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Episode 2 - Dancing in the Dark 


Transcribed by: Adena Chernosky <>

Jeri Gaile - Dance Instructor
Margaret Nagle - Mrs. Chavatal

Movie shown in class:
To journey beyond the reaches of our solar system to the
closest star would mean traveling the distance of more than five
trillion miles. Yet the dimensions of the cosmos are so
unimaginably vast units of measurement become...
AngelaVO: I've been kissed three times. No, four times. No, three
times. All of them were people I never saw again, which I
hope doesn't like, mean something. One was this counselor at this
YMCA camp. Except he already had a girlfriend.
Movie : ... under all this pressure, the inner core of the star now
implodes violently, producing an explosion of unparalleled
AngelaVO: One was this usher at my mother's cousin's wedding two years
ago. The wedding was in Milwaukee. We stayed over at a motor
lodge with a heated pool. It was a double ring ceremony. He
was staring at me all through the ceremony. Later, I found
out he only kissed me because he had lost a bet. The third kiss is
the hardest to describe. It was this guy I met on the beach
last summer. It was labor day. It was the day I swam out too
far. That was the most exciting one, except it may not count
as an actual kiss since I was kind of unconscious. I've never
had an actual boyfriend. I don't know if that's normal or not.

Rayanne : You know that girl Dana?
Rickie : Dana Odinger
Rayanne : Dana. She's got (to Angela) Hey (to Rickie) She's got hair
tails, and then three little studs in each ear. She used to
wear her eyeliner pointy like catwoman, now she wears it
smudged. And her feet are the perfect kind, they're small
with the really high arch.
Rickie : So, what about her?
Rayanne : Nothing, she just annoys me. Her lips are so puffed out it's
like she siliconed them.
Angela : [as Jordan walks by] Really? Do you think she did? Really?
You think she siliconed her lips, really?
Rayanne : Angela, he's gone. You can talk like a normal person.
Angela : Oh, God.
Rayanne : You have got to progress to the next phase of this. I mean
think of Rickie and me. How much more can we take?
Angela : I just don't want to look like I'm throwing myself at him.
Rayanne : Excuse me, people throwing themselves at people is like the
basis of civilization.
Rickie : She has a point.
AngelaVO: If Jordan Catalano is nearby, my entire body knows it. Like one
of those dogs that point. I'll keep talking and stuff, but my
mind won't even know what I'm saying. I keep wondering if
there's a term for this.

[Bio Class]
Chavatal: Okay, now before we cut our hearts open...(class
groans)...people, it's a pig heart. Students opposed to the
practice of vivisection may do research at the library
instead, but you must put this belief in writing. Now, to
review, an experiment must test a what? A hypothesis. And a
hypothesis consists of several...anybody? Several
assumptions. And true experimentation depends upon...guys?
Precision, observation, and clear concise communication.

[Chase house]
Graham : What?
Patty : I said, I'm leaving now, so... i guess i don't ...(mumbles)
Graham : Wait, what?
Patty : Nothing. It's just you don't kiss me good-bye in the mornings
Graham : Patty, we'll be seeing each other in forty minutes.
Patty : I know, but just because we're working together now that's no
reason to stop...
Graham : I mean, this isn't the time to start anything.
Patty : Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot, a kiss must result in intercourse.
Graham : Well, it's a law in this state.
Patty : There can be no kissing for kissing's sake a kiss must lead
somewhere. Where did they drill that into you? Was it shop
class? I can't believe it. I swore I would never fight with
you again this early in the morning.
Graham : This isn't a fight, it's good-bye. (kisses her.)

[bio class]
Chavatal: What are the elements of a true experiment? And what sort of
activity is an experiment? It's a purposeful activity,
designed to solve a what? A particular problem.

