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Chapter 33: Wanting to be different...

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The story so far

Chapter 33: Wanting to be different...

written by anonymous author

added on: 12 Mar 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Angela getting ready to go out. It's Saturday night, and Angela is going out with Sharon, and Rayanne for a girls night. Then they are both sleeping at Rayanne's because her mom is out of town for the weekend. Angela is packing her bag and heading down the stairs.

Angela: So, are you sure that I can take the car?

Patty: Yeah, of course sweetie. You have had your license for almost a week now, and you won't be driving alone all night.

Angela: Yeah, I am just going to pick up Sharon and then go to Rayanne's. We will probably just go out for dinner and then rent a few movies or something.

Patty: Ok, well, have fun. We'll see you when you get home tomorrow.

Graham: Yeah, and don't be home too late, you start work on monday.

Angela: I won't, I'm sure I will be home by dinner. Bye!

Patty Graham: Bye

Angela walks out the front door and gets into the station wagon.

AngelaVO: I can't believe my parents are like, letting me take the car. I almost feel guilty about taking it, especially because we are really going to Pike Street to celebrate our first weekend with no school, before we all start working. This is going to be an amazing night.

Angela picks up Sharon and then they go to Rayanne's. Angela parks in the parking lot and they go ring the bell. A minute later Rayanne comes down dressed in a very tight top and short skirt.

Rayanne: Do you guys want to bring your stuff up?

Angela: No, we will get it later, we just wanted to change quickly.

Angela and Sharon go up and change into different clothes. Angela puts on a black studded halter top and jean skirt. Sharon puts on a spaghetti strap red tank top and jeans. They go back to the car and drive to Pike Street. Angela parks the car and the girls get out and walk towards the entrance. On the way a few guys make whistling noises. Once inside they head to the dance floor. They all start dancing after a couple of songs, they go to the bar to get some drinks. Rayanne knows the bartender who hands them all beers. Angela is reluctant to drink anything. Sharon is already drinking hers.

Rayanne: Oh, come on Angelika, have one to celebrate!

Angela: Ok, I guess one wouldn't hurt.

Angela drinks her first beer and finishes it before they go back on the dance floor. They dance some more and then Rayanne and Sharon go back for more drinks.

Rayanne: Angela, do you want anything?

Sharon: Are you sure, I mean, you are going to be driving later.

Angela: Yeah, I am fine, it will be ok.

Rayanne: Ok, this time I'm getting you a shot.

Angela: What? I don't think I should.

Rayanne: Come on, it's great, I'll do one with you.

Angela: Are you sure I won't get like, sick from it?

Rayanne: No, you'll be fine.

Rayanne shows Angela what to do, and they both do a shot together. Then Rayanne gets both of them a different shot and they do that one together. They both share a beer afterwards. They go back and dance some more. By now you can tell the alcohol is affecting them, because they arent dancing how they normally dance. There are some guys dancing with them in a group and one of them starts getting closer to Angela. Rayanne is dancing sexy with another guy, and Sharon is dancing with another guy. The guy Angela is dancing with puts his arms around her waist. Angela is really out of it because she doesn't even notice this. Jordan, Tony, and Shane walk into Pike Street. They walk over to the pool tables and get it set up. Jordan and Angela knew that they were both going to be there tonight, but agreed not to hang out together so they could just spend time with their friends. Jordan hadn't really hung out with Shane in a long time, and wanted to try to be friends with him again. They start to play pool, and after Jordan wins the first game they go to get a beer. As they walk over to the bar Jordan sees Angela walking off the dance floor with Sharon and Rayanne and a couple of guys. He sees how she is dressed and smiles. (the camera spans up and down her body from Jordan's POV) He sees Angela and Rayanne take a shot together and realizes that it is clearly not her first. He walks over to her.

Jordan: Angela, what are you doing?

Angela(acting tipsy): Oh, hi! Hey, guys (to the other guys), this is my boyfriend Jordan, isn't he so cute! (pinching his cheek)

Jordan: Are you drunk?

Angela: I don't know, I haven't ever been drunk before(laughs). Hey, do you want to do a shot with me?

Jordan: How many of those have you had?

Angela: I don't know, I lost count after the first one, haha. Come on, I am having so much fun, do you want to dance?

Jordan: I don't think so, and I don't think you need anymore to drink.

Angela: Hey, you can't tell me what to do just because your my boyfriend. (turns to walk over to go out on the dance floor but trips and falls to the ground)

Sharon: Angela, are you ok?

Angela: Yeah, I'm fine, come on (trying to get up) let's go dance.

Sharon: Angela, I'm worried about you, your not acting like yourself.

Angela: Yeah, well neither are you. CAn you help me get up?

Sharon: Come on, I think we should get going.

Angela(gets up): I don't think so, why is the room spinning?

Jordan: Angela, I think I should drive you guys home.

Angela: I don't think I will make it there.

Jordan: Why not, what's wrong?

Angela doesn't answer and runs to the bathroom. Sharon runs after her. In the bathroom Angela is crouched over a toilet, and sick. Sharon holds her hair back, and then goes to get Jordan.

Sharon: Jordan, can you drive her home, I don't think I can drive.

