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Chapter 10: A new beginning pt. 2

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Chapter 10: A new beginning pt. 2

written by Erin

added on: 21 Jan 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to 5th period, Rayanne and Rickie are sitting outside talking.

Rickie: So where is Angela?

Rayanne: Where else would she be but with Catalano?

Rickie: That is so great that they are back together. Did she like forgive him, for you know, you and the letter thing?

Rayanne: Well I dont know all of the details, cause since, you know, she doesnt really like to talk to me about him. Which is cool, at least we are friends again.

Rickie: Things are finally looking better.

Cut to Jordan and Angela in the boiler room. She is sitting on a ledge and Jordan is standing in between her legs kissing her with his hands holding her face. Angela is running her fingers through his hair.

AngelaVO: It is so wierd how things in your life can change so fast. Last week, I wasn't even talking to Jordan, and now, we are here, and he is kissing me, and holding me like this.

Jordan: I love having you here like this. I wish we could stay down here forever.

Angela(laughing): THat would be hard, since this is a basement, and it would be cold sleeping on the floor.

Jordan: (leaning in to kiss her) I would keep you warm.

Angela and Jordan continue kissing, with more urgency this time. Jordan places his hands on Angela's waist and moves them back to her butt. He pulls her in closer to him so their bodies are pressed together. Then he moves his hands underneath her shirt and gently touches her skin.

Angela: Your hands are cold!

Jordan: Well, I better keep them close to you to warm them up.

Angela takes Jordan's hands and holds them in hers and kisses them. He then leans in and kisses her with more urgency than ever before.
Fade out to black.

Fade in to Chase house. Saturday afternoon. Rayanne and Rickie are over and sitting on Angela's bed. They are all talking and listening to music in the background.

Angela: I mean what is the point of Geometry anyways. Like I am ever going to use it again.

Rayanne: I know, the same with Mr. Katimski and his whole Shakespeare thing. I mean, how is that going to help me with my future.

Rickie: I love Shakespeare, there is so much depth to his writing.

Rayanne: Well, I have yet to take a stupid class that makes me figure out like what i want my future to be.

Angela: I dont even know what I am doing next week let alone the rest of my life.

(from downstairs)

Patty: Angela, Jordan is here....

Angela: Oh, ok, I'll be down in a minute.

Rickie: Did you know he was coming over?

Angela: No, I had no idea.

Rickie: Oh, its so romantic, he is surprising you!

Rayanne: Yeah, well we will leave, so you guys can hang or whatever.

Angela: Ok, Ill talk to you later, dont forget about next weekend, Rickie you can stay over too if you want.

Rickie: Ok, maybe.

(Angela kisses them both on the cheek and they walk downstairs)

Angela: Bye!

Rayanne: Bye, later Catalano

Jordan(walks over to Angela): I thought maybe if you wanted we could go out or something.

Angela: Um, ok, let me just go get ready.

Jordan: You look fine too me (smiling).

Angela: Jordan, I have like sweatpants on and a tshirt. I am going to go change. I'll be down in 5 mins.

Jordan: ok

Angela runs upstairs and changes into jeans, a tshirt, and a flannel shirt then runs back downstairs.

Angela: Bye mom, I'll be home later.

Patty(walks in from kitchen): Ok, bye Jordan, uh be home by 1.

Angela: 2!

Patty: 1:30!

Angela: ok, bye

She and Jordan walk out the door holding hands. WHen they get to the car he opens the door for her and then gets in.

Jordan: Now that we are alone I can finally do this...(leans in and kisses her)

Angela: Mmmm, i was waiting for that.

Jordan: So where do you want to go?

Angela: umm, I dont know do you want to go to a movie?

Jordan: I dont really want to sit in a movie theater, then i cant see you, cause it will be dark or something.

Angela: ok, then where do you want to go?

Jordan: umm, how about we go pick up food and hang at the loft?

Angela: ok

They drive to pick up a pizza, and then go to the loft.
When they walk in all the lights are off and it is freezing.

Angela: Is it always this cold in here?

Jordan: Yeah, infortunately, but I can get you a blanket.

Angela: Ok, but I would rather have you keep me warm (smiling)

They eat the pizza and then sit on the couch and cuddle together. After a few minutes of just sitting Angela turns around and begins to kiss Jordan on the lips gently. He reciprocates her kisses and starts kissing with more urgency. She turns around all the way and lays on top of him as he starts to lay down. He pulls the blanket over her which has fallen to the ground. He takes her hands and places them under his shirt and he puts his hands under her shirt and they start feeling each other's skin. After a few minutes he takes his shirt off and Angela starts to kiss up and down his chest.

Jordan: CAn I take your shirt off?

Angela: um, ok, i guess, but i want to leave my bra on


Jordan takes off her shirts and kisses her collar bone, shoulders and down to her stomach.

Angela: Your lips feel so warm

Jordan: Your skin tastes so good

They continue like this for about an hour until they decide to come up for air.

Jordan(smiling at Angela): So are you warmer now?

Angela: yeah, much warmer

They fall asleep on each other for a while before they wake up and he drives her home.

Jordan: Ill see you at school on Monday

Angela: Ok, bye

Jordan: Bye, I love you (kisses her)

Angela:Love you too, bye

Fade out to Jordan smiling as he watches Angela walking into the house

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