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Episode 4 - Father Figures 


Transcribed by:  Doe B. Kim <>

(last revision 3/29/95)

Angela = Angela Chase
AngelaVO= Angela Chase voiceover
Rayanne = Rayanne Graff
Rickie = Rickie Vasquez
Patty = Patty Chase
Graham = Graham Chase
Danielle= Danielle Chase
Brian = Brian Krakow
Jordan = Jordan Catalano
Chuck = Chuck Wood, Patty's father
Bernice = Bernice Krakow
M'ville = Ms. Mandeville, IRS agent
K'nowski= Ms. Cathy Krzyzanowski, guidance counselor
Student1= Girl in English class
Student2= Guy in English class
Student3= Another guy in English class
Student4= Another girl in English class
Melba = Melba, the waitress

[Chase house flashback -- Angela is 6-7(?)]
Angela : Daddy's home!
[enter Graham]
Graham : Hey! Hi, honey!
Angela : [jumps into his arms] Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!

[Chase house present (whenever that is)]
Graham : Hello? Anybody here? Anybody? I'm home!
[Angela and Rayanne peek at Graham from the kitchen]
Rayanne : You never said he had stubble.
Angela : He doesn't, usually.
Rickie : So, I'm going. I'm catching the 3rd Street bus. You coming?
Rayanne : Um, no, Amber said she'd pick me up later. Is that okay?
Angela : Sure.
Rickie : Okay. [gives Angela and Rayanne goodbye kisses]
Rayanne : Bye.

[in the foyer]
Rickie : Hi.
Graham : Hi.
[back in the kitchen]
Rayanne : Oh, look, Rickie and your dad are bonding.
Angela : Come on.
[back to foyer]
Rickie : Uh, well, bye.
Graham : Bye. [gets quizzical look]
Rayanne : They're exchanging fashion tips.
Angela : Rayanne! [throws something at her]
Rayanne : Hey! [laughs]
Angela : [laughs]
[enter Graham]
Graham : So, is, uh, this the famous Rayanne?
Rayanne : This is the famous Angela's Dad.
[Graham gives Angela a peck on the cheek]
Angela : Dad, your whiskers scratch.
Graham : Oh, sorry.

[Graham now showing Rayanne how to make fritters]
Rayanne : I did it!
Graham : Good. All right. Okay, you're in the zone now. So, the next
batch will be great. You feel like something else, honey, you
want me to make you something else?
Angela : I'll have fritters.
Graham : I can make you something else.
Rayanne : I am so hungry. Do you ever get, like, hypnotized by food?
Graham : Oh, are you kidding me? Hypnotized By Food could be my Indian
name. Honey, do you wanna flip one?
Angela : Rayanne can do it.
Graham : I gotta call my brother.
Rayanne : I can't believe I am cooking something, like, not in a pouch.
[flips a fritter -- it drops to the floor] <gasp!> [she picks it
up] I'll still eat it.
Graham : [on phone] Uh, that's a weird sounding beep, Neil. Hey listen,
you know that guy, uh, Earl, that I did the rush for? He laid two
tickets on me to the Dead concert Thursday night.
Rayanne : [with stunned expression] Oh my God.
Graham : Save the date, call me back. Okay, bye.
Rayanne : You're into the Dead? This explains so much.
Graham : Oh, yeah?
Rayanne : Oh, the, like, undercurrent of connections between Angela and me.
You see, my mom's going to the Dead show Thursday night. She's a
former Wharf Rat. The, the Grateful Dead is this thing that we
totally share. Before she had me, she lived in a bus for, like,
months with a girl named Pop Tart.
Graham : Well, Angela's not really not into the Dead, am I right?
Angela : [shakes her head, "He's right" look]
Rayanne : Oh, you will be. After you hear our bootleg stuff. My mom got
this tape from this guy, maybe you know him, Mike in Boulder, CO?
Graham : No.
Rayanne : Palo Alto, '71. They closed with "Cosmic Charlie".
Graham : Right, I was there.
Rayanne : Get outta here! [flips fritter at Graham -- Graham with the glove