[outside the school]
(Rayanne pounds on a vending machine.)
Jordan : How much money'd you lose?
Rayanne : None. So, Catalano. So, Tino says you can get my girlfriend a
fake ID.
Jordan : So? So could Tino..
Rayanne : Oh yeah, well, see, ah, he does me so many favors I feel like
I'm wearing him thin. Kinda with that out of state look?
Like from uh, Georgia or something? My girlfriend really
needs one. Angela? It's like an emergency.
Jordan : Why doesn't she ask for herself?
Rayanne : Well that's a long story. She's uh... French! She's from
Jordan : Get outa here.
Rayanne : Seriously. And with certain words she'll like forget how to
pronounce 'em, or something. It's like a mental block type of
Jordan : That girl I see you with...
Rayanne : Angela. Chase.
Jordan : Is...French?
Rayanne : Well she was born there, I mean she hasn't lived there in quite
a while. She's a US citizen and all.
Jordan : What kinda ID?

[bio class]
Chavatal: Ok, important. I need to see the hands of those handing in
their extra credit experiments on Friday. Ok, uh, Justin,
Rayanne : (from hallway, in a whisper) Angela! Angela! (gestures c'mere)
Teacher : Michael. Uh Michael are you and Sonya working together?
Rayanne : Come here!
Michael : No.
Teacher : Ok, so that's Jeremy, Charlotte, Tiffany, ok, Sean, Yvette,
Leander,ok, Sharon, Shane, and uh, Brian? What happened to your
lab partner?
Brian : She almost fainted. So...
Sharon : Ugh!
Teacher : Oh. Ummm...and your extra credit project is?
Brian : Uh, controlled release of energy. Construction and use of a
Teacher : Is that something you worked on alone or with Angela?
Brian : With Angela.
(Bell rings)
Teacher : Ok, People? Um, your hearts must be clearly labeled before
returning them to the cart. Um, please uh, do not drip.
Brian : (to Sharon) What?
Sharon : Like Angela really helped you with your volumeter.
Brian : She's planning to. Look I mean, why would I say it if it
wasn't true.
Sharon : Why would you say she was fainting? Ok, what was that? I mean, some
of us actually work, y'know? We don't just expect extra
credit because...because our lab partner is smart. She takes
advantage of you, and you totally let her. I pity you.

Angela : Oh, my God...
Rayanne : Hey, I did it for you. It's a good thing.
Rickie : It's a definite good thing.
Angela : Wait, you were there, too?
Rickie : Well, no, but she told me the whole thing.
Angela : I bet people can actually die of embarrassment I bet it's been
medically proven.
Rayanne : Hey, worst case, you get an out of state ID, which you need
Angela : Just wait. Tell me everything he said.
Rayanne : You will definitely thank me.
Rickie : It's true...I mean from what she told me, which was everything.
Rayanne : In fact, you should be thanking me right now.
Angela : God, let's stop talking about this. So, how did he act? Did he act
bored, or...
Rayanne : He flopped on the floor, uncontrollably ok? Rickie had to hold
down his tongue...
Rickie : And I wasn't even there.

Brian : Hey, Chase!
AngelaVO: What I like, dread, is when people who know you in completely
different ways end up in the same area.
Brian : Thanks for leaving me a whole heart to clean up.
Angela : And you have to develop, this like, combination you, on the spot.
Brian : So Chavatal, she thinks we're both working on my volumeter.
Rickie : His what?
Angela : It's this experiment. There's like a mouse involved.
Rayanne : What's your name again?
Brian : So you think that's fair? I mean I do all the work and you just..
Angela : I never said I was doing it.
Brian : She's giving you credit, so...look, I already executed the entire
Rayanne : The apparatus...
Brian : So, I think the least you can do, is just help me work on it.
Tomorrow night. Because...
Rayanne : He wants you to work on his apparatus.
Brian : Just shut up, ok?
Rayanne : What would your parents say?
Brian : My parents are out of town, which is....which has nothing to do...
Rayanne : She'll be there.
Angela : Rayanne!
Rayanne : What?
Angela : Rayanne!
Rayanne : What? This is perfect.
Angela : As what?
Rickie : Excuse me, what is a volumeter?
Rayanne : As a place to bring Jordan Catalano.
Angela : Are you crazy? Were you raised in a satanic cult?
Rickie : She wishes.
Angela : Jordan Catalano? At Brian Krakow's house? It's like against nature
or something.
Rayanne : So?
Brian : Chase! You gonna help me or not? Yes or no?
Angela : Oh God. Yes.


