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Chapter 15: One night Together....But Not the Last

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Chapter 15: One night Together....But Not the Last

written by Elizabeth

added on: 25 Jan 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Angela and Jordan sitting downstairs watching TV. Angela is laying against his chest watching tv, but hardly paying attention. They are watching Saturday Night Live to see what band is on. They decide not to watch tv, and to put on a movie.

Angela: I just realized that I dont even know what movies you like.

Jordan: I don't know, anything I guess.

Angela: Ok, well how about (looking at movie collection) A River Runs Through It?

Jordan: With that Brad Pitt guy?

Angela(smiling): yeah

Jordan: I dont see what the big deal with him is, let me look...

Jordan looks at the movies for a few minutes: Yes, we are definetly watching this (shows Angela the movie) Wayne's World, its a classic!

Angela: Sure, ok

They watch the movie cuddling on the couch. Even though Angela didnt really want to watch it, she surprisingly enjoyed seeing it again.

Jordan: That movie is so great, I hope they make another one. VO:This is so awkward, like being here with her late at night, like it's forbidden or something.

Angela: Yeah, it is so funny. VO:How do I tell him I really want to do it, I mean, he knows I am ready, but I don't know if I can sleep in the same bed with him and not go through with it. God, I am such I pervert, he is going to think I am like a nympho or whatever they call it.

Jordan(looking uncomfortable): SO, are you tired, or do you want to watch something else, I mean, it isnt really like that late (looks at clock which says 1245)

Angela: Look, you seem really uncomfortable or something, so if you dont want to stay you dont have to. VO: Did I just tell him to leave? What am I thinking?

JordanVO: Did she just tell me to like leave? (out loud) Well, only if you dont want me to stay.

AngelaVO: Oh, great, now he is making it my decision. (out loud) Listen Jordan (getting huffy) I want you to stay here, I mean, I want to like have sex with you, and I thought that you want to also, but now you come back with this whole 'lets wait awhile thing'and you make me all confused about what to do. I mean if you dont want to be with me anymore then just tell me and dont waste my time acting like you still do.

Jordan(with a shocked look on his face): I want to be with you, but I thought I was doing the right thing by waiting a little more, I mean, I dont want to rush you and then do something wrong and you hate me like forever.

Angela: Sometimes I have no idea what is going on in your mind.

Jordan: Yeah well sometimes I think you think about things too much.

Angela: WEll maybe you should leave then! (yelling at him, and almost in tears)

Jordan: Fine!

Walks out the door as Angela slams in behind him. He turns to look back inside the house to see Angela running upstairs to her room crying. He stands there for a minute thinking.

JordanVO: I always say and do the wrong things. Why can't I like get something in my life right for once. I had like this perfect girl and I always screw things up.

Opens the door and walks upstairs to Angela's room where she is laying on the bed crying.

Jordan: Angela, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. I mean, I just havent ever known anyone who like thought and talked as much as you. I guess it is still kinda new to me.

Angela(sits up and looks at him): I guess I just felt like you were rejecting me or something, and I felt ashamed like you didnt want to be with me anymore.

Jordan(comes and sits down on the bed next to her and holds her face in his hands while he wipes away her tears): Angela, I want to be with you more than you know, but I guess...I am scared too...because I haven't been in a real relationship before and I havent loved anyone before.

Angela: I know, it's a first for me too. At least we can be scared together.

Jordan: Yeah, and it will happen, soon, but I don't want it to be this thing that we plan, not like last time, you know, I just want it to happen.

Angela: That sounds good, as long as it is not in some empty house or something (laughs)

Jordan: Yeah, that was pretty bad (laughs and then kisses her on the lips gently) So, can I still stay here, with you.

Angela: Yeah, I would like that.

Angela gets on a tshirt and boxer shorts. Jordan takes off his jeans, shoes, and his flannel shirt. He is only wearing boxers, socks, and a tshirt. Angela looks over at him and smiles shyly.

Angela: Did you lock the front door when you came back in?

Jordan: Um, I dont think so, I will go check (runs downstairs) Ok, I locked it, that way no one can like surprise us(smiles)

Angela: Yeah, gosh, I dont know why I am so nervous, I mean, we are only going to be sleeping.

Jordan: I know, me too, I guess its because we havent ever like slept in the same bed together.

Angela: Yeah....come here (pulls him towards the bed on top of her)

Angela begins to kiss him softly and then with more urgency.

Jordan: I thought we were just going to sleep...

Angela: Yeah, but I need something to dream about...

Jordan kisses her back with even more passion and wantingness than before. He is laying on top of her in between her legs. He gently feels up and down her leg which makes her laugh.

Angela(laughing): That tickles!

Jordan: Oh yeah, well does this tickle (goes to tickle her feet, but she jumps up before he can)

Angela: Oh no, your not tickling my feet!

Jordan: Oh yeah? (jumps up and tries to grab her to flip her back onto the bed)

Angela screams as she runs around the room and Jordan chases her, he finally pins her down on the floor near her bed. He kisses her hard but passionately.

Jordan: I can't believe I am here with you.

Angela: Why?

Jordan: Cause, it's something I have wanted for so long, I mean before all I really wanted was the whole sex thing, but since we had that fight in my garage, where i said something really mean about you know, being abnormal and everything, ever since then all I have wanted was to be with you, I didn't even care how, and now it's like real.

