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Chapter 29: Angela's bedroom

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The story so far

Chapter 29: Angela's bedroom

written by Amy

added on: 06 Mar 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Patty and Graham in the master bedroom. It is almost a week later on a Sunday night at 10:30. Patty is getting ready for bed and Graham is already in bed looking at a magazine.

Patty: It was like everything came rushing back in my head. I remembered exactly how I felt after I failed my drivers test, like it was the end of the world. I just felt so bad for her, because she has been looking forward to this for so long. Maybe it was our fault, maybe we didn't let her have enough practice. I know that Jordan was always letting her drive, but she needs one of us to guide her, not someone who has only had his license for 2 years.

Graham: Would you stop worrying about it and come to bed already, Angela will be fine, she is a good driver, and it is almost a week later, she was probably just nervous.

Patty: Yeah, your right. (gets into bed)

Graham(puts his magazine down): So, you wanna fool around?

Patty: Graham! Well, yeah, actually, yes. We havent done anything like this since you have been home.

Graham: Well, I have been waiting for the right time, and didn't want to pressure you or anything.

Patty: And I didn't want to bring it up to make you feel pressured...

Graham: Well, then come here, we have to catch up I think...

Scene cuts to Jordan's car. Angela and Jordan are making out heavily in the front seat. They are parked in front of her house. Angela breaks away for a minute.

Angela: Ok, I really have to go, my parents will freak if I am late.

Jordan: Just a few more minutes, I hardly got to be alone with you tonight.

Angela: You did too, after we hung out with Rickie, Corey, and Rayanne at the movie (kisses him on the lips) Ok, I am going now.

Jordan: I wish you could just stay at my place, do you think I could come in?

Angela: ARe you joking, my parents would kill you!

Jordan: Yeah, but you would protect me, right?

Angela: Jordan, you have no idea how much I want you to, but my parents hear every little noise that walks by their door.

Jordan: So, I will take my shoes off, and walk slowly or something.

Angela: I don't know, (looks over at Jordan who is giving her a puppy dog face), alright, but you can't stay all night, just for a little while. Maybe we should park your car further down the street, just so no one sees it.

Jordan: Ok

Angela puts the car in drive, and pulls around the corner to where her parents can't see his car. They get out and walk towards the house. Jordan is walking behind Angela with his arms around her waist kissing her neck.

Angela: Ok, shhh, take your shoes off and carry them upstairs, go into my room, I'm just going to say goodnight to my parents.

They tiptoe upstairs and Jordan walks into Angela's bedroom and Angela quietly knocks on her parents door.

Angela: I'm home, goodnight...(Patty and Graham just shout goodnight through the closed door)

Angela walks into her bedroom and shuts the door. Jordan surprises her by kissing her with force and pressing her back against the door. As he is doing this he locks her bedroom door and leads her to the bed.

Angela: Wait, I have to go take something...

Jordan: What?

Angela: Umm, (VO: Should I tell him, I guess I should) well, I sorta started taking the birth control pill.

Jordan: The what?

Angela: You know, that pill that prevents you from getting pregnant.

Jordan: Oh, ok.

Angela: Plus, then we don't have to always like, stop, so you can, you know, put something on.

Jordan: Yeah, that does kinda ruin the moment.

Angela: Yeah, not like we shouldn't use those too, this is for just in case.

Jordan: Ok, well, come here...

Angela walks towards Jordan and kisses him gently on the lips. She then kisses his cheek, and works her way to his neck. She pulls his shirt off and throws it on the floor. Jordan pulls off Angela's shirt and gently touches her shoulders. He leans down and kisses her right shoulder and works his way up to her neck. He then kneels down and unzips her jeans and kisses her stomach while he is doing this. He then takes his jeans off and stands up again. Angela walks over to her radio and turns it on, the song "Tonight, Tonight" by the Smashing Pumpkins is playing. Angela walks back over to Jordan and he takes her in his arms. They get into Angela's bed and Jordan lays on top of Angela. He takes her bra off while he is kissing her neck. He kisses down her chest to her stomach. He pulls her underwear off and then takes his boxers off. He gets in between her legs and slowly pushes himself into her. He stares deeply into her eyes and kisses her passionately on the lips. They move together slowly at first while they are kissing. This time Angela takes her body with Jordan's and rolls over, so she is on top of him. When she does this Jordan goes deeper inside of her which makes her feel everything more. She isn't quite sure how to move, so Jordan helps her by putting his hands on her waist and moving her body up and down. She moves slowly and then gradually gets faster. They both start to breathe heavier, and Jordan starts to moan a little. They both finish together during the climax of the song and then Angela lays on top of Jordan while he is still in her. He wraps his arms around her, and kisses her forhead as her strokes her hair. After a few minutes she gets off of him and lays down next to him.

Jordan: You were amazing.

Angela: Shhh, my parents are in the next room. Really? I thought we could try something new. It was amazing, it just keeps getting better.

Jordan: Yeah, you know, this is the first time we have done it, in your room.

Angela: Yeah, and it was the best, so far, I mean, we have only done it 4 times.

Jordan: Can I like, lay here, for a little while, with you?

Angela: Sure

They cuddle for a while naked under the blanket before Jordan leaves. They get dressed and quietly walk downstairs. Angela lets him out the back door.

Angela(kissing him softly on the lips): Thanks, for a great night, I'll see you tomorrow.

Jordan: Ok, I love you...

Angela: I love you too...

Fade out to black.........

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