[Chase stairway]
Angela : The plan is....wait, what's the plan?
Rayanne : You are goanna so love having a fake ID. I like collect them.
I'm a victim. ok, the plan. You go to what's his name's to
help him with his uh...
Rickie : Volume thing...
Rayanne : Right! Meanwhile, Rickie and I, and Jordan Catalano will
procure you an ID.
Rickie : Which we will then bring back to what's his name's.
Rayanne : Where you and Jordan Catalano will then be.
Angela : But, ok, like in my humble opinion, he's Jordan Catalano. He's not
gonna do any of this.
(As Patty and Camille enter Angela Rickie and Rayanne exit up stairs.)
Camille : Sharon refuses to come in.
Patty : Ok, what's the deal?
Camille : You tell me. All Sharon will say is that um, Angela's been
acting different, so then she called her on it in the girls'
room one day, and uh they both cried. Ever since then,
they've kinda avoided each other and that's all I know.
Patty : That's a miniseries compared to what I know.

[outside Chase house]
Brian : Hey Cherski. So, by the way, Chase is coming over tomorrow night to,
you know, compile data.
Sharon : So?
Brian : So, she's coming over. So, to help me. So, that obviously proves
Sharon : What?
Brian : That you were obviously wrong about the whole situation.
Sharon : Right. I was wrong Krakow. Just keep telling yourself that.

[Patty's room]
Camille : Remember when we stopped speaking?
Patty : Yes. 'Cause you told everybody I made out with Mitchell Moscarelli
behind the duck pond.
Camille : You did make out with Mitchell Moscarelli.
Patty : But not behind the duck pond.
Camille : (taking stairmaster) Thanks. I don't know, I probably just
put this in my closet.
Patty : Should I cut my hair short?

[Angela's Room]
Angela : I can't take this. I feel sick.
Rayanne : Look, I was there.
Rickie : And I was practically there from hearing it so many times.
Rayanne : And he is definitely like, semi-interested.
Angela : So you think he...
Rayanne : I think part of him is partly interested in you. Definitely.
I mean, he's got other things on his mind.
Angela : But that's the part that's so unfair. I have nothing else on
my mind. How come I have to be the one sitting around
analyzing him in like microscopic detail, and he gets to be
the one with other things on his mind.
Rickie : That is deep.

[Patty's room]
Patty : It's this working together. It's pushing us apart. God, that sounds
like a Redbook article.
Camille : Listen, if you've gotta cut it, cut it, y'know. But let's face
it, men like long hair.
Patty : Who cares what they like. But they supposedly like variety, don't
Camille : They like long hair, and they like for you to wear red.
Patty : Yeah, but don't they supposedly like it if you show up looking
different? Oh, God. Shoot me will ya?
Camille : (picking up ceramic Cinderella) Look. Your Cinderella. I
remember when your dad gave you this. I was so jealous. I
was 12. And you were 11.
Patty : And I wore my hair exactly like this.
Camille : Look, they say if you wanna put the romance back in your
Patty : Ooh, no, I hate that expression. Like romance is this thing you
misplace like an earring. And all that stuff they tell you to
do. Put rose petals on his pillow. Oh, I will. Let me just
empty this kitty litter I'll be right with you. Wear satin
panties. Like my dry-cleaning bill isn't frightening enough.
Force your husband into a car and don't tell him where you're
going. I do that every other weekend it's called visiting my
Camille : Didn't Jane Seymour write a book about that?
Patty : Ah. Yes. And now she's divorced.
Camille : Oh, but she's remarried. She's that medicine woman. And is
her hair long or short?
Patty : She's got a new show, new husband, and probably all new children.
Camille : Listen, Andy and I have been doing this's kind of
embarrassing, but it's really fun. And you get to be with
other people. And it really puts you in the mood.
Patty : Is it legal?
Camille : The only catch is that you have to wear heels.

