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Chapter 19: I need you

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Chapter 19: I need you

written by Michelle

added on: 29 Jan 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Sunday morning at Jordan's. He is getting dressed and Angela is still sleeping on his bed. He quietly walks over to the bed and kneels down next to her on the floor.

Jordan: Angela, wake up (kisses her on the cheek)

Angela: What time is it?

Jordan: It's 11, and I have to be at work in 30 minutes. I want to drive you home before I leave. We don't have much to eat, but I found some pop tarts if your hungry.

Angela: No, I'm ok. Thanks again, for letting me stay here.

Jordan: No problem, next time I hope it is for different reasons though.

Angela: I think under normal circumstances my parents wouldn't let me stay here, but I will find a way, I loved having you hold me all night (walks over to Jordan and puts her arms around his waist and through his belt loops)

Jordan: Me too (kisses her gently on the lips)

Angela: And thanks for like not expecting anything from me

Jordan: What do you mean?

Angela: Well I was all upset and you could have like expected to like make out all night, and you didnt, and that means a lot.

Jordan: Well I knew you had a lot you were like thinking about, and I didn't think you would be in the mood.

Angela: Yeah, I'm just so mad, I feel like my parents betrayed me and lied to me. I mean all this time I thought they were like happy and would be together forever and now I am going to go home and my dad won't be there.

Jordan: I can't say that I understand, but in some way I do. I mean, I didn't even know my mom, so it's not like I am used to her being there or anything, but it's like there is always this empty space where she should be.

Angela: I can't believe that you are like talking to me like this. I didn't think you talked about stuff like this to anyone.

Jordan: I don't, but I trust you.

AngelaVO: I wasn't sure about it until now, but I trust Jordan again. Not because he said that, but because he held me all night long and I know now that he won't hurt me again, at least not in the way he did before.

Angela wraps her arms around Jordan's neck and passionately kisses him. He wraps his arms around her and lifts her up a little. He starts walking with her towards the bed and the fall back, with Angela on top of him. She lifts his shirt and kisses his chest down to his stomach. Just as she is about to unzip his pants (something new she hasn't ever done to him before) Jordan pulls her away.

Jordan: I know what you were about to do, and believe me, you have no idea how much I want you to do that to me, but we should really get going. I can't miss work otherwise I will be fired.

Angela: Ok, maybe next time (gives him a sexy smile)

Jordan: Don't tempt me, we really have to go.

Angela: Ok (gets up), lets go

Jordan drives Angela back to her house, and they sit in his car for a few minutes before she goes inside.

Jordan: So Residue is practicing tonight at like 8 if you want to come.

Angela: I don't know, I should probably stay home or something, plus I am sure my mom is mad at me.

Jordan: Ok, then I will see you at school. do you want me to pick you up tomorrow?

Angela: Sure(kisses him), thanks, for like everything.

Jordan: Bye

Angela gets out of the car and sees Brian standing in front of his house staring at her. The two meet in the middle of the street.

Brian: Sorry, for like staring, I wasn't spying of anything.

Angela: It's ok, what is it Brian?

Brian: Um, nothing, well, I saw your dad leave like last night really late. Is everything ok?

Angela: Brian, I really don't want to talk about it. I was up like half the night and just got home.

Brian: Where were you?

Angela: It's a long story, but I was at Jordan's.

Brian: Ok, well if you like need to talk or something, you can come over later.

Angela: Ok, thanks, I better go inside. Bye

Angela goes in the house and sees Danielle watching tv and her mom sitting at the dining room table paying bills.

Patty: Morning Angela, can you come in here, I would like to talk to you.

AngelaVO: Oh great, here it comes. (out loud) Sure, but can I say something before you start.

Patty: Go ahead (with a stern look on her face)

Angela: I'm sorry I ran out last night, I was just like so upset and confused. I mean you have no idea how that felt to hear all those things you were saying, it was like something out of a movie.

Patty: Are you finished?

Angela: Yeah, I guess.

Patty: First of all, you dont know how hard it was for daddy and I to tell you that last night. It was probably just as hard for us to tell you as it was for you to hear it. Second of all it was not my idea to let you stay at Jordan's, it was your father's, he thought you needed time away from home to think, and I went along with it. That is the last time you will stay there, it won't happen again. I mean who knows what happened.

Angela: Mom, come on, I did not go over to Jordan's to have sex with him, I went there because I needed someone to talk to and just hold me, and Jordan did that.

