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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 11: How embarassing!

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Chapter 11: How embarassing!

written by Sara

added on: 21 Jan 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Angela sitting in Geometry staring at the clock. The teacher is passing out quzzies that were taken last week. Angela gets hers back and sees that she has a 70.

Teacher: Good improvement Angela!

Angela: Thanks
VO: If it wasnt for Abisinia this grade would probably be an F.

(Bell rings)

Teacher: Dont forget there is another quiz on friday on chapter 12, so make sure you either come to review or study at home!

Angela walks out of class in a daze and bumps into Corey.

Corey: Oh, sorry, I wasnt paying attention.

Angela: Yeah, me too

Corey: Thanks for helping paint the set for 'Our Town'.

Angela: Sure, it was fun.

Corey: So what night are you going to the play?

Angela: Um, I think next Friday, with my parents.

Camera cuts to Jordan who is walking down the hall towards Angela and Corey, he has a mad/jealous look on his face.

Jordan: Hi

Angela: Hi (kisses him on the cheek)

Corey: Well I gotta get to class, I'll see you next friday.

Angela: ok, bye

Jordan: What was that about?

Angela: What do you mean?

Jordan: You and Corey, I dont like you hanging out with him.

AngelaVO: Oh my god, Jordan is like jealous, of me being friends with another guy! (out loud) Were not hanging out, he just meant that he will see me when I go to the play.

Jordan: Oh, yeah, well anyways I still dont like the thought of you being friends with him.

Angela: Dont worry, he is JUST a friend, and I hardly ever hang out with him.

Jordan: Ok

Angela: Well I am going to go find Rickie and Rayanne, do you want to come with?

Jordan: No, I was actually going to go find Brian, cause I am reading this new book, and I wanted him to like help me.

Angela: What book?

Jordan: Something about killing a bird.

Angela: Do you mean To Kill A Mockingbird?

Jordan: Yeah, thats the one. You know, it isnt anything like it sounds.

Angela: Yeah, it is a really good book, I read it last yeat.

Jordan: Well maybe you can help me too, I mean if you have time.

Angela: Sure, do you want to come over around 7 tonight?

Jordan: Ok, do you want a ride home today?

Angela: Actually I am going home with Sharon, but I will see you later.

Jordan: Ok, (starts to lean in towards her with her back against the lockers) so I will see you later then (looks at her eyes and then focuses on her lips)

Angela(looking at his eyes and then at his lips) Yeah

They kiss very softly for a minute before he pulls away.

Jordan: bye

Angela: bye
VO: What was I going to do again?

Cut to Sharons house where she and Angela are sitting on her bed.

Sharon: So, is Jordan Catalano making you like happy?

Angela: Yeah, i mean, its like he is the same, but different too. I mean, its like I really matter to him now, and he told me he loved me.

Sharon: He did! When?!?

Angela: Last week, when he came over for dinner.

Sharon: OH, that is so romantic. Who ever thought that Jordan Catalano could actually act like a normal boyfriend?

Angela: I knew it. I mean, I like always knew there was this other side of him, that was like hidden that he wouldnt let show. It takes him a while to be able to open up to people. There are still things that I dont know about him, but slowly he is talking more about things.

Sharon: So I kind of have like a personal question to ask you.

Angela: What is it?

Sharon: Is he still like pressuring you?

Angela: Well, hes not like begging for it all the time, but I know that he wants to, and so do I, I am just so confused, I mean how do you know if you are ready?

Sharon: You just know, its not like this feeling or anything, its like you want to be with the person so bad you will like burst. I mean, people make such a big deal about cherishing it and whatever, but I mean if you dont jump in the water, how are you going to learn how to swim? Do you know what I mean?

Angela: Yeah, I do, thanks

Sharon: Anytime

Cut to Chase house. Angela is laying on her bed staring at the ceiling.

AngelaVO: So I am ready, I want to be with him. He cares about me, and I care about him. I just am not going to tell him yet, cause I know that if I do he will like throw me down on the bed right away.

Patty: Angela, Jordan is here!

Angela: Ok mom, I'll be down in a minute.

After a minute Angela here's footsteps coming upstairs.

Angela(walking towards her door): Mom, I said I would be right...(Jordan appears in the doorway)down. (smiles) Hi

Jordan: Hi, I hope its ok, your mom said I could come upstairs.

Angela: Yeah, just uh, ignore the mess, and the unmade bed (looking embarassed as she runs to go grab a bra sitting on her bed)

Jordan: YOu dont have to clean up for me.

Angela: I'm not, I just wanted to move a couple of things, so we could...

Jordan cuts her off and kisses her with urgency. Angela drops the bra and nightshirt that she had in her hands as she kisses Jordan back and runs her hands through his hair to the back of his neck. He holds her face in his hands as he kisses her harder and faster. Surprisingly he is the first one to break away.

Jordan: We, um, better start, you know, working.

Angela: yeah (sighs)

Jordan and Angela sit on her bed and discuss what he has read in the book. Then the work independently, her doing geometry, and he is reading. While they are working they intermittently steal glances at each other.

Cut to Chase kitchen, Patty is on the phone with Graham.

Patty: Ok, well I will see you in about an hour or so then.

Graham: I'm sorry, we just have to get these things done, otherwise I wont be able to go this weekend, and I really need to get away with you.

Patty: I understand.

Graham: So Jordan came over again.

Patty: Yeah, Angela is helping him with homework or somthing up in her room.

Graham: He sure seems to be coming over a lot now.

Patty: WEll I would rather have him here than over at that loft that they are always talking about.

Graham: I wouldnt worry about Angela, I dont think she would do anything she didnt want to do.

Patty: Yeah, I hope so.

Graham: Ok, well I will see you later.

Patty: Ok, bye

Cut back to Angela's room. She and Jordan are still sitting silently working on homework. All of the sudden Angela leans towards Jordan and kisses him.

Angela: I'm sorry, I just couldnt like stand it.

Jordan: Stand what?

Angela: The silence, I just like needed to kiss you.

Jordan: Well, make sure you tell me when you need to kiss me again.

Angela puts her books down and sits on Jordans lap facing him, with one leg on either side of his waist. She kisses him softly at first and then faster and harder. He has his hands up the back of her shirt rubbing her back and pulling her closer to him. Just as he is starting to lay back onto the bed Patty walks in with her mouth open.

Patty: Oh, I am so sorry.

Angela leaps off of Jordan onto the other side of the bed, their hair is all messy.

Angela: Mom, we were just um, studying and then, yeah, um do you need something (face turning red )?

Patty: Um, I just wanted to tell you that I was going to pick Danielle up from Becky's house, I should be back in like 20 minutes.

Angela: Ok

Patty walks downstairs and Angela looks at Jordan and starts cracking up.

Angela: That is so embarassing!

Jordan: Yeah, is your mom going to like forbid you to see me now?

Angela: No, of course not, I am actually surprised she still left. (hears the front door slam)

Jordan: Yeah, so where were we...

Angela: Right about here (climbs back on top of him and he lays down.)

Fade out to them fooling around on her bed....

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