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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 17: Late...Uh, the car wouldnt start

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Chapter 17: Late...Uh, the car wouldnt start

written by Anne

added on: 28 Jan 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Rayanne laying in her bed staring at the ceiling.

RayanneVO: I can't believe that there is this guy that like wants me for more than just sex. This like never happens to me. Oh my god, what do I do when I see him at school? This is why I dont ever get into a relationship cause I never know how to act like a normal person actually involved with someone.

Amber: Raynie, time to get up for school!

Rayanne: Ok, I'm up, I'm up, jeez you dont have to shout!

Amber: Can I make you something for breakfast?

Rayanne: Nah, I'll just grab something and go.

Amber: Ok, you have dress rehearsal all this week for the play right?

Rayanne: Yeah, so I probably wont be home until like 12

Amber: Ok, ooohhh, I am so excited to have a daughter who is an actress, that has always been my dream(gives her a hug)

Rayanne: It's not that big of a deal, it's just a school play.

Amber: That doesnt matter, it can lead you to bigger and better things!

Rayanne: Yeah, well I gotta run, see you later (kisses her on the cheek)

Cut to school parking lot. Angela is driving Jordan's car into the parking lot, but going so slow that other cars are honking.

Jordan: Ok, now ease off the gas and turn slowly into that spot, and keep your foot resting on the break.

Angela: Oh god, are you sure you want me to do this?

Jordan: Yeah, I trust you, just be careful

Angela: Ok (slowly pulls into the spot, and just slightly knocks the car when she is straightening out), God, I told you I am never going to get this.

Jordan: Well, this is a big car, and it takes a lot of practice.

Angela: Yeah it probably took you like 1 time...(Jordan innterrupts her by kissing her passionately on the lips) get it perfect.

Jordan: god I wish we didnt have to go to school today.

Angela(looks into his eyes): Yeah, i know, but I really cant cut, I mean it's almost the end of the school year, and you shouldnt cut either.

Jordan: Yeah, I guess your right.

Angela: Come on, lets go...(drags him out of the car by pulling on his shirt)

Jordan follows her and then grabs her hand and loops his fingers in hers. Angela looks up at him and smiles, and Jordan smiles back at her. They walk into school and Jordan walks Angela to her locker. He does the combination and opens it for her.

Jordan: So, do you want a ride after school?

Angela: Sure, that would be great.

Jordan(sees Rayanne and Rickie coming towards Angela): So I'll see you after school then

Angela: Ok, you know you dont have to run away every time they come, you can stay.

Jordan: Yeah, but I got to get to homeroom (kisses her on the cheek) bye

Angela(sighs): bye

Rickie and Rayanne greet Angela with a kiss on the cheek.

Rayanne: Angelike, how was the rest of your weekend???

Angela: Hi Rayanne, it was fine, how was your date?

Rayanne: Your never going to guess what happened?

Angela: Spare me the details please...

Rayanne: No, ok, so like he actually wants to like go out with me, for like more than just sex, I mean we havent even done it yet!

Angela: That's great, oh Rayanne, I'm so happy for you, I knew the right guy would come along.

Rayanne: I didn't this totally came out of left field for me, and he is coming to the play on Saturday too, I actually sort of have a boyfriend!

Angela: cool, so Rickie, how was your weekend?

Rickie: It was ok, I hung out with Corey on Sunday

Angela: Did anything happen?

Rickie: No

Angela: Don't worry, it will soon

Rickie: yeah, i guess

(bell rings)

Angela: Are you guys going to class?

Rickie: Yeah, we might as well, it looks like it is going to rain anyways

Rayanne: Yeah, i gotta run

Angela:Ok, ill see you guys at lunch

Rayanne: I can't i sort of have an appointment with Kryzanowski

Angela: ok, well ill see you later then

Rickie: yeah, i told Corey i would help him with some last minute stuff for the play, you can help if you want.

Angela: Thats ok, ill just see you later, bye

Cut to Patty having lunch with CAmielle.

Patty: I don't know CAmielle, its like we planned this weekend to be together and I felt like he was in a totally different place. It's like he wanted to be there but he just wasnt all there.

Camielle: I dont know what to tell you, just talk to Graham about it, but dont make it sound like he didnt want to be there

Patty: I know, I mean, he is just probably nervous about the restaurant opening in like a month.

Camielle: Oh yeah, how is that going. Is Hallie still annoying?

Patty: No, shes alright, I mean, I am happy for Graham, and if it wasnt for Hallie this all might not be happening.

Camielle: Right....

Cut to Sharon and Kyle talking in the boiler room during 5th period.

Sharon: Kyle, I asked you to come here so we could like talk.

Kyle: Ok, I'm listening.

Sharon: Look, I know that I said I wanted to break up, but now I'm not sure, I'm like confused.

Kyle: What are you confused about?

Sharon: Us. I mean I want to be with you, but I just dont want it to all be about sex, and that is what it was like before. It seems like every time we were alone together we were just doing it. I want more than that.

Kyle: Me too, I mean, I love you Sharon, and I want us to be together. I can't help it if we always have sex, I mean I wasnt always the one asking for it, there were plenty of times you were too.

Sharon: I know, but I like want us to go out, as a couple, like to the movies, and to dinner, and parties.

Kyle: Ok, so are we like back together?

Sharon: I guess....(leans in and kisses him)

Cut to Angela getting her lunch from her locker.

AngelaVO: What is really depressing is when you know you have to eat lunch by yourself. And you dont want to go eat in the lunchroom, because having everyone see you eat lunch by yourself would be like in that dream when your walking down the hall naked, it makes you want to kill yourself. And it looks like it is about to rain, so eating outside is like out of the question...

