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Episode 13 - Pressure 


Transcribed by: Kevin Chen <>

v.1.1 (last revision 6/8/98)

Angela = Angela Chase
Rayanne = Rayanne Graff
Sharon = Sharon Cherski
Patty = Patty Chase
Rickie = Rickie Vasquez
Graham = Graham Chase
Danielle= Danielle Chase
Brian = Brian Krakow
Jordan = Jordan Catalano
Hallie = Hallie Lowenthal
Brad = Brad, Hallie's fiancee
Cynthia = Cynthia Hargrove
Doctor = Dr. Skolnick, the Chases' pediatrician
Narrator= Dr. Linda Shields, narrator on sex tape


Angela : Oh, my God.
Jordan : What're you doing?
Angela : I'm sorry!
Jordan : Slow down, slow down! Hey!
Angela : Help me! What am I doing?
Jordan : What do you think you're doing?
Angela : I don't know!
Jordan : Stop the car!
Angela : Oh, no!
Jordan : Stop the car! Stop, stop!
Angela : Well, you shouldn't have let me. I told you I couldn't drive.
This is only like my second time [Jordan kisses her] -- behind the
wheel. I'm really sorry. I couldn't find the brake.
Jordan : How long're we supposed to keep doing this?
Angela : I don't know. I mean -- what do you mean?
Jordan : You know what I mean.
Angela : Well, yeah, I -- well, what do you want me to do? I mean, I
*know* what you want me to do, but -- [looks up at herself and Jordan
in the rear-view mirror] Do you ever get obsessed with the rear-view
mirror, like, when you're driving?
Jordan : Look, can't we just --
Angela : Just what? Just do it? Right here in a parking lot?
Jordan : We're not in a parking lot. We're in a *car*. [pause] Why,
where do you wanna do it?
Angela : [laughing] Oh, I don't know -- how about in my room tonight
after my parents fall asleep? [whispering] We'll have to be really
quiet. [again, laughing] What, you actually like expect me
to choose a place?
Jordan : Well, yeah.
Angela : [long pause] I better go to geometry.

Rickie : Look at that Cynthia Hargrove.
Rayanne : It's a pierced nose. It's not like an actual personality, or
Angela : Who were you trashing?
Rayanne : Cynthia Hargrove's nose stud. [to Rickie] It's too *small*!
It's like a semi-precious pimple!
Rickie : She's such a sleaze. You are like such an improvement.
Angela : What do you mean? [pause] You mean Jordan went out with
Cynthia Hargrove?
Rayanne : Well, went out -- I mean -- I don't know how many outside
locations they actually *went* to --
Angela : But, she's someone Jordan used to -- um --
Rayanne : Yes, Jordan used to "um" her.
Rickie : You knew that. You *must* have known that. *I* knew that.
Angela : I must have -- blanked out. It's okay. It's no big deal. I
just didn't quite know about -- Cynthia Hargrove. So -- now I know.
[she leaves]
Rayanne : They obviously haven't "um-med" yet. [Rickie laughs]

Angela : [voiceover] I couldn't stop thinking about it. The like fact
that -- that people -- had sex. That they just *had* it, like
sex was this thing people -- *had*, like a rash. Or a -- a
rottweiler. Everything started to seem like, pornographic or
something. Like, Mrs. Krysanowski has sex. So does Mr. Katimsky.
They both have sex. They could -- have sex together. Like
right now. I am, like, the *sickest* person.

