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Chapter 14: The night together

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Chapter 14: The night together

written by Melissa

added on: 23 Jan 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Rayanne and the Residue drummer in the back of a movie theater making out. They continue like this for a few minutes until RAyanne breaks away.

Rayanne: Do you want to get out of here?

Drummer: Look, Rayanne, I really like you, and I didnt ask you out tonight just for that reason.

RAyanne: Oh, you didnt?

Drummer: No, I just want to get to know you better, and not in the way that you are thinking.

RAyanne: Yeah, ok, that would be cool.

Drummer: Good (leans in and kisses her again)

Cut to Angela and Jordan at dinner. They are in a local restaurant eating and sitting across the table from each other. Jordan keeps leaning over and stealing french fries from her plate.

Angela: Jordan!

Jordan: I can't help it, I'm hungry, besides, I know you won't finish all that food.

Angela: Yeah, your right, here, you can finish them (pushes her plate towards him).

Jordan: Well what do you want to do after this?

Angela: Um, actually I have to buy my sister a birthday gift, her birthday is next week, so can we stop at the mall for a little while?

Jordan: Uh, sure, we can do that

Angela: Thanks (smiles at him)

After they finish eating they drive to the mall, and Angela gets her sister a cd, because her parents are getting her a portable cd player. They walk through the mall holding hands, and as they are leaving they bump into Shane.

Shane: Hey, Catalano, what are you doing here? (looks at Angela)

Jordan: Just hanging out (looking uncomfortable)

Shane: Ok, well I'll see ya later (giving them a wierd look)

Jordan: Angela, why dont you go get the car, I have to talk to Shane for a minute (kisses her cheek and gives her the keys, and she walks out the mall)

Jordan: What is your problem man?

Shane: Nothing, she is just so wierd.

Jordan: What makes her so different?

Shane: Like the way she dresses, and her hair, and who she hangs out with...

Jordan: Well I happen to like that she is different, and if you have a problem with that then keep it to yourself, cause I dont care what you think.

Shane: Ok, god, I didnt know you actually liked her.

Jordan: I more than like her, I really care about her, and I want to be with her, more than anything

Shane: Ok, jeez, well I'll see you later.

Jordan: Yeah, ok, whatever (walks away still sorta mad)

In the car Jordan sits silently as he drives and Angela stares out the window.

Angela: Are you ok?

Jordan: Yeah, I just got mad at Shane.

Angela: About what?

Jordan: You. He was saying things I didnt like, and I told him I didnt care what he thought, I want to be with you.

Angela: You stuck up for me?

Jordan: Yeah, of course

Angela: Nobody has done that for me before...

Jordan: Well I will, anytime I dont something I hear...

They pull up to Angela's house and walk inside. Angela locks the front door and puts her stuff down. Jordan follows her around the house as she checks the phone machine to see if anyone called, no one did.

Jordan: So...what do you want to do now?

Angela: Well, I was kind of wondering if you wanted to sleep here, cause I really dont want to stay here alone.

Jordan: Really? Are you sure?

Angela: Yeah, I want to be with you, and I dont mean just sleep, I mean I want you to umm be my first....

Jordan: I want to too, but I dont want you to feel pressured, I kinda didnt mind this whole waiting thing, it makes it like more worth it, and something to look forward to.

Angela: Well, if you want to wait, we can still...

Jordan: I kind of do, just for a little while, but I am glad to know you are ready, and I want it to be special for you, I can't promise that it will be perfect, but it means something to me too, cause I haven't ever done it with anyone that I loved before....

Angela: That means so much to me that you just said all that. I love you too...

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