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Chapter 2: Red-Haired Juliet

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Chapter 2: Red-Haired Juliet

written by Nieske

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(Actually I already started writing a 20th episode or something, but I never finished it, so here it is)

The characters are:
ACAngela Chase
JCJordan Catalano
RGRayanne Graf
RVRickie Vasquez
BKBrian Krakow
SCSharon Cherski
PCPatty Chase
GC:Graham Chase
DCDanielle Chase
HL:Hallie Lowenthal
C1:Customer 1
C2:Customer 2
RK:Richard Katimsky (English teacher)

Angela walks through the school and bumps into Rayanne
AC:voiceover Sometimes things seem so trivial. Like with Rayanne Graf. Suddenly it seemed like she never really, like, how do you call it, betrayed me, or something.
AC:Oh... Hi.
RG:Hi. They both dont say anything for a few seconds
AC:You know, I didnt
RG:At the same time Listen, I know you have They both start laughing
AC:So, you, eh, want to come over to my place tonight?
RG:Well, yeah, thats okay, only my moms making cake, so maybe
AC:My dad is planning to make banana ice-cream with chococate sauce for desert, so
RG:we can, like, first go to my place to have some cake
AC:and then to my place to have dinner!
They walk away laughing while Brian glances at Angela

At school, Angela stands at her locker with Jordan.
AC:Yeah, that would be great! So tonight Brian walks by and they look at eachother long and intensely
JC:What is it with you two? I mean, okay, we both know that he is, like
AC:What is it with me? Id better ask
JC:Oh come on, I dont think
AC:Why are you so possessive? Besides
JC:you should
AC:I dont have anything
JC:Listen, maybe this conversation would go better if we
AC:with Brian.
JC:do not interrupt eachother.
JC:You arent listening to me!
AC:But Brian is
JC:Its just, you dont ever, like, listen to me! Angela walks away with an angry look, leaving Jordan Angela! Angela doesnt look back, keeps walking

At the Chases, dinner is just finished.
PC:Mmm, Graham, I have never had such great banana ice-cream.
GC:Well, thanks. It was nothing.
RG:No, really, it was, like, heaven on your tongue, or something.
DC:Is there some more?
GC:No Danielle, joking your sister ate everything. Angela stares in space with a sad look
AC:Still stares in space Hm? Others clean the table, leaving Rayanne and Angela sitting at the table
RG:Its okay to talk, you know!
RG:Are you okay? I mean, you look so, like,
AC:I had a fight with Uh, I dont really think I can talk about it with you
RG:You had a fight with, let me guess, your sister? Oh wait, you wouldnt have to mention it, cause you always fight with her, right?
AC:Listen, I
RG:Ok, Im sorry. So whats the point?
AC:Well, I had this fight, with Jordan.
RG:Oh my god, but, I thought you were, like, back together again?
AC:Well, yeah, we were, but he is like so possessive.
RG:Im afraid I cant really, like, help you. But Im really happy were friends again. I mean, if you
Angela goes to the other side of the table, where Rayanne sits, and gives her a hug

Angela stands just outside the Chase house, dusk is falling. Brian comes along, riding his bike, creating the same situation as in the last episode
BK:Angela. Hey.
BK:pause Listen, Angela You know, about Uh, well, I
AC:Uh, so you, like
BK:Yeah. I Well Okay, so I
AC:You This Uh
BK:See, I didnt, like Well. You know, I
AC:Okay, this conversation isnt progressing, so
BK:Well, maybe Id better
AC:Ehm, you wanna come in?

In Graham and Hallies restaurant, it is very crowded
C1:Can we have the bill, please?
HL:Yes, of course, just a minute. runs to another table Do you wish to order something?
C2:Yes, I would like mutton with mushroom sauce. What wine do you recommend?
in the kitchen, at the end of the evening, all the customers are gone, Graham and Hallie are cleaning up
GC:exhausted Oh, my God, I cant do this anymore. This job is killing me.
HL:Wow, we did have a lot of customers the past few days, didnt we?
GC:Well, yeah, you could say that.
HL:We might want to hire some waitresses, and maybe some cooks
GC:Oh, just a minute, waitresses are okay, but no cook is coming into MY kitchen!
HL:Well, thats okay with me, but if the job is killing you?
GC:Okay, so maybe in emergencies you could help around a little, but no strangers!
HL:Graham Well, okay. But, uh, well, uh, never mind. I gotta go. turns and walks out the door