Graham : [on the phone] Anyways, so yeah, we're looking forward to it.
Danielle: [Patty coughs, sneezes] Mom, if you had a flu shot, then how
come you're sick?
Graham : [deep belly laugh] Okay, we'll see you Friday.
Patty : I'm not sick. Sometimes, the flu shot makes you a little sick.
Graham : That was Hallie Lowenthal. They -- ah, accept.
Patty : Great.
Danielle: Who's Hallie Lowenthal?
Patty : Someone in Daddy's cooking class who we invited to dinner, with
her fiancee. What's her fiancee's name again?
Graham : Uh, Brad.
Patty : That is such a *perfect* fiancee name.
Graham : Isn't it?
Patty : [door slams] Angela?
Angela : [from the other room] Mom, I'm not hungry.
Danielle: Dad, Mom says I have to have a flu shot. Do I have to have
a flu shot?
Patty : You know, I know *exactly* what's going to happen. It's gonna
be ten o'clock at night, she's going to be poking around in that
kitchen like Princess Di asking you to make her something.
Angela : I *heard* that! And I won't be hungry later.
Patty : Well, good, because we're not running a restaurant.
Danielle: Lisa Yamamoto had a flu shot, and it was like, three inches
Patty : You know, we said we wanted to meet this -- Jordan -- if
they're going out.
Graham : Are they? Going out?
Danielle: They're not going out. I would *know* if they're going out.
Patty : Doesn't he drive her home sometimes? We don't even know what
kind of a driver he is. Not to mention --
Graham : Not to mention -- what else we -- can't mention.
Patty : Exactly. He has a car. Cars have doors and seats --
Graham : Oh, God --
Patty : They may as well have their own apartment.
Danielle: Do I have to?
Patty : We have to meet him. We have to be firm and consistent.
Danielle: Get a flu shot?
Patty : Yes.
Graham : [simultaneously] No. Ahem. Yes. He affirmed -- firmly.
Danielle: Um, when you said what else they could be doing, did you mean like
foreplay? [Patty and Graham begin coughing]

Angela : Who's there?
Jordan : Hey.
Angela : It's a dream. I'm having a dream. I've *had* this dream, only
without the cold cuts.
Jordan : Wow, food.
Angela : Wha-what are you doing--here? It's late. It's really --
[whispering] my parents are right upstairs.
Jordan : They are?
Angela : Well -- they live here.
Jordan : Well, you said you wanted to do it in your room while your parents
were asleep.
Angela : I was joking. Seriously, you have to go.
Jordan : Okay. [they kiss] So, you know that empty house on Cloverdale?
Angela : [listening] Sh, wait a sec.
Jordan : The one that's been for sale, like forever? Tino found a way to
get in, through this window in the back. So people have been going
there, you know to -- have a place -- to go. So you wanna?
Friday night?
Angela : Like breaking and entering?
Jordan : Just -- entering. So we can -- you know, be somewhere.
Patty : Angela!
Angela : [running to the stairway] Mom?
Patty : Didn't I predict this? Did I predict that this would happen?
Didn't I tell you you'd be hungry later?
Angela : H -- oh, yeah. Right. Mom, um, listen --
Patty : Now look, I-I'm not trying to interfere, but it - it's just that --
that I think it's important that we all eat diner together -- as a
Angela : Oh, no, me too. I agree. Absolutely. As a family.
Patty : Okay. Well, finish up -- whatever it is you're nibbling on in
there -- and *don't* leave a mess for me to clean up. Oh, and don't
forget what we talked about tonight about daddy and me meeting your friend Jordan.
Angela : [strangling noises] Ah, uh -- pssh. I - I won't.
Patty : What? Sweetheart, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. You
*like* this Jordan, I have no problem with that. We just
want to meet him! [they hug, kiss. Patty returns upstairs,
Angela goes back to the kitchen]
Jordan : So, you like me?
Angela : Oh, shut up.
Jordan : I mean, you're mother says you like me.
Angela : [laughing] Oh, shut up!
Jordan : So, Friday night?
Angela : Oh, yeah, right. The house.
Jordan : There are, like, eight bedrooms.
Angela : That many. [they kiss. Jordan leaves. Angela sighs]

Angela : Sharon, hi.
Sharon : Hi. Oh. I'm -- returning -- your mom's chafing dish. And you're
supposed to tell her thanks -- from my mom.
Angela : She's about to pick me up any minute to take me to get a flu shot.
Sharon : Ooh, I hate shots. Well --
Angela : So, y - you and Kyle broke up? I mean, was there like, a reason?
Sharon : I guess -- I'd have to say -- it was my beliefs. I didn't feel --
like I should -- give up my beliefs. Even, even for Kyle.
Angela : [voiceover] So Sharon had beliefs. Sharon had decided to stay a
Angela : So how do you, like -- I mean, you just -- *told* him that you
didn't -- wanna -- you know, like -- have, have, um, sex with him, no
matter how much he was like expecting it?
Sharon : Oh, no. Oh, no, no. We -- we had sex. I'm saying I had a belief
that he was being a butthead, which was true.
Angela : You had, like, intercourse?
Sharon : Like, constantly.

