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Chapter 35: Singing in the car...

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The story so far

Chapter 35: Singing in the car...

written by anonymous author

added on: 14 Mar 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Thursday night. Angela and Graham are just getting home from the restaurant, it is 10pm.

Graham: Patty, we're home!

Patty: Oh, good. Angela, Jordan called and he said he would pick you up at 10 tomorrow morning.

Angela: Ok, I'm pretty tired. I am going to go pack my stuff and go to bed.

Patty: Ok, umm, can I talk to you upstairs?

Angela: Sure.

They go upstairs and sit down on Angela's bed.

Patty: Angela, this weekend is a big deal. You are going away by yourself for the first time with your friends and boyfriend. I know that you and Jordan are spending more time together and I just wanted to, uh, make sure that you know you can come to me if you ever need to talk about anything.

Angela: Mom, please, not another sex talk!

Patty: Angela, I just want you to be prepared for when the time comes, and to be safe. So will you come to me when you think it's that time?

Angela: Umm, well, we uh, sort of already did.

Patty: Oh, I see. When did this happen?

Angela: Umm, a couple weeks ago.

Patty: Were you safe?

Angela: Of course.

Patty: Jordan didn't force you did he?

Angela: No! Of course not. I wanted to.

Patty: Ok. Well, I'm, uh, glad that you told me.

Angela: Well, what was I supposed to do come to you and say 'Hey, mom, guess what, Jordan and I are going to have sex tonight, is that ok with you?'.

Patty: Well, no, maybe not that, but just some indication to tell me that you guys were getting that serious.

Angela: Well, it was my decision, and I am happy that it happened the way it did.

Patty: Ok, well, sex is a big responsibility, and I want you to make sure that you are always safe.

Angela: Ok, I will! Can this be over now, please?

Patty: Sure, you better get some rest, you have a big weekend ahead of you. (starts to walk out the door)

Angela: Mom, thanks, for like, understanding.

Patty: That's what I'm here for.

Angela gets her clothes together that she is taking with. She packs her bag and lays down on her bed on her back with one hand behind her head and the other on her stomach.

AngelaVO: I can't believe that I told my mother that Jordan and I had sex, and she didn't flip out. It is too wierd. At least she knows now how we feel about each other, how in love we are, how much we need each other...

Angela falls asleep as the thoughts race through her mind. She wakes up late the next morning, and rushes to get ready. Jordan is picking her up in 30 minutes as she jumps in the shower. She grabs her last minute stuff and runs down the stairs with her hair dripping wet. She is wearing a baby tshirt and jeans shorts with sandals. Her mom walks in the back door and her dad is in the family room watching tv.

Patty: Hi honey, I just wanted to stop by the house because I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to you.

Angela: Oh, thanks.

Patty: Will you call us when you get there?

Angela: Sure.

Jordan knocks on the door and Angela lets him in.

Angela: Hi.

Jordan(kisses her on the cheek): Hey, you ready to go?

Angela: Umm, yeah.

Jordan: Hey, Mrs. Chase.

Patty: Hi Jordan. Well, you guys drive carefully, and have fun, and be safe (looking into Angela's eyes).

Angela: We will mom, bye.

Graham: Bye!

Angela: Bye dad.

Jordan grabs Angela's bag, and takes her hand in his. They get in the car and drive to Rickie's.

Angela: Are you ok?

Jordan: Yeah, my dad called this morning, he is coming home on Sunday.

Angela: Oh, well thats good.

Jordan: I guess, its just, he's already nagging me about stuff.

Angela: Yeah, I think that is like part of being a parent, like required or something.

Jordan: Yeah, I dont want to talk about it. It just makes me pissed off. I just want to think about being with you all weekend.

Angela moves closer to him and rests her head on his shoulder as he puts his arm around her. She loops her fingers with his(the hand that is over her shoulder). They pick up Rickie and Corey, and the rest of the gang is crammed into Kyle's SUV. They get on the road a few minutes later, about 10:20.

Rickie: Jordan, could you turn on some music?

Jordan: Sure.

The song "Basket Case" by Green Day is just starting. Angela and Rickie start to sing. Angela turns around so she and Rickie are looking at each other. They laugh at the parts that they miss. Then "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana plays. Even Jordan sort of sings along to this one. After they sing a few more songs, Angela starts to yawn. She rests her head on Jordan's shoulder again, and starts to fall asleep. She wakes up two hours later and they are stopped at a rest stop. Angela is in the car by herself, everyone else is standing around the car talking. Sharon has a camera in her hand and just took a picture of Angela just as she was getting up.

Angela: What time is it?

Sharon: 1:45, Jordan said you have been asleep for like 2 hours.

Angela: Oh, wow. Why are we stopped?

Sharon: Brian, and Rayanne had to go to the bathroom. And then Kyle wanted to get more snacks to eat. Plus, we kinda needed gas for the cars.

Angela: Oh (gets out of the car), yeah I'm kinda hungry.

Sharon: Well Jordan is in there with Kyle. It is so cute, they went in there together, and are talking!

Angela: Oh
AngelaVO: Thinking that Jordan and Kyle might actually have something to talk about is so wierd I can't even picture it in my head.

Angela: Well, I'm going to go get something to eat.

Angela walks into the small convenience store and sees Jordan and Kyle walking around, separately.

Jordan: Hey there, sleepy, did you have a good nap?

Angela: Yeah, how come you didn't wake me?

Jordan: You just looked so cute, all curled up. Do you want something to eat?

Angela: Sure, I'll eat whatever you get. So how far away are we?

Jordan: Umm, probably about 3 or 4 more hours I guess.

Angela: Do you want me to drive at all?

Jordan: Sure, if you want to.

Angela(wraps her arms around Jordan's neck): I can't wait to get there. Will you come to the beach with me?

Jordan: I guess so.

Angela: Good, cause I want to spend as much time with you as I can.

Jordan kisses her gently on the lips, they buy the food, and Angela gets behind the wheel.

Rickie: Wait, Angela, your driving?

Angela: Oh, shut up Rickie, I do have my license now, remember?

Rickie: Ok, well, here we go.

THe next hour goes by quickly. Jordan takes over driving the rest of the way. Two hours later they are driving up to the hotel where they are all getting rooms. They all get out and go check in. At the desk the guy tells them that they only have 1 suite left. Rickie, Corey, Delia, and Brian all decide to stay in the suite. Everyone else each has their own separate rooms with king size beds, and huge bathrooms. They all go up to the rooms to freshen up and rest before they go out and spend the night on the Boardwalk.

Angela: Wow, this room is huge.

Jordan comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist.

Jordan: I'm finally glad I have you all alone.

Angela: Me too.

Angela turns around and kisses him gently on the lips.

Jordan: I'm kinda tired from all the driving, do you want to lay down with me?

Angela: Sure

They crawl onto the bed, and Angela curls up next to Jordan's body. They fall asleep in each other's arms...

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