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Chapter 24: To do it or not to do it....That is the question

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The story so far

Chapter 24: To do it or not to do it....That is the question

written by anonymous author

added on: 25 Feb 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Jordan getting his guitar out and putting it around his neck. He goes and sits on the edge of the bed next to Angela. He starts playing a new song, the verses are slow and the chorus is faster.

That night I saw her standing there
I didnt know what to do
She smiled at me but
My mind went blank
I didnt realize that

Shes everything to me
More than I could see
I want to hold her, kiss her
And love her until the end of time

I had her in my arms
We were so happy you see
But I screwed up
And she ran away
I didnt realize

Shes everything to me
More than I could see
I want to hold her, kiss her
And love her until the end of time

Now I have her back
I dont wanna mess things up because
She said she loves me and
I love her too.

Jordan looks up at Angela who is smiling shyly.

Jordan: I wrote that, for you.

Angela: That was so beautiful, thank you.

Jordan: Well, I had been writing it for a while, and uh, I didnt know what to get you for your birthday so I decided to finish it and play it for you.

Angela: Really?

Jordan: Yeah, I mean, I have been writing it, since, you know, and I finally finished it.

Angela: Your not going to, like, play it with Residue, are you?

Jordan: No, this one is just for you.

Angela: So will you play it for me again sometime?

Jordan: Whenever you want....

Angela leans in and kisses Jordan gently on the lips. He takes the guitar off and rests it against the side of the bed. He takes Angela's face in his hands and kisses her back gently. Their kisses become more rapid and Angela kisses Jordan back with more urgency as she starts to lay down. Jordan pulls away as they lay down together.

Jordan: Are you sure you want to do this?

Angela: Yeah, I want to, do you?

Jordan: Yeah (leans in and kisses her) I want you so much.

They continue to kiss passionately. Angela takes off Jordan's suit jacket and he takes his tie off. He takes off Angela's shoes and they move to the middle of the king sized bed. Jordan lays on his side, half-way laying on Angela. Their legs are tangled together as Jordan kicks his shoes off. Just as Angela is about to start unbuttoning Jordan's shirt the door bursts open and in walks Rayanne and Tony. Angela and Jordan fly up to a sitting position.

Rayanne: Oh, Angela, sorry (laughing) to like interrupt, but genius over here forgot to get us a room to stay in, so can we like crash here. I mean, we can like just wait outside until you guys are done or whatever.

Jordan looks at Angela and rolls his eyes.

Angela: Umm, yeah, I guess you guys can stay in here tonight. (looks over at Jordan who is pissed)

Jordan: I'm going to go for a walk.... (gets up and leaves the room)

Angela (to Tony and Rayanne): I'll be right back....

Rayanne(to Tony): Well, at least we have someplace to sleep now, so go out and get us some beer or something.

Tony: Ok (leaves Rayanne in the room by herself, and she plops down on the bed and turns on the tv)

Back in the hotel hallway Angela is running after Jordan. He is walking fast and Angela is trying to catch up with him.

Angela: Jordan, wait!

She finally catches up with him just as he is about to go down the emergency stairwell.

Jordan: What?

Angela: Why did you run out like that?

Jordan: Because I felt like being alone for a while (with a pissed look on his face)

Angela: Look, I'm sorry, I didn't know what to do, I mean, I couldn't tell her no.

Jordan: That's just it, we finally are together and Rayanne shows up and ruins everything. Couldn't you have just told her no?

Angela: I dont know, she's my friend.

Jordan: Well I am sick of her always hanging around, I mean, I just wanted to be alone with you, and she just messes everything up.

Angela: I wanted to be alone to, but what was I supposed to do tell her to get out.

Jordan: Well, yeah, it's not our problem they didn't get a room.

Angela: Yeah, but maybe we can just go back to your house...

Jordan: Yeah, I guess we could, I just wanted our first time to be someplace nicer than my house.

Angela: I don't care where it is, well partially I do, but as long as you are there it doesnt matter.

Jordan: You know, we could just do it right here, like in the stairwell....

Angela: Jordan! come on, lets go back to your place.

Angela and Jordan get their stuff from the hotel room and drive back to Jordan's house which is dark. They walk in and turn the lights on. Just as Jordan is closing the door and locking it Angela jumps into his arms and starts to kiss him forcefully. Jordan drops his bag and wraps his arms around her and kisses her back with urge. They start walking towards the stairs (Angela walking backwards while Jordan is kissing her), and Angela stops suddenly.

Angela: Um, you do have, like something, right?

Jordan: Umm, I think so, I don't know.

Jordan leads Angela upstairs to his bedroom. He goes over to his dresser and opens a top drawer.

Jordan: Uh, maybe I put them in my coat pocket. (goes to get his coat and finds them) Here they are...Come here.

Angela walks over to Jordan and kisses him gently on the lips.

Angela: Umm, can I use the bathroom...

Jordan: Sure, but hurry back...

Angela walks into the bathroom and leans against the door as she closes it.

AngelaVO: I can't believe this is happening. I mean, I have waited forever for this moment, and it is like here. The thing is am I really ready? I mean, this is going to change everything. After this, it will like be expected, just like Sharon said. And I don't want it to become this thing that we always do. And what if it like hurts or if I get pregnant. Why do I always think of these things after I have already made my decision???

Fade out to black...

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