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Chapter 47: A Shocking Dicovery Pt. 2

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The story so far

Chapter 47: A Shocking Dicovery Pt. 2

written by anonymous author

added on: 29 Apr 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to the emergency room. Angela is lying on the bed motionless still not awake. There are tubes in her nose helping her breathe easier and an IV in her arm. A nurse is taking her blood pressure, and another is putting a bandage on the bruise on her forehead that she got when she fell down the stairs. There is a splint around her left wrist, which is broken. The doctor is out in the hall talking to Patty and Graham.

Doctor: Is there any family history of anorexia?

Patty (looks at Graham and back at the doctor): Umm, yes. I was diagnosed with anorexia when I was Angelas age.

Doctor: Ok. Well, as you know Angela has a long road of recovery ahead of her. At this time it is uncertain what triggered her to start this path of destruction, but with a family history it puts her at a higher risk.

Graham: I just dont understand why she isnt waking up.

Doctor: The loss of nutrition and the harm that she has done to her body has made her warn out. We have an IV going and I suspect that she just needs to sleep for awhile. I have seen this happen before, many times.

Graham: Ok, what do we do next?

Doctor: Well, once I release her, she will need counseling, I recommend that she sees a nutritionist, and the support of her family and friends. Has she been under a lot of stress lately?

Patty: She has been working a lot at my husbands restaurant.

Doctor: Ok, she needs to stop working until she is comfortable again around food.

Graham: Ok, whatever is best for her.

Doctor: Ok, Im going to go check on her, and then you are welcome to see her. (leaves)

Patty (hugs Graham): Oh, God, Graham, what have I done.

Graham (looks into her eyes): You havent done anything, ok. It just happened.

Patty: I am a terrible mother. How could I not notice this. All the symptoms were there: she has been avoiding eating with us, moody, working too hard, and started losing weight.

Graham: You are a wonderful mother, none of us had any idea, we hardly see her, and how were we supposed to know.

Patty: Yeah. Im going to go call Camille, I am sure Sharon would like to be here. Maybe she can call her other friends.

Graham: Ok, Im going to go call Hallie and tell her I wont be in for a couple days and to get someone to cover Angelas shifts. Patty, everything will be ok, you recovered from this, remember?

Patty: Yeah, I know.

They both walk over to the pay phones and make their calls. Camille tells Sharon who immediately starts crying. She calls Matt, Rickie, and Jordan (who isnt home). They get in the car and start driving over to the hospital.

Cut to Brian running over to Jordans car which just pulled in front of Angelas house.

Brian: Jordan, they just took Angela to the hospital in an ambulance.

Jordan (panicked): Get in.

Brian (gets in and Jordan speeds off): I dont know what happened. I heard the siren and ran out of my house just as they were getting into the ambulance.

Jordan: How long ago was this?

Brian: Umm, I dont know, a few minutes I guess.

Jordan: Ok.

Brian: She has been acting so strange lately.

Jordan: I know. I could tell she has been hiding something.

Brian: What do you think happened?

Jordan (worried): I dont know.

Cut to Sharon and Camille arriving at the hospital. Patty and Graham are just walking out of Angelas room where they have moved her. Camille (crying) walks up to Patty and gives her a hug.

Camille: How is she?

Patty (wiping away a tear): Ok, she isnt awake yet. Hi Sharon (hugs her), thanks for coming so quickly.

Sharon: Is she going to be ok?

Patty: Yeah, it will take some time. She is going to have to spend a couple days here, and then we can take her home and she will enter counseling.

Rickie, Corey, and Rayanne all enter together. They had been hanging out at Rickies (Mr. Katimskis) when Sharon called them.

Rickie: Oh my God, is she ok?

Patty (hugs him): She will be fine Rickie.

Rickie: How could we have let this happen and not know it?

Patty: Well, thats the thing, I know how this works, and it is not hard to hide until it becomes physically noticeable.

Sharon: Do they know how long this has been going on?

Patty: No, they dont know. The damage she has done to herself isnt real bad, she has just lost some weight, and because she fell she broke her wrist.

Rayanne: Can we see her?

(Brain and Jordan enter running down the hall)

Patty: Yeah, but keep it short. She is still sleeping, and needs rest. Her body is still trying to adjust itself. (notices Jordan just arrived) Oh, Jordan, thank God youre here.

Jordan: Wheres Angela? Whats going on?

Patty: Come on, Ill explain it all to you.

They walk away from the rest of the group.

Graham: Sharon, come on, Ill take you to see her.

