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Chapter 26: One more try...

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The story so far

Chapter 26: One more try...

written by anonymous author

added on: 28 Feb 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Rickie and Corey saying goodbye.

Rickie: Well, thanks, for like coming over and hanging out.

Corey: Sure, maybe we can like, go out sometime.

Rickie: Sure. So, umm, bye.

Corey: Bye (awkwardly leans in and kisses Rickie on the cheek and then leaves)

RickieVO: Oh my God, did that really just happen?

Scene cuts to Jordan and Angela. Jordan is sleeping on his back and Angela is sleeping next to him on her stomach. Jordan's eyes slowly open and he looks over at Angela sleeping.

JordanVO: She is so beautiful, and she actually had sex, with me, which is what I have been like, wanting, for so long, and now I ruined it.

Jordan leans over and kisses Angela's bare back and brushes the hair off of her neck. He kisses up to the back of her neck just as she is waking up.

Angela: What time is it?

Jordan: Uh, almost 1:30.

Angela: Oh, how come your awake?

Jordan: I was dreaming and woke up.

Angela (turns to face him): Oh, and what were you dreaming about?

Jordan: That we ran away together and were alone, without anyone knowing.

Angela(laughs): Yeah, and where did we go?

Jordan: To the mountains, and we lived in this log cabin, and sat by the fire to keep warm, and had sex, like, whenever we wanted.

Angela: Oh.

Jordan: Where would you want to go if we could, like, run off together?

Angela: I don't know, someplace warm, where we could lay in the sun, and hear the ocean while we fall asleep, and at night look at the stars under the moonlight.

Jordan: That sounds nice.

Angela: Yeah

Jordan leans in and kisses Angela gently on the lips. Their kisses grow deeper and more passionate. Angela pulls Jordan on top of her, and he lays in between her legs. He continues to kiss her until he breaks her kiss for a minute.

Jordan: Do you want to?

Angela: Yeah

Jordan kisses Angela with more passion than ever before as he pushes himself into her. It hurts less this time, but Jordan is still careful not to hurt her. This time Angela wraps her legs behind Jordan's as they move together. Jordan kisses Angela's neck as he moves back and forth, going slowly. Angela starts to breathe heavier as she enjoys it more. Jordan looks up into Angela's eyes and stares into them for a minute.

Jordan: Are you ok?

Angela(breathing heavy): Uh-huh.

Jordan continues to move with Angela's body until they both are breathing heavy and finally they both finish at the same time. As their breathing slows down Jordan looks at Angela and kisses her gently on the lips.

Jordan: Was it, better, this time?

Angela: Yeah (sighs, and kisses him back)

Jordan lays down across Angela's chest and she strokes the back of his hair. They both fall asleep wrapped in each other's arms.

Cut to the next morning around 11:45. Jordan drops Angela off at her house.

Angela: So, I'll see you later right?

Jordan: Yeah (kisses her on the lips) I'll be over sometime around dinner I guess.

Angela: Ok, I love you.

Jordan: I love you too, Happy Birthday.

Angela: Thanks, bye.

Jordan watches Angela walk into the house and a smile comes across his face. The camera then cuts to Angela walking into the house with a big smile on her face. Patty walks up to her right away.

Patty: So, how was the Prom?

Angela: Oh, it was ok.

Patty: Happy Birthday sweetie!

Angela: Thanks mom, I'm uh, going to go take a shower.

Patty: Ok, oh, umm, Sharon called and I invited her over tonight, and I called and invited Rayanne and Rickie too, I hope thats ok.

Angela: Yeah, thanks mom (kisses her on the cheek)

Angela goes upstairs and gets into the shower.

AngelaVO: I can't believe it, I like, had sex, for the first time, with Jordan. It was wierd too, cause the first time was not so great, but the second was much better. And the way he looked at me during, it's like he wasn't just looking at me, but looking into me. Sometimes the way he looks at me makes my brain stop functioning correctly and everything around me just stops. Sometimes I feel like I know him more than I have ever known anyone, even more than myself...

Fade out to black....

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