[Chase dinner table]
Graham : Ballroom dancing?
Patty : Camille says it's a lot of fun.
Graham : Camille thinks Velcro is fun.
Neil : Well Velcro really is pretty amazing, don't you think?
Danielle: Neil, pass the pasta.
Neil : What's the magic word?
Danielle: Pasta.
Neil : No, that's the magic carbohydrate. What's the magic word?
Danielle: Neil!
AngelaVO: Neil is my father's younger brother. He isn't married. Every time
he comes to dinner my parents give him all these leftovers to take
home, like they don't have food where he lives.
Patty : You know, I know that ballroom doesn't sound like something we would
normally do...
Angela : It sounds like something no one would normally do. It does. It
sounds made up or something.
Neil : That's exactly what I was thinking!
Angela : Doesn't it?
Neil : Just it's...completely made up. Just uh...there's no such thing.
Patty : So. I'm thinking of getting my hair cut. Short.
Angela : No, Mom, don't.
Danielle: C'mon Mom, we like your hair how it is.
Angela : Mom, just 'cause I changed my hair doesn't mean you should.
Patty : [to Graham] What do you think?
Graham : Short, like uh, Hillary Clinton?
Patty : Forget it. You know, Hillary Clinton is a brilliant woman and people
should stop judging her by her hair.
Graham : Who's judging her? I think she looks great. I mean, don't you think
Hillary Clinton looks great?
Neil : I think she should wear more red.

[outside Chase house]
Neil : So, me and Marla, there's still a connection, I mean we still
see each other sometimes, and once in a while you know, we
still have sex.
Graham : Sounds like my marriage. Just kidding.
Neil : I screwed up. I don't..I..I just can't..I don't..oh
boy...I...I mean I envy what you have with Patty.
Graham : Well of course Patty and I have our problems.
Neil : Yeah. Sure you do?
Graham : Well I mean, it's only normal know, ...things can't
always be...'s just not realistic. Not that I'm not
you know, happy.
Neil : What, you're kidding me ? You and Patty? You're the happiest couple I know. No question.
Graham : I know.

[Chase living room]
Patty : Honey, No. We've discussed this. It's a school night
Angela : Mom, I'll be right across the street
Graham : I think we should try that ballroom dancing thing.
Patty : Really? You really want to because I don't want to make...
Graham : I said I want to.
Patty : Well, great.
Angela : Mom? Mom!

[Patty's bedroom] (Angela listening at the door)
Patty : Maybe Neil could stay with Danielle, and Angela told Brian
Krakow that she would help him with some kind of science
experiment at his house. Apparently there's a...a mouse involved.
Graham : Can't they bring the mouse here?
Patty : I don't think she wants Danielle around from the look on her
face. I think she has a crush.
Graham : On Brian Krakow?
Patty : She could do a lot worse. I like Brian don't you?
Graham : Until a few seconds ago.
(Patty walks out into the hall where Angela stands with her toothbrush)
Patty : (singing) la, da dee...da dum...
Angela : Mom, can I go? (Patty starts to dance with Angela) Mom.
Danielle: Mom, stop singing
Patty : Ya da...I know, I'm not allowed to sing, I'm not allowed to dance.
Amish mom.
Angela : Mom, can I go to Brian's yes or no?
Patty : Just be back by 9:30. So, wait, um, seriously, should I? Cut
my hair. I mean, pretend I'm not your mom.
Angela : Mom. I can't pretend that.


[bio class]
Chavatal: Once again, an experiment can be termed successful if what? If
the experiment yields meaningful results.

[Angela's room]
AngelaVO: The thought that I might be seeing Jordan Catalano in a few
hours was like, impossible to comprehend. Like when they
first tell you about infinity. (turns and sees Danielle
behind her)

[Krakow house] (Brian answers the door. It is Angela)
AngelaVO: (going in) I couldn't believe how long it had been since I had
been inside Brian Krakow's house. Considering how many hours
I spent here when I was little. It smelled exactly the same
which was reassuring, and annoying. Sort of like Brian

[Krakow kitchen]
Angela : That mouse can breathe, right?
Brian : It's measuring heat and energy. If it couldn't breathe then...this
clamp's coming loose.
Angela : Um, listen, Rayanne Graff and Rickie Vasquez might be coming
over ... for a minute, just to bring me something.
Brian : I knew you wouldn't be much help.

