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Chapter 28: The best birthday present ever!

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Chapter 28: The best birthday present ever!

written by Amy

added on: 05 Mar 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to the next day at school(Monday). There is two weeks left of the school year and people have that summer itch going in full force. Angela is at her locker talking to Rickie.

Angela: So, he like, kissed you, on the cheek, when he was saying goodbye?

Rickie: Yes, and now I don't know what to do. I mean, do I say anything when I see him?

Angela: I could talk to him for you, and uh, see what's up.

Rickie: NO!!! Don't do that. I will just act casually, like normal, you know. So, have you seen Jordan yet?

Angela: No, don't remind me. He didn't even call me last night. I am so mad, I don't even want to see him.

Rickie: Well, uh, he is sort of coming down the hallway, towards us...

Angela looks in the direction to where Jordan is. She does her hair flip thing, and just gazes at him, and with her other hand gently touches her lips. He is staring right into her eyes with a wanting and 'sorry' look. Angela breaks her gaze and turns back to Rickie.

Angela: I just don't think I want to see him right now, I mean, I don't like want to get upset here, like, in school, can you just tell him that I will meet him after school?

Rickie: Sure.

Angela(kisses Rickie on the cheek): Thanks, bye.

Angela runs down the hall and into the girls bathroom where she finds Rayanne and Sharon talking. Her chin starts trembling and she walks into a stall and starts crying. Rayanne and Sharon stand outside the stall and try to talk to her. No luck, she refuses to come out and just wants to be alone.

Cut back to Jordan who has just walked up to Rickie.

Jordan: Where did she go?

Rickie: I don't know, she told me to tell you that she will meet you after school.

Jordan: I guess she's pretty upset, huh?

Rickie: Yeah, I mean, she was pretty embarassed last night, when her whole family was waiting to meet you.

Jordan: Yeah, I just got so nervous, I mean, meeting her parents was different, but her whole family?

Rickie: It was actually just her grandparents, and we were there too.

Jordan: Oh.

Rickie: So, uh, where were you?

Jordan: Look, you can't tell Angela ok?

Rickie: Sure. VO: Yeah right, if it is anything that could potentially hurt Angela, like I am going to keep it from her!

Jordan: Well, you know, how she like, is always singing those songs, by those guys in that band, you know, the Pumpkins?

Rickie: Yeah, the Smashing Pumpkins.

Jordan: Well, I didn't exactly get her a gift, you know, for her birthday, cause I havent actually ever given anyone a gift for their birthday. So, they are like, on tour, and they were already in Pittsburg, so I sort of got tickets for their show in Atlantic City in three weeks.

Rickie: Wow, why didn't you just tell Angela.

Jordan: 'Cause, I wasn't sure I was going to get them, until last night when I had to go pick them up in Philly from a guy.

Rickie: Oh, well, she will be really excited. How many tickets did you get?

Jordan: 4, that way, if anyone else wants to go. I mean, she may not even want to go, with me.

Rickie: Of course she will, well, I gotta get to class.

Jordan: Ok, later.

Rickie: Bye VO: That is so romantic, Angela is going to flip, I wish I had someone who would do things like that for me (thinking of Corey)...

Scene cuts to Angela after school waiting by Jordan's car. She is getting mad because she is supposed to be on her way home so she can go get her driver's license with her mom, and instead she is waiting, for Jordan.

AngelaVO: I can't believe that after what he did he left me a note asking me to meet him at his car, so he could explain.

Jordan: Angela...

Angela turns around to see Jordan walking towards her. Everything turns to slow motion around her, and you can hear her heart beating faster.

Jordan: Look, let me explain (standing right next to her)

Angela(chin tremblin): Oh, explain what, how you humiliated me, and lied to me, and...

Jordan puts a finger to her lips to quiet her so he can talk.

Jordan: Can I please explain? Look, I'm sorry, I got nervous, like, meeting your family, but I have a good reason. I had been waiting to find out if the gift I was going to get you was going to come through. And yesterday afternoon, after I dropped you off, I got a call to come pick up your birthday present, in Philly. I had to go otherwise the guy was going to give it to someone else.

Angela: So, what is it?

Jordan pulls out of his pocket the tickets and hands them to Angela.

Angela: The Smashing Pumpkins!!!! You got me tickets to see the Pumpkins!?! I can't believe it (jumps and wraps her arms around Jordan's neck). Thank you, this is the perfect gift, because I can spend it with you!

Jordan wraps his arms around her waist and whispers in her ear: So, you like, forgive me?

Angela(looks into his eyes): Yeah, not just because you got me a gift, but because you really thought of me and what would make me happy. (looks down at the tickets) Wait, these are tickets to Atlantic City!

