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Chapter 36: The Boardwalk

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The story so far

Chapter 36: The Boardwalk

written by anonymous author

added on: 14 Mar 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Angela and Jordan still sleeping on the bed. There is a knock on the door and Angela jumps up to get it.

Rayanne: Hey Angelika, are you guys ready, cause we're all ready to go out.

Angela: Oh, umm, yeah, we will be a few minutes, I guess we could just meet you down there.

Rayanne: Oh, you guys, finishing something up?

Angela: Oh, shut up, we were both sleeping, Jordan is tired from driving.

Rayanne: Oh, sure. Well, I guess we will meet you down there, uh, at the ferris wheel.

Angela: Ok, thanks.

Angela closes the door and goes back to the bed where Jordan is still sleeping. Angela quietly lays down next to him and whispers in his ear.

Angela: Jordan, wake up....

Jordan surprises Angela by grabbing her arms and pulling her on top of him (he was pretending to be sleeping).

Angela: You tease!

Jordan: Can we just stay here all night like this?

Angela: No, I want to go out and have fun. Come on, I want you to go on the ferris wheel with me!

Jordan: All right, lets go.

Angela changes into a sundress, and Jordan just changes his tshirt. They leave the room and walk down to meet everyone on the Boardwalk. The air is warm, with a cool breeze. Sharon is holding a stuffed animal that Kyle won her at one of the games. Rayanne and Rickie are eating cotton candy together. Delia and Brian are at one of the game stands playing ski ball. There is music playing all along the Boardwalk. The waves are crashing loudly along the surf.

Sharon: Come on Angela, let's go dance.

Sharon gives her stuffed animal to Kyle to hold, and pulls Angela away from Jordan and they go over to a crowd of people who are dancing. It is mostly older women dancing, with a few guys. The song "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon is playing. Rayanne joins them and starts singing along.

Rayanne: Come on Angela, you know the words.

Angela starts singing too. They are dancing and having fun together, when Angela notices Jordan watching her intently. Angela doesn't stop what she is doing, but matches his gaze with her eyes. She gives him a small shy smile. After the song is over they all decide to go on the big wooden roller coaster. Delia sits with Sharon, Rayanne sits with Tony, Kyle sits with Brian, Rickie sits with Angela, and Corey sits with Jordan.

Rickie: You can sit with Jordan if you want to.

Angela: No, I want to sit with you Rickie (gives him a kiss on the cheek). Come on, I want to sit in the front!

They get the front row seats and Jordan sits behind her. The coaster starts up the track, and gets to the top. Angela covers her eyes and starts screaming when the coaster goes over the edge. Everyone else has their hands in the air. A huge camera takes their picture. When they get off they look at the picture that was taken. Angela has her hands over her face and her mouth open screaming, Rickie has a shocking look on his face with his hands in the air, Jordan is laughing with his hands in the air, Corey has his hands on his cheeks with his mouth wide open. The rest of the group looks similar. They decide to buy a couple of the pictures to save as a memory. They all decide to get some snacks to eat, and then go on the ferris wheel. Angela gets a smoothie, and Jordan gets nachos to eat. They sit on a bench and share the nachos.

Angela: Are you ok? You are so quiet.

Jordan: Yeah, I'm fine. I guess I'm just not one for the whole group thing. But I know you are having fun, and that's all that's important.

Angela: Oh, well, we can be alone later, ok?

Jordan: Yeah

Angela: Will you go on the ferris wheel with me?

Jordan: Sure.

They get in line to go on the ferris wheel. It is definetly the most popular ride for the moment, because there are tons of people in line. The rest of the group joins them and gets in line behind them. Angela grabs Jordan's hand and loops her fingers with hers. She lifts their hands and kisses the back of his hand. He gives her a small smile, and takes her face in his hands and gently kisses her on the lips. They stay like this for a minute as Angela runs her fingers through his hair. Their kiss grows deeper as Jordan pulls Angela closer. They break apart after a couple of minutes and Jordan kisses Angela on the forehead and wraps his arm around her shoulder. The camera focuses on the background of Angela and Jordan, and Brian is staring at them with envy. Delia sees this and the look on her face grows disappointed. She gets out of line and walks away.

Sharon: Delia, where are you going? (no answer) Brian, go bring her back!

Brian snaps out of his trance and runs after her.

Brian: Where are you going?

Delia: Anywhere you aren't. I can't believe I came here with you. I can't believe I actually thought we were a couple, and that you really loved me.

Brian: I do.

Delia: No, you don't. Your still in love with Angela, it is so obvious (starting to cry)

Brian: I am not. I guess I just uh, was staring because I think that it is kinda gross to be like kissing like that in public.

Delia: Oh, yeah, right.

Brian: I do, ok. Look, can we go back, I really wanted to go on the ferris wheel, with you.

Delia: I guess so.

They walk back and get in line.

Sharon: Are you ok?

Delia: Yeah, I'm fine.

They all get on the ferris wheel, and sit in pairs. Rayanne and Tony are making out. Kyle and Sharon are holding hands and kissing. Brian awkwardly puts his arm around Delia, and she gives a small smile. Angela and Jordan are holding hands and keep looking at each other. Corey and Rickie are sitting about a foot apart.

Rickie: Are you having a good time?

Corey: Yeah, I'm really glad I came with. (leans over and gives Rickie a quick kiss on the lips) Thanks, for inviting me.

Rickie: Sure.

After the group gets off they get on a few more rides before they play some of the games. The guys go to some game that has fake guns. Kyle wins again, and gives the stuffed animal to Sharon. Angela looks sad that Jordan hasn't won her anything. The next game that they play is a basketball shooting game. Only Kyle and Jordan play this one. They are both really good, but Jordan beats Kyle by one shot! The worker gives Jordan a teddy bear that has a heart on his stomach. He walks over to Angela who is smiling and hands it to her. She wraps her arms around his neck and kisses his cheek. They all decide to head back to the hotel which is about a mile walk from where they are at. Angela and Jordan walk holding hands, and so do the other couples, including Corey and Rickie. They get some ice cream, and all decide to hang out in the suite before the go to bed...

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