Patty : Okay, come on. Angela's next.
Danielle: I was like, get it over with. And Dr. Skolnick was like, I
already did.
Patty : See you outside.
Danielle: It doesn't even hurt that much.
Doctor : Well, don't say hello, or anything.
Angela : Well, hi, Dr. Skolnick.
Doctor : Hello, Angela. [pause] Something is very wrong. You seem to
have become fifteen years old.
Angela : Oh. Um, Dr. Skolnick, I had a question about -- well, um, a medical
question -- for a research project, at school.
Doctor : Oh, sure. What's the question?
Angela : Well -- it's a question about -- percentages. Of what's normal.
You know, in terms of -- what people actually do. I mean, I mean,
people my age. I just need to see some statistics.
Doctor : [withdrawing the needle from her arm] Sorry. Angela, I - I think
I know what you're trying to ask, and as somebody who's known you for
several years now, if you need to talk about anything, I'm always
here. But as your doctor, I have to say, at the risk of being
intrusive -- I urge you, please, use a condom and a sponge.

Graham : [on the phone] No. I definitely said *this* Friday. No,
P - Patty, please -- the point is they're here. They're in our living
room. Well -- I-I-I can hold dinner for a little while, but -- okay,
okay, all right, all right. Don't work too hard. I'll see you at --
uh, eight.

Hallie : Ha, ha, ha. Well, someone has to turn up the heat.
Graham : Hey, hey, careful.
Hallie : Why simmer when you can boil?
Brad : She's a *terrible* cook, but you already knew that as her cooking
teacher. I mean, that's why she *needs* you.
Hallie : That's not why I need him, I need him because he's going to make
us all rich. Where's the bathroom?
Graham : Uh, it's uh just up there to your right.
Hallie : Thank you.
Graham : What do you mean I'm going to make us all -- what'd she mean?
Brad : It's this thing we've been talking about.
Hallie : [offscreen] Shut up, Brad!
Brad : She wants to open a restaurant in the near future and she
wants you to work for it.
Graham : What? Are you serious? She - she wants to open a restaurant?
Hallie : Why'd you tell him -- ooh, I wanted to tell him. So? What do you
say? Say yes! Say something.
Graham : Well, I - I don't know what to say --
Hallie : Listen, listen. I may throw like a girl, but I'm a financial
wizard. Really, seriously. And with Bradley's connections -- see,
he's loaded.
Brad : She's marrying me for my money.
Graham : Uh-huh. I - I thought you sold commercial --
Hallie : Commercial space, yeah. I do. I sell space. Think I want to sell
space my whole life?
Graham : Well, we're not *seriously* discussing this.
Hallie : Okay, we're not, we're not. But *if we were*. Come on, this is
what I wanna do -- put together a limited partnership, minimize our
personal risk --
Graham : [doorbell rings] That's Patty. I guess she forgot her key. [he
goes to the front door. Jordan is there]
Jordan : Oh.
Graham : Oh, back at you.
Jordan : Is Angela here?
Graham : Are you Jordan?
Jordan : Yeah. Are you -- her dad?
Graham : Uh, yeah -- yeah. So, uh you, uh you guys are going to a party?
Jordan : Is that what Angela said?
Graham : You mean, you're not?
Jordan : No, we are.

Brad : So, do you have a major?
Jordan : I don't think so.
Hallie : Oh, you'd probably know -- um, if you did.
Jordan : Yeah, I probably would have gotten like a letter, or something.
Angela : Dad!
Graham : Yeah, that's my name.
Angela : [motioning for Graham to go to the other room, and whispering] Dad!
Graham : [following her] Well, I met him -- your, uh, friend. He seems --
um -- you know, um, I mean, well, what does meeting somebody prove,
Angela : Dad --
Graham : You-you want to meet one of my uh, cooking students and her fiancee?
Angela : Uh, not really. Dad, maybe I shouldn't go.
Graham : Why?
Angela : Because, because Mom's not home, and she said you both had to meet
him before I could --
Graham : Oh, honey, no, that's okay. Uh, your mom was supposed to be home
by now, but something came up at work. No, really, it's okay. This
is not one of those times when your mother and I are not in sync.
Angela : Oh, 'cause I mean I'll understand it if you don't want me to go.
Graham : Honey, really. It's okay.
Angela : Oh -- great.

Angela : Are you sure we won't go to jail or something? If the cops like
burst in.
Jordan : Cops never really burst in.
Angela : They don't? What if the neighbors like report us or something?
Jordan : Then we'll leave.
Random : Can I have a beer, or something? Ha ha. Here's another one.
Don't be shy now. Two of you take care, okay? Are you going out?
Yeah, that's so funny!
Jordan : Angela. There's like no empty rooms right now, so --
Angela : So what do we do?