[enter Patty]
Patty : Nice save. Sweetheart, may I speak to you for a moment?
Graham : Sure.
AngelaVO: When you're not sure you trust a person anymore, say a person you
really trusted, say your father, you start wishing they'd do
something, like, really wrong, just so you could be right about
[in the foyer]
Patty : Okay, bear with me, I'm upset.
Graham : Oh look, I know how you feel about her, but she's actually not a
bad kid.
Patty : Who, that Rayanne person? Oh please, she's the least of my problems.
Graham : Good, 'cause Angela wants her to stay to dinner.
Patty : Fine, I don't care. Whatever. <sigh> Listen, we got a really
upsetting letter today.
Graham : Oh, man. The IRS. It, it it's not the `A' word-
Patty : I cannot believe we're being audited. That Wood & Jones Printing
Graham : "Your federal income tax return has been selected for examination."
Oh, this is really scary. They must get Stephen King to write
Patty : I called Dad. He's gonna come over in a little while so we can
figure out what we want-
Graham : You told your dad about this, before you told me?
Patty : Honey, look at the date, '92. That's the year he got sick, the
year I took over. Oh, he was not pleased.
Graham : Yeah, he's been caught red-handed.
Patty : Graham, he was flat on his back in a hospital, the spring of '92.
If anyone is to blame, it's me. I'm the one who prepared the
Graham : Because he was too cheap to hire an accountant.
Patty : Arrrghh!
Graham : Promise me, we will handle this in our own way.
[enter Angela]
Angela : Handle what?
Patty : Nothing. Well, we're being audited. Well, not us, not us exactly,
Wood & Jones Printing.
Graham : Which, of course, is us.
Angela : Why, did you lie about something?
Graham : Why are you looking at me?
Patty : Nobody lied. This can happen to anyone. They pick people at
Graham : But, I'll lay even money that Grampa lied.
Angela : So, can Rayanne still stay for dinner?
Graham : Yes, yes.
Angela : Just checking. [she leaves]
Graham : Did you see that? You hear that? "Just checking." You notice
that tone that she takes with me now?
Patty : I didn't notice anything.
Graham : Something's not right between her and me. Uh, she acts so...all
distant with this sort of...silent contempt.
Patty : Graham, she adores you. And I've got dibs on her silent contempt,

[later that evening -- in the living room]
Danielle: [giggles]
Graham : Oh man, this is the hardest homework I've ever seen. Look at
this. Huh.
Danielle: I like when you don't shave, Daddy.
Graham : You do?
Danielle: I like how it feels.
Graham : [rubs his stubble on Danielle's face]
Danielle: [laughs]
Angela : I can't concentrate in here. [storms up the steps]
Patty : Ah, finally, I found a copy of the return.

[knock on door]
[enter Chuck]
Chuck : Got a rain gutter out there about to fall off.
[Patty tries to give him a kiss -- he doesn't notice]
Graham : This just in.
Chuck : Hit someone on the head, and the first thing you know, you'll have
a lawsuit on your hands.
Patty : Yeah, we know, Dad.
Danielle: Hi, Grampa! [she jumps into his arms]
Chuck : Hello, Cookie. Oh! Okay, that's enough. Place's lit up like a
Christmas tree, you know that? Got every light in the house
blazin'. [turns off one light -- Patty instinctively turns one
off as well, Graham flips it right back on] Tryin' to support the
electric company single-handed?
Patty : Dad, would you like anything, some fruit or-
Chuck : Well, what have you got there?
Patty : Well, this is a copy of the '92 return.
Chuck : Ran my own business for thirty years. Never got audited.
Patty : Dad, you know, they pick people at random.
Chuck : Yeah? Never picked me at random.
Patty : Well, anyway, they do.
Chuck : [mumbles] Send a girl to do a man's job...
Graham : What's that, Chuck?
Patty : What did you say, Dad?
Chuck : Never mind. It's not worth repeatin'.
Patty : Well, um, so they do say that when a small business like us takes
a noticeably large deduction that's hard to justify-
Chuck : Who would do that?
Graham : [chuckles]
Patty : Well, Dad, look, here, the car. See, you took off 87%.
Chuck : It was a business car.
Patty : I know. But, that's the kind of deduction that you have to back
up, with a log or-
[enter Angela down the steps]
Chuck : Hey, there's my girl.
Patty : Daddy?
Chuck : Hi ya, honey bunch!
Angela : Hi Grampa.
Chuck : How are you?
[Angela gives him a big hug until the fade to black]
Chuck : Oh, this is good.
Angela : [giggles]
Chuck : You don't jump on me, like your sister, do you?
Angela : [giggles]
Chuck : Got big.
Angela : [giggles]
[Patty and Graham are looking on -- Patty jealous of Angela, Graham of Chuck]

