you.

Angela: For what?

Jordan: For the other night, in my car.

Angela: Oh, that.

Jordan: Yeah, it was, uh...

Angela: I know...So, umm, did you really mean that?

Jordan: Mean what?

Angela: You know, what you whispered in my ear.

Jordan: Oh, that. Well, yeah, I mean, I do, love, making love to you.

Angela: I do too. I just thought that, you know, that you didn't think of it in that way.

Jordan: What, like, just sex?

Angela: Well, yeah.

Jordan: No, I mean, it's like, deeper than just sex.

Angela: Yeah.

Jordan: Are you alright, you seem kinda out of it or somethin'.

Angela: Yeah, gosh, will everyone just stop, I'm fine!

Jordan: Whoa, calm down, I was just asking.

Angela: I'm sorry, I'm just tired, I haven't been sleeping well.

Jordan: Oh, well, it's probably just because I'm not there to hold you all night.

Angela: Yeah, probably (hears someone hang up). Oh my God, I think Danielle was still listening. I gotta go. (hangs up quickly and runs downstairs) Danielle, where are you!?!

Patty: What's going on?

Angela: Mom, she was listening on my conversation again! I can't take it anymore, I need my privacy!

Patty: Ok, Angela, calm down. Danielle get in here.

Danielle comes out from hiding in the closet.

Angela: Oh, nice hiding spot, do you really think I wouldn't have found you so that I could do this. (grabs her sister and Danielle starts screaming)

Patty: Alright! That's enough, Angela let go of your sister. Danielle, you can't keep listening in on Angelas private conversations.

Danielle: I can't help it, how else am I going to find out all the juicy details of her love life, I can't find where she hid her diary.

Angela: I swear I am going to kill you, my love life is none of your business!

Patty: That's it, Danielle, you are to stay out of Angela's room and out of other people's private business, do you understand?

Danielle: Yes.

Patty: Good, now go to your room and finish packing for camp. (Danielle walks upstairs mad)

Angela: I can't believe you didn't punish her.

Patty: Well, what am I supposed to do, tell her no TV while she's at camp. Look, you guys will be apart for 6 weeks so things will be fine and you can have all the privacy you need.

Angela: Whatever. I'm going to bed. (walks upstairs and slams the door to her bedroom)

Cut to Friday morning at 6 am, Danielle, Graham and Patty leaving to drive Danielle to camp in Lenox, Massachusetts, which is about a 10 hour drive. Angela is woken up by her mother.

Patty: Angela, wake up. Come on, Dad and I are leaving to take Danielle to camp.

Angela (with her eyes still closed): Bye.

Patty: Angela, the least you can do is get out of bed and say goodbye, you practically won't see your sister for 6 weeks other than at the wedding.

Angela: Fine, I'm up, ok (jumps out of bed).

Patty: Ok, now we will be back tomorrow by dinner. If you need us the number where we are staying tonight is on the refrigerator and daddy will have his pager with him.

Angela: Ok, so where is she?

Patty: Downstairs. She was afraid to come in here, she thinks you hate her.

Angela: Well, she deserves it.

Angela walks downstairs and to her mothers liking gives Danielle a hug and says goodbye.

Patty: Ok, so Sharon is staying over tonight, right?

Angela: Yeah.

Patty: Ok, well have fun, and don't stay out too late, Id feel more comfortable if you came home at a decent time tonight.

Angela: Alright! Drive carefully, and uh, have fun at camp Danielle.

Danielle: Thanks, bye (hugs her again)

Angela: Bye.

Angela walks back upstairs and goes back to bed. She wasn't working at all today and wanted to sleep all day. Sharon was coming over at 7, but Jordan was coming over earlier, because he didnt have to work today either.

Cut to Brian at the hospital. He is walking down the corridor to the nurse's station where Michelle was working. Surprisingly, their date went really well, and they went out again last night, and Brian even got the nerve to kiss her goodnight. He really liked her, but the only thing that was bothering him was their age difference. She was 21, and even though she knew that Brian was younger, she didn't know how much. He had convinced her that he had just graduated from Liberty and was taking a semester off to decide what he wanted to do and where he wanted to go to school. Just as he walks past the janitors closet the door bursts open and Michelle comes running out and pulls him in there with her. She kisses him forcefully on the lips and wraps her arms around his neck. They pull apart after a few minutes.