Jordan : See, I was wrong. The -- there's only like three bedrooms.
Angela : Oh.
Jordan : Someone told me there were like eight -- but -- they were wrong.
Angela : Right. [voiceover] It was *exactly* like when I was waiting to get
my flu shot, only I didn't even have a magazine to read.
Jordan : I'll be right back.
Rayanne : Tino, I'm coming!
Angela : Rayanne!
Rayanne : Wow, you're here?
Angela : Well, yeah. Rayanne --
Rayanne : I gotta *go*. Tino's waiting for me -- he's going to give me a
Angela : No, wait, Rayanne --
Rayanne : No, seriously, he'll leave without me. So you're -- with Jordan?
[Angela nods] That's so cool. I'll see you tomorrow. [she kisses
Angela] Keep your shirt on!
Jordan : There's an empty room now, so --
Angela : Um -- I-I'm kinda worried -- about Rayanne.
Jordan : What about her? I - I thought I just saw her leave.
Angela : Exa-exactly. I mean, I mean, um, see - see, I know her, I mean --
I-I was there when she almost ODed and -- I just -- just now she
looked pretty out of it. I think -- you know -- I should I should --
sorry, I should I should go.
Jordan : So go.

Graham : Are you crazy?
Hallie : Come one, admit it -- it's a great idea!
Graham : I didn't say it wasn't a great idea, I said -- [Patty enters] Hi.
Patty : Hi. What's a great idea?
Hallie : Because my handy guy Brad her can flip through his Rolodex --
Patty : I am *so sorry*, you must think I am just the rudest person on the
face of the planet.
Hallie : Hardly, since I actually hold the title.
Brad : Hi.
Patty : Hi. I-I-I-I really had no idea I would be this late.
Hallie : Don't apologize! We ate every scrap of food and left like eight
million dishes.
Graham : She's kidding.
Hallie : No, in fact, there are dishes in there we got greasy -- just to
mess with your head. Oh, oh, here, here. [hands Patty a wine bottle]
Catch up.
Patty : Cheers.
Hallie : Cheers.
Patty : Mm. So, um -- what's the great idea?

Patty : I can't believe it. I can't believe that Jordan Catalano was
*here*, and I *missed* him.
Hallie : Oh, honey, we're talking gorgeous.
Patty : I can't believe it. I miss *everything*! [to Graham] What is he
Graham : Oh, you know --
Patty : No! I *don't* know! That's why I'm asking!
Graham : Well, I don't know -- he's a - a - a *kid*, you know.
Hallie : Psh. You're asking a *man* [to Graham, Brad] -- sorry, sorry -- to
describe someone when I'm sitting here? Here's what he's like --
fairly -- out of it, not unintelligent. Sort of um -- stray puppy,
you know the type you're always trying to ease their pain. He may
even be a halfway decent person, but let me tell you -- *trouble*.
*Way* too gorgeous.
Patty : Thank you.

Graham : Bye, drive safely!
Patty : Bye, bye, be careful!
Graham : She's kind of loony.
Patty : Oh, she's fine.
Graham : That fiancee is such a *Brad*.
Patty : Big time Brad. So -- um she's not serious about this restaurant
scheme, is she?
Graham : Oh, who knows? I know I'm not getting involved with it.
Patty : Oh, she thinks you are --
Graham : No, no, no -- that's just the kind of person she is.
Patty : I mean, do you know the failure rate for new restaurants -- it's
like the riskiest business there is.
Graham : Patty, I just said I wasn't doing this. Of course, some new
restaurants must succeed -- I mean people have to eat somewhere.
Patty : Graham, you'd be gambling -- with what passes for our savings. I
mean, in three years Angela's going to go -- never mind. I'm just
going to drop this whole subject.
Graham : Why? Without running it into the ground? You?
Patty : Very funny.