[at the school -- in the hall]
K'nowski: You're a good kid, okay, just give me the Walkman, please?
Jordan : I don't have a Walkman.
K'nowski: You do. All right, I, I'll give it back to you, after school,
just give me the Walkman.
[enter Angela, Rayanne, Rickie]
Rayanne : Catalano, give her the stupid Walkman! God, people are so rude.
Rickie : [laughs]
Rayanne : So, not to shock you, but your dad's attractive.
Angela : Oh, I'm sure.
Rayanne : Not that I'd attack him or anything, but I wouldn't leave me
alone with him either.
Rickie : Oh, so when I was leaving, he was there, and I was, like, "Well, hi",
and he was, like, "Well, hi", and I was, like, "Well, bye" and he
was, like, "Well, bye."
Rayanne : It's not just physical. He's nice. You just have a really nice
dad. He's really...nice.
AngelaVO: When someone compliments your parents, there's, like, nothing to
say. It's like a stun gun to your brain.
Rickie : Plus, his stubble is the perfect length.
Angela : He doesn't have stubble! He ran out of disposable razors that
morning. He was all disturbed about it.
Rayanne : Aww, In-Touch-With-His-Emotions Dad.
Angela : Shut up!
Rickie : [laughs]
Rayanne : Ignore Angela, she can't help herself. She's a product of a
two-parent household.
[Rickie and Rayanne enter girls' bathroom, Angela to class]

[back at Chase house]
Danielle: [on phone] I know, my Mom's been on the phone, like, forever.
We're getting audited.
Graham : I talked to Neil, he said, you know, we're crazy to do this without
an accountant.
Patty : You're right, you're right. We shouldn't go into a thing like
this unprepared, but I know him, Graham. He'll never agree to-
Graham : Honey, I don't know what kind of trouble your dad's gotten us
into, but if they found something, we gotta pay up, you know?
[pause] Where's Angela?
Patty : Locked in her room with that Rayanne person, why?
Graham : I was just wondering. She hasn't said two words to me all week.
Patty : Join the club. Oh, I almost forgot, we have a time...[throws paper
at Graham] Are you listening? To meet with the IRS lady, this
Thursday, 4 o'clock.
Graham : Oh, well, that'll be easy to remember. It's the same day as the
Patty : What?
Graham : Oh, I never mentioned that Earl gave me two free tickets to the
Dead concert.
Patty : You're kidding.
Graham : Oh, honey, come on. It's the Dead!
Patty : Graham.
Graham : Honey!
Patty : [climbs over table to get through to Graham] Please, please tell
me that you are not going to top off our audit with a rock concert.
Please, Graham.
Graham : So, you don't want me to go?
[Amber honketh]
Graham : It's, um-
Patty : Timber!
Graham : Vallone! I'll get Rayanne.

[Angela's room]
[Graham knocks]
Graham : Hi, honey bunch. [remember Chuck calling her that?] Rayanne, your
mom's here.
Rayanne : I just gotta find my sock 'cause it's Rickie's.
Graham : So, which day is your mom gonna see the Dead?
Rayanne : Thursday. Her and her honey. She'd never let him hit Pittsburgh
and not make it. Ah, yes!
Graham : So, would you two like to go with them? To see the Dead?
Rayanne : [just about has a heart attack] Oh my God, Angela! But wait,
you really want to go.
Graham : Nah, I got work to do, and anyway, I'm, uh, too old for that
stuff. So, what do you think? Would you like that?
Angela : Sure.
Rayanne : Thank you! [gives Graham a hug] I mean, thank you. Night, Ang!
Graham : Good night.
[Angela sees that Graham isn't leaving, so she spins around on her bed and
turns her back on him]
Graham : [sits down next to Angela] I know you're not, uh, wild about the
Dead like Rayanne is, but I just-
Angela : No, it's fine. So, where are the tickets?
Graham : Oh, here.
[she kind of looks at them, then goes back to her homework, Graham leaves]

[in Patty's bedroom]
Patty : I found all those receipts I forgot I had, also a dirty book, that
little pearl earring I was so upset about, birthday card I never
sent to my mother.
Graham : What book? [gets it from Patty]
Patty : I want that back.
Graham : Uh, I've decided to skip the concert.
Patty : Thank goodness.
Graham : [laughs while reading book] Uh, uh yeah, I gave the tickets to,
uh, to Angela and Rayanne.
Patty : [laughs]
Graham : What?
Patty : Seriously?
Graham : Oh yeah, it'll be fine. It turns out that Rayanne's mother is
Patty : Well, of course, Rayanne's mother is going, and Heidi Fleiss is
probably meeting her there, but that doesn't mean that Angela
should go.
Graham : Patty, listen-
Patty : And, to top it all off, it's a school night! I mean, could you
have had a more completely terrible idea?