[dance class]
Patty : (with short hair) Hi. I hope I'm not late.
Graham : No. No, you're ummm....that's our instructor, she just...hi.
Patty : So, whadda you think?
Graham : Ah, well, It's short.
Patty : Yes, it is.
Graham : It shows your ears more.
Instruct: Mr. and Mrs. Chase? It's showtime.

[outside Krakow house] (Rickie and Rayanne get out of Jordan's car.)
Rayanne : Woah. So, Thanks. So...
Rickie : Uhh...So, Angela's got the money...
Rayanne : Right. So
Rickie : So
Rayanne : Wait here, we'll send her out. Oh, I almost forgot, Tino...
Rickie : Uh, yeah. Didn't he say that uh...
Rayanne : Yeah. See, I mentioned that you'd be dropping us and... and he
said tell Catalano I'll meet him there, I got something I
wanna tell him.
Jordan : About Frozen Embryos?
Rayanne : What's that?
Jordan : Just this band we might form.
Rickie : Yeah, I think that was...
Rayanne : I think that was it.

[dance class]
Instruct: Slow, slow, quick quick slow. Slow, quick quick. Ok. Your
slows are too quick, your quicks are too slow. OK?

[Krakow kitchen]
Rickie : Poor mouse. I hate just being in an elevator.
Rayanne : Angela...
Angela : Wait. I have to talk to you.
Rayanne : Look, I know this is your house and all, but could you leave
for a second?
Brian : Oh, so you actually admit it's my house. That's
really... Cause I was wondering...
Rickie : She's not saying...
Rayanne : I'm not saying leave the house. Just leave the kitchen.
Angela : Just come here for a second, please: (to Brian) I'm really
sorry, this won't take long.
Rayanne : Fine.

[dance class]
Instruct: And back back back slide together....ok, Patty, let him steer
you 'cause he's the one going forward.
Patty : Well, when do I get to go forward?
Instruct: Well, see, is the man that goes forward most
Patty : Tell me about it. (to Graham) Do you have any idea how hard it is to
do this backwards? (an older couple dances gracefully by.)
Instruct: Believe me, they had their free introductory class once too.
Listen, a lot of times couples think they're goanna just
automatically dance like that but it's not quite that simple.
ok? And one, back, good, let's go, one, two...

[Krakow living room]
Rickie : She's not saying that she...
Angela : I'm not saying...see there's thinking about him, right?
which is what I do. All the time. Like this...
Rickie : Obsession.
Rayanne : Right. So?
Angela : So, it keeps me going or something. Like I need it just to
get through the day. It...It's just ...
Rickie : It's an obsession.
Angela : Right. And, and if you make it real, it's it's not the same. It's
not, it's not yours anymore. I don't know, maybe I'd rather
have the fantasy than even him.
Rickie : I completely understand this.
Rayanne : I totally and completely disagree. You want Jordan Catalano in
actuality because...there is no because. You just want him.
Only you're programmed to never admit it.
Rickie : That does have the ring of truth.

[dance class]
Instruct: Ok. Here's your free evaluation, which is easy because you
both sort of have the same problem uhh...which is rushing.
Like, ahead of the music. Ummm..I would strongly recommend
group classes. You should be dancing with other people.
Patty : What? Why? I don't wanna dance with anybody else, I mean, do you?
I...I thought the whole point here was to do something together.
Graham : Maybe it helps. I mean maybe....
Patty : He won't admit it but he's dying to dance with other people.
Graham : Hey, this was your idea. I didn't wanna dance with anybody!
Instruct: Ok. This isn't easy. There are many different parts of this that have to come
together. Like, the rhythm. Not too fast, not too slow. The
confidence to make the steps your own.

[Krakow front yard] (Angela comes out and walks toward Jordan's car.)
InstrVO : Lots of people, they try so hard. They can't hear the music.
Then, they start to feel lost. So they wanna look down. Don't
look down. It will throw you off balance, and you'll lose
your footing. So, look straight ahead, look right into your
partner's eyes, and remember to smile.
Angela : (peering into Jordan's car) Hi.


