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Chapter 12: Jordan's life

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Chapter 12: Jordan's life

written by Emma

added on: 22 Jan 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela and Jordan are sitting in his car in front of her house, with Rickie and Rayanne in the back.

Rayanne(to Jordan): Thanks for like, taking us to get our stuff and bringing us here.

Jordan(rolling his eyes): No problem

Rickie: Well, Angela we will meet you inside

Angela: Ok

Rickie: Bye, thanks

Jordan: bye

Rayanne and Rickie get out and walk into Angela's house.

Jordan: So I will come over tomorrow night sometime

Angela: Ok, I will see you then. What are you doing tonight?

Jordan: I think REsidue is practicing, so I will be at the loft all night, you know, if you guys go out and want to stop by or something.

Angela: Ok, maybe (kisses him on the lips), thanks again for driving us

Jordan: I only did it for you

Angela: ok, bye

Jordan: bye (watches her walk away and then drives away)

Later on in the Chase house...

Patty: Ok, Angela, so you have the number where we will be at, and we will be home on sunday night by 8. If you go out with Jordan make sure that Danielle has a friend's house she can go to...

Angela: Ok mom, I got it, you already went over this twice.

Patty: Well, I just want to make sure you guys are taken care of.

Angela: We will be fine!

Patty: Ok, well we will see you sunday (kisses her on the cheek)

Angela: Have fun, bye!

Patty and Graham walk out the door and Angela, Rickie, Rayanne, and Danielle run upstairs to Angela's room.

Angela: So what do you guys want to do tonight?

Rickie: Let's rent a movie

Rayanne: Let's go find a party

Angela: Rayanne, you promised no drinking while you are here, beside I am not taking my little sister to a party!

Rayanne: Ok, well why dont I call Tino and see what he is doing...

Angela: Um, actually Jordan told me that Residue is practicing tonight at the loft, and he told me that we could stop by.

Danielle: Cool, can we do that VO:Wait till I tell my friends that I hung out with my sister and her friends at her hot boyfriends' band practice!

Rayanne: That would be cool, but what are we going to do until then, its like 4?

Rickie: Let's order pizza and then watch an old movie.

Angela: Ok, sounds good

An hour later they are all sitting around the family room eating pizza and watching The Wizard of Oz.

Rickie: I love this movie, it is so classic

Rayanne: Why are there so many little people?

Angela: That is the land of oz, havent you seen this before?

Rayanne: Oh, yeah, like when I was 5 or something.

DanielleVO: This is so cool hanging out with my older sister, i finally have a life!

After the movie is over they clean up and get ready to leave to go to the loft.

Angela: So who can we call that will drive us there?

Rickie: I can call Mr. Katimski and see if he would, and then Jordan can drive us back after.

Angela: Ok

A half hour later Mr. Katimski picks them up and drops them off.

Katimski: Rickie are you staying at Angela's tonight?

Rickie: Yeah, but I will be back home, uh, tomorrow sometime.

Katimski: Ok, well, you kids have fun

All in unison: Bye, thanks

They walk into the loft where everyone is just standing around drinking and talking. Angela doesnt spot Jordan right away and wonders if he is here yet.

Angela: I dont see Jordan, do you

Rickie: No...uh

Camera spans the room to where Jordan is leaning against the post with his eyes closed. A girl with blonde hair and a short skirt walks up to him and puts her hand on his arm. Jordan opens his eyes to see who it is, you can see the two talking but cant hear what they are saying. Camera cuts over to Angel's face, her chin is trembling and she is about to cry.

Danielle: Who is that girl with Jordan??

Angela doesnt answer and runs out the door, and just as she is the camera cuts to Jordan who is pushing the girl away and sees Rayanne, Rickie and Danielle standing there, and the back of Angela running out the door.

Jordan: Angela, wait! (he runs towards them)

Rayanne: Good job Catalano!

Jordan: Shut up, I didnt do anything!

He runs out the door after Angela shouting her name. He finally catches up with her in the street as she is walking home.

Jordan: Angela, will you wait and let me talk to you!

Angela: No, leave me alone, I cant believe that you would do this to me, again!

Jordan(cutting her off by standing in front of her and holding her from walking away): You dont even know what happened! Your always thinking that I will screw up again, and I can't promise that I won't, but I can promise you that it's not what your thinking!

Angela: Who was she?

Jordan: Just some girl. She has been dating Shane, and they broke up, and she showed up tonight, and she started coming onto me to try to make him jealous. I told her that I had a girlfriend, and then she tried to kiss me and I pushed her away, just as you were walking out the door...

Angela(looking embarassed, but still hurt): I'm sorry, I guess I just feel like things are going so well now, I am afraid that something will happen to screw things up again.

Jordan: You mean I will screw up again

Angela: No, well, I dont know, I mean, I guess its just because it is like still in my mind, and it will take a while to stop thinking of it every time I see you talking to a girl.

Jordan: Look, you dont have anything to worry about, I dont want to be with anyone else but you, I love you Angela.

Angela: I love you too.

He hugs her and she nuzzles her head in his chest as he kisses the top of her head.