Patty: Fine, but it won't happen again.

Angela: Ok, god, you dont have to like make this whole big thing out of it. So, are you like ok?

Patty: I am fine, thank you for asking.

Angela: Well I am going to go up to my room.

Patty: Ok, are you having dinner here?

Angela: Yeah, Jordan invited me to go watch Residue practice, but I think I will stay home.

Patty: Well whatever, oh and Sharon called looking for you this morning.

Angela (walks up the stairs)VO: I can't believe my mother doesn't care if I go out, like on a Sunday night.

Angela calls Sharon who is dying to know where she was.
(phone conversation)

Angela: Yeah, so then I ran out of the house and I knew you were with Kyle, and Rayanne was going out on a date after the play, so I went to Jordan's.

Sharon: What was it like there?

Angela: I don't really know, I was so upset I really didnt even pay attention. I couldnt even tell you what color the paint was on his bedroom walls.

Sharon: Was it wierd like staying there.

Angela: No, it was nice, like just sleeping there with him in his bed. Unfortunately my mother says that it can't ever happen again.

Sharon: Well you could always lie and say that you are sleeping at Rayanne's or something. I would say that you could lie and say you are sleeping here, but your mom would probably like call here or something. It would be so much easier if your mom knew you guys were like getting serious, I mean my mom knows that Kyle and I are serious, she like actually lets me sleep at his house.

Angela: Yeah, your lucky, but I could never tell my mom that, it would be too wierd.

Sharon: Well you know you could have come here, I would have kicked Kyle out.

Angela: Yeah, but it worked out well. At first I was like scared for him to see me like that, but he was really comforting. He just held me all night.

Sharon: Oh, that is so sweet, you guys are too cute. Then there is me and Kyle. We are together for like less than a week and what did we do last night, have sex. At least he took me out to dinner before.

Angela: Yeah, he seems to be trying.

Sharon: So, are you like ok, I mean, I am worried about you, do you want me to come over to talk?

Angela: No, I am ok, but thanks. I mean, my mom just seems so sad, I don't think this is really what she wanted, I think it was mostly my dad.

Sharon: Well I dont think my mom knows, cause she would have mentioned it to me. Don't worry, I am sure that your dad will be back before you could even tell he was gone, I have seen your parents together, your dad like worships your mom.

Angela: Yeah, I hope. I am just so mad at him, how could he just leave like this.

Sharon: I know, it is wierd knowing your dad is like sleeping someplace else.

Angela: Well I should probably go or something. I will talk to you tomorrow at school. Thanks for listening.

Sharon: Anytime, call me if you need to talk or anything. And don't worry Chase, things will work out. Bye

Angela: Bye

AngelaVo: I am glad that Sharon and I are friends again, I mean, I can like talk to her about stuff like this and she understands.

Angela goes downstairs to where her mother is starting to cook dinner.

Angela: Do you need any help?

Patty: REally, you want to help? WEll, ok, why dont you set the table.

Angela: Ok (to herself):its like I dont even know how to act now, like I have to be careful about what I say and stuff, cause if I say something about dad it could like break mom's heart or make her cry or something.

Patty: Dad wants you and Danielle to go to the restaurant Wednesday for dinner, they are having the first booth brought in and wants you to be the first ones to eat there.

Angela: Aren't you coming?

Patty: I don't know, I might have dinner with Camielle or something.

DAnielle: Mom, you have to come, you have to be there.

Patty: We'll see.

The three of them eat dinner mostly in silence.

AngelaVO: It is just too wierd, like there is this empty space now where he should be. How can he do this too us.

Angela: Um, mom, do you mind if I go over to Rayanne's for a little while, I forgot that um, her mom was baking a cake to celebrate Rayanne's play.

Patty: Sure, just be home in time for bed.

Angela: I will (kisses her on the cheek), thanks for dinner.

Angela walks out of the house and over to Brian's, knocks on the door, and Brian answers.

Brian: Oh, Angela, hi.

Angela: Is this a bad time?

Brian: Um, no, but uh, Delia is here, we are kind of like eating dinner, I cooked.

AngelaVo: Oh god, how pathetic can I be, thinking that Brian still like doesnt have any life. (out loud) Oh, sorry, can I just use your phone then.

Brian: Uh, sure, I guess.

Angela walks into the kitchen to where Delia is sitting.