[outside Krakow house] (at Jordan's car)
Angela : So, I have the money. So, you have my ID, right?
Jordan : Yeah.
Angela : So, this is your car?
Jordan : Get in.
Angela : I...I...I can't ...go anywhere...I mean I should stay
here...Uh, it's a long story..
Jordan : I didn't say go anywhere.
Angela : Oh. Ok.

[Krakow kitchen]
Rayanne : All right, so what's it called again? A volvo....
Brian : A volumeter.
Rayanne : And what's it do again?
Brian : It measures pressure.
Rayanne : Yeah, but like, what.? Air pressure? I mean, there a lot of
Rickie : Acupressure? Emotional Pressure?
Rayanne : I mean the mouse itself must be under pressure.
Rickie : Oh, that would be cool for an experiment. Figure out what the mouse
itself, like what goes through it's mind.
Rayanne : Was it hard to get it in there?
Brian : Shut up! Just shut up.
Rayanne : It was just a joke. You should measure your own pressure.
Rickie : So, the mouse makes pressure, just by breathing?
Brian : Yes.
Rickie : I can relate.
Rayanne : But why are you....I mean, what is the point?
Brian : It proves, ummm, it's a system that's been devised... and...there are
certain scientific principles's for extra credit.

[outside Krakow house, in Jordan's car]
AngelaVO: What's amazing is when you can feel your life going somewhere.
Like your life just figured out how to get good. Like, that
second. (Jordan takes ID out of glove compartment and gives it
to Angela.)
Angela : Wow, it looks real. Why does...(He kisses her, she pushes him away)
Hey. I'm s- I'm sorry, I just...
Jordan : No...
Angela : I just...I was talking.
Jordan : No...whatever.
Angela : So how come...(He kisses her again, she shoves him hard.)
Quit it! I mean, you have to work up to that. I don't open
that wide at the dentist.
Jordan : How old are you ?
Angela : I don't believe this. What is your point? Fifteen.
Jordan : You act younger.
Angela : First of all, you don't know me well enough to say how old I
seem. And second...
Jordan : You talk a lot.
Angela : I've said, like eight sentences to you in my entire life.
Jordan : This whole day has been one long thing that makes no sense.
AngelaVO: We both stopped talking. Part of his sleeve was touching my
arm. I don't know if he knew. Then everything started to
seem perfect, for some reason. The feel of his shirt against
my elbow. The fact that I still had an elbow. It was the
perfect moment for him to kiss me...for him to anything me.
(Jordan leans close to her.....reaches over and opens the
passenger door.)
Jordan : Well, I gotta go, so....later.
AngelaVO: I could have killed him.

[Chase house] (Graham and Patty come in the front door.)
Neil : You're back so early? Angela's not even due home yet.. I think
Danielle's asleep. Whoa, what'd you do to your hair? (Patty
goes upstairs.) Boy. Patty can be so touchy sometimes. I
didn't say that I didn't like it. Anyway, I don't know. It's
goanna grow back in. Not in our lifetime...
Graham : Neil. Neil. I uh... I met this girl.
Neil : What? What? Well, I'm not surprised.
Graham : How can you say that?
Neil : I don't know...I just...
Graham : I didn't mean to meet her. I was doing some printing for her, and we know...we would get into these really long
conversations, the kind where you look up and you're surprised
to see other people.
Neil : You're burning your butter. (Graham takes butter off stove.)
Graham : One day, out of nowhere, she grabs my tie, and she says, "I
hate you. I can't sleep because of you." Right? She starts
saying these unbelievable things...
Neil : No, she was holding on to your tie at this point....
Graham : The point is, the point is, we haven't really done anything
but talk. But...
Neil : You can't do this to me. I mean, if you and Patty get a
divorce where am...
Graham : Shut up. No one's getting a divorce.
Neil : Well, where am I going to go, I mean like, on holidays.
Graham : I'm supposed to meet her at this motel. Tomorrow afternoon.
Neil : God. That's such a cliché.
Graham : Clichés happen. Talk me out of it.
Neil : Don't do it. Well, don't. Look at you. I mean you haven't
even done anything really wrong yet, and already you're acting
weird. You went dancing.
Graham : I know.