Jordan: Yeah, they are the only ones I could get, plus I thought we could like, go, for the weekend, or something.

Angela: I don't know, if my parents will let me, or something.

Jordan: Don't worry, your parents sort of knew that I might be getting them.

Angela: You talked to my parents about this?

Jordan: Yeah...

Angela stands on her tip-toes and kisses Jordan softly on the lips. He takes her face in his hands and kisses her back. His hands move down to her waist where her midriff is showing slightly. She is wearing overalls and a small tshirt. He moves his hands inside her overalls to her lower back and gently touches her skin as he kisses her deeper.

Angela: Jordan, stop, people are like, looking.

Jordan: Let them look, I don't care, I want you so much. Do you want to go back to my place?

Angela: I can't, I'm supposed to go get my license today with my mom.

Jordan: Oh, well, maybe you can come over after?

Angela: Maybe, I will ask. Can you give me a ride home, I am kinda late.

Jordan: Sure. (kisses her on the lips and opens the car door for her, as he is doing this he sees Shane looking at him from a distance pissed off, but Jordan doesn't care)

Jordan drops Angela off at home and Angela runs in the house and finds her mom waiting for her.

Angela: Sorry, I was talking to Jordan.

Patty: Oh, is everything ok?

Angela: Yeah, I can't believe that you knew about the concert tickets and didn't tell me at all!

Patty: Well, I wanted you to be really surprised.

Angela: So I can really go, I mean, we would probably go for the weekend or something.

Patty: Yeah, as long as it isn't just the two of you, maybe Brian and Delia can go with you?

Angela: Mom, Brian and I aren't exactly friends right now.

Patty: Well, just think about who you really want to go with before you ask them. So, you ready to go get your license?

Angela: Yeah, um, after, can I go over to Jordan's he wanted to uh, take me out for dinner.

Patty: Sure, but your not taking the car, just because you get your license doesn't mean you can drive by yourself just yet.

Angela: I know, ok, your making me nervous, lets just go.

An hour later they come back and Angela has a disappointed look on her face.

Patty: Look, not everyone passes the first time, I know that I didn't, and it's not the end of the world, we can go back next week if you want.

Angela: Ok! I'm going to go call Sharon and then go to Jordan's ok.

Patty: Alright, but be home by 11.

Angela goes upstairs to her room and shuts the door and dials Sharon's number.

Camielle: Hello?

Angela: Hi, is Sharon there?

Camielle: Oh, hi Angela. Did you get your license?

Angela: Um, well...

Camielle: Oh, don't worry about it, your mom didn't pass the first time either. Hold on, here's Sharon.

Sharon: Hi Chase, I just heard, are you toally bummed.

Angela: I don't care, it's just a stupid test anyways.

Sharon: Well, don't worry, you will pass next time with flying colors.

AngelaVO: I don't know where some of these sayings come from, like, how do you pass with flying colors, don't you pass with a minimum grade or something?

Sharon: So, I heard about what Jordan did, that is sooo sweet. Maybe we can all go, like a road trip or something, and we can scalp extra tickets or something.

Angela: Sure, that would be great!

Sharon: So, what are you doing tonight.

Angela: Uh, Jordan is picking me up...

Sharon: Oooohhhh! I'm sure he will make you feel much better (laughs).

Angela: Oh, shut up! Not like you and Kyle don't do it every chance you get.

Sharon: Yeah, even though I wanted to, like, do it less when we got back together, there is just something about it that I can't resist.

Angela: Yeah, so, um, can I ask you something?

Sharon: Sure!

Angela: Ok, well um, are you like, on anything, to like, prevent anything from happening?

Sharon: You mean birth control?

Angela: Yeah.

Sharon: Yeah, I went on it a couple of months ago.

Angela: So, do you guys like, you know, use anything else?

Sharon: Uh, well, most of the time I make him wear a condom, but there were a couple of times that we sort of just forgot.

Angela: Oh, so did you get them from your doctor?

Sharon: Yeah, but you can like, get them from a clinic or something. Why? Did you want to go on it?

Angela: Well, I thought, it was like, a good idea.

Sharon: Do you want me to take you to get them at a clinic, that way you don't have to deal with your doctor?

Angela: Sure, thanks Sharon, I can always count on you for help.

Sharon: Anytime! Well, I'll see you tomorrow, Kyle is uh, coming over, to do homework, or something (laughing)

Angela: Ok (laughs), bye.

AngelaVO: So, like, maybe it will get better, if I go on the pill, and that way, we can just not always have to worry, about being safe, because I already will be safe for both of us...

Fade out to Angela gazing at the ceiling.

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