Jordan: So I saw that you brought your sister, you do know that there is alcohol here right?

Angela: yeah, I will look out for her

Jordan: ok, well, do you want to go back inside

Angela: sure

They walk back inside with his arm around her. He leaves her with her friends and he gets his guitar and the band starts playing "Sedated".

RAyanne: Wow, they are getting better.

Angela: Yeah (she is staring at Jordan who is behind the mike singing with his eyes closed, every so often he looks up at her)

Rickie: so, is everything ok?

Angela: yeah, it was just a misunderstanding

Rickie: Yeah, when I saw him push that girl away I knew that he really cared about you, and not just because he saw you, because he didnt until after he pushed her.

Angela just stands there with a smile on her face watching Jordan.

DanielleVO: This is the best night I have ever had, there are so many cute guys here!

They sing a couple more songs that they have been working on. They take a break and Jordan comes over to see Angela.

Rayanne: I'm going to go talk to the drummer, I'll be back

Angela: Ok (Jordan walks up to her) Hi, you sounded really great

Jordan: Yeah, we need a lot of practice though

Angela: So, we will probably only stay a little while longer, can you give us a ride back to my house, unless you are going to be here longer?

Jordan: No, we are only going to practice the songs once more, and then leave, so sure.

Angela: Thanks

Jordan looks to see Danielle staring at them.

Jordan: So, Danielle, are you having fun?

DanielleVO: Only the best night of my life. (out loud) yeah, so do you like have a younger brother?

Jordan: Um, no, why?

Danielle: Just wondering (looking at him dreamily, then walks away to where Rickie is sitting)

Jordan: I think your sister has a crush on me.

Angela: Yeah, well, she can't have you (laughing)

Jordan: Of course not, cause I'm yours (kisses her on the lips), well I'm to get back up there so that I can get you guys home.

Angela: ok (walks over to where Rickie and Danielle are sitting, just as Rayanne comes over to them)

Rayanne: Guess what?

Angela: What?

RAyanne: I have like a date tomorrow!!

Angela: With the drummer?

Rayanne: Yeah, Angelika, it is my first date!

Angela(hugs her): I am so happy for you!

Rayanne: Me too

Residue starts playing the same songs again, and then when they are done Jordan walks back over to the group and leads them to his car and they drive to the Chase house.

Rayanne: Angela can I have the keys, I will take Danielle in to get ready for bed.

Angela: Are you sure?

Rayanne: Yeah, you can stay out here for a little while.

Angela: Oh, thanks mom (laughing), I will be inside in a few minutes.

Rayanne, Rickie, and DAnielle go into the house leaving Jordan and Angela in the car.

Angela: You really sounded good tonight.

Jordan: Yeah, but we need a lot more practice if we are ever going to start getting any gigs.

Angela: The group sounded good, but I mean, you were really great, you have such an amazing voice.

Jordan: Well so do you, I mean, I love hearing your voice, I like, cant get it out of my head sometimes.

AngelaVO: Wow, did he just admit to me that he thinks of me almost as much as I think of him.
Angela: So, ok I dont like to ask you a lot of questions, but how come you never talk about your family?

Jordan: I dont know, I guess cause it's hard to talk about it. No one really knows about my family.

Angela: If your not comfortable you dont have to talk.

Jordan: No, I mean, I can't keep you hidden from that part of my life forever. (pauses for a couple of minutes) My mom died when I was just a baby, I don't really even know why or how, cause my dad didnt ever talk about it. At about the age of 6 my dad started hitting me. He came home drunk one night and I was bothering him I guess. Thats when I started to learn that I really didnt have anyone in the world that really cared about me. I mean, my dad is a half way decent guy, but he just had a hard time raising me by himself. He continued to hit me until about 3 years ago I finally fought back. Now we barely even speak, we are just sort of there. I guess that is why I have such a hard time talking about things. I can't even believe I am telling you this.

Angela: I had no idea, I mean, all I knew about your family I had heard from rumors and stuff, but I always thought that there was more to it than I heard.

Jordan: Yeah

Angela moves in closer to him and takes his hand and holds it in hers.

Angela: No matter what happens, I will always be here for you, whenever you need to talk. I love you...

Jordan: I love you too, I havent ever told anyone what I just told you. I really trust you, its like you dont expect me to be a certain way, and you believe that I can be more than I am.

Jordan leans in and kisses her gently on the lips, and then lays his head on her should as she wraps his arms around him. They sit there like this for a few minutes, before he picks his head up and looks into her eyes.

Jordan: Angela, I care about you so much, more than I have ever cared about anything. I want to be everything to you.

Angela: I do too

They kiss for a few minutes, amd then Angela holds him in her arms again before she does inside.

Angela: I'll see you tomorrow (kisses him goodbye with a long passionate kiss), I love you, dont ever forget that

Jordan: I love you too

Angela walks into the house and closes the door and smiles.

Rayanne: What are you smiling about?

Angela: Nothing, I am just happy. So where is Danielle?

Rickie: We are in here, having ice cream

Angela: OOOH, make me and Rayanne one too.

Fade out to them sitting on the kitchen counters eating ice cream and laughing....

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