Jordan walks up behind her and tickles her side.

Jordan: What are you doing?

Angela: Umm, just thinking.

Jordan: About me, I hope.

Angela: Yeah.

Jordan: So, whats for lunch?

Angela: I dont know, I'm really not that hungry though.

Jordan: Oh, so are you eating with Rayanne and Rickie?

Angela: No, I was maybe just going to go sit in the library or something.

Jordan: Do you want to eat lunch with me?

Angela: Sure, I'd love to.

Jordan leads Angela out to his car.

Angela: Did you bring a lunch?

Jordan: Nah, I usually just get something from the vending machines.

Angela: WEll you can have some of my lunch if you want.

Jordan: Ok, I kinda did like the way your mom makes a sandwich.

They get into Jordan's car. Just as he is opening the door for her it starts pouring. He gets the door open for her and they climb in the front seat. They start eating and after a few minutes are finished. Angela gets a brush out of her bag and starts combing through her wet hair.

JordanVO: God she looks so sexy with wet hair, the first time we do it I want her to look like this.

Angela: What are you staring at, haven't you ever seen someone brush their hair before?

Jordan: Yeah, but you just look so sexy with it all wet and dripping down your neck. (leans in to kiss her neck)

Angela: Jordan, we can't get into this now, we have like Katimski's class soon.

Jordan looks at the clock in his car.

Jordan: We have like a half hour, don't worry, we wont be late.

Jordan leans in and kisses her passionately on the lips. Angela reciprocates by running her fingers through his damp hair. After a few minutes they get into the back seat and Jordan is laying on top of her in between her legs. They are making out so much that the windows are fogged up and they are both breathing heavy. In the background we hear the rain pounding on the car.

AngelaVo: God, this is like where he and Rayanne like were. This is too wierd, I can't handle this...(out loud) Jordan, wait, stop.

Jordan: What, did I do something wrong?

Angela: No, well, not right now exactly.

Jordan: So what is it?

Angela(climbs into front seat): It's just that, this is like where you and Rayanne, you know, and it just felt wierd, like being back there.

JordanVO: God, is she ever going to forget that, I mean, I have, until she brings it up again. (out loud) Angela, you know I can't change what happened, but I have forgotten about it, it meant nothing to me, you know that, and it's just the backseat of my car, just a place where I can be with you and only you.

Angela: I know, I just have to get it out of my mind.

Jordan: Good, because you know that I love you, and your the only one that I want in my backseat, from now on.

Angela: Oh, Jordan (jumps in the backseat and gets on top of Jordan and starts kissing him), wait what time is it (looks at the clock) oh my god, we were supposed to be in Katimski's 10 minutes ago!

They both run out of the car and into class through the rain.

Katimski: Angela, Jordan, I'm glad you could join us.

Jordan: Sorry, we went out to lunch and, uh, my car had trouble starting again.

Katimski: Ok, just...dont happen again.

Angela's face has turned red and she wont even look at anyone else. Jordan just watches Angela as she squirmes to get her book out of her back and notebook and pen, and smiles as he watches her.

Katimski: So, getting back to where we were, I was reading the same poem to you that I read before by William Shakespere. Now, what I want you to do is for the rest of the class period to sit and think about what to write. By this time next monday I want you to have a poem done that I have proofread and someone else in the class has. I want the poem to inspire people and wonder what you were thinking of when you wrote the poem. Find a muse, it does not have to be a person, but something to focus your attention on when you are writing, it can be a flower, or a song, or a pen even if that helps. Ok, thats it, get to work.

Jordan looks over at Angela and smilesVO: This is my chance to prove to her how much I love her, I am going to write about her.

AngelaVo: What I really want to write about is our night together, but if people heard that, then they would like know too much or something

Jordan: Do you want to pair up and read each other's when we are done?

Angela: Sure.

The class sits silently and starts writing, and some are just staring into space.

Later that night we see Angela sitting on her bed and Sharon is over sitting on the windowseat.

Sharon: I am having such a hard time thinking about what to write.

Angela: Yeah, I know what I am going to write about, but not sure where to start.

Sharon: What are you writing about?

Angela: Um, the night that Jordan stayed here.

Sharon: Oh really, tell me what happened!!

Angela: Nothing happened, we just slept.

Sharon: Are you telling me that you had Jordan here, like sleeping in bed with you and you guys didnt have sex?

Angela: Yeah, he kinda wants to wait a little while.

Sharon: Oh, thats so sweet. So did you guys do anything else?

Angela: Sharon! Well, we just fooled around a little.

Sharon: Did you guys get naked at all?

Angela: Jeez, Sharon, no, but I have to tell you this (moves closer to Sharon) you know how I told you Danielle came home early , well we had just gotten out of the shower, so Jordan stayed in my room, and when I came back upstairs I opened the door without knocking and he was naked and changing!

Sharon: Oh my god, so, did you like what you saw?

Angela: I was like shocked, cause I haven't seen, like a guy naked before, except for in that video that you showed me, and all I could say was wow.

Sharon: I can't believe that, my little Angela is growing up.

Angela: Jeez, Sharon you sound like I am some little kid.

Sharon: Listen Chase, you think your not all sweet and innocent, but you are, I mean you have a tough side to you, but it only comes out once in a while.

Angela: I know, I hate that about myself.

Sharon: Dont, it is what makes you unique. Plus that means that you wouldnt ever jump into anything your not ready for, or that you dont want.

Angela: Yeah, God, Sharon it was so hard with him the other night, I wanted him so much.

Sharon: Dont worry, it will happen soon, I'm sure.

Angela: Yeah, i hope...

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