Brian: What was that for?

Michelle: For taking me out last night. I had a really good time. So, are you free tonight?

Brian: Yeah, sure.

Michelle: Ok, um, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to, uh, come over. My parents kinda wanted to meet you.

Brian: Oh, well, um, isn't it like, a little soon, for that?

Michelle: Oh, I don't know, I guess, but I really like you, and want them to meet you.

Brian: Can it wait a little while longer, I mean, I would like to know more about you before I start meeting your family. I just, don't want to, uh, rush things.

Michelle: Yeah, we can do that. I didnt mean for it to sound like I was rushing things, I just like my parents to meet all my friends, especially the ones I really like.

Brian: Ok, well, maybe next time.

Michelle: Good. (kisses him on the lips again)

Cut to the Chase house at 5pm. Angela is still in bed sleeping. She had gotten up a couple times, but just to get a drink of water and to go to the bathroom. The doorbell rings and she slowly opens her eyes. She groggily gets out of bed and slowly makes it down the stairs as the doorbell rings again.

Angela: I'm coming, jeez, don't freak out!

She opens the door and Jordan is standing there with a smile on his face. His expression turns to slight shock as he sees Angela standing there with her hair up in a messy bun and a long t-shirt.

Jordan: Did you just get up?

Angela: Yeah, so, I told you I was tired.

Jordan: Nothing, you just look so cute with your hair all messy like that and your eyes half closed. Come here (walks towards Angela and hugs her and kisses her neck)

Angela (squirms in his arms and pushes him away): Jordan, stop, come on...

Jordan: Aww, are you still tired.

Angela: No, I'm just not in the mood.

Jordan: In the mood for what? I was just hugging you and kissed your neck, I wasn't suggesting anything. Jeez, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something?

Angela: No, I don't know, I just don't feel like myself, ok.

Jordan: Alright. So, do you still want to hang out?

Angela: Sure, but, umm, can we just stay here, I don't really feel like going out.

Jordan: Sure. I'm starved, do you want to order pizza?

Angela: Whatever, I'm really not hungry.

Jordan: Ok, well, I know by the time it gets here you will be, so I will order a large.

Angela doesn't answer and goes to lie on the family room couch and turns on the TV. Jordan calls and orders pizza and then comes and sits down where Angela's legs are and lays her legs across his lap.

Jordan: Anything good on?

Angela: I don't know, here (hands him the remote), you can look.

Jordan flips through stations and stops when he gets to MTV. They sit and watch TV silently until the pizza arrives. Jordan pays the delivery guy and brings the pizza into the family room. He starts eating and notices that Angela doesn't even get up.

Jordan: Why aren't you eating?

Angela: I dont know, I'm not hungry.

Jordan: Oh. What's been going on with you lately, you seem, like, different?

Angela (sits up): So, can't people change? Am I supposed to stay exactly the same for the rest of my life?

Jordan: Look, I don't know what youre talking about, but something has changed, it's like you're a totally different person.

Angela: Well, maybe you shouldn't be with me then!

Jordan: What is going on?

Angela: Nothing, just leave me alone! (gets up) I'm so sick of everyone butting into my private business, I don't go around asking you a million questions or wondering what's been going on.

Jordan: Jeez, is it so wrong for me to be curious as to why you are so secretive all the sudden?

Angela: Yes, ok, just leave then if you can't respect my privacy!

Jordan: Fine, whatever, I'm outta here.

Angela runs up to her room and slams the door. Jordan flings the front door open just as Sharon was about to ring the doorbell.

Sharon (standing there with Matt): Jordan, hi, where are you going, I thought that we were all going to hang out?

Jordan: I don't know what's going on with her, but she is acting weird.

Sharon: Oh, well, I will talk to her, maybe she had a bad day or something.

Jordan: Fine, tell her I'll call her tomorrow. (walks out of the house)

Sharon: Ok, bye.

Sharon and Matt walk into the family room. She sets down her overnight bag on the couch.

Sharon: Uh, maybe you had better stay down here until I talk to her.

Matt: Ok.

Sharon walks up the stairs and knocks on the door.

Sharon: Angela? It's Sharon, can I come in?

Angela: Fine.

Sharon (opens the door): Hi, how are you?

