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Mailing List

Four known mailing lists and one newsgroup for the discussion of MSCL exist on the World Wide Web. Since most of them are more than ten years old, discussions have mostly quieted down, but newcomers are still welcome.

International / English Mailinglists

There are two english speaking mailing lists on the web, they both originated from the same original list. The first is a hosted by which chats about MSCL, along with some related topics. There are usually between 150 and 250 members which cover topics ranging from extremely detailed analysis of every single second of MSCL and things referred to during the series, sometimes talking about what the characters would be doing in 10 years or so. But most of the time they talk about something totally unrelated. ;-)

It's very easy to sign up for this mailing list. To subscribe, send a blank email message to

To subscribe to the digest, send a blank email to

The Dreamworld server has also a mailing list for MSCL with some of the same people from the mail-list mailing list.

To subscribe to the Dreamworld MSCL Mailing List, send a message to and in the body of the message write: "subscribe so-called". That's it, that's all.

    German Mailinglist - Let's bolt

To subscribe, send an email to with "subscribe" in the subject field.

Further informations can be found on the List Homepage

Other Ressources

The international newsgroup on usenet is quite dead (and swamped with spam), but it still exists:

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