[later that evening -- 12:37 A.M. to be exact, Patty's bedroom]
Graham : I'll get the tickets back. I didn't think it through. I was...
You still awake?
Patty : Just my brain. I'm so ashamed. I feel like I've been bad. The
government's gonna ground me.
Graham : Angela's really acting weird toward me, you know?
Patty : You know, I think I'm gonna have to ask my dad to butt out of
Graham : It's like she's holding something against me, or something.
Patty : But how can I do that, how can I question his judgement? He, he
built this business out of nothing. He's this rare individual.
Graham : Oh, Patty. You are ten times smarter than your dad is about
business. [turns on the TV -- it's the Tonight Show (they don't
watch Dave?)]
Patty : Turn that off. I can't watch that guy. I miss Johnny.
Graham : [laughs] I know.
Patty : I felt for Johnny, married to all those JoAnne's. I think of him
all alone on some God-forsaken Malibu beach -- no guests. God,
I miss him. Look, I'll call him tomorrow, and I'll take him to
lunch. At that new place, with the fountain, that does all the
no-fat cooking? Mom's been wanting me to take him there.
Graham : That's a great idea.
Patty : Yeah. And it'll be on my turf, and my terms, and I'll wait for
just the right moment and I'll say-

[in a greasy diner]
Patty : Chili fries?
Chuck : Come on, taste one. When's the last time you had a chili fry?
Patty : I couldn't say.
Chuck : Probably tastes a whole lot better than that place you suggested.
You know, with the no-fat, no-cholesterol, no flavor, no thank
Melba : Dessert?
Patty : None for me.
Chuck : Melba, bring her a piece of that banana creme pie.
Patty : Dad, I don't want any pie.
Chuck : Well, I may have a little bite.
Patty : You're not supposed to have any sugar.
Chuck : It's banana, it's all natural.
Patty : Dad, about the audit, um, I think it's important-
Chuck : Oh, almost forgot. My driving log.
Patty : You kept a driving log?
Chuck : Well, you see it there, don't you?
Melba : Banana creme pie.
Patty : Dad, you know, not that you did, but they can tell-
Chuck : Um, Patricia, perfectly legal. Reconstruction of what happened.
Best of my ability? I spoke to her.
Patty : To the IRS agent?
Chuck : Uh huh.
Patty : Dad, we agreed-
Chuck : She has no objection to us doing this without an accountant.
Patty : Well, of course not, she's probably thrilled. They want to trip
you up. They have got all sorts of techniques-
Chuck : Hey, I can handle the IRS. What I can't handle is my own daughter
telling me what to do. [pause, about to eat the pie] You don't
know what you're missin'.

[in school -- English class]
[paper ball fight in progress]
[enter Ms. Krzyzanowski]
K'nowski: Excuse me. Excuse me. Who's classroom is this? Who's classroom
is this?
Student1: Mayhew's.
K'nowski: And where is Ms. Mayhew?
Student2: She is outta here. She couldn't deal.
Student1: Aren't you guidance?
K'nowski: Uh, yes.
Student2: We need guidance, Ms. Krzyzanowski.
[everyone starts commenting at the same time]
K'nowski: Um, okay, one at a time. Yes, okay, girl with the red hair.
Angela : It's Ms. Mayhew's class, but I think she quit.
K'nowski: Who has been teaching this class?
Brian : Mr. Rinaldi.
K'nowski: Mr. Rinaldi is the Spanish teacher. This is English. Well, what
did Mr. Rinaldi do the last time he was here?
Student1: He showed a movie.
K'nowski: What movie?
Student2: _Alive_.
K'nowski: Where is Mr. Rinaldi now?
[Jordan is walking by, stops at the door]
Student3: Hey, Catalano!
Student4: Jordan?
K'nowski: Mr. Catalano! Join us. Okay, I'm gonna pair you off, and you
are going to write three sentences on the movie, _Alive_, and you
are gonna trade papers and diagram those sentences. And, I'm
gonna sit here and watch because my life is so empty. Okay, um,
you and you, you and you-
[Brian stands up and walks up to Angela so he can get paired up with her]
K'nowski: you and the boy in the blue [notices Brian -- too early, d'oh!]
and you, in the pink shirt [that's Brian], you and you.

AngelaVO: I couldn't believe that Jordan Catalano was actually trying to
diagram my sentences. His sentences were really short.
[Angela's done -- oh, I know something that could get his attention, the Dead
[gets the tickets out of her bag and starts waving them around]
[he looks at her finally]
Angela : Tickets. For the Grateful Dead concert.
Jordan : [nods]
Angela : Not that I like the Grateful Dead that much, but-
AngelaVO: You know how sometimes the last sentence you said, like, echoes
in your brain, and it just keeps sounding stupider? And you have
to say something else, just to make it stop?
Angela : Oh, I just remembered. I, um, I owe you thirty dollars. Uh, for
the ID? I don't have it on me, but...I...
Jordan : Scalp your Dead tickets.
Angela : Really? I don't know anyone who would buy them, do you?
[Jordan'll find someone]