Angela: I'm fine, ok, you're like the millionth person that has asked me that today.

Sharon: Oh, ok. So, did you have a fight with Jordan?

Angela: Yeah, he just, kept saying that I was acting different, and asking what is going on with me.

Sharon: Well, he is just probably worried or something.

Angela: Why should he be worried?

Sharon: Because, you have been acting kind of strange lately, like something is going on and you don't want to tell anyone.

Angela: Oh, well, it's nothing, ok.

Sharon: Ok, look, do you want me to tell Matt to go home, so that we can just sit and hang out the two of us?

Angela: No, I'm kinda tired, I am just going to go to sleep.

Sharon: Ok. Well, we will be downstairs if you want to join us, we rented the movie "Benny and Joon" with Johnny Depp!

Angela: Ok.

Sharon walks out of the bedroom and Angela lies in her bed and curls up in a fetal position. Sharon walks downstairs and finds Matt eating pizza.

Matt: Is she ok?

Sharon (sits down on the couch next to him): Yeah, she will be fine, I think she is just tired.

Matt: Oh, yeah, she has been working a lot lately.

Sharon: Yeah, that is probably why. She has just probably been overdoing things or something.

Matt: Yeah, so, where were we?

Sharon leans in and begins kissing Matt slowly. He wraps his arm around her and holds the side of her face with the other hand. Cut to Jordan sitting on the trunk of his car drinking a beer in Vertigos parking lot. Shane walks out and heads in his direction.

Shane: Hey man.

Jordan: Hey.

Shane: What's up?

Jordan: Nothing...I just don't understand women.

Shane: Tell me about it man, they are so confusing, one minute they want you and the next they are playing hard to get.

Jordan: Yeah, or they start acting crazy, like they are hiding something.

Shane: Yeah. So, did you and Angela break up or something?

Jordan: No, I don't know. She just, like, went mental on me or something.

Shane: I hear ya. Well, do you want to get out of here? I heard that Tino was having a small party at the loft.

Jordan: Yeah, why not, I got nothing better to do.

Shane: Ok.

They drive over to the party, where a small group is gathered sitting around drinking. Tino is no where to be found, but somebody said that he had been there earlier. Jordan sits on a window ledge and stares out the window. Shane is flirting with a few girls not far away. Cynthia Hargrove walks over to Jordan and sits down across from him.

Cynthia: Hey Catalano, what's up?

Jordan: Nothin'.

Cynthia: This party is so lame. Do you, uh, want to get out of here?

Jordan: Uh, sure, I guess.

They walk out of the party together and get into Jordans car. He starts the engine and sits back in his seat for a minute. He rests his head back and closes his eyes. Cynthia inches closer to him and forcefully kisses him. Jordan doesn't do anything for a minute, and then pushes her away.

Cynthia: What? I thought this is what you wanted?

Jordan: Going somewhere with you doesn't mean I wanted to *do* anything with you. I just wanted to get out of there.

Cynthia: Jeez, ok. I guess we can just hang out or whatever.

Jordan: Look, I just want to be alone.

Cynthia just sits there silently.

Jordan: Do you mind leaving?

Cynthia: Fine, whatever. (gets out of car and slams door) Don't bother ever calling me up the next time you are lonely! Oh, and by the way, I lied, you weren't my first, I just said that so you wouldn't feel bad that I was your first. (walks away)

Jordan: Whatever! VO: What is going on lately?

Cut back to the Chase house. Sharon and Matt are on the family room couch making out. Matt is lying on top of Sharon in between her legs. He starts to feel his way underneath her shirt.

Sharon: Wait, Matt, stop.

Matt: What?

Sharon: Well, it's just that, I want to take things slow. I mean, we haven't even been dating a week yet, and I just don't want to rush into anything.

Matt: Ok, we can go as slow as you need to, but promise me one thing.

Sharon: What?

Matt: That you will kiss me again.

Sharon laughs and kisses Matt again. They continue like this for a while longer before Matt leaves. Sharon goes upstairs and checks on Angela who is sound asleep sprawled across her bed. Sharon goes into Danielle's bedroom and changes into her t-shirt and boxers and goes to sleep.

Cut to Saturday morning at 11am. Angela groggily walks downstairs and into the kitchen. Sharon is sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal.

