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Episode 15 - So-Called Angels 


Transcribed by: Kevin Chen <>

v.1.0 (last revision 4/8/95)

Angela = Angela Chase
Rayanne = Rayanne Graff
Sharon = Sharon Cherski
Patty = Patty Chase
Rickie = Rickie Vasquez
Graham = Graham Chase
Danielle= Danielle Chase
Brian = Brian Krakow
Jordan = Jordan Catalano
Girl = a runaway, played by Juliana Hatfield
Police = desk policeman


Voices : [Rickie stumbles to the ground. Blood flows from his mouth]
And love and trust me here. And with this day give and serve, to
life, to guard, to hold, and to guide, Amen. I have nowhere
to go. I am so hungry. Dear God. [guitar chords from
Silent Night]

Danielle: It's not fair. Angela got a new bike when she was eleven.
Graham : What do you do? Keep like running tally of everything we bought
for Angela?
Danielle: Well, yeah.
Patty : Danielle, we cannot afford that partic -- oh, a Christmas card from
the *Levettis*?
Graham : So?
Patty : Well, I finally took them off the list! We haven't laid eyes on
them since Danielle started solids, and now out of nowhere they send
Graham : Patty, it's a greeting card, not a dead fish.
Patty : Yeah, but if I send them a card now, it's going to look like I'm
only sending them a card because they sent *us* a card.
Danielle: Angela got new *boots*?
Patty : Oh, Danielle, stop keeping score.
Graham : Those are nice; they must be warm.
Angela : How come we never go to church?
Graham : Uh, well --
Patty : Well, you know, in the last few years -- you girls, um -- haven't
-- shown much enthusiasm.
Angela : So, do you believe in God?
Graham : Well, look, just because --
Patty : You know, just because we don't attend church on a regular basis
doesn't mean that, um --
Graham : Exactly, I mean y-you -- you can believe in God without --
Patty : Yeah, because you know your your father was raised Catholic, and I
-- wasn't so we have certain -- certain -- differences which which
doesn't mean that we don't --
Danielle: Do we have to keep talking about religion? It's Christmas.

Chorus : Away in a manger/No crib for his bed/The little Lord Jesus laid
down his sweet head...
Rayanne : Boy, people get swept up in this Christmas thing, huh?
Angela : You mean, you don't?
Rayanne : Yeah, but my mom and I like to wait -- for stuff to go on sale.
Angela : Oh, my God.
Rickie : Oh, it's okay. I'm fine. I was running to catch the bus and I
slipped on a stupid patch of ice. All these people had to help me.
It was stupid; I was embarrassed.
Rayanne : Well --
Angela : So you landed on your face or something?
Rickie : Oh, I don't know -- how am I supposed to know? Does anybody have
quarters? I need to get a candy bar before soc.
Rayanne : It's cool, I've got change.
Rickie : Cool. Ah, see you later.
Angela : Rayanne -- do you think it was true -- about falling?
Rayanne : Sure, probably. I don't know. Look, Angel-food, there is -- see,
Rickie has this like tendency -- to get beat up, and he
doesn't always love talking about it. [she walks away. As
she passes Sharon] Teenage help line?
Sharon : [excited] Yeah, what about it?
Rayanne : I don't know, just -- making depressed people talk to someone like
you. Couldn't that, like, I dunno, push them over the edge?
Sharon : Over the edge. That's like your address, right? [Rayanne laughs
hysterically, and scatters Sharon's flyers all over the
floor] Krakow! Hey, here, take some of these. So we're set,
right? Christmas Eve. You and I, representing Liberty High
at the teen help line.
Brian : Look, Cherski, um --
Sharon : *Krakow* -- you *signed up*.
Brian : So, unsign me.

Patty : You will not *believe* what Bernice and Bob Krakow did.
Graham : Oh, I know, but just that once, right? To make Brian, huh?
Patty : They skipped town.
Graham : What?
Patty : Seriously. They're on some ten-day cruise. Bernice called me from
the boat -- would I look in on Brian.
Graham : Oh, Brian's a level-headed kid. He probably likes having the place
to himself.
Patty : For Christmas?
Graham : Well, the Krakows are Jewish, aren't they, I mean, didn't Hannukah
already happen, or something?
Patty : I think so. Girls! We're going out -- to purchase a few -- lumps
of coal.
Graham : I *love* the mall this time of year. So what do you want for
Christmas, shorty?
Patty : I want you to come with us to church, on Christmas Eve. Would you
just think about it?
Graham : Uh, church isn't for me. Come on, we should get going before all
the -- *junk* that nobody needs is snapped up.
Patty : Wait, wait. Look. I - I know that it hasn't been a part of our
lives, and it certainly isn't a part of the girls', but the thing is
-- I want it to be.
Graham : Then you should go.

