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Chapter 20: Dress Shopping...and the mystery

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Chapter 20: Dress Shopping...and the mystery

written by Linda

added on: 29 Jan 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Angela, Danielle and Patty walking into the restaurant.

Graham: Oh, hi, I'm glad you came.

Patty: Well, I don't have to stay if you want to spend time with the girls.

Graham: No, thats why I invited you too.

Patty: Ok, well, the place is really starting to look great.

They all sit down and start eating.

Graham: So, what is new?

Patty: Angela, why dont you tell dad your big news?

Angela: Mom, I like dont want to make a big deal out of it.

Patty: It is, I didn't know you are Jordan were that serious.

Angela: Um (looks towards Graham) Jordan asked me to Prom.

Graham: Oh, thats great sweetie, are you excited?

Angela: I guess, I still have to go buy a dress and it is next Saturday.

Graham: Well I am sure you will find one. So Danielle, how is school?

Danielle: Well, today at lunch this boy in my class started a food fight, and just as it was getting good the principal walked in yelling on his megaphone and gave everyone who had food in their hands detentions!

Graham: Interesting, so what else is new?

AngelaVO: How awkward can this get. It's like this whole conversation is forced or something, why can't things go back to the way they were?

Patty: Well I landed the Donahue account today, which only took 3 meetings to convince them that we could do what they want.

Graham: That's great.

Patty: How are things here?

Graham: Ok, running smoothly so far, it looks like we will open in a month. You will be there for the opening right?

Patty: Of course, I wouldnt miss the big opening.

After they finish eating Angela and Danielle look around the rest of the restaurant while Patty and Graham talk.

Graham: How have you been doing?

Patty: Ok, very busy, you know.

Graham: Yeah, look Patty, I love you, and I am going to come home, I just need a couple more days to clear my head.

Patty: I love you too, but I dont want you to come home until you are ready again.

Graham: I do, I miss being there, Neil is driving me crazy. I miss you too, and the girls.

Patty: Really? We miss you too, it seems so empty without you there.

Graham kisses Patty on the cheek: Don't worry everything will work out.

Patty: But there is so much to talk about, I think we should talk before you come home again.

Graham: Ok, well why dont we meet for dinner on Saturday night?

Patty: Ok, how about that little restaurant we always used to go to?

Graham: Ok, I will see you then, I'm going to go say goodbye to the girls...

Later that night Angela is on the phone with Sharon.

Angela: So do you want to do dress shopping this weekend?

Sharon: sure, how about friday night or right after school?

Angela: Sure, I dont have any plans Friday.

Sharon: Oh, I am so excited, I've always wanted to go to Prom, and now we can like be there together!

Angela: Oh, actually I didn't ask Jordan if we were like going with anyone else..

Sharon: Oh, ok, well at least we will see each other there.

Angela: Yeah, it will be fun.

Sharon: So, if Rayanne going with that guy from Residue?

Angela: You mean Tony, the drummer?

Sharon: yeah, I think I heard someone talking about it today in the hall.

Angela: Oh, yeah, I guess...

Sharon: Oh, that's my other line, I gotta go, I will see you tomorrow.

Angela: Ok, bye

Angela hangs up and then dials Rayanne's number.

Amber: Hello?

Angela: Hi, is Rayanne there?

Amber: Oh yeah, hi Angela, yeah she is right here, hold on sweetie...

Rayanne: Hi Angelika, whats up?

Angela: Why didnt you tell me Tony asked you to Prom?

Rayanne: Oh, how did you find out?

Angela: I had to hear it from Sharon, why didnt you tell me?

Rayanne: Oh, well he just asked me today, like during lunch, and I didnt get a chance to see you after, othewise I would.

Angela: Oh, ok.

Rayanne: Yeah, I guess he talked to Jordan or something and we are all going to like go together or something.

AngelaVO: Great, now if Jordan and I get a hotel room everyone will know, cause Rayanne will make this big deal out of it. (out loud) Cool, so Sharon and I are going to go dress shopping together on friday, do you want to come?

Rayanne: Oh, yeah, I forgot I have to like get a dress. Sure, why not, oh, i gotta go, I will see you tomorrow.

Angela: bye

Cut to friday after school, Sharon, Angela, and Rayanne pile into Sharon's new car that she got for her 16th birthday. They drive to the mall and start looking in all the stores. Rayanne picks this black satin dress with red slash marks sporatically on it. Sharon picks a light pink dress with dark pink flowers on it. Angela still can't find a dress. The last store that they finally go into she finds a dress. It is a floor length deep wine red color, high in the front and then in the back is all open down to her lower back.

Angela: Do you guys really like it?

Sharon: It is perfect.

Rayanne: Yeah, I am sure Jordan is going to love how low cut it is in the back.

Angela: Rayanne, shut up! (laughs) I hope he likes it though.

They leave the mall and Angela goes home to show the dress to her mom.

Patty: Angela, I really like it, it is beautiful.

Angela: Thanks, well I am going to go work on some homework. Sharon is picking me up at 8 and we are going to a movie.

Patty: Ok.

Cut to after the movie, Sharon and Angela are at a local diner having ice cream.

Sharon: So do you think prom night is the night for you guys?

Angela: I dont know, I guess I am not expecting anything, but we are like staying in a hotel. Oh, by the way, if your mom asks you at all, I told my mom that we were all sharing a hotel suite, cause I know she wouldnt like approve of Jordan and I spending the night in a hotel.

Sharon: Sure, no problem.

Angela: So can I ask you something, I mean, I know I must be like a nuisance but I was just wondering like did it hurt?

Sharon: Oh, umm, I guess a little, but like in a good way, not like I wanted to stop or anything.

Angela: Ok, I was just wondering, I guess I am just nervous about it.

Sharon: It's ok, dont worry about it.

They finish they're ice cream and leave. Angela goes home and up to her room. As she is laying down on her bed the phone rings.

Patty: Angela, it's Jordan...

Angela: Ok, I got it. Hi!

Jordan: Hi, so, did you get your dress or whatever?

Angela: Yeah, so whats up?

Jordan: Look, I have to go away for couple of days, I should be back by Wednesday, I can't like tell you whats going on, but I will call you on Monday or something.

Angela: Jordan, whats going on, is everything ok?

Jordan: Yeah, I can't talk about it, at least not yet, but dont worry.

Angela: Your really scaring me, why can't you tell me whats going on.

Jordan: I just can't, but I will, ok, I have to go, I will call you in a couple of days...I love you. (hangs up)

Angela: I love you too (but Jordan doesnt hear her)

Fade out to Angela lying in her bed on her side wondering what is going on...

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