Angela(kisses him): I know, it's like when I first started liking you I didnt ever think you would like me back or even talk to me.

Jordan: Why would you think that?

Angela: Because, you are like this guy can get whatever he wants, so what whould you want to do with me, just some sophomore.

Jordan: Yeah, I guess that is probably what I would have thought, but when I saw you you just seemed so, different, like you didn't care what other people thought.

Angela: I guess we both thought this wouldnt ever happen...

Jordan: Yeah, but I am glad it did. You are so different than any other girl that I have ever been with, I mean, you like push me to be better like without even doing it.

Angela: I didn't know I did that.

Jordan: Well, because of you I am going to be a senior next year, and hopefully graduate.

Angela: REally! That's great! What are you going to do after you graduate?

Jordan: I don't know, I haven't thought about that. All I can think about is being with you...

Angela pulls him closer to her and kisses him. They get up and get into Angela's bed. They start making out and then they hear a knock on the front door.

Angela: Who could that be?

Jordan: I don't know, should I like hide up here or something?

Angela: No, I don't want to walk down there alone, but just stay on the stairs.

JordanVO: That is so cute that she is afraid to go downstairs by herself...

They walk downstairs and Jordan sits at the bottom of the steps as Angela looks to see who it is. She pulls the curtain back to see Brian standing there.

Angela: It's Brian Krakow.

Jordan: Oh, I wonder what he wants, I mean, he like doesnt like you anymore does he?

Angela: No, he is like going out with Delia Fisher.

Angela opens the door.

Angela: Brian, what is it, it's really late.

Brian: I know, I'm sorry, I didn't want to bother you, cause I saw his car here, but I needed to talk to someone.

Angela: Ok, come on in.

Brian: Hi (to Jordan)

Jordan: Hey, Angela I'm going to go upstairs.

Angela: Ok, I will be up in a few minutes

BrianVO: Jeez, they're back together for two weeks and they sound like they are married. I wonder if I innterrupted them like having sex? Nah, they probably wouldn't have come to the door, or would they?

Angela: So what is it?

Brian: So this is kind of embarassing, um, but I really couldnt think of anyone else to talk to about it.

Angela: What is it already, I'm kind of tired and would like to get some sleep Krakow!

Brian: Ok, sorry. So um , did I like innterrupt you guys or something?

Angela: Brian, like that is any of your business, but no, he is just staying over so I don't have to sleep by myself in the house while my parents are away.

Brian: Oh, ok, good. Well, anyways, ok, so I will just tell you. So I was on a date with Delia, and she got like this look in her eye, like after we were making out. Do you know what I am talking about?

Angela: No, what kind of look?

Brian: Like this wierd look. And I was wondering how you know like when a girl wants to, you know, with her boyfriend?

Angela: Um, well, why dont you just ask her instead of basing this on some look that she gave you.

Brian: Because if I did that and she didnt want to then it would be like I am pushing things, and if she says yeah then I might freak out.

Angela: Well, I can't really help you Brian, you are just going to have to ask her or wait and see what happens.

Brian: I was just kinda wondering how Jordan asked you. I mean you guys have done it right, since you are back together and all.

Angela: Like that is any of your business, and it is private, but no, we havent, yet.

Brian: Oh, ok, well thanks Chase, for the uh, advice, I'll think about it and let you know.

Angela: Dont let me know, just do something about it, I dont want to know anything!

Brian: Ok, well, I'll let you...whatever, see ya at school Monday.

Angela: Ok, bye (closes and locks the door and goes back upstairs to where Jordan is laying under her covers half asleep)

AngelaVo: I've never actually watched someone I loved sleep before. I mean, I have seen my sister and my parents sleeping, but this is different. He looks so beautiful and peaceful, like a little boy.

Angela gets into bed next to Jordan, but doesnt touch him cause she doesnt want to wake him.

Jordan rolls over to where Angela is sleeping and wraps his arms around her and spoons his body with hers.

Jordan: I felt like I was waiting here forever, is everything ok?

Angela: Yeah, he just had a question to ask me.

Jordan: And it couldnt wait?

Angela: I know, but thats Brian for ya.

Jordan: Are you tired?

Angela: A little, u?

Jordan: A little (begins to kiss the back of her neck)

Angela: It's like I dont want to fall asleep because then I will wake up, and it will be morning, and the night will be over.

Jordan: Yeah, but its not like the last time we can sleep like this, there will be more times.

Angela: I know, but its the first, and I dont want it to end.

Jordan: Me either, but if you dont get some sleep your parents are going to wonder what happened to you.

Angela: Your right, goodnight (turns her head and kisses him on the lips)

Jordan: Well, I didnt mean right away, we can still stay up for a few minutes.

Angela turns around and kisses Jordan passionately on the lips. Jordan gently strokes the side of her face and then puts one hand up the back of her shirt. Angela kisses down to Jordan's neck and then takes his shirt off. She kisses from his stomach up to his lips. She can feel against her leg how much he wants her. They continue to make out for a few minutes until they stop and just stare at each other laying down.

Jordan: You are so beautiful (strokes the hair back behind her hair)

Angela kisses Jordan and then closes her eyes and starts to fall asleep. Jordan watches her and then falls asleep himself, both wrapped in each other's arms.....

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