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Chapter 27: Unhappy Birthdays...

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The story so far

Chapter 27: Unhappy Birthdays...

written by anonymous author

added on: 28 Feb 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to everyone sitting in the Chase living room. Angela is sitting in between Sharon and Rickie. Her grandparents are there, Danielle, Patty, Graham, Uncle Neil, and even Sharon's parents. They are all sitting and talking. Danielle is sitting next to Rayanne who is sitting next to Rickie. Angela is trying not to notice that it is already 6:30 and Jordan isnt there yet.

Patty: Well, should we wait another half hour for dinner?

Angela: Umm, no we can start eating, I'm sure he will be here soon, maybe he had to work a little late or something.

They all go into the dining room and start eating. Everyone is talking, laughing, and having a good time. An hour or so passes and Jordan still hasn't shown up. Sharon can tell by the look on Angela's face that she could start crying any minute so she suggests something.

Sharon: Come on Angela, I want you to open my present.

Angela(fighting back tears): Ok

They bring the presents to the table, and Angela starts opening them. Sharon got her a cute tshirt and jean shorts, and a teddy bear that says 'friends forever' on it. Rickie and Rayanne got Angela a gift certificate to the mall. Her grandparents got her some clothes. Danielle got her a picture frame, and her parents just gave her money to go shopping with. After this they eat cake and sing 'happy birthday', and then everyone leaves except for Sharon, Rickie, and Rayanne. The four of them go up to Angela's room and close the door.

Rayanne: So Angelika, what happened to you last night?

Angela: Nothing, we just ended up staying at Jordan's (the sound of his name makes Angela's chin tremble)

Sharon: Oh, Chase, your crying, don't worry, I'm sure he just had to work late or something.

Rickie: Yeah, everything will be fine.

Angela: I just don't understand, where is he? I mean, last night and this morning he told me he was coming. I told everyone he was coming and now everyone like thinks he is this terrible person.

Sharon: Look, none of us think that, I mean, something probably just came up and he couldnt get here. It is just 9, he might still get here.

Angela(wiping away a tear): Yeah, look I'm getting kinda tired, I'll see you guys tomorrow at school, ok.

Rayanne: Cheer up Angelika, your 16, you can like almost drive!!! (kisses her on the cheek) Come on Rickie lets go.

Rickie: Bye Angela, happy birthday.

Angela: Thanks Rickie.

Sharon: Well, I guess I will go too.

Angela: Sharon, will you stay here for a little while. I kinda wanted to talk to you about something.

Sharon: Sure, what is it?

Angela looks up at Sharon with a 'you know what it is' look.

Sharon: Oh my God, did you guys?

Angela: Yeah

Sharon: And, how was it?

Angela: It's like it was how I pictured it in my mind, but then it also wasn't. He was so like, considerate, like of me. And things just seemed to be going perfectly. And now, he does this.

Sharon: Look, Angela, don't jump to conclusions, I'm am sure he has a really good explanation or something.

Angela: He better, cause I could kill him for doing this to me, like the day after I shared the one thing I was saving from my childhood.

Sharon: I'm sure things will work out. I'll see you tomorrow, will you be ok?

Angela: Yeah, thanks.

Sharon leaves and Angela gets into her nightshirt and lays on her bed on her side. A tear runs down her cheek and she covers her face with her blanket.

A little while later Patty walks into her room.

Patty: Angela, are you ok?

Angela(from under the covers): Mom, please, I don't want to talk about it.

Patty: Angela, when boys are young, and even old they do stupid things, that they don't even realize they are doing. I am sure Jordan didn't mean for this to happen.

Angela: Mom, just stop ok, I feel terrible as it is and your not making it any better.

Patty: Well, just listen to what Jordan has to say, before you get really mad at him, ok?

Angela: Ok.

Patty: Happy birthday sweetie, try to get some sleep.

Angela: Goodnight.

Fade out to black...

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