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Rayanne Graff

Rayanne Marie Graff is a wild girl, intense. She burns hot, bright, and fast. She tends to devour things, like Patty's brand new block of cheese, or Jody Barsh. Rayanne is a wild girl, most schools have one. She shows up for classes that she's not in but never goes to the ones that she is. She was voted "Most Slut Potential" in her sophomore class. She tends to "date" scumbags, security guards, and generally disreputable guys, but never for very long. She loves to drink. She once had her stomach pumped after nearly ODing. After that she stayed clean and sober for over a month, but fell off the wagon hard after a disasterous attempt at singing lead vocals for Jordan's (at the time) nameless band. This wild nature apparently lends itself to acting, as she won the lead role in the Liberty High production of "Our Town".
Friends are very important to Rayanne. She treats her mother, Amber, more like a good friend than a mother. Rayanne's father left them when she was very young, but occasionally writes to her, usually in order to send her money. Rayanne's best friends are Angela and Rickie, both of whom she watches out for, even though she can't even take care of herself. She seems to have destroyed her friendship with Angela when she and Jordan got drunk and "ummed" in his car.


She is afraid of the dark.
She likes Sesame Street and the Grateful Dead.
She wants a real meal with all 4 basic food groups. She loves Chinese foods.
She wants to be legendary like Nicky Driscoll.


"I think lard's my favorite food group."

Rickie: "If you were about to do it, okay, what would you want the other person to say, like, right before."
Rayanne: "`This won't take long.'"
Rickie: "No, seriously."
Rayanne: "`Do I know you?'"

"People throwing themselves at people is, like, the basis of civilization."

"What's the big deal? It's not like anybody even got a flesh wound. A bottle of soda was shot tragically."

Rayanne: "Well, okay, do you want my mother to call your mother and tell her you didn't sleep together?"
Angela: "Aaaaaaaaaaargh!"
Rayanne: "Well, I could do that..."

Rayanne: "So, not to shock you, but your dad's attractive."
Angela: "Oh, I'm sure."
Rayanne: "Not that I'd attack him or anything, but I wouldn't leave me alone with him, either."

"Let's ignore Angela. She can't help herself. She's the product of a two parent household."

Rayanne: "Sometimes I feel, like, numb or something."
Sharon: "Maybe you just haven't found the right person yet."
Rayanne: "I've tried every type of person."

(to Sharon after seeing her hugging Brian): "So, Girl in Distress hurls herself on Guy Without Life, huh?"

"Two words: Tino."

"Orally fixated. That is such a cool world. 'Cause I have this, like, theory of how that probably happened to me. You see, my mother, she like claims that she breast fed me. But I just have serious doubts. I mean, you should see her boobs. They are so firm."

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“I cannot bring myself to eat a well-balanced meal in front of my mother.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"