Graham leads Sharon into Angelas hospital room and Sharon gasps as she sees Angela lying there frozen. She walks over to her and sits down in the chair next to her bed. She takes Angelas right hand and holds it between her own. She just sits there silently for a few minutes before she gets up.

Sharon: I should probably let someone else see her.

Graham: Ok. Ill come out with you.

At the same time that Sharon is with Angela, Patty is explaining to Jordan what happened.

Jordan: I knew something was going on. She has been so secretive, and always saying that she wasnt hungry. This is all my fault. We had a fight last night, and it was because of this. I told her she was acting weird and she just flipped out.

Patty: Jordan, this is no ones fault, especially not yours. She inherited this disease from me, and obviously something triggered her to start damaging herself this way. I went through it too, and a lot of factors play into it.

Jordan: Whats going to happen to her?

Patty: Well, once she is back at home she will go into therapy, and just take it easy for a while.

Jordan: Oh.

Patty: She really needs us to be there for her, especially Graham, myself, and you.

Jordan: Me?

Patty: Yes, of course. Youre her boyfriend, which means that you mean more to her than anyone else.

Jordan: So, what should I do?

Patty: Just be there for her when she needs you.

Jordan and Patty walk back towards Angelas room. Graham comes running up to them...

Graham: Shes starting to wake up.

Patty hurries into her room with Graham while Jordan waits outside with the rest of the group.

Patty (stands next to her bed): Angela... (Patty holds her right hand and rubs her forehead) Angela, its mom.

Angela (slowly opens her eyes): Mom...
Patty: Oh, thank God.

Angela: What happened?

Graham: You fainted sweetheart, youre in the hospital. Everyone is here. We are all so worried about you.

Angela: Im fine.

Patty: No, your not. Angela, you have been starving yourself. That is not healthy.

Graham: Angela, your mother knows what she is talking about.

Angela: I have not been starving myself, I have just been watching what I eat.

Patty: Angela, I know what your going though, II was diagnosed with anorexia at your age. I know what its like to want to look a certain way and try to change that. You dont realize the damage that could have been done if this had kept going on. You could have died.

Angela (starts crying): Im scared.

Patty (sits next to her in bed and hugs her): Dont worry, you will be fine. Once you are back at home we will get you some help and you will get better.

Graham: The important thing now is that you realize how bad doing this was.

Angela doesnt answer and turns and looks away.

Patty: I know that this is going to take some time and we are all here for you, whenever you need us.

Graham: Until you are better we want you to just stay at home and rest until you feel comfortable coming back to work. We dont want you to worry about anything until then.

Angela: Ok.

Patty: Well, we will let some of your friends come say hello before they kick us all out.

Angela: Mom, how long do I have to stay here?

Patty: A couple days.

Angela: Oh, do I, have to stay here alone?

Patty: No, of course not. Daddy or I will stay here with you until you come home.

Angela: Ok. Thanks.

They walk out and Sharon and Jordan walk into the room. Sharon immediately starts crying.

Sharon: Hi.

Angela: Hi. (looks at Sharon and then at Jordan who is just standing there not knowing what to do)

Sharon: You really scared us. Dont do that again.

Angela: Im sorry. (starts crying)

They sit and hug for a minute, both crying. They pull away and wipe their faces.

Sharon: Why would you do that to yourself?

Angela: I dont know.

Sharon: Angela, dont try to change yourself, we love you just the way you are.

Angela doesnt say anything and wipes away a tear that is falling down her cheek.

Sharon: Well, Ill let you guys talk. Ill stop by tomorrow before I go to work.

Angela: Ok. Thanks Sharon.

Sharon gives Angela a kiss on the cheek and leaves the room and leaving Angela alone with Jordan.

Angela: Look, Im sorry, for everything I said last night.

Jordan: No, its my fault I shouldnt have walked out like that. I knew something was wrong.

Angela: You probably think I am disgusting and want to break up with me now, right?

Jordan (walks over to her and sits in the chair next to her bed): No, why would I do that?

Angela: I dont know. (looks down and plays with the corner of the hospital sheet)

Jordan: Look, maybe it would be better for you if we just like, didnt see each other for a while, until you are better.

Angela: Why?

Jordan: Its just that I feel like I wont be able to help you or something, like I will just be in the way or something.

Angela: Jordan, I need you, more than anyone else. Im scared.

Jordan: Of what?

Angela (a tear rolls down her cheek): Of why I did this to myself, of everything that I cant know the immediate outcome, of losing you, of.