Sharon : So -- Angela -- went home sick I heard. Uh, reaction to the flu
shot, or something?
Rayanne : Fake. Faking. She can't face Jordan Catalano.
Sharon : *What* did he do to her?
Rayanne : Nothing. He's just mad 'cause she wouldn't have sex with him.
It's so tragic to see her making this whole big deal over this --
*thing* that's like over in -- like three seconds.
Girl1 : Well, I like it when they take a really long time.
Girl2 : Who are you kidding? You've never even done it!
Girl1 : So, neither have you.
Rayanne : [slow, sultry] What I like, is when they run this ice cube up your
body, very, very slowly until you think you'll lose your mind --
Girl1 : Somebody seriously did that? To you?
Rayanne : Mickey Rourke did it.
Sharon : So -- you're saying she's like, scared? To have sex?
Rayanne : Who knows? All I know is that she's out some.
Girl2 : Uh, Mickey Rourke? Does he like go to this school? [Rayanne laughs]

Narrator: Because -- intimacy is more than a sexual act. Intimacy fills
every moment of your day with sensual delight. I'm Dr.
Linda Shields, and what I'm about to show you is the true story --
Sharon : [fast forwarding] Yeah, yeah -- we've all heard about intimacy.
And there's this whole boring relationship stuff. Oh, okay, here we
go. Shelley and Mitch. They really love each other, but lately
their sex has been kind of routine and mechanical.
Angela : Your parents actually watch this?
Sharon : Are you kidding me? They've had it for like years. You can keep
it for a while, though. They won't even notice.
Angela : Why would I want to keep it?
Sharon : I don't know. Why were you asking me all those questions? So --
you and Jordan ever -- ?
Angela : [voiceover] There's this dividing line, between girls who've had
sex, and girls who haven't, and all of a sudden, we realized that we
were looking at each other across it.
Sharon : Look, you're allowed to ask me things --
Angela : What things? [pause] So -- did you use something?
Sharon : Angela, of *course* we did, we used condoms, you have to -- promise
me you'll make him wear a condom if you decide to do it!
Angela : *Okay*. Let's stop talking about it. [pause] So how did you like
-- decide to, I mean
Sharon : Look, I told Kyle I wanted to wait -- until -- I was ready. And
then one night, I *totally* was. The only strange thing is
that after that, having sex was like -- *expected*, because,
you can't like -- go back. I mean, I kinda -- stopped mattering if -
if -- like -- I wanted to.
Narrator: Shelley and Mitch learn to prolong their pleasure by lingering over
the basics --
Sharon : Blah blah blah. Okay -- here's where they finally do it.
Angela : So were you different afterwards?
Sharon : This is going to sound -- stupid, but afterward I looked at myself
in the mirror, just to, just to see if I looked different. Do you
think I do?
Angela : No.
Sharon : You know, you should talk -- to Jordan -- because you have this
tendency to shut people out.
Angela : I know.
Graham : Has anyone seen my tennis shoes?
Sharon : Oh! [they jump off the bed and quickly eject the tape. As they
remove it from the machine, they fumble the tape. It drops to
the floor]
Angela : Uhh, Dad -- where's that -- thing that Mom told me to give to
Sharon to give to Camille? [as she distracts him, Sharon pushes the
tape underneath the bed with her foot]
Sharon : Uh, maybe we should check *your* room again!
Angela : Okay.
Sharon : Okay.

Sharon : Bye.
Angela : Bye.
Sharon : I'll see you -- tomorrow.
Angela : See ya. [Brian is riding by] Um, Danielle took my bike because she
hates hers. I was just -- um, I'm sorry.
Brian : What?
Angela : I'm sorry. I was going to ask if I could borrow your bike, but --
forget it. I'm always doing this, I'm always asking you for
something that's totally unfair of me to ask you for. It's
like a sick habit, just because you're polite about it doesn't mean
it's right. It's not, it's wrong. It's totally unfair of me, and
I'll never do it again. Okay? [Brian gets off his bike] I'll have
it back by tonight.

Narrator: Gunther and Liz learn that no human desire is shameful --
Graham : Found it.
Patty : Excuse me?
Graham : Who's your favorite couple? Mine's Gunther and Liz.
Patty : Excuse -- I've never seen this tape before.
Graham : Now, now, now -- don't be coy --
Patty : I'm serious. Why would I get a tape like *this*?
Graham : Uh, because our sex life has become routine and mechanical?
Narrator: Soon they began to trust each other enough to be able to divulge
their most secret fantasies.
Patty : Do you really think that? That our sex life is mechanical?
Graham : Oh, Patty. [watching the tape] Whoa!
Patty : That really hurts my feelings.
Graham : Why do you take me seriously when I'm not serious?
Patty : Well, I mean, how do I know? What you're serious about these days?
Graham : What does that mean?
Patty : I mean one minute you don't want to take the class, and the next
minute you're teaching it, next thing I know you want to open a
Graham : I don't want to open a restaurant!
Patty : Well, then, then why the pointed comment about the many restaurants
that do succeed?
Graham : Because it's a fact! Some of them do! What! Oh, fine -- you --
you, well -- y-y-you don't believe that a restaurant that I work for
could possibly succeed -- that's the that's really the problem, isn't
Patty : How can you say that? That is just not true? [Patty goes to the
bathroom and shuts the door. Graham leaves]
Narrator: Having shared the most sacred love a human being can know, Shelley
and Mitch talk intimately of their secret hopes, their fears, their
dreams, every moment of their lives bringing them closer together.