Angelas room, both sitting on the bed
AC:hesitating You know, I had a fight
BK:With Jordan, I know.
BK:It was about me, right?
AC:playing with her alarm clock Listen, you have to understand, I dont mean to Uh
BK:Okay, so Im sorry. looking to his feet About, you know
AC:The letter.
BK:That I wrote. Listen, I can understand it if youre, like, mad at me, or something.
AC:Yeah. Well, I
BK:But, uh You see
AC:Brian? Brian looks up to her Its okay. pause About, you know, the letter. Im not angry with you.
BK:Youre not angry?
AC:No, Im not. I was, kind of, like, honored, or something. To get this letter.
AC:So, ehm, anyway Patty enters
PC:Oh Sorry. I didnt mean to interrupt you.
BK:Oh, its okay, I was just leaving. leaves the room
AC:Brian! Brian looks back Uh looks at Patty Well, see you tomorrow.
BK:Bye. See ya.
PC:Bye, Brian!
DC:As Brian walks past her in the living room, towards the door Brian! Hi!
BK:Hey Danielle. leaves the house

The next day, at school, Angela, Rickie and Rayanne walking through the hallway
RV:But, uh, are you sure that he was talking about
AC:Well, yeah, I guess so. I mean, who else?
RG:I dont know. I mean, maybe he meant the two of us.
AC:Yeah, right.
SC:comes up to them So, I heard you broke up again.
RG:What else?
AC:Yeah, probably. I dont really like to say it, but Yeah.
SC:So, what really happened? I mean, I dont want to be curious, but
RG:Well, you are. Cant you see she doesnt want to talk about it? Sharon keeps silent and walks away
AC:Thanks. I really Well, never mind. Hey, you heard about the play?
RG:What play?
RV:Yeah, I heard about it. Were going to do something by Shakespeare.
RG:What? When? I mean, why?
RG:Oh. Yeah. Right. So, what play?
AC:Im not sure. I guess well have to, like, vote, in English class. Or something.
RG:Right. Vote. Okay.

Katimskys class
RK:I have great news for you people. We are going to do Shakespeare! class moans
AC:to Rayanne You see?
RK:But, first we will have to decide what play. I will read some parts from different plays to help you choosing.
RG:Wow! I hope were doing Romeo and Juliet, or something. I know I would make the best Juliet ever.

later, in the hallway
RV:So, what did you vote?
AC:I didnt vote.
RV:Why not? I mean, I voted for Romeo and Juliet.
AC:Yeah, right. Like its fun playing you are in love, or something. sees Jordan I gotta go. walks away, past Jordan
RV:Hi. What did you vote for?
AC:voiceover Sometimes people talk about the stupidest things, like its a metafore for real things, or something.
JC:Nothing. Why?
RV:Well, nothing, its just
JC:Like its fun walking around in tights, or something. Rickie looks befuddled What!?
RV:Uh, you see, Angela
JC:Stop talking about Angela! We broke up, okay? walks away

Katimskys class
RK:Gee whiz! Just half of you actually voted! But, uh, almost all votes were for Romeo and Juliet. So now its official, we are going to do Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare! And, guess what, were also going to perform it! We all take part in the play, I have made a box with male characters and a box with female characters. So, draw a paper, please!
RV:to Angela, who looks annoyed and bored You could as well have voted. I mean draws a paper obviously it wouldnt have made a real difference.
AC:What about the voting? Like its a big deal. Besides, obviously it also didnt make a real difference that I DIDNT vote. draws a paper Oh God. Guess what? looking annoyed Ill have to play Juliet.
RV:didnt look at his paper until now Ha ha, Im playing your dad!
AC:Yeah, right. I dont feel like doing this. suddenly looks scared Who who is Romeo?
CL:Damn, I have to play Romeo!
AC:Thank God its not shot of Jordan looking at his paper

in the hallway
RG:Hey Chase, so who do you play?
AC:annoyed Juliet.
RG:Wow. Im just some guest at the party.
AC:Wanna switch?

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