Jordan: Youre not going to lose me. Im right here. And you will figure out why you did this, and you will get better.

Angela: Will you do something for me?

Jordan: Sure.

Angela: Will you hold me.

Jordan gets up and slides into bed next to Angela. He wraps his arms around her as she lays her head down on his chest and cries. He kisses the top of her head and holds her tight. Rayanne walks towards Angelas door and peeks in and sees Jordan holding Angela like this. She stares for a minute, realizing how deep the connection is between them and how she has no connection like that with anyone, and then backs away.

Rayanne (to the group): We should probably go, its getting kinda late, and we can come back tomorrow.

Patty: Ok, I will tell Angela that you were here and you will stop by tomorrow.

Rickie: Ok.

Rayanne: Bye.

Rickie, Corey, and Rayanne leave. Sharon and Camille already left, and Brian went with them. Patty and Graham walk closer to Angelas room and peek in. They see Jordan lying in bed with Angela (her under the blanket and him above it) comforting him. Graham pulls Patty closer to him, wraps his arms around her, and kisses the top of her head.

Patty: Why dont you go home and get some sleep, I will stay here tonight.

Graham: No, its ok, I want to stay, you go home.

Patty: I dont know if I will even be able to sleep knowing she is in here.

Graham: Well, try and get some rest at least. Then you can come during the day tomorrow and I can go home and get some rest.

Patty: Ok. I feel so bad having to tell him to leave (looking at Jordan).

Graham: Yeah, but he can come back tomorrow.

They quietly walk into the room. Jordan and Angela open their eyes and Jordan stands up.

Patty: Well, its getting kinda late, and you need your rest. Dad is going to stay here tonight and then I will be back right away in the morning.

Angela: Ok.

Patty: Uh, Jordan, do you think I could have a ride?

Jordan: Sure. Ill see you tomorrow, ok?

Angela (tears forming in her eyes): Ok.

Jordan (leans in and kisses her forehead): Bye.

Angela: Bye.

Patty (walks towards her and kisses her cheek): Bye sweetie.

The two of them walk out of the room together and Graham stands awkwardly.

Graham: Do you want me to stay in here, or, uh, go out in the waiting area? Cause I could just stay out there if you want.

Angela: No... Dad, could you sleep here, next to me, until I fall asleep? (looks at the chair)

Graham: Sure. Do you need anything else?

Angela: No. Thanks.

Graham: For what?

Angela: For staying here with me.

Graham: Of course, we wouldnt leave you alone here all night. (kisses her forehead) Now try to get some sleep.

Angela rolls over onto her side as Graham turns off the lights and sits down in the chair. Cut to Monday afternoon, Angela walking into the house with Patty and Graham through the back door. She is wearing a pair of jean shorts and t-shirt that Patty brought her to wear home. Just as they walk into the hall everyone yells 'Surprise'! (Rickie, Sharon, Brian, Rayanne, and Camille were there)

Angela: Oh my gosh, you scared me. What are you guys doing here?

Rickie: We wanted to surprise you. Actually, it was Sharons idea.

Sharon: I cant take all the credit, you guys helped with the balloons and streamers.

Angela: Thanks.

Sharon: How are you feeling today?

Angela: Ok.

Sharon: Jordan couldnt come, he had to work, but he said he would stop by later.

Angela: Ok.

Rickie: You have to taste this watermelon, it is so sweet!

Angela takes a piece of watermelon and eats it as everyone watches.

Angela: Jeez, are you guys going to watch me eat like this all the time?

Patty: No, well, maybe, at least until we know you are eating again.

Angela: I am, see (takes another piece of fruit).

Patty: Ok.

Rayanne (to Angela): Uh, can I talk to you?

Angela: Sure.

They walk away and go into the kitchen. Angela stands and leans against the counter and Rayanne paces back and forth.

Rayanne: Look, I thought about what you said, and I do need to stop drinking for me, but when I am ready, and I am just not right now. I just wanted to tell you that.

Angela: Ok.

Rayanne: So, I guess we both have our problems that we have to deal with.

Angela: Yeah.

Rayanne: Well, I gotta get to work. I will see 'ya around I guess.

Angela: Yeah.

Rayanne leaves through the back door. Angela walks back into the family room where everyone is standing around talking. Brian walks up to her, he wasnt talking to anyone.

Brian: So, are you going to be ok?

Angela: Yeah, I guess, whatever ok means.

Brian: You know, everyone has their problems, but this was really serious.

