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Chapter 18: Nothing is Perfect

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Chapter 18: Nothing is Perfect

written by Rachel

added on: 28 Jan 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to everyone clapping and the cast coming out to take a bow. Angela is sitting with her parents and Danielle, Brian is there with Delia, and Rickie is backstage with Corey watching from the wings.

(a few minutes later backstage)

Angela runs to Rayanne and gives her a big hug.

Angela: Rayanne you were wonderful (hands her flowers).

Rayanne: Really, I dont know I messed up in one line and said the word wrong.

Angela: I didnt notice it at all.

Rayanne: Thanks, so where are your parents?

Angela: They are waiting in the hall, they werent sure if they could come back here.

Rayanne: Well of course, I will go out and say hi to them.

Rayanne goes to say hi to Patty and Graham.

Patty: Oh Rayanne, you were so wonderful, we are all so proud of you (gives Rayanne a hug).

Rayanne: Thanks, that means so much.

Patty: Well will you tell Angela that we are going to head home and we will see her tomorrow.

Rayanne: Sure, thanks again for coming.

Rayanne goes backstage and Angela is standing and talking to Rickie and Corey.

Rickie: My favorite part was when Rayanne started crying like Angela, I wanted to start laughing.

Angela: Oh shut up, I do not cry like that!

Rayanne: Oh yes you do!

Corey: So are you guys coming out with all of us? (to Rickie and Angela)

Rickie: I will, I could definetly use some ice cream!

Angela: Um, sure, as long as someone can give me a ride home after.

Rickie: I am sure Mr. Katimski wouldn't mind.

They all go out for ice cream and then everyone goes home. When Angela comes home she walks in quietly thinking everyone is sleeping, but as she goes to her bedroom she hears her parents talking loudly, but can't make out what they are saying. Angela goes into her room and goes to bed.

In Patty and Graham's room...

Graham: I just want to make sure that the kids know that this isn't permanent, that we just need some time apart to think about what we want.

Patty: Me too.

Graham: Well, I am going to go sleep on the couch, we will tell them tomorrow at dinner.

Patty: Ok, goodnight.

Graham goes downstairs and lays on the couch, but doesn't sleep at all. Patty sleeps on her side of the bed, but can't sleep and rolls onto Graham's side and hugs his pillow and starts crying quietly.

Then next morning everything seems like usual in the Chase house. Graham is repairing a few things around the house, Patty is cleaning a closet out, Angela is in her room doing homework and listening to music, and Danielle is outside in the front yard practicing cheers with a friend.

Later that night they all sit around the dinner table. Angela and Danielle are laughing about some joke that Angela told. For a moment everything seems normal and then it all hits.

Patty: Um, girls, your father and I have to talk to you about something, but we dont want you to get scared.

AngelaVO: I hate it when grownups start conversations and tell you not to get scared, it really means that you should be more scared than ever before in your life.

Graham: Now this isn't permanent, it is just temporary, but I am going to move in with Uncle Neil for a while just to figure some things out and finish the restaurant.

Patty: We both just need some time apart, and daddy will still be here most of the time.

Danielle: Are you guys getting a divorce? (looks scared)

Graham and Patty in unison: No, of course not!

Graham: You know how you and Angela need time apart, well sometimes grownups do too, to think about things so that they will be more excited the next time they see each other.

Angela(almost in tears): I can't believe this, so you guys are like separating, how long has this been going on?

Patty: We are not separating, we are just spending some time apart, and Daddy is only going to be 5 minutes away. And we only decided this last night, but I think we have needed this for a little while.