Angela : [taking out the trash. She is startled by a noise] Who is it?
Who's there?
Rickie : Hey, it's okay.
Angela : Oh, Rickie, what are you doing?
Rickie : Sorry -- I - I -- did I scare you?
Angela : No, I just -- come in.
Rickie : Uh, I was at -- uh, Brian's so I just thought, you know, I'd stop
by. Today at Rayanne's, uh, Amber's boyfriend Rusty was there. Boy
is he unfriendly.
Angela : So you went from Rayanne's to Brian's?
Rickie : Yeah, I just realized -- Amber and Rusty -- must like earth tones.
Danielle: Isn't it kinda late at night to like drop by?
Angela : Danielle!
Rickie : No, she's right. I - I should go, you know? [pauses as he
leaves] God, your house smells like amazing.
Angela : My dad's teaching like this cooking class now, so -- he's trying
lots of recipes. Are you hungry or something?

Rickie : Mm, thanks. I must have forgotten to eat lunch today. It must
have slipped my mind or something.
Angela : Uh, yeah, it happens to me sometimes.
Patty : Who tracked all these wet footprints in the hall? Oh, Rickie's
here. Graham, uh, look, Rickie's here.
Graham : Clearly.
Angela : He was visiting Brian Krakow, so --
Rickie : Uh, I - I guess my shoes are leaky. I'll wipe it up. I - I'm sorry.
Patty : It's no big deal. Uh, sweetie, um -- could we see you for a
minute? I - I need you to try something on.

Angela : Look, it's no big deal, all right?
Patty : Why don't you just tell us what's going on and we'll decide if it's
a big deal?
Graham : What happened? Was he in a fight?
Angela : He says he fell.
Patty : Well, in any case, it's awfully late to be having friends over.
Angela : I don't think he has anywhere to go.
Graham : Did he say that?
Angela : No, I just have this feeling.
Graham : Look, sweetie, if he's run away from home [Rickie listens from the
kitchen] or if there's something really wrong --
Patty : Maybe your father and I should talk to him.
Angela : No, that'll just freak him out worse. Couldn't he just stay here
for one night?
Patty : Honey, it's *not our place*. What if his parents are expecting
him? What if -- honey, having him stay here is *not* the answer.
Angela : Then what *is* the answer? [door closes] Oh, no. Rickie! [runs
after him] He's gone.

Singers : There's no place like home for the holidays/'Cause no matter how
far away you roam/When you find all the sunshine from your friendly
days/All the holidays you can't beat home sweet home.
Rickie : [as Jordan walks by] Hey.
Jordan : [heading toward his car, then turns] You need a ride or sumpin'?
Rickie : Uh, sure.
Jordan : So where we goin'?
Rickie : Uh, uh, let me think -- um --
Jordan : Look, you - you need someplace to crash, I know a place.
Rickie : Thanks.
Jordan : My old man used to knock me around, too.
Rickie : He did?
Jordan : hasn't done in a couple of years, though. He's too scared. 'Cause
the last time -- I-I threw a chair at him.
Rickie : Well, I'm going to light a candle for you on Christmas Eve.
Jordan : Oh, yeah, you think that changes anything?
Rickie : Uh-huh.
Singers : All the holidays you can't beat home sweet home.

Patty : Were we wrong? Down there about Rickie?
Graham : No, we weren't wrong.
Patty : I mean, what do we really know about that boy, you know?
Graham : Virtually nothing.
Patty : We've never met his family, I mean, how on earth are we supposed to
know what, you know -- what the situation is?
Graham : I know, honey. Except -- I think he does make you - you kind of
Patty : What do you mean -- be-because he wears makeup?
Graham : No, I'm just saying -- what if that was Brian Krakow with that
bruise on his face?
Patty : W --
Graham : Well, that'd be a different story, wouldn't it?
Patty : Graham -- you can't compare them. I mean -- I've known Brian
Krakow since he was five years old.
Graham : I know. So have I. Now all I'm asking is -- should that make a
Patty : Well, maybe not. But it does.
Graham : I know.

