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Chapter 22: Brian kissed you?

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The story so far

Chapter 22: Brian kissed you?

written by Heather

added on: 01 Feb 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Angela saying goodbye to Jordan at his car outside of the Chase house.

Angela: So, maybe I will see you later...

Jordan: Yeah, I would like that... (leans down and kisses her) bye.

Angela: Bye VO: It's so hard to talk to people about some things, it's like you know what to say in your head but the words just sit there.

Angela goes back inside to the kitchen where Patty is cooking dinner.

Angela: Mom, can I like stay at Rayanne's tonight. Cause tomorrow I promised I would help take the sets apart from the play. And Mr. Katimiski wants us to do it like before school and be there at like 7 or something.

Patty: I don't know, I could just drive you in the morning.

Angela: Yeah, but Amber was like going to drive us, cause she has to work early anyways.

Patty: I don't think so, not on a school night.

Angela: Fine, well can you at least take me to the mall, cause I saw another dress that I liked in a magazine.

Patty: I thought you already got a dress.

Angela: Yeah, but I like this one better.

Patty: All right, fine.

LAter that evening Angela, Patty, and Danielle are at the mall trying on dresses. Angela finds the one that she saw in the magazine and goes into the dressing room.

Patty: Will you come out and show me when you are done?

Angela: Fine VO: I hate it when mothers still treat you like a child, like you can't even make your own decisions about what to wear.

Angela walks out of the dressing room, and looks at Patty, whose is staring at her with amazement.

Patty: Angela, you look beautiful.

Angela: I do?

Patty: Yes, it's perfect.

The dress is a deep red color with spaghetti straps. It is low cut down to the middle of her back, and in the front a v shape. It is something like a slip dress, with the first layer a sheer material, and underneath a silky slip. It flares out slightly at the bottom, but is more tight fitting everywhere else. Towards the bottom the sheer material has a slit on either side.

Angela: Do you like it better than the other one?

Patty: Yeah, the other one is too heavy, this one flows more, and looks more like you.

Danielle: Isn't it kind of low cut?

Angela: Danielle!

Danielle: Well, how are you, like going to wear a bra?

Angela: You don't, duh.

They buy the dress and go home. When they get to the house Angela sees Brian riding his bike up and down the street. She gets out and walks over to him. Patty and Danielle go in the house with the dress.

Angela: Hi.

Brian: Hi, I'm sorry to hear about, you know, your dad.

Angela: It's ok, I think he might come home tomorrow or something.

Brian: Yeah, so whats new? Where has Jordan been, he hasn't shown up for tutoring in like days. (gets off his bike and sits on Angela's front porch with her)

Angela: Oh, I should have told you, he had to like go out of town for a few days.

Brian: Oh, is he back?

Angela: Yeah, he got back today.

Brian: So, are you guys going to prom?

Angela: Jeez, what is this 20 questions? Yeah, I guess, are you going?

Brian: Yeah, I guess. Maybe I will see you there.

Angela: Yeah, I guess.

Brian: Are things like, ok, between us?

Angela: Yeah, why wouldn't they be?

Brian: I don't know, I guess I feel like you have been avoiding me or something.

Angela: Brian, I'm sorry, I guess I have just been really busy lately. Is there something you like wanted to talk about?

Brian: No, well, I guess I just missed, like talking to you.

Angela: Yeah...(just as she is about to say something else, Brian leans in and kisses her forcefully on the lips)

While this is happening, Jordan's car pulls up and sees this. His face turns to stone, and he clenches his jaw.
Angela doesn't do anything at first and then hears a car and pushes him away. She sees Jordan's car and him staring at them. Jordan starts the car again and peels away.

Angela (running after the car): Jordan, wait!!! (can't catch him, and runs back to Brian) Why did you do that Brian, we talked about this! We are just friends, nothing more, I love Jordan.

Brian: I don't know, I guess it felt like the right moment.

Angela: Aren't you with Delia?

Brian: Yeah, I guess.

Angela: Well, you just don't do things like that Krakow! It hurts people. I gotta go after him. (goes to the side of the house and grabs her bike) Tell my mom I will be home in an hour... (rides towards Jordan's house)

Brian watches her ride away with a longing look. VO: Why can't I do anything right? Things are going so great with Delia, so why am I still wanting Angela Chase?

Cut to Angela pulling up to Jordan's house. She throws her bike to the ground and runs to the door and knocks on the house. Jordan opens the door with a beer in his hand. He just stands there and looks at her and takes a sip of his beer.

Jordan: What?

Angela: Let me explain.

Jordan: Explain what? I understand everything. While I am like in love with you, you are hiding behind my back with Brain. I can't believe I told you all that stuff.

Angela: Jordan, I'm not with Brian, I don't know why he kissed me, I pushed him away, I don't love him, I love you.

Jordan: Yeah, right. That's why I saw you kissing him back.

Angela: I wasn't kissing him back , I just was stunned, and didn't react right away. You know I wouldn't like let him kiss me. I wouldn't want to hurt you on purpose like that.

Jordan: Yeah, I guess. So your, like not like, hiding anything from me?