Angela: I know this now, ok?

Brian: Ok. So, Chase, whats new?

Angela (laughs): Nothing, I guess. What about you?

Brian: Nothing, I guess (smiles at her).

Everyone stays for a little while longer before they all start slowly leaving. Sharon is the last one to leave.

Angela: Dont you have to work?

Sharon: Yeah, but not until later. I wanted to be able to spend some time with you so I switched my hours with someone.

Angela: Thanks. Can we just hang out here though, I dont really want to go out.

Sharon: Sure, whatever you want.

They go upstairs to Angelas bedroom and sit and talk for a while. Sharon avoids talking about what happened because she can tell Angela is a little uneasy about the whole situation. Instead they discuss Jordan and Matt.

Sharon: Did he really think that you wouldnt need him?

Angela: Yeah.

Sharon: Look, when I called him, he sort of told me, uh

Angela: Sharon, what is it?

Sharon: Well, he didnt exactly tell me, but I could tell, from the sound of his voice, that he was really scared.

Angela: What did he say?

Sharon: Oh, well, he was just telling me how he might quit summer school, so he could spend more time with you. I could just tell by the way he said it, that he was scared.

Angela: Oh. I cant let him do that. If he doesnt finish summer school then he wont graduate next year.

Sharon: You know Jordan, you cant tell him what to do.

Angela: I know.

Sharon: Well, I should get going. I have to be at work in an hour and I told my mom I would return something for her at the mall before I started working.

Angela: Ok. Thanks for coming over.

Sharon: Sure. Call me if you need anything, I will stop by tomorrow or Wednesday.

Angela: Ok.

Sharon (hugs her and kisses her on the cheek): Bye

Angela: Bye

Sharon walks out of Angelas bedroom and leaves. Angela lies down on her bed and stares at the ceiling. Just as she is about to take her diary out of its hiding place Patty comes in.

Patty: I know this is hard for you to think about, but what do you want for dinner?

Angela: Oh, I dont care, whatever you and dad want.

Patty: Are you sure, cause I will get whatever you want.

Angela: No, its ok. So, do I really have to go to therapy?

Patty: Yes. I know it will be hard, but I went through it and it is the best way to fight the disease. Therapy was the only way I got better.

Angela: Ok. So when do I have to start?

Patty: Well, tomorrow actually. I have worked it out and I will pick you up on my lunch break and take you and then I talked to Jordan and he is going to pick you up before he goes to work.

Angela: Oh. Mom, cant you just pick me up, I mean, you own the business, you should get to do what you want.

Patty: I know, but I have clients to meet with and I dont know if I will be able to do it every day. You shouldnt be embarrassed by this, especially not with Jordan, he actually wanted to pick you up. This way you will get to see him more, and you have been complaining that you dont see him enough.

Angela: Yeah.

Patty: Ok, Im going to go see if dad wants to cook or just order in.

Just as Patty is leaving Jordan walks in, wearing his work shirt and jeans.

Patty: Jordan, hi. I didnt think you were coming until later. Can you stay for dinner?

Jordan: Uh, yeah, sure.

Patty: Ok. Ill be downstairs with dad.

Patty leaves and Jordan walks towards Angela where she is still laying on her bed.

Jordan: Hi.

Angela: Hi.

Jordan: How are you?

Angela: Ok. Look, Sharon told me that you were thinking of quitting summer school.

Jordan: Yeah, so.

Angela: I dont want you to that, you only have a month left and I dont want you to do this just because of me.

Jordan: Look, its my decision to make, ok, and if I want to do it to be able to see you more, then I will. Lets not talk about it ok.

Angela: No, you have to keep going. I wont let you quit.

Jordan: Well see, ok.

Angela: Fine. So, whats going on?

Jordan: Nothin. My boss let me get off early so I could come see you. I told the guys in the band that I would practice with them tomorrow night. I think we finally have a set list done and we are getting pretty good, I guess.

Angela: Thats good. So...

Jordan: Yeah. Look, I dont want you to, like, feel like you cant talk to me about this, because you can.

Angela: I know. Just, not yet, ok.

Jordan (sits next to her on the bed and whispers in her ear): Ok. So, can we, uh, close the door, and uh, you know.

Angela: Jordan, I just got out of the hospital and you want to have sex?

Jordan: Look, I wasnt thinking, ok?

Angela: Ok.

Jordan: So, is this like, going to be for a while?

Angela: I dont know, just not yet, ok?

Jordan: Ok.

