The My So-Called Life Bible

(a hitchhiker's guide to the series)
Version 5.4: October, 1998
Contrived 1994 - Virany Margaret Kreng
In conjunction with the MSCL Mailing List.
Updated and maintained, suggestions, flames: Andi Wolf Dolphin.
Copyright © 1996-1998 Andi Wolf Dolphin - Dolphin FX


(Which means if you use this illegally, I own your car and your firstborn -- not to mention all of your food!!!)


Naturally, there is going to be a HUGE amount of information available online. A few of the first web pages will be listed here, and a more complete list complied in a later section. Important MSCL resources to know:

-The new My-So-Called Life homepage:

- MSCL Internet Mailing List:

*Now available! MSCL on video!


1. The So-Called History
How MSCL came to be, and where it is now.
2. The So-Called Legacy
MSCL's inherited legacy from "thirtysomething".
3. The So-Called Premise
The basic setup of the show.
4. The So-Called Characters
Information on the various characters.
5. The So-Called Episodes
The episodes, air dates, and their plots.
6. The So-Called Cast
Who's who in the show.
7. The So-Called Players
Short biographies of the MSCL regulars.
8. The So-Called Music
Play that funky MSCL music, white boy.
9. The So-Called Trivia
Goofy trivial information.
10. The So-Called Fans
MSCL support groups to lean on, cry with, and talk to.
11. The So-Called Network
Wanna give ABC a piece of your mind? It might be late, but here's how.
12. The So-Called Links
Links to MSCL web pages and personal pages with some MSCL info.
13. The So-Called Acknowledgements
People who paid money to get their names mentioned.
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MSCL -- Main Page
MSCL Bible (index)
1. So-Called History
2. So-Called Legacy
3. So-Called Premise
4. So-Called Characters
5. So-Called Episodes
6. So-Called Cast
7. So-Called Players
8. So-Called Music
9. So-Called Trivia
10. So-Called Fans
11. So-Called Network
12. So-Called Links
13. So-Called Thanks