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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 7: The wanted unexpectedly shows up...

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Chapter 7: The wanted unexpectedly shows up...

written by anonymous author

added on: 17 Dec 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela hides behind the door as Rayann opens it to see Jordan smiling at her.
Jordan- Is Angel here? I mean I thought I would just stop by and, well, if she's not then I guess I can leave. (he is obviously stuttering from his nervousness)
Rayanne- Hold on a sec! (she shuts the door on his face and both Angela and her break into laughter)Well I think he knows you're here, of course he does this is your house. Are you ready to talk to him?
Angela- Ask him to come in, I look like crap so tell him I'll be a sec. (she runs up the stairs and almost stumbles)
Rayanne-(turning to the door) Yeah she wants him, like totally hardcore! (she laughs to herself and opens the door)
Hey come in Angelika is upstairs.
Jordan- Oh,uh okay (he comes in and he looks to the stairs)
Rayanne- So like what's up?
Jordan- Well, I am just, umm, see theres this thing that I, uhh (feels akward because he has to make conversation and doesn't know what to say)

Just then Angela walks to the edge of the stairs and Jordan's eyes meet hers...

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You have 2 choices: What should happen next?
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    Chapter 8: Falling by Ali=kat (06 Jul 2000)
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  2. Angela breaks the silence:
    Chapter 8: Working It Out by Joie (15 Mar 2001)
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