Angela : Hi. I'm sorry about Friday night. I-I just had this flu
shot and --
Jordan : Quit lying. Tino told me. Rayanne Graff has been clean for like
weeks. Since the night she almost ODed, right?
Angela : I guess.
Jordan : I mean, you can think what you want about me. I never lied. I
can't believe it, I let you drive my car.
Angela : It's so hard to explain because -- it's not going to sound right,
because -- part of me really wants to --
Jordan : This is the whole reason I didn't want to start this the first
place --
Angela : Why, because you knew you wouldn't get sex? You'd just be wasting
your time?
Jordan : Because you just don't get it, okay? You're *supposed* to! It's
accepted -- it's what you're supposed to do! Unless you're --
like -- abnormal. Uh.

Graham : [Angela is in the bedroom, retrieving the tape from beneath the
bed] Patty, have you seen my -- ? [Angela gets up suddenly, tries to
shove the tape in her bag. She drops it and picks it up.
Graham sees her with it.]
Angela : I don't want to talk about it. [leaves]

Brian : I just have to turn in this permission slip for the chess
tournament, and then I get a whole half day off next week.
Driver : [holding a backpack] Hey, Curly, you're on my bus, right?
Brian : Um, yeah. Someone leave that on the bus?
Driver : No, I'm just carrying it for my health. You know who it
belongs to?
Rickie : Isn't that Angela's backpack?
Brian : Oh, yeah, it is.
Driver : [gives Brian the backpack] Thanks, Curly.

Brian : [he and Rickie are watching the tape] My parents have a vibrator.
It sounds like a lawnmower.
Rickie : I wish I could get away with bicycle shorts. [they tilt their
heads in unison watching the tape]

Angela : I can't believe you let Brian Krakow look through my backpack.
Rickie : I didn't let him. He was trying to cram it into his locker, and
the sex tape fell out.
Angela : It's actually Sharon Cherski's.
Rickie : Yeah, right.
Angela : Rickie, I had someone -- to be with, you know?
Rickie : I know. I can't even imagine it.
Angela : I feel so stupid -- my entire relationship with Jordan Catalano,
every minute of it just completely sucked. And now it's over. I
should have just had sex with him. Why not? It'd've been so simple.
Rickie : But maybe it shouldn't be. So simple. I mean, not that I know --
I know what I'm talking about, or anything, since I've
never, you know, experienced this, or what have you. But
even if I did meet the perfect person, I just think that it should be
like a miracle, like seeing a comet -- or just feeling like you're
seeing one. Seeing the other person's perfectness -- or something.
And if you do it before you're ready, how are you going to see all
that? Not that I would like know, or anything.
Cynthia : [emerging from a stall] What you said -- how it was like so
beautiful that's exactly what it's like. [to Angela] I know -- we
don't like know each other or anything, but -- could I just ask you
Angela : Sure.
Cynthia : Did you ever work at Big Guy Burger?

Patty : [watching Graham put cat food in a dish] You always buy the cat
nicer food that I do. Uh, we delivered the brochures. I thought I'd
come home a little earlier -- for a change. Spend a little time
before the girls get home. Graham, I've been thinking --
Graham : I've been thinking too, you're right. I guess, I guess I just got
caught up in --
Patty : There's nothing wrong with getting caught up, I mean --
Graham : No, it's too big a risk -- it - it'd be risking our whole future.
So -- so that's it.
Patty : What if it's worth it? Because I want you to have -- you know --
what you *want* -- in life. And if this --
Graham : But I *do*. I do have everything I want. Oh. I mean, you know,
*no one* has everything they want, but --
Patty : But -- as long as we have each other.
Graham : While New Age music swells in the background.
Patty : [sighs] So, do you think you actually store sexual energy between
your toes?