Rayanne : Angelika -- chill.
Angela : Where is he? Why isn't he at school?
Rayanne : Maybe he's coming in late. Maybe he's at some Sal Mineo
film festival.
Angela : I should have hidden him in my room.
Rayanne : Stop acting so guilty. He probably went to his cousins'. He - he
stays there sometimes. Angela -- you can't like be responsible for
the whole world.

Brian : What is this big thing about Christmas? Everyone talks about it
like it's the Second Coming, or something.
Sharon : Krakow -- this is when people *need* the help line, okay? People
get so stressed over this holiday stuff -- they experience actual
symptoms of depression, or whatever. Like total hopelessness and
Brian : Oh, yeah, so what? What do I care.
Sharon : And like, loss of appetite, or whatever. Christmas cookie?
Brian : Not hungry.
Sharon : But I promised the supervisor, Brian. You are the only one I can
ask. It's Christmas Eve. People have like plans --
Brian : Oh, except me, huh? I - I know. Get Brian. He never has any
plans. Happy holidays.

Sharon : Damn Santa Claus pin. The stupid nose broke.
Rayanne : [blowing bubbles from a small jar] I'm just going to let that one
go. That's too easy.
Sharon : So Brian Krakow completely just screwed me over.
Rayanne : Oh, really. How non-unusual.
Sharon : Do you like know him?
Rayanne : Not real well. We slept together once. It's a joke, Cherski.
Sharon : I *told* the help line *two* volunteers from Liberty High on
Christmas Eve. I mean, how do I get myself into these situations?
Rayanne : Wild guess. Stupidity?
Sharon : No, no, you're right. because I do it -- over and over again. I
am like so overextended. I mean, besides the help line, I have this
whole holiday basket thing I said I'd make for this nursing
home, plus I have like two million presents to wrap, not to
mention the fifty thousand social events I said I'd go to,
and -- I have to say, you're a -- pretty good listener.
Rayanne : Well, I should be. Spent my whole life listening to my mom rag
about her problems, of which she has, like *many*. Now to top it all
off she's got a low-life sex maniac boyfriend like staying with us.
You know it's gotten to the point, I just can't handle it.
I may just as well go be somewhere else for Christmas. Like
they'd notice.
Sharon : *I* know where you could be on Christmas.

Teacher : We're right over here. [Angela ducks around a corner so as
not to be seen. She hears singing and the strum of a guitar]
Girl : Deep in the night/I think all the time/All is bright/Here in this
dark place/I see in your face/All is not right/Make it, make your way
home/Better find the light/Brave it, brave it alone/Take a second
chance. [looks up at Angela] Oh, sorry.
Angela : No, keep going. I mean --
Girl : I was just leaving.
Angela : 'Cause of me? I'm not even supposed to be in here.
Girl : Me neither. I hang out here sometimes. It's funny. Before, I'd
never go to school, and now that I don't go to school, I'm
always here.
Angela : What was that song? That was -- beautiful.
Girl : It's just this song I fool around with. I'll probably be working
on it forever. [pause] I hate to go back out there. I can never get
warm. It's because of my shoes, see? Worn clear through. I had a
decent pair, but somebody swiped them.
Angela : Seriously?
Girl : While I was sleeping. You're Angela, right? You're a friend of
Angela : Y - you know Rickie?
Girl : Uh-huh.
Angela : Wait, where is he? I've been really --
Girl : I know. You don't have to worry. I've been looking out for him.
[she leaves]
Angela : Oh, thank God. Wait! You have to show me where Rickie is! [she
chases the girl out into the crowded hall. As she strains to see
through the crowd, she bumps Jordan] Oh, sorry. Did you see
that girl just now?
Jordan : What girl?
Angela : With a guitar?
Jordan : Well, what's - what's her name?
Angela : I don't know. She knows Rickie.
Jordan : He still crashing at that place?
Angela : What place?
Jordan : That old warehouse on Tennessee? I brought him there.
Angela : You brought him somewhere?
Jordan : Yeah, he was like, I'm gonna light a candle for you, and I'm like,
don't waste your match. Ah, I shouldn't say stuff like that. I mean
I didn't completely mean it. What, you miss him? come on,
I'll bring you there.
Angela : Thanks.