Delia: Oh, hi Angela, I didnt know you were coming.

Angela: I'm not, I uh, just needed to make a call, and didn't uh, want my mom to hear.

Delia: Oh, ok

Angela holds the receiver up to her ear and starts dialing numbers. It rings for a few minutes, and there is no answer. She hangs up and dials another number. Finally someone picks up.

Guy1: Hello?

Angela: Um, is Jordan Catalano there?

Guy: Uh, yeah, hold on. (yells in background) Jordan there is some girl on the phone for you.

Jordan: Hello?

Angela: Jordan, hi, im sorry to bother you, but could you come pick me up, unless your in the middle of practice or something, if you are it's ok (voice shaking)

Jordan: Angela, whats wrong, did something happen?

Angela: No, I am just upset, its ok, you dont have to come.

Jordan: No, we can take a break, I will be there in 10 minutes.

Angela: Um, ok, well I will wait outside of Brian's.

Jordan: Ok, bye

20 minutes later Jordan finally pulls up, and Angela jumps in as Jordan pulls away.

Jordan: Sorry I am late, we decided to practice one more song and then call it quits for the night. So what is wrong?

Angela: It's just, we were like sitting there eating dinner, and there was this empty place, like where my dad should be. I am just so mad, its like I dont know what to do anymore.

Jordan: Come here (pulls her over to him while he is driving and puts his right arm around her and kisses the top of her head)

They drive for a few minutes until the pull into an empty parking lot facing a lake.

Jordan: Look, I wanted to bring this up like when you weren't upset, but I don't think I can wait any longer...

AngelaVo: Oh god, he is breaking up with me, telling me that he thinks I am ugly and never wants to see me again.

Jordan: Do you like, want to go to that Prom dance thing?

Angela: Oh, god, I thought you were like going to break up with me.

Jordan: No, of course not, so do you wanna go, with me? I mean, I can't really dance, but I thought you might want to go, since we really didnt dance or even go together to that other dance thing.

Angela: I would love to (gives him big hug and kiss). I can't believe you want to go.

Jordan: Well I only want to go, because I thought it would cheer you up.

Angela: It did, wow, that is in like 2 weeks, I have to go buy a dress.

Jordan: Oh yeah, sorry it is so last minute.

Angela: No, thats ok. Wow, this is so wierd.

Jordan: What?

Angela: Like us, going to a dance, I mean, we really don't go out anywhere.

Jordan: Yeah, I guess.

Angela: I dont care about that, as long as I am with you.

Angela leans in to kiss Jordan, and as she is doing that he moves over so he is not directly behind the wheel. Angela continues to kiss him and sits on his lap facing him. He puts his hands under the back of her shirt and traces the skin just below her waist with his fingers. Jordan pulls away from her and stares at her for a minute.

Angela: What is it?

Jordan: I want you so much right now, but I dont want our first time to be in the car, I want you to be comfortable.

Angela: Yeah, me either

THey continue to make out. Jordan climbs into the back seat and pulls Angela back there and lays on top of her. He kisses her neck down to her shoulder. They continue like this for a while.

Cut to Graham and Neil eating pizza at Neil's

Neil: Come on man, you've been moping around here all day, I know you want to go back home.

Graham: I do, but I shouldn't like be attracted to other women while I am married, especially Hallie Lowenthal, who I am going to be working with for a long time!

Neil: Man, its ok to be attracted to other women

Graham: Yeah, but what about almost kissing another woman, that is totally off limits.

Neil: Do you mean what I think you mean?

Graham: Yeah

Neil: Does Patty know?

Graham: No, of course not. I just need to figure things out. Soon, hopefully.

Cut back to Angela and Jordan still making out in the backseat of his car. All of the sudden Jordan rolls over and falls down to the floor of the car.

Jordan: Now this is why we can't do it in here.

Angela(laughing): Yeah, come here, did you get hurt?

Jordan(laughs): No, but I could use a kiss right here (points to his eyebrow)

Angela kisses his eyebrow and then down to his lips.

Angela: I better get home

Jordan: Yeah, thats a good idea.

Jordan drives Angela home and kisses her goodbye.

Angela: thank you, for like asking me to prom, you made me feel so much better.

jordan: I'm glad, I will see you in the morning.

Angela: ok, i love you

jordan: bye

Fade out to Jordan watching Angela walk away, a smile covering his face....

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