[in the girls' bathroom]
Rayanne : [really close up] You scalped our Dead tickets?
Angela : Shhh. Rayanne.
Rickie : You want me to talk to him? Well, maybe he hasn't sold them yet.
Angela : I just seemed, I mean, you're always saying we should think of
ways to make money.
Rickie : You want me to, to talk to him, 'cause I'm willing to do it.
Rayanne : What are you talking about? Why are you talking about money? We
had Grateful Dead tickets. People don't sell Grateful Dead
tickets. People give people Grateful Dead tickets.
Angela : I'm sorry. I just, I didn't think it was-
Rayanne : Your dad gave those tickets to both of us, including me.
[bell rings]
Rayanne : I gotta go. I gotta go to Home Ec. [she leaves]
Angela : Oh my God.
Rickie : She must really be upset. [pause] Why'd you do it? I mean, to
have a reason to talk to Jordan?
Angela : Not completely.
Rickie : Then why?
Angela : I don't know.

[chez Chase]
Patty : [on phone] Dad, the meeting should be at the IRS office. Yeah,
but you don't know that she has an appointment with a chiropractor
in this neighborhood. She may have just told you that so she
can get a good look at our- [pause] What? Okay. Yeah, say good
night to Mom.

[now in bed]
Patty : I'm so scared.
Graham : It's okay. Prison's not that bad, and, and I'll wait for you.
Patty : Now he's got that agent coming here. It's exactly what all the
books say never to do. I can't get him to listen.
Graham : Patty, listen, you order people around all day long, people like
Patty : Lunch was a disaster. He forced me to order pie. And I actually
ate it. I mean, what is wrong with me? Why do I
eight year old around him? [she's being kissed by Graham on her
neck, back] So my rotten day is like foreplay?
Graham : I like it when you're...when you actually need me.
Patty : Of course I need you. [kiss] Did you talk to Angela about the
Graham : Uh, I will, I promise.

[Angela comes down the stairs, snoops around in Graham's briefcase and
[enter Danielle at the turn in the stairs]
Danielle: What are you doing?
Angela : Get out of here!
[Danielle runs back up the steps]
AngelaVO: I didn't know what I was looking for. Some kind of...proof.
[enter Graham at the turn in the stairs -- oh, boy]
AngelaVO: Something that would make it make sense for me to hate him.
Angela : [sees Graham, drops wallet, slams briefcase shut] Um, I, I lost...
part of my homework.
Graham : Did you find it?
Angela : No. [walks past Graham up to her room]

[in the foyer -- waiting for the IRS]
[doorbell rings]
Patty : Ms. Mandeville.
M'ville : Mrs. Chase.

[the agent is looking around the house]
Graham : That was my grandmother's.
Patty : She was completely dote, of course. It's practically worthless.
Keeps good time, though.
M'ville : Well, then it's not worthless.

[they're all sitting now]
Patty : You see, I was the one who actually prepared the return.
Chuck : Uh, Ms. Mandeville, I don't know if your records indicate this,
but I am a veteran.
M'ville : So-
Chuck : I just didn't want to conceal anything, that's all. I would also
like to add that, uh, during the fiscal year in question, I was
felled by a near-fatal heart attack-
Graham : [chuckles]
Chuck : and was later found to be, uh, sick with diabetes.
M'ville : Well, you look just fine now.
Chuck : Well, I just don't think I should be penalized for bouncing back
like I did.
M'ville : Why are you telling me this, Mr. Wood?
Chuck : No reason.

M'ville : We've covered a lot of ground. Thank you. This was very helpful.
Chuck : Uh, you can keep it if you like. [the "driving log"]
M'ville : Oh, that won't be necessary.
Graham : Oh God, I forgot to talk to Angela about the concert.
Patty : [mouth drops to the floor -- if this were possible]
M'ville : Anyway, it's obvious we'll be seeing a lot more of each other.
Promise me you'll keep that in mind, Mr. Wood. You won't go
gallivanting off on some Caribbean vacation.
Chuck : What? I have been to the Caribbean exactly once. In '56.
M'ville : You're telling me you don't take lavish vacations? 'Cause, uh,
I got the distinct impression that you-
Chuck : Lavish? My wife won't fly. She gets seasick. I've never been
to Europe!
M'ville : But you told me yourself that you do take a lot of time off.
Chuck : We have to. We have to get away. You know, but those are motoring
trips, you know. We've always taken those. You know, like into
the mountains.
M'ville : Ah, sounds fun. Uh, what car do you use?
Chuck : Uh, the wagon. I mean, either car. The compact usually.
Patty : Okay, here is what we're going to do.
Chuck : Look, this has nothing to do with you.
Patty : We are going to pay all the taxes that we owe.
Chuck : Pay what? What did you just say?
Graham : Chuck, come on.
Patty : Daddy, please, just-
Chuck : Just what? Just sit here and let you sell me down the river?
Patty : Daddy, I'm trying to help you here.
Chuck : Help me? I don't need your help!
Patty : Do we have an agreement?
M'ville : We absolutely have an agreement.
Chuck : Agreement? Who the hell are you to make an agreement?
Graham : Hey!
Patty : Daddy, please.
Graham : Chuck, come on.
Chuck : Do what you want. I don't give a damn. [exits]