Graham : Hello! Can someone get the door? [Danielle opens it. Brian
enters, carrying the front end of the Christmas tree.]
Brian : Oh, I'm sorry.
Graham : Careful, careful, careful. Now, swing it around. [As they
struggle to maneuver through the house, there is an audible crash]
Brian : Oh, sorry, sorry.
Graham : Well -- didn't really -- like that, anyway. Uh, set it down. Got
it? Good.
Brian : So, anything else you need help with?
Graham : I don't think so. Thanks. But if I think of anything --
Patty : [entering, almost hits Brian with the door] Oh!
Brian : Oh, jeez.
Patty : [to Brian] Hi! [to Graham] Hi.
Graham : Hey.
Patty : Where's Angela?

[Angela and Jordan crawl through a hole in a panel in the wall.]
Guy : Hey, you got a smoke?
Jordan : Yeah, yeah, here.
[Angela wanders around the warehouse. There are kids everywhere,
huddled up sleeping, trying to keep warm. She hears a familiar voice
Girl : Open a window/Let in the sun/Cold is all I know/Go to the
the fire/Stir it around/There's really no place for me to go/So make
it, make your way home/Better than you had/Break it, break thee
along/Leave it in the past/Oh, look and you'll find it/Someone wants
to love you.
Angela : Oh, hi, again. [the girl wordlessly gets up and leads Angela
through the warehouse. She stops outside a room. Angela enters]
Angela : Rickie?
Rickie : What are you doing here?
Angela : Jordan brought me. Rickie, are you okay? What happened?
Rickie : Nothing.
Angela : They why can't you go back home? [he does not answer] Okay, come
Rickie : What?
Angela : I mean it, come one. You're staying at my house.
Rickie : I'm not sponging off your family.
Angela : Shut up! It wouldn't be like that.
Rickie : Angela, your parents don't want me around.
Angela : That's not true. Rickie, *please*. Rickie, you *can't* be here.
You can't. Tomorrow's Christmas *Eve*.
Rickie : You think I'd stay here for Christmas? I'm going to my cousin's
tomorrow. You - you'd better go home. They're going to start
wondering where you are. I mean, face it, you don't belong here.
Angela : You don't belong here, either.
Rickie : I can't talk about this! Not with *you*. If you want to help me,
leave me alone! [Angela leaves. Rickie cries]

[As Angela leaves, she passes by the girl's room. She is curled up,
asleep, her boots by the side of her pallet. Angela examines the worn
shoes, then begins to unlace her own boots. She leaves her boots by
the girl's side, and carries the other pair off]

Patty : Angela, is that you?
Angela : Uh, yeah. Wow. The tree looks -- really great. Huh.
Brian : Hi.
Danielle: We saved you the angel. [she hands it to Angela]
Angela : Thanks. [she climbs the ladder to place it atop the tree]
Graham : We waited as long as -- uh, Danielle could stand it, but --
Angela : I know, I'm sorry. I lost track of time.
Danielle: Can I trim my room?
Graham : Why not?
Patty : So will you call next time please if you're going to stay out this
Angela : I know, I'm sorry. Rickie's fine, by the way.
Graham : Good. I'll start dinner.
Patty : I'll help.
Brian : So -- what was wrong with Rickie?
Angela : Excuse me, but why are you here?
Brian : Excuse me, your dad asked me to help. With the tree. So --
seriously -- is - is Rickie okay?
Angela : If I tell you, will you promise not to blab it to everyone?
Brian : Yes.

Angela : [her voice can be heard in the kitchen] See, he never spelled it
out, but I think his parent,s like, beat him up, or something.
Because -- for some reason, he's scared to go home.
Graham : Oh, my God.
Angela : And you will not believe where he's been sleeping. See, there's
this place. This -- big abandoned warehouse. Brian -- it's so scary
and so strange. All these kids, just like -- live there.
Brian : What kids?
Angela : *Kids*, Brian. There are kids who, like, have nowhere to live.
Don't you know that?
Brian : What, you go to like one abandoned warehouse, and suddenly you're
this like expert on homeless people?
Angela : Shut up. It's just that -- they're like -- normal. They're like
us. Like there's this one girl. And when you're talking to her,
it's -- it's like you forget that -- you know -- that there's any
difference between you.
Brian : Is this that place on Roscoe by the bowling alley?
Angela : No, it's on Tennessee Avenue.