[outside Krakow house] (Brian comes out, sees Angela, she goes in. He picks
up her ID. Jordan pulls up)
Jordan : Uh, hey! where's uh....I mean is Tino here? That's uh...I mean,
that's Angela's.
Brian : Um, Shouldn't it prove that she's 21?
Jordan : So?
Brian : So according to this she was born yesterday.
Jordan : Why are you here?
Brian : I live here.
Jordan : Is she really from, uh, France? (Brian looks befuddled) Nevermind.
Just... just make sure she gets that, ok?
Brian : Sure.

[Patty's bedroom]
Patty : Can I say something? I don't think that this was such a terrible
Graham : I never said it was.
Patty : Yeah, but you're sitting there thinking that...
Graham : You don't know what I'm thinking...
Patty : Oh, Shut up! How could you say that about my hair?
Graham : What did I say?
Patty : That it shows my ears more.
Graham : It does.
Patty : Yeah, but, what kind of a thing is that to say? Do you think I felt
like tangoing with you after that?
Graham : I didn't know what to say. All of a sudden there's all this
all this pressure to, y-y-you know, uh, complement you. And
and, lead...and...
Patty : There's something wrong here. Am I right? We're drifting
apart from seeing each other too much. We've become like
furniture to each other or something? I mean, have we become
incompatible because...we are terrible... I mean, we are
terrible dancers.
Graham : So what?
Patty : So how can we have been together for so long and not be able
to dance together?
Graham : Because! Because we have been together for so long! (Patty
screams and accidentally throws her Cinderella on the floor in
frustration. She leans to pick up the pieces. Graham kneels
behind her.) Dance with me.
Patty : But we don't know how.
Graham : We know how.

[Krakow's kitchen] (Angela is doing dishes. Brian enters. She puts on her
Angela : I'm not gonna take the extra credit.
Brian : Whatever. You forgot this. (hands her ID. She leaves.)

[Patty & Graham's bed]
Patty : So why did our generation always dance so far apart?
Graham : Too rebellious, I guess.
Patty : I mean when we danced, close, there were no...
Graham : Right, no steps or anything.
Patty : We just made it all up. Never took the time to learn the real steps.

[Chase kitchen] (Angela is getting leftover spaghetti out of the
refrigerator. Her father comes in and she hides the ID behind her on the
Graham : I thought I heard someone. So, your mom and I went dancing. It's
hard. It's harder than it sounds.
Angela : Dad, I don't feel like talking. No offense...
Graham : Oh, I don't feel like talking. Certainly not to you. You want me to
warm up that spaghetti?
AngelaVO: I have to say that when my father warms something up, it tastes
better than when anyone else does.
Graham : So how did your experiment go with Brian?
Angela : He did most of it.
Graham : So is this like, a date?
Angela : Dad ! It's...they're not....people just hang out. They're not's not, dates. Just people. Together. In a bunch.
Graham : So, was there there someone else there you like?
AngelaVO: It's so strange how parents can out of nowhere turn psychic.
It's unnerving.
Graham : It's ok to like someone, but I mean, boys your age, can sometimes...
Angela : Dad, I know. Can sometimes what?
Graham : Can sometimes not know how to be what you want them to be. My
point is that, it's really hard to figure out how to be a man.
Practically every man I know is still working on it.
Patty : (coming into doorway) So that's what we're doing, we're
eating. (to Angela) Really shows my ears more, huh? It's
time for bed you two.
Graham : Uh, you two go ahead, I'll clean up. (into phone after they leave)
It's me, uh listen. I...can't do this. I know I acted like I
could but I...I can't. You must think that I'm an idiot and
maybe I am. But, uh, It's not going to happen. Because it
can't. Because...oh, there are so many reasons why..I mean ... you
know...(Angela comes down the stairs) Look, I can't get into
it now, this is not you. This is not your fault.
It's me. (Angela listens at doorway.) I'm sorry. I just
can't. I'm sorry. (Hangs up, turns, sees Angela) You are
gonna have a hard time getting up in the morning.
(Angela goes to counter, picks up her ID, and gazes at it.)

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“Ignore her. She got up on the wrong side of the coffin this morning.”

Enrique (Rickie) Vasquez, Episode 9: "Halloween"