[Patty and Ms. Mandeville are in the doorway]
Patty : Thank you. You have been very patient. I'm, uh, sorry that, uh-
[enter Angela]
Graham : Angela! I have to-
Angela : Uh, Dad, I can't talk right now. [flies up the stairs]
Graham : Angela! [in pursuit]
Patty : Um, I'm just sorry you had to witness that, uh, business between
me and my father.
M'ville : [extends hand] Small potatoes compared to what I've seen. [exits]

[Angela's room, Graham knocks and enters at the same time]
Graham : We got a problem. It's my mistake, I should have talked to your
mother first. The thing is, I can't allow you go to that concert
Angela : What?
Graham : The thing is, your mother is just not comfortable with it. So,
I'm sorry. Uh, you'd better give the tickets back.
Angela : Why do you need the tickets?
Graham : Well, why do you need them, if you're not going? Just give them
Angela : Rayanne has them. And she's gonna be here any second.
Graham : Look, I'm sorry.
Angela : No, I'm sorry! I mean, she's gonna, she's counting on me to come
and I'm not gonna do this to her.
Graham : Angela, look, let me, let me call Rayanne. I will explain it to
Angela : It was your idea!
Graham : I admit, I made a mistake. I'm not perfect.
Angela : Oh, believe me. That's become really clear. [ouch!]
Graham : [really hurt, reaches out to maybe hold her or something]
Angela : [sees Rayanne's car through the window] There she is. [bolts down
the stairs and out the door]
Patty : [at the door] Angela. Ang- [she's gone] What the hell is going
Graham : Is she getting into Rayanne's car?
Patty : She's gone. [slams door] I cannot believe that you let this go
this long.
Graham : Patty, I forgot, all right?
Patty : Oh, come on! Why don't you just admit it? You want her to go to
this stupid concert!
Graham : All right! I admit it, okay? Look, I saw the Grateful Dead when
I was fifteen years old. It was one of the eight best nights of
my life. [hmm, wonder what the other seven were?] You know, it's
something I wanted to give her.
Patty : [storms up the steps]
Graham : Oh, fine. Leave. Just like he does.
Patty : You leave my father out of this. [mumbles something]
Graham : What? What, what'd you say?
Patty : It's not worth repeating.
[Graham, leaning against the wall, slides down to the floor]

[outside the Krakow home]
[Brian's taking out the garbage]
Bernice : And Brian, make sure the lid's on tight.
Brian : [sees Angela sitting in his car, knocks on the window, goes in]
Angela : Hi. Um, it's, it wasn't locked. And it's, I just can't go home
right now, and there's nowhere else to go, and it's so freezing.
Brian : Are you, like, meeting someone in here?
Angela : That's so unfunny.
Brian : What room?
Angela : What about your parents?
Brian : They won't even notice. They're balancing their joint checking.
Angela : Mine are getting audited.
Brian : Mine are probably getting a citation for, like, best penmanship
on a tax return, or something.
Angela : Can I just stay here, just for a while?
Brian : How come you can't go home?
Angela : <groan> My dad thinks I'm at a Grateful Dead concert, and he'd
be really upset if he knew I wasn't.
Brian : Wow. You're dad is so different from my dad. [pause] Look, it's
my car. I think I have a right to know. Does this involve
Jordan Catalano?
Angela : <sigh> [exits car]
Brian : [in pursuit] Angela, wait! Did you ever think that I could
actually be doing something that does not involve you? I mean,
that I may not just be sitting around in case you decide, like
that moment, that you need my car?
Angela : So what were you doing?
Brian : Nothing!
Angela : [walks further away]
Brian : You want my sweater?
Angela : Okay. [puts it on]
Brian : Try not to sweat into it. [hee hee]
Angela : Why do you have to say things like that?
Brian : Why do you have to-
Bernice : Brian, there's another bag of garbage here.
Brian : I know!
Bernice : Tonight, Brian, not next week!
AngelaVO: What's really horrible, is being a witness while someone's
parents orders them around. It ruins the conversation.
Bernice : Brian?
Angela : So, wait, what were you saying?
Brian : Nothing. Just-
[Graham comes out to check the rain gutter]
Brian : you shouldn't act one way towards a person when you need
something, and then-
[Graham sees two familiar faces across the street, shines his flashlight at
her to make sure, turns it off while still pointed at her, walks back into
the house, shaking his head once]