Jordan: Aren't you guys staying at Rayanne's or something?

Sharon: Yeah, but I don't think they are ready to leave (points over to Rayanne who is sitting on a bar stool and Tony is standing in between her legs making out with her)

Jordan: Well, I don't think it is safe for her to go home like this. Can you find a ride home?

Sharon: Yeah, I will wait for Rayanne and Tony.

Jordan: Ok, I will bring her back to my place. Can you help me get her out to her car?

Sharon: Sure.

Sharon leads Jordan to the girls bathroom, and lets him in once she makes sure no other girls are there. Angela is sitting on the floor against the wall. She got a little sick on her clothes. Jordan kneels down and picks Angela up into his arms (one arm under her back, the other under her knees, with her arm around his neck). They walk out to the car, Sharon opening all the doors. Jordan places Angela is the passenger seat, and then gets behind the wheel of the station wagon.

Sharon: What about your car?

Jordan: I didn't drive, Tony did.

Sharon: Ok, well, thanks for taking care of her.

Jordan: Yeah, you too. I guess I'll see you next weekend. Oh, and uh, thanks, for being such a good friend, to Angela.

Sharon: Of course, bye.

Jordan drives away and once at his house he gets Angela inside. He carries her upstairs to his room and lays her on her back on the bed. He takes off her halter top,jean skirt, and sandals. All she is wearing is a bra, and underwear. He puts the covers over her. Through all of this she hasn't woken up. He stays up and watches her sleep for a while. After about an hour she slowly wakes up.

Angela: Jordan, where am I?

Jordan(walks over to the bed): Your at my house.

Angela: Oh, ahh, my head hurts.

Jordan: Yeah, it probably will tomorrow too. You should drink some water, and then try to sleep.

Angela: Ok.

Jordan gets Angela a glass of water, and then sits down (facing her) next to her on the bed.

Angela: I'm sorry, for like, acting like that.

Jordan: Why did you drink so much?

Angela: I don't know, I just wanted to have fun. I don't ever want to drink again.

Jordan: Yeah, I didn't like you acting like that, you were acting like Rayanne or something.

Angela: I'm sorry (her chin starts to tremble and a tear runs down her cheek), I just wanted to not act like myself for once, and do something no one, like, expected me to do.

Jordan: I like the way you are though, that's just who you are, and who I love.

Angela: Thanks, for taking care of me and stuff. Will you just hold me?

Jordan: All night...

Jordan takes everything off but his boxers, and gets into his bed. He spoons his body with Angela's and wraps his arms around her body and they both fall asleep.

The next morning Jordan wakes up and Angela is already out of bed. He gets up to look for her and she is in the bathroom, just getting out of the shower.

Jordan: Morning(yawns)

Angela: Hi, I hope it's ok, I wanted to shower and get that smell off of me.

Jordan: Of course, how are you feeling?

Angela: A little better, thanks. (there is a short silence) I feel so embarassed.

Jordan: Why?

Angela: Because of the way I acted last night. I didn't even like drinking, I just wanted to feel different, and I wanted to have people treat me differently.

Jordan: Like how?

Angela: Like I am the kind of girl that knows how to have fun, and is fun to be around.

Jordan: But you are, you just don't realize it.

Angela: But how am I?

Jordan: Like, the way you talk. I can't ever predict what you are going to say, and the way you say things, it's just more beautiful to hear you say it than anyone else.

Angela: Really?

Jordan: Yeah, and the way your eyes light up when you talk about something you love.

Angela: Wow, I didn't know that you thought about me in this way.

Jordan: Well, I do, I guess I just don't tell you, because I wanted it to be like my secret about you, something no one else knows, not even you.

Angela: I love you...

Jordan wraps his arms around Angela's wet body. She has a towel wrapped around her, and her hair is dripping onto Jordan's arms. He kisses her forehead, her cheek, and then her lips gently. While they are slowly kissing, Jordan walks into the bedroom holding Angela off the ground a little in his arms. His muscles are tightly wrapped around her small frame. He lays her down on the bed and lays on top of her. He kisses her more passionately as he touches her chin with his hand. His other hand is caressing her wet leg. He opens her mouth with his tongue and their kisses grow deeper and faster. He kisses her jawline and then below her ear and down to the nape of her neck. He spreads her legs and lays in between them, his boxers are still on. He unwraps the towel slightly to reveal her stomach. He kisses down the middle of her chest to her abdomen and plants little kisses all around her belly button. Just as he is about to slide his boxers off, Angela stops him.

Angela: Jordan, wait.

Jordan: What's the matter?

Angela: Umm, it is sort of, that time.

Jordan: Huh?

Angela: You know, I kinda have my period.

Jordan: Oh, ok. Well, next time then.

Angela: Yeah, but, the thing is, I don't want to do it, like every time we are alone together. I want it to be something, like, to look forward to, and unexpected. That makes it more, special.

Jordan: Yeah, I guess your right.

Angela: Are you ok, with this?

Jordan: Yeah, it will make it more special.

Angela: Yeah, it will. But that doesn't mean we can't kiss.

Jordan: Ok, good, cause I wasn't about to stop kissing you, because it is always special.

Jordan kisses Angela softly on the lips as the camera fades to black....

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