Patty : Oh, my God, Graham.
Graham : Hey, let's just --
Patty : That's where she was. Do you realize what could happen to her in a
place like that?
Graham : Let's not, let's not panic.
Patty : Oh, well maybe panicking is the answer. We -- you realize we - we
can't ignore this. We - we have to *do* something, we have to --
do the right thing.
Graham : Who are you, Spike Lee?
Patty : Graham.
Graham : Okay, yeah, I know. We - we have to do the right thing. Dinner!

Police : Doughnut? Coffee? Moonlit dinner for two?
Patty : Uh, we'd like to report -- a situation.
Police : Be my guest.
Graham : See our daughter has a friend who is --
Patty : Who is, um, apparently living in an abandoned warehouse with --
Graham : With some other kids. So of course, we're --
Police : Of course. Where did you say this place was?
Patty : Tennessee Avenue.
Patty : Oh, yeah. Tennessee.
Graham : See, uh, see the point is, this is a good kid. Now we're here
because we --
Patty : Because we wanna -- you know, help.
Police : Yeah, and we thank you very much. Uh. Was there something else?
Graham : No. Would - would you -- ah, excuse us? [aside, to Patty] What are
we doing?
Patty : I don't know.
Graham : I mean, is this right? Is this the right thing?
Patty : Well, these are the people who are supposedly -- handle these
situations. I don't know. He seems like a decent man.
Graham : He's fine, he's adorable. It's just that we --
Patty : [to the officer] Um, what exactly will happen?
Police : Um, depends on the circumstances. Is this kid a runaway or a
Graham : A throwaway?
Police : See, a runaway -- leaves home of his own volition. A throwaway, a
push out -- is pushed out.
Patty : Oh, my God. [looking around the office, she sees a bulletin board
with pictures of missing children]
Police : Look. First off, every effort is made to restore --
Voices : Dear God, please help me. I have nowhere to go. Oh, God. I
feel so lost. Please show me the way. Please help my daughter, God.
Oh, God. I'm scared. Mama, come and get me.
Graham : Patty, we should go.
Police : Thanks for being good citizens. [before they leave] You got a --
daughter, you said.
Patty : [quietly] Yes.
Police : You keep her close, okay?
Patty : [numb] Okay.
Police : Merry Christmas.

[The television is playing the Mr. Magoo Christmas Special]
Solicitor: At this festive season of the year, Mr. Scrooge, 'tis more
than usually desirable we should make some slight provisions for the
poor --
Patty : Danielle, i asked you to set the table.
Danielle: Angela said *she'd* do it.
Solicitor: -- of want of common comfort, sir.
Scrooge: Ah, yes, the prison.
Patty : [entering the dining room] Oh! Ah!
Angela : Mom, don't look yet, I'm not finished.
Patty : Sweetheart, it's *beautiful*. Oh, it -- one thing I forgot to tell
you -- Grandma and Grandpa are in the mountains.
Angela : I - I know.
Patty : And Neil and Marla are with her parents in Rockfort, so --
Angela : Mom, I know.
Patty : So why is --
Angela : Mom, I really want to do this, okay. Please say it's okay?
Patty : Say what's okay?
Angela : I want to bring Rickie and that girl over here for Christmas Eve
dinner. That's right, I didn't even tell you about her. Mom, this
girl has the most amazing voice. Seriously, wait till --
Patty : Angela., listen. You *cannot* -- go back to that place.
Angela : How do you know about that place?
Patty : Sweetie, look --
Angela : *Don't*, Mom.
Patty : We had to do something. We couldn't just --
Angela : I can't believe this. What did you *do*?
Patty : Your father and I -- overheard you and Brian talking, and --
Angela : Oh, my God, you didn't -- did you call the police or something?
Patty : Angela --
Angela : Mom, don't you realize, we have to do something. We have to warn
them --
Patty : Angela, listen to me. You *are not* going back to that place.
This is a serious matter.
Angela : I know that! Why do you speak like this to me, like I'm a child?