[next morning, kitchen]
Graham : Dani, juice?
Danielle: Ewwww, not the pulp kind.
Graham : Oh, right.
[enter Angela]
Angela : I'll take some.
Graham : [ignores her] You left your, uh, Scottish sweater in my car, honey
Danielle: Well, thanks, I was searching.
[these two previous lines were hard to decipher -- if you can think of
something besides "Scottish sweater" and "I was searching", let me know]
[Angela pours the OJ down the drain, enter Patty]
Patty : Angela, orange juice doesn't grow on trees.
Angela : It sorta does. [hee hee] Did you he's being?
Patty : Don't call your father "he".
Angela : Mom, he didn't want me to go to the concert, so fine, I didn't go.
Patty : Ah, but you let him think you were going, and you sold tickets
you had no business selling, and you were less than forthright,
to say the least.
Angela : Why can't he just say that, instead of acting like I don't exist.
[pause] Dad not even wanting to look at me is, like, the worst
feeling. [really sad face]
Patty : I know. [flips Angela's hair behind her ears, holds her face, then
moves on]
Angela : [gives a look like, "That's it? That's all I get?"]

[at school, outside]
Angela : Rayanne!
Rayanne : It was so beyond.
Angela : Rickie.
Rayanne : Oh my God.
Angela : [catches up to them] Finally, I've been looking everywhere for you
Rayanne : Anyway, um, so I'll see you at lunch.
Angela : I can't believe she's this mad.
Rickie : I know, but you see, I can see it from your side, but I also see
it from her side, and from my own side. But, I don't really have
a side. Anyway, why'd you do it? I mean, were you mad at your
Angela : What? Who said that?
Rickie : Well, with my dad, who's technically my uncle, but he raised me,
I mean, if he gives me something, and I'm mad at him, I can't
open it. But, that's different, 'cause I'm somewhat afraid of my
dad. I mean, in the past, my dad has broken down my door.
Angela : My dad always knocks.
Rickie : I had a feeling.

[in the girls' bathroom, Angela's looking for Rayanne]
[looks under the stalls, sees nice boots, nope, sees two ratty sneakers with
different colored shoelaces, bingo!]
Angela : Rayanne? Rayanne, I feel terrible, okay? And I have to go to
Health in a few minutes.
Rayanne : Why?
Angela : Why do I feel terrible?
Rayanne : Yeah.
Angela : Because...of what I did. You didn't get to go to the concert.
[toilet flush -- Rayanne walks out of stall to the mirror and the sinks]
Rayanne : No, I did. It was great. They played "Stagger Lee". Amber and
Rusty took me, and Rusty ran into this guy he knew from Vietnam
who was in a wheelchair. He had an extra ticket. He had a sexy
upper bod, too. [pause -- looks at Angela in the mirror] Making
you feel bad is too easy, takes all the fun out of it. [another
flush] Look, your dad probably gives you stuff all the time, so
it's no big deal to you. But to me...the fact that he did
that...I guess that I'm envious like the green-eyed monster.
Angela : [long pause] You don't know everything about my dad. [pause]
Remember the night we couldn't get into Let's Bolt? I saw him
around the corner from our house, and he was talking to this in her twenties.
Rayanne : So?
Angela : So?
Rayanne : <sigh> I'm lucky, my dad's had, like, eight different girlfriends
since he left, so...I'm used to it. But Angela, whatever your dad
may be doing with whatever girl, and you don't even know if he is,
he's still the type of dad that would lay two Dead tickets on you,
out of nowhere. That's what matters.
Angela : [kinda nods]

