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My So-Called Life on TV

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LAST UPDATE: July 1 2004

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Country Network air dates e-mail/feedback language
USA The N / Noggin not airing
Feedback-Page original
US cable channel "Noggin / The N" aired all episodes (except the pilot episode) each Friday around 9 pm ET with encores on Saturday and Sunday beginning in April 2004.
FOX Family Channel not airing Feedback-Page edited!
MSCL aired Saturdays on FOX Family Channel, starting January 28th 2000 - each episode is cut by 5 minutes. The airing continued in June 2000.
US-MTV not airing Feedback-Page original
US-MTV aired MSCL from April 10, 1995 till June 1998 (last "marathon" in october 98)
ABC not airing since April 1995 original
ABC aired MSCL from August 94 to January 95. After cancelling the show they sold the rights to US-MTV
Trouble not airing   original
Airdate: Every Saturday and Sunday night at 11 pm. Trouble aired all 19 episodes twice since March 4th, 2000. - every sat. and sun
Channel Four not airing Reach 4 Website original
Status: "Sorry to disappoint you. C4's screening rights to MY SO-CALLED LIFE prohibit more than 2 screenings and we have already repeated it." (19/2/1998)
Info: Channel Four aired MSCL 1996 and 1997
France Canal Jimmy not airing N/A french & original
Canal Jimmy showed MSCL (Angela, 15 ans) from November 1997 - March 1998. Pay-TV (ASTRA & Cable)
France 2 not airing ? french dubbed
France 2 aired "Angela 15 ans" every Wednesday at 17:55 starting in February 2000. Back in June 1999 they only showed 16 episodes.
Singapore TCS-5 not airing N/A original
TCS-5 aired "My So-Called Life" every Monday at 4:30 pm starting in January 2000.
Sweden SVT1 not airing original/subtitled
SVT1 airs "Mitt så kallade liv" every Friday at 7:10 pm (CET) starting on May 5th 2000.
Netherlands NCRV not airing original w/ subtitles
NCRV aired MSCL in 1997 and from January 1998 'til February 1998 - they don't have the rights for a third airing :(
Australia Foxtel - FOX8 not airing original
MSCL premiered on July 27, 1998. They aired one episode per week. All episodes were repeated in a special marathon on X-mas '99. (FOX8 is an australian cable TV channel)
Serbia SUDIO B not airing ? original
I don't have more detailed infos, but it aired in 1998.
Germany RTL2 not airing german
RTL2 aired MSCL four times! January - June 1996, July - December 1996, July/August 1997 and February/March 1999
Brazil MULTISHOW not airing CRÍTICAS & SUGESTÕES original w/ subtitles
In January 2000, MSCL was airing in Brazil for the 5th time since 1995.
Canada Showcase not airing original
Showcase TV in Canada aired MSCL from September 1995 to September 1998.

MSCL has also been aired in these countries:
New Zealand, Spain, Philippines, Sweden, Argentina, Norway, Guatemala,
Denmark, Israel, Japan, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia,
Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Africa, Puerto Rico,
Thailand, Uruguay, Belgium, Finland, Mexico, Pakistan,
Egypt, Croatia, Colombia, Poland, Portugal (1999), Czech Republic and many more ...

if you know a tv station which is currently airing MSCL, then please contact us!
Thanks to Arthur Mondragon Jr., Resan Sa-Ardnuam, Daniel Ort, ALEXX, Yuri Teixeira, Gilles Bouthenot, John Gee, Jeroen and Sofia Höglund!

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“I cannot bring myself to eat a well-balanced meal in front of my mother.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"