Patty : This girl, whoever she is, has *serious* problems!
Angela : you haven't even talked to her! I've talked to her. This girl --
*she* could be me.
Patty : Oh, don't say that! She couldn't be you. How can you say that?
Angela : Because it's true. [long pause] Fine. I'll put back the extra
plates. [she clatters the plates angrily]

Graham : Hey, shorty.
Patty : What is this with "shorty"? [fumbling a bow] Shoot!
Graham : Need help?
Patty : No. No. I can do it myself. God -- I just had -- the most
upsetting fight with Angela. You know, it was one of those fights
where -- it doesn't even seem real, it seems like the fight is having
you. You'd better go speak to her.
Graham : Danielle said she went out for a walk. What was the fight about?
[Patty suddenly gets up, runs from the room] Patty? Patty?

Angela : [crawling through the panel in the warehouse wall] Rickie!
Man: [a bright light is turned in her direction] Hey, you there.
Don't be scared. You're coming with us.

Patty : What was I thinking? What have I done?
Graham : You were just trying to help. We both were.
Danielle: Will somebody tell me what's going on, for like once in my life?
Graham : I'll explain in a minute.
Patty : Stay here, won't you, in case she phones?
Graham : Patty, it's okay, all right? She's going to come home. [as Patty
opens the door to leave, she is surprised by Brian Krakow,
standing there]
Brian : Um -- hi. I was just -- you know -- had -- had nothing like
planned, so I, so --
Patty : So *what*? Spit it out! I'm sorry -- I'm sorry --
Graham : It's okay. Go, go. [to Brian] She's just -- she's -- in a hurry.
Danielle: Don't ask me. I just live here.
[The television is playing the classic version of A Christmas Carol]
Scrooge: Tell me -- are these the shadows of the things that will be,
or are they the shadows of the things that may be only? [he sees a
tombstone, illuminated by a flash of lightning] Ebeneezer
Scrooge! Am I the man who lay upon the bed? No, spirit,
no! I am not the bitter man I was --

Sharon : [on the phone] And a merry Christmas to you, too. Thanks for
calling the help line. [the phone rings]
Rayanne : Oh, can I have this one, can I have this one, please, please,
Sharon : Oh -- well -- okay. But, but -- don't let the supervisor see you.
Rayanne :: Hello? Help line?
Brian : Hi. My name is -- Steve.
Rayanne : Hi, Steve. [to Sharon] It's Brian Krakow!
Brian : See, it's not like I enjoy spending time with my parents or
anything -- so -- when they first told me they were going away, they
asked me if -- if I wanted to go to Denver -- to my sister and her
husband's house -- but -- I - I said no, because -- I thought -- you
know -- it'll be great. I'll -- work on my PSATs. It'll be like --
peaceful -- But -- I just -- didn't expect to feel this like --
lonely. Like even now, I'm at my neighbors' and --
Rayanne : My God, he's *crying*.
Sharon : Get outta town!
Rayanne : My hand to God!
Sharon : Do you want me to get the supervisor?
Rayanne : No. No, I'll handle it. So, Steve, you never asked me my name.
Brian : What is your name.
Rayanne : Jade.
Brian : Jade, do you go to Liberty?
Rayanne : Negative, Steve.
Brian : Thank God.
Rayanne : So, Steve -- what are you wearing?
Brian : What? Um -- all right. My red flannel shirt and my brown
corduroys. Why?
Rayanne : Would you like to know what I'm wearing -- Steve?
Brian : Um, sure.
Rayanne : I'm wearing a tank top. It's really low cut. I'm practically
popping out of it! And these super tight shorty cutoffs! Oh, they
are so tight! I better unzip them. Ooh. Mm. That's so
much better.
Brian : Are -- are you sure this is the help line?
Rayanne : It's the help line, all right. Mm. It's getting really warm in
here. I think I should take off my tank top.
Brian : Look, I better get off. I mean, hang up. I mean. I'm at my
neighbors', so --
Rayanne : Well, think of it this way, Steve. You still feel like crying?
[she glances at Sharon, who is smiling nervously]

Patty : Uh, excuse me, is -- is this Tennessee Avenue?
Man : We're late.
Patty : Oh. [in the distance, she sees the girl. She is not sure who it is
at first, but then she sees Angela's boots. Patty follows]

Brian : Hello?
Graham : Is it her? [Brian hands him the phone] Angela?
Angela : Dad.
Graham : Angela --
Angela : Dad, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Graham : It's all right, it's all right. Just tell me where you are.
Angela : I'm -- well, you're not going to believe this, but I'm in the
basement of this church. They brought all the kids from the
warehouse here.
Graham : Just give me the address. Yeah, okay, I know where that's at.
Right. All right. You stay there, and we'll come get you. [to
Brian, Danielle] We're going to church.