Angela: I can't believe you kept this from me, you lied and pretended like things were fine. I can't ever trust you guys again (Angela bolts from the table and runs out the door)

Once she is outside she looks to see that the Krakow house is black, so she runs down the street. She hears her father calling her name from the house but continues to run, not sure where she is going. She couldn't go to Rayanne's, she was on a date, and Sharon was with Kyle, and it was too far to Rickie's, so there was only Jordan, but she didnt want him to see her like this, but she couldn't stay out here all night. Angela heads for Jordan's house, half walking and running. Once she gets there she sees lights on and Jordan's car in the driveway, but no other cars. She goes up to the door and knocks softly. Jordan answers the door wearing jeans and a wife beater.

Jordan: Angela, what are you doing here (she has her head down, and then looks up at him with tears running down her face), what's the matter? (embraces her by putting his hands on her arms and lookng at her in the face)

Angela(chin trembling): My dad is moving out, and I just had to get out of there, I couldn't stay at home and see them sitting there and talking to me like that (crying)

Jordan: Shhhh, come here (hugs her tight and kisses the top of her head), I don't know what to say to make you feel better, but you can stay here tonight if you need to.

Angela(looks up at him): Really? Are you sure?

Jordan: Yes (wipes away her tears), come on inside and talk.

They go inside and Angela starts talking.

Angela: It's not like I thought our family was perfect, cause were not, but there was always that comfort of having both of them there. But since I saw my dad one night outside talking to another woman it's like I havent been able to trust him.

Jordan: I know what that is like, it's like you feel betrayed by someone you are like supposed to be able to trust and count on.

Angela: Yeah, thanks for listening to me, I mean, I know how I must have looked when I just showed up here.

Jordan: I'm glad you came, I mean, not glad that this is happening, but glad you came to me. Come here.

Angela lays against Jordan's chest and he gently brushes her hair with his hand. They lay like this for a while until there is a knock on the door.

Jordan: I wonder who that could be now.

Jordan gets up and opens the front door where Graham is standing.

Graham: Is Angela here Jordan?

Jordan: Um, yeah, she is sleeping now.

Graham: Ok, I don't want to wake her, she can stay here tonight, but tell her she has to come home tomorrow.

Jordan: Ok, bye

Graham: bye

Jordan walks back to the couch to where Angela is laying with her eyes closed.

Jordan: Angela, that was your dad and he said you could stay here tonight, but you have to go home in the morning.

Angela(opens her eyes): really? ok, well I am kind of tired. By the way, where is your dad?

Jordan: Um, he should be home soon, he usually works until 8 on saturdays.

Angela: Is it ok that I stay here?

Jordan: Of course, I will talk to him.

They lay on the couch for a while without the tv or radio on. At 815 Jordan's dad, John, comes in.

John: Jordan, who is that?

Jordan gets up while Angela is still sleeping.

Jordan: Dad, this is Angela, she kind of needs to crash here tonight.

John: Oh, so this is Angela, well, ok, just tell her not to drink any of my beer.

Jordan: She wont, she doesnt drink.

Angela wakes up to see Jordan talking to his dad.

Jordan: Umm, Angela, this is my dad, John.

Angela(gets up): Nice to meet you

John: You too, I have heard a lot about you

Angela: You have?

John: Yeah, your the first girl that Jordan actually talks about.

Angela: Oh

John: Well I am going to go eat something and then get to bed, see you tomorrow.

Angela: thanks, bye

Angela and Jordan go up to his room.

Angela: I guess I will just sleep in my clothes.

Jordan: No, you can borrow one of my tshirts.

Jordan pulls a black tshirt out of his closet. Angela turns around and puts it on, it comes down just below low enough to show the bottow of her underwear. Jordan wears boxers. They lay down, spooned together with Jordan's arms wrapped around Angela under the blanket.

Jordan: YOur legs are cold, do you want to borrow some pants?

Angela: No, I will be ok, just hold me.

Jordan squeezes her tight: I know I can't tell you that everything will be ok, but I love you (kisses the back of her neck)

Angela: I know, i love you too, it feels safe with your arms around me, just hold me like this.

Jordan: Always....

Fade out to the two of the falling asleep, Angela wrapped in Jordan's arms.

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