Patty calls them down for dinner and they eat at the kitchen table. They ended up ordering pizza. Angela ate a little, but mostly picked at the cheese. Patty, Graham and Jordan stole glances of her eating, but tried not to make it look like they were watching her. Patty talked to Jordan about the July 4th concert, and Graham asked him some mechanical questions. After they ate Angela and Jordan went into the family room and cuddled on the couch and watched TV. Patty and Graham went upstairs and Graham looked through some cookbooks while Patty did some work that she brought home.

Graham: She hardly ate anything.

Patty: Its normal, it will take time for her to get comfortable around food again. Do you think we should let Jordan stay here tonight?

Graham: What, are you crazy?

Patty: Its just that, Angela seems so much happier when he is around, and its not like anything would happen. They would be in the next room, and we could leave the doors open. Its just that I know what she is going through, and I remember when this happened to me and I hated going to sleep, especially alone. I just wanted someone to be there to hold me.

Graham: I guess, but I dont want them to think this would happen under normal circumstances.

Patty: I know. I will go tell Angela.

Graham: Ok, but make sure they know that the doors are staying open.

Patty walks downstairs and finds Angela resting her head on Jordans shoulder with his arm around her. She is curled up next to him, and he has his legs stretched out with his feet resting on the table. As soon as he hears someone coming down the stairs he takes his feet off the table.

Patty: Umm, Angela, can I talk to you for a minute.

Angela: Sure.

Angela follows Patty into the hallway under the stairs.

Patty: I was thinking, and why dont you ask Jordan to stay here tonight.

Angela: What!?! Ok, who are you and what have you done with my mother?

Patty: I just think that it might be good for you. I remember what this is like, and the one thing I always wished was that I had someone to hold me and comfort me at night. I secretly always wished my boyfriend at the time would surprise me and crawl into my bedroom window late at night.

Angela: What happened?

Patty: Nothing, he ended up breaking up with me not long after all that happened.

Angela: Oh.

Patty: He can stay over in your room, but I want the doors kept open.

Angela: Ok. Thanks mom.

Patty: Sure. Dad and I are going to go to bed. Goodnight (kisses her on the cheek)

Angela walks back to where Jordan is sitting, he is flipping through the TV stations.

Jordan: Is everything ok?

Angela: Your never going to guess what my mom just said you could do.

Jordan: What?

Angela: She said you could stay over.

Jordan: Yeah, right.

Angela: Im serious.

Jordan: What does that mean?

Angela: That means that you can sleep in my room, but we have to keep the door open.

Jordan: Oh, ok.

Angela: Im kind of tired.

Jordan: Ok.

They go upstairs and walk into Angelas room awkwardly.

Angela: Umm, can you close the door, while I change.

Jordan closes the door and unbuttons his work shirt revealing a tight wife beater.

Angela: Uh, do you think you can help me, its kind of hard with this cast on my wrist.

Jordan: Sure.

Jordan walks over towards Angela who is standing near her dresser getting out a nightshirt. He takes the bottom of her shirt in his hands and gently pulls it over her head as she lifts her arms up.

JordanVO: It is so sexy when she doesnt wear a bra. Ok, calm down, I cant think about that now, she already said that she didnt want to have sex, unfortunately...

Jordan takes the nightshirt and pulls it over Angelas head, through her arms, and over her bare chest. He stands and looks into her eyes as he unbuttons and unzips her jean shorts and they fall to the floor. He kisses her gently on the lips and then she walks over to the bed and lies down on her back. Jordan takes off his jeans and starts walking towards the bed.

Angela: Wait, you uh, have to open the door.

Jordan: Ok.

Jordan opens the door and walks back over to the bed. Angela rolls back over onto her side and puts a pillow underneath her left arm to rest it on. Jordan slides into the bed and spoons his body with Angelas and wraps his arms around her. He kisses the back of her neck.

Jordan: Can I ask you something?

Angela: Sure.

Jordan: Did I do anything, to uh, make you do this to yourself?

Angela: I dont know, I dont think so, why?

Jordan: I dont know, I was just wonderin I guess. I just, like, dont want you to think that I would ever want you to change the way you look, because you are beautiful to me.

Angela doesnt say anything and just gazes at the wall as Jordan holds her tight. He closes his eyes and slowly falls asleep while Angela just lies there thinking.

AngelaVO: Sometimes, hearing someone say you are beautiful sounds so fake, like they forced themselves to say it but really didnt mean it. And other times it sounds like it was truly from the heart...

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