Patty : [stopping in front of a church] Angela! [sees the girl] Oh, never
mind. Uh, I mean, uh. I - I'm sorry -- I'm, uh. My
daughter has has boots just like those. You see, I'm trying
to find my daughter and um --
Girl : I know. Because I'm no different from her.
Patty : No, no, um -- you don't understand.
Girl : Sure I do. I had a mom. Clean sheets. All of that. Another
toss of the dice, I could be in her shoes, she could be in mine.
Patty : There but for the grace of God --
Girl : Go I. Go ahead. Ask me.
Patty : Why did you leave home?
Girl : My mother and I had a fight -- the kind of fight where it seems
like the fight is having you. So what else do you want to know?
Patty : [pause, then quietly] How did you die?
Girl : I froze.
Patty : [looking skyward] Oh, God. Please -- help me. [the sounds of a
choir humming O Holy Night begin. When Patty turns, the girl is gone,
the gates of the churchyard closed. The stairs the the church are
illuminated by a soft, warm light. Patty enters the church.

In an alcove, Rickie is lighting candles. As he lights the last one,
he clasps his hands together in prayer and crosses himself. He turns
to see Patty standing there. Crying, he embraces her. Meanwhile,
Angela comes up the stairs.

There is a chorus at the front of the church. They are singing a
gospel hymn, which continues to the end of the episode]

Chorus : Oh Lord/I feel like going home/ I tried and I failed and I'm
tired and I'm weary/Everything I done is wrong/Lord, and I feel like
going home/Lord I tried to see it through/But it was too much for
me/Hey Now I'm coming home to you, yeah/Yes, I feel like going
home/Cloudy skies are closing in/And not a friend around to
help me/Oh all the places I been/But I feel like going
home/Don't it feel like coming home/I tried and I failed and
I'm tired and I'm weary/Every place I've ever gone/And I
feel like going home. [segue to Silent Night] All is calm,
all is bright/Round you Virgin mother and child/Holy infant
so tender and mild/Sleep in heavenly peace/Sleep in heavenly

[Angela sees Rickie and Patty sitting and listening to the chorus.
She waves to them. They both stand; Rickie embraces her. They hold
each other for a long while. Patty closes her eyes and looks skyward
in relief and thanks. As she holds him, Angela meets Patty's gaze;
there is an unspoken forgiveness and an understanding between them.
Angela goes to embrace Patty, who welcomes her deeply.

Graham, Brian, and Danielle enter the church. Patty, Rickie, and
Angela are sitting in the pews, listening to the music. Graham taps
Patty on the shoulder; she is pleased to see him. Graham turns to the
altar and crosses himself before sitting down. Rickie and Angela
smile as they see Brian, who sits in front of them. Danielle also
sits in front of them, but casts a single glance at Angela before
doing so. Angela meets her gaze with a smile, and Danielle returns
her own grudging half-grin before turning her attention to the chorus
as well. Angela's hands find Rickie's, and they hold to each other as
they listen to the chorus.

Cut to a brief pan past the help line, where Sharon and Rayanne are
joking and laughing as they eat Christmas cookies and sip mugs of
eggnog or cider.

Cut to a brief pan of Jordan lighting a candle. He looks up to the
sky in quiet contemplation.

The Chases, with Rickie and Brian, leave the church, buttoning their
coats against the winter chill. The camera angle rises above them,
and pans across the girl looking down upon them. She then looks out
in profile across the night, then glances skyward. She turns, and
before she moves completely offscreen, there is a brief glimpses of
feathered wings which disappear into the night.]

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“Do we have to keep talking about religion? It's Christmas.”

Danielle Chase, Episode 15: "So-Called Angels"