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Chapter 23: At the dance with Jordan

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The story so far

Chapter 23: At the dance with Jordan

written by Alexis

added on: 03 Feb 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Angela getting ready for Prom in her room. It is Saturday night at 6pm. Patty walks in while Angela is doing her hair.

Patty: Angela, Camielle just called and she is going to bring Sharon over her in half an hour so we can take a picture of you guys all dressed up.

Angela: Mom, it's not like I havent ever worn a dress before.

Patty: Yeah, but this is special, it's your first Prom, and I want to remember it. So, tomorrow you will be home by 1pm cause daddy is making dinner for your birthday.

Angela: Yeah, I know, thanks.

Patty: And then monday after school we will go to get your drivers liscense.

Angela: Ok, so should I put my hair up like this or leave it down and curl it?

Patty: Well, if you put it up I will let you borrow my diamond necklace and earrings..

Angela: Ok, thanks mom.

Patty leaves to go downstairs and Angela finishes getting ready. A half hour later Sharon and Camielle show up.

Patty: Sharon is here Angela!

Angela: Ok, im coming!

Angela walks down the stairs and everyone looks at her.

Graham Patty in unison: Wow, sweetheart you look beautiful.

Sharon: Angela, you look so pretty, I love that dress!

Angela: Thanks Sharon, you do too.

They take a few pictures before Sharon leaves to go back home and wait for Kyle. Angela goes back upstairs to get her backpack together for staying at the hotel.

Patty: Angela, Jordan is here!

Angela: Ok, I'll be down in a minute...VO: This could like be the last time I am in my room as a virgin. I can't believe this is all happening, it's like a dream. (starts to walk out of her room and down the first few steps) Ok, just calm down, it's only another night, with Jordan, except I am going to remember this forever.

Angela comes to the last few steps and Jordan looks up at her (he was talking to Patty). His eyes fixate on her and his face almost melts.

Jordan: Wow, you look beautiful.

Angela (walks towards him): Really? You do to, I mean, look great. (leans in and kisses him on the lips gently)

Patty: Ok, can I take a few pictures?

Angela: Um, ok mom, but we have to get going.

Patty: Ok, don't worry.

They take a few pictures together before they say goodbye to Patty and Graham.

Patty: Oh, Jordan, you are welcome to have dinner with us tomorrow night for Angela's birthday.

Jordan: Ok, thanks, see you tomorrow!

They walk out the door and Jordan grabs Angela's hand and leads her to the car.

Jordan: I mean it, I don't think I have ever seen you look more beautiful.

Angela: Thanks, so are you ready to go to the Prom (laughing a little)?

Jordan: Yeah, let's go. (opens the door for her and she gets in)

Once Jordan gets in Angela kisses him softly on the lips.

Angela: In case I forget to tell you later, I had a great time tonight.

Jordan: Yeah, me too.

They drive to the dance which is being held at a local hotel in the ballroom. They walk in and people are already dancing and dinner is being served. They go to find the table they are sitting at with Rayanne and Tony.

Rayanne (runs to Angela): Angelika! You look beautiful!

Angela (hugs her): Thanks, you do too.

They all sit down and kinda sit awkwardly in silence eating a little. Finally Rayanne breaks the silence.

Rayanne: Come on (to Angela), lets go dance!

Rayanne pulls Angela on the dance floor and they start dancing to the Twist. They are laughing while they are dancing. The whole time Jordan is watching Angela as her body moves.

JordanVO: I can't believe I am like here, with Angela. This is like out of a dream or something... God look at her body move like that.

The song "Late at Night" by Buffalo Tom comes on. Tony comes up to Rayanne and starts dancing with her. Angela turns around and sees that Jordan is gone. He comes up behind her and surprises her.

Jordan: Do you want to dance?

Angela: Sure (smiles)
She wraps her arms around his neck and places her head on his shoulder. He wraps his arms around her waist and rests his head on hers.

They dance a couple more slow songs before Angela goes to find Sharon and they dance to a couple fast songs together. Before they know it they are announcing Prom King and Queen and it's the last slow dance of the night. Angela finds Jordan and they dance together. Before the song is over Angela pulls Jordan off the dance floor and leads him outside.

Jordan: Don't you want to stay and dance?

Angela: No, I want to be alone with you.

Jordan: Really (kisses her on the lips passionately) So, you want to go up to the room?

Angela: Yeah, let's get our stuff from the car.

Jordan: Ok

They go out to the car and Angela gets her backpack and Jordan gets a bag and his guitar.

Angela: What did you bring that for?

Jordan: You'll see, it's a surprise.

They go up to the room and Angela is amazed, Jordan got a suite!

Angela: Jordan, this must have cost so much!

Jordan: Yeah, but it's worth it for you.

Angela walks over to him and kisses him on the lips.

Jordan: Wait, I have something I want to do first...

Fade out to black...

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