Angela: No, I don't want to be with anyone but you (moves in closer to him and pulls on his shirt)

Jordan: Ok. So, can you stay here tonight?

Angela: No, I tried, but my mom wouldnt let me.

Jordan: Oh, ok, well I can take you home if you want.

Angela: No, it's ok, I can stay for a little while.

Jordan: Oh, ok, come on in.

Angela: So, your not still mad at me, I mean, you trust me right?

Jordan: Yeah, I just got so mad. I definetly don't trust Brain anymore, I don't want you seeing him.

Angela: That's like impossible, he's my neighbor.

Jordan: Yeah, I guess. So, are you going to come in?

Angela: Sure (walks into the house and just stands there)

Jordan: Do you want something to drink?

Angela: You mean a beer?

Jordan: No, I don't even know why I took one, I was just so mad I wasn't even thinking. (throws out the beer)

Angela: No, I'm ok. Look, I don't want you to be mad anymore, I love you.

Jordan: I love you too. Just, the thought of like losing you, it kinda scared me or something.

Angela: Your not going to lose me, I won't let that happen.

Jordan: Ok. (leans down and kisses her on the lips) Do you want to go upstairs?

Angela: I don't know, I can't stay long.

Jordan: I will make sure that doesn't happen.

Angela: Ok.

They go up to Jordan's room. Angela looks around at the posters and stuff lying around. On his dresser is a picture of Angela.

Angela: Where did you get this?

Jordan: Oh, I uh, kind of cut it out of the yearbook from last year in the library.

Angela: Really?

Jordan: Yeah, that way I can see you whenever I want.

Angela walks over to him and kisses him passionately on the lips. They walk over to the bed while they are kissing and lay down. Jordan on top of Angela. He kisses her with more urgency as he takes her top off and feels her soft skin.

Jordan: I want you so bad, do you want to, uh, you know?

Angela: Right now?

Jordan: Yeah (kissing her neck).

Angela: I don't know, I should leave in a few minutes.

Jordan: I thought you wanted to.

Angela: Yeah, like when we have time and I can wake up the next morning in your arms. Not when I have to go home and see my mother after.

Jordan: I guess, well I should probably take you home then.

Angela: Your not mad are you?

Jordan: No, your right, I guess.

Jordan drives back to Angela's and drops her off. Waiting on the steps of her house is Brian. Before Angela can say anything Jordan gets out as Brian is walking over.

Jordan: Stay away from her.

Brian: Look, I don't know what I was thinking. I didn't like mean it.

Jordan: I don't care, don't even look at her.

Angela: Stop, god, Brian, just leave. (looks at him) Go!

Brian walks away to his house. Angela looks at Jordan who is still mad.

Angela: Jordan, leave it alone, ok, just forget about it.

Jordan: I can't, just thinking of another guy kissing you kills me.

Angela: I know, but it didn't mean anything. Look, I have to go, are you ok?

Jordan: Yeah (calmer now), I'll pick you up tomorrow.

Angela: Ok, I love you (kisses him), bye

Jordan: bye

Cut to next day at school. Angela talking to Sharon about what happened.

Sharon: So he like kissed you? Ewww, I mean, he is practically your brother. So Jordan got mad?

Angela: Yeah, i mean, when he dropped me off at home he looked like he could have killed Brian.

Sharon: Oh, God, so now brian is like avoiding you?

Angela: Yeah, good, I mean what was he thinking, he is with Delia.

Sharon: That slime, I could even kill him!

Angela: Yeah, so um last night when I went to Jordan's to find him, he like wanted to.

Sharon: Really, did you?

Angela: No, I mean, I really wanted to, but I like had to go back home.

Sharon: Yeah, I can see your point. After Kyle and I did it was nice, like, having him hold me for a while.

Angela: Yeah, that's what I want.

Sharon: Ok, so I will see you later, I can't wait to see the new dress!

Angela: Ok, bye.

Angela walks down the hall and sees Jordan walking out of school. She runs after him to see where he is going.

Angela: Hey, where are you going?

Jordan: Oh, jeez, you scared me. I was going out for a smoke, do you want to come?

Angela: Ok (follows him out towards under the bleachers)

Jordan pulls a cigarette out of the package and lights it.

Jordan: I was thinking about like quitting or something.

Angela: Yeah, that would be good, I mean, if you want.

Jordan: So, what time are we leaving on Saturday?

Angela: Um, I don't know. Rayanne told me that Tony was going to get a limo, but I guess they are really expensive. So do you just want to pick me up?

Jordan: Sure, what time?

Angela: Um, I guess around like 7.

Jordan: Ok. (puts his cigarette out with his foot) So, I called and got that hotel room, if you still want.

Angela: Yeah, of course.

Jordan: Good, cause I want to spend the whole night with you. Just like, don't expect me to dance or whatever.

Angela: Yeah, but not even like a slow dance?

Jordan: Oh, yeah, but nothing like fast, cause I really can't dance.

Angela: Yeah, I know, me either. Well, I better get to class, I will talk to you later. (kisses him on the cheek)

Jordan: Yeah, bye

Fade out to Jordan watching Angela walk away...

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