[at the printers, Patty's closing up, sees Chuck]
Patty : Daddy?
Chuck : [jumps, startled] Huh?
Patty : I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-
Chuck : Patricia, you wanna give me another heart attack? What are you
doing...working so late? What's all this?
Patty : That's my master plan, Dad. I want Wood & Jones Printers to move
into of high speed copiers. Did you read it? What
do you think?
Chuck : Well, it's, an awful lot of money to spend in one fell swoop.
Patty : You know, that's exactly what I thought Dad, and then it came to
me. Lease it. I mean, that way it'd only cost about eight grand
a month.
Chuck : [cringes -- only $8,000?]
Patty : Well, uh, yeah I know, that's, that's not peanuts, but, oh Dad, it
looks like offset. People won't have to go to an offset printer.
They can come to us -- we can keep more stuff in house.
Chuck : Well, I see you've got it all figured out.
Patty : [pause] You know, I could work sixteen hours a day and it wouldn't
be enough. You know how late I work. [pause] I know you came here
to make up with me.
Chuck : Me? I'm still waiting for an apology.
Patty : Well, you'll be waiting a while. [pause] Dad, I have opinions. I
have to...have 'em and stick to 'em. Make decisions. I have to.
You asked me to when you asked me-
Chuck : I didn't ask you to bankrupt the-
Patty : No, Dad, you have to hear this! When you asked me to take over,
when you asked me to run this business, maybe you didn't know,
what you were asking, God knows I didn't, and sometimes I miss
how it used to be when I never...questioned you. But I've, I've
turned some sort of corner with this, and I can't go back.
Chuck : Yeah, well, that's your...that's your own business.
Patty : [trying to hold back tears] So...why does there have to be this
distance between us?
Chuck : Well, it's not my doing.
Patty : [sniffling]
Chuck : All right, now. [puts hand on her shoulder]
Patty : [turns to be held]
Chuck : Careful, I, I didn't shave today.
Patty : [stops, sorta stunned]
Chuck : Didn't have to, that's the good thing about-
Patty : I don't care.
Chuck : being retired. [pause] When you were a little girl, I'd go to give
you a kiss good night, but oh, if I hadn't shaved, you pushed me
away. Said my whiskers were too rough.
Patty : Well, they were then.
Chuck : That's what it is to raise a girl. Walking on egg shells half the
time. [pause] You hungry? Come on, I'll buy you a piece of pie.
[Chuck turns out the lights on Patty]

[Chase house, Graham walks down steps to kitchen where Patty is]
Patty : I thought you were asleep hours ago. [pause] So, it seems that the
breakup of the Beatles had less to do with Yoko Ono, and more to
do with the fact that Paul wanted Linda's father to be their new
business manager. [pause] Why do you think people give her such a
hard time, is it just because she can't sing? [pause] I've worked
so please him, you know? [pause] He doesn't realize,
what this all costs me. He...he's never really known what I'm
worth. [pause] You know, sometimes I think...that I partly married
you because...I knew-
Graham : Knew what?
Patty : That you'd be a really good father.
Graham : [grimaces, starts shaking his head]
Patty : A different kind of father. You are. [notices Graham doubting]
Graham? [climbs the kitchen counter] Listen to me.
Graham : I, I don't want to lose her.
Patty : Yeah, but you have to, just for a little while. You have to let
her push you away and not punish her for it. All she's doing is
pushing you off your pedestal, and she's right to do that, she
has to do it. She's right on schedule...she's not a thousand
years late, like I am.
Graham : So, so, um, what do I do?
Patty : Stand your ground. And let her know matter how hard she
pushes you away, you'll still be there.
Graham : [pause] I love you.
Patty : I love you, much.

[Graham is fixing the rain gutter -- the Dead plays on his box]
[he needs some help, sees Brian rollerblading]
Graham : Hey! Hey! Hey, you wanna give me a hand with this? Wanna give
me a hand?
Brian : [just blading around]
Graham : For a second! Gimme a hand!
Brian : [waves]
Graham : This! Wanna? Come over here! For a second. Gimme a hand!
Brian : [skates away]
Graham : Gee, thanks. "Well, I'd, I'd like to help you sir, but I'm too
busy picturing your daughter naked."

[in the kitchen, Angela is flipping through a magazine, Patty grabs a
can of juice from the fridge]
Patty : [puts can down in front of Angela] Take that out to your father.

[back outside]
Angela : Mom said I should bring this to you.
Graham : Just put it down there. [pause] Hey, gimme a hand with this.
Angela : Now?
Graham : Yeah, now. Come up here and, uh, hold this in place, please.
Angela : [climbs the ladder]
Graham : Hey, you wanna use this thing [hammer], work out a little of that
pent up anger?
Angela : You're the one that's angry. [hammers the nail in]
Graham : [pause] So, tell me, um, what'd you get for the tickets?
Angela : All together, $120, but, um, I owed this guy thirty dollars.
Graham : Really? And why is that?
Angela : Dad, I can't get into it. It's too...stupid and complicated.
Graham : So that leaves ninety dollars profit. Well, you'd better declare
that as income.
Angela : Declare it to who?
Graham : To me. You get my point?
Angela : [pause] So Rayanne said the concert was really good. Can I
turn this off?
Graham : Well, what do you like listening to these days?
Angela : I dunno. Um, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against the Machine, Porno for
Graham : Oh, oh yeah, I love their Christmas album.
Angela : [laughs] Um, Stone Temple Pilots, uh, I like Billie Holliday.
Graham : Wait, YOU like Billie Holliday?
Angela : Yeah.
[Snuffy music plays, the end.]

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“Lately, I can't even look at my mother without wanting to stab her repeatedly.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"