Sharon: Morning sleepyhead!

Angela: Hi, what time is it?

Sharon: A little after 11.

Angela: Oh (sits down at the table without getting anything to eat)

Sharon: Jordan called earlier, he said that he would stop by tonight after your shift is over at the restaurant.

Angela: Ok. Look, I'm sorry about last night. I know we said we were all going to hang out, but I was so tired. I don't know what's wrong with me lately.

Sharon: You're probably working too much or something. So, do you want to talk about your fight with Jordan?

Angela: I don't know. I just got so mad. It's all my fault. He was just worried or something. It's just that lately everyone has been harping on me about everything. I guess it just really got to me.

Sharon: That's understandable. I think everyone is just worried, you haven't exactly been acting like yourself.

Angela: Yeah, I know. Let's stop talking about this. So, how are things with Matt?

Sharon: Amazing. I asked him if we could take things slow and he totally understood.

Angela: That's great Sharon. I'm so happy for you. Have you heard any more from Kyle?

Sharon: Yeah, he has stopped by like, four times, and left a zillion messages.

Angela: What are you going to do?

Sharon: Nothing. He will get the picture eventually. I am so over him and he needs to move on too. (looks at the clock) Oh, jeez, I have to get to work. Sorry to eat and run.

Angela: It's ok. I'll talk to you later. Thanks for staying over and understanding.

Sharon: Of course. Don't work to hard, ok?

Angela: Yeah.

Sharon (hugs Angela): Bye

Angela: Bye

Sharon leaves and Angela goes back upstairs and takes a long shower. She gets ready and walks to the restaurant for her shift at 2pm. Matt is already there taking a break in back.

Matt: Hey, how are you feeling?

Angela: Fine, thanks. Has it been busy?

Matt: Yeah.

Angela: Ok, well I better get out there.

Matt: Wait, are you ok, you look tired.

Angela: Yeah, I probably just got too much sleep or something.

Matt: I wish I could say the same. Do you want the rest of this pasta?

Angela: No thanks, I'm not hungry.

Matt: Ok.

Angela works the rest of her busy shift and walks home at 8:30. She takes her shoes off and walks into the house. Her parents are in the dining room eating dinner.

Patty: Hi honey, we ordered pizza, do you want some?

Angela: No thanks. How was the trip?

Graham: Fine. Danielle really seems to like it there, although, she was sad to see us leave. She kept saying how bad she felt about what happened before she left.

Angela: Oh, it's over with, whatever.

Patty: Angela, are you ok, you're sweating.

Angela: I'm fine. Just tired from work, plus it is really hot outside. I'm going to go upstairs and shower.

Patty: Ok.

Angela goes upstairs and takes a quick shower, and gets into a t-shirt and boxers with her hair wet. She starts to walk down the stairs but after a couple of steps she gets dizzy and almost trips. She catches herself and grabs the banister and holds her head.

Patty: Angela, is that you (from the kitchen)

Angela: Yeah mom.

Patty: Will you come help me dry these dishes.

Angela: Sure, I'll be there in a second. VO: Jeez, I must be more tired than I thought.

Just as she takes the next step she becomes dizzy and lightheaded and faints and falls down the last few stairs. Patty runs into the hall from the kitchen and Graham bursts out of the bedroom and looks down.

Patty: Oh my God, Angela! (kneels down next to her and tries to wake her up by shaking her) Angela, wake up, wake up! Graham, call 911!

Graham goes back into the bedroom and dials 911.

Graham: Yes, my daughter just fell down the stairs and isn't waking up. We need an ambulance right away...16...I don't know...No...1110...Yeah, that's us...Ok...(hangs up) They will be here in a couple minutes (runs down the stairs). Does she have a pulse?

Patty: Yeah, and she's breathing, but very slowly. Oh, God, Graham, wha's wrong with her?

Graham: I don't know, I dont know.

They both start crying as lights from the ambulance shine into the house. The emt's burst into the front door and put Angela on a stretcher.

EMT1: Is she allergic to any medication?

Patty (crying): I don't know, I don't think so.

EMT2: Do you know if she has taken any drugs?

Graham: No.

They wheel her out and Patty and Graham follow. Brian runs out of his house and stops on the lawn as he sees them getting into the ambulance with Angela on the stretcher.

Fade out to black...

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