Patty : [phone rings] Mm. The machine'll get it.
Graham : Why doesn't it pick up.
Patty : The tape is probably full; I'm the only person who ever rewinds it.
Oh, God, I don't want to talk to those travel people.
Graham : Oh, honey, it might be Hallie Lowenthal -- she was going to talk to
a friend of hers at Shearson's today --
Patty : Should you pick it up, maybe, I don't -- know.
Graham : Well, why, you know I'm not going to go into business with her.
Patty : Well, I know that, I just -- um --
Graham : Anyway, it's true most restaurants fail --
Patty : Yeah, but some of them have to succeed, don't they?
Graham : I know you think things have gotten out of hand -- around her -- I
mean with me.
Patty : I don't think --
Graham : No, they have been, but I think actually it's a good thing.
Patty : No, oh -- so, so do I.
Graham : I mean, I may not know were it's all going to lead --
Patty : I know. But it'll work out. I have faith in you. [kiss] Are you
Graham : Yeah. I got like -- no sleep last night.
Patty : Yeah. Well -- I -- actually have like a million things I -- should
be doing, too. [Graham goes to sleep on the couch]

Brian : Hi, is -- uh?
Danielle: She's upstairs, playing that same mushy upsetting song, like, fifty
times in a row.
Brian : Oh, great, well, here's her stupid backpack. You would not believe
what was in it. Never mind. Forget I said that. Not to mention the
fact that she still has my bicycle.
Danielle: She doesn't have it. She left it at Jordan Catalano's.
Brian : What? [Angela appears on the stairs] What do you think, that I
don't like need my own bike? That you can just *leave* it all over
Angela : I -- pssh.
Brian : Well, don't just *take it*. Yell back at me. [pause] I mean did
something -- I mean obviously something, something happened.
Angela : Nothing happened to me personally, I just -- I guess just kind of
*sad*, that's all. About boys.
Brian : Well, what about boys?
Angela : Just how they only care about -- you know, getting you into bed, or
something. [Graham, listening, slumps down further in the couch] I
mean, don't they?
Brian : Not all boys. So is that -- is that like a problem you're having?
Angela : Mm-hm. I mean, I think about it. All the time --
Brian : What, you think about it all the time?
Angela : Brian! Yeah, shut up! Boys don't have the monopoly on thinking
about it!
Brian : They don't?
Angela : No!
Brian : Okay, well. I still want my bike back.

[Patty is pulling out of the Chase driveway. Jordan is parked in
front of the house, and is taking Brian's bicycle out of his trunk.
Patty attempts to catch a glimpse of Jordan as she pulls out]
Jordan : [to Brian] She left her bike at my place.
Brian : Actually, it's my bike.
Jordan : Oh.
Brian : I don't need it right now. Just -- leave it here. Case she needs
it. You know.
Jordan : Is she home?
Brian : I'm not sure.

Jordan : I brought your bike back. Or whoever's it is.
Angela : So are we supposed to say something? Like official, because --
Jordan : You don't have to say anything.
Angela : It's sort of like when you were letting me drive your car. And I
loved it -- it made me feel really powerful -- but also really
terrified, like I wasn't ready -- for that much freedom.
Jordan : Well -- you should know. I won't hold it against you -- if your
name ever comes up.
Angela : Thanks.
Jordan : No sweat.
Angela : Because it - it *is* a big deal. I mean, because sex made your
whole life start, and if you think about life as like a circle or
something, then sex and death are the same -- look, I'm not I'm not
saying they're the same, I mean, I've thought about having sex with
you, and and and *God*, I've I've never seriously thought of killing
you, but --
Jordan : *Okay*. Okay. At least -- you got in some driving practice.
Angela : Yeah.
Jordan : Just -- ah, don't take your turns too wide, or anything. I'm sure
you won't.
Angela : [voiceover] Sometimes someone says something really small, and it
just fits right into this empty place in your heart. [to
Jordan] Your hair. Like it's really soft, like in the back.
I'm gonna miss it.
Jordan : Yeah.
Angela : Well, I guess this is it. So -- goodbye.
Jordan : Bye. See you tomorrow. [kiss]

Angela : [riding a bicycle up the street] People always say you should be
yourself, like yourself is this definite thing, like a toaster, or
something. Like you can know what it is, even. But every so often,
I'll have like -- a moment, where being myself, and my life right
where I am is, like, enough. [she releases the handlebars
and rides up the street, no hands]

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“My dad thinks every person in the world is having more fun than him.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"