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Angela's World


Probably all of you know about "Fighting for Life," ("FFL"), the long-awaited book about MSCL and the efforts to save it. "FFL" was to include a variety of things, including episode analysis, interviews, graphics, pictures and other appropriate things. As far as I am aware, there is still an intent by Steve Joyner to publish the book, at least in an Internet format.

For the time being, however, and by agreement with Steve, I am providing you the text of "FFL," at least that part of it which I wrote. What you have is the "long" version, and Steve and I thought it would be advantageous to have this body of writing so that "FFL" could be more freely edited.

To separate myself from "FFL," I have entitled this work "Angela's World." That was my working title for the work, which I began in April of 1995, and the reason for this title will become apparent as you read.

In case you miss the message elsewhere, "Angela's World" and its contents, and any portion in whole or in part, is Copyright 1997 by William E. Blais, all rights reserved. You may cite to me as an original source, but if you plagiarize and I find out, I'm coming after you. Remember, I'm a lawyer, a litigator -- the scary kind. ("Clueless").

Anyway, I expect that most of you will just want to read this stuff, as a surrogate for "FFL." You will probably get very drowsy very quickly, but in the meantime, enjoy.

Index / Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction

    • Introduction Original pre-cancellation Introduction to "Fighting for Life."
  • Chapter 2: Essays

  • Chapter 3: The Episodes

    • 3.1. The Pilot Episode: My So-Called Life We meet Angela Chase and the principal characters; we see MSCL's principal environs of home and school; we are introduced to the principal themes and symbols of MSCL.
    • 3.2. Dancing in the Dark As Angela's crush on Jordan Catalano enters the obsession phase, Rayanne engineers a rendezvous between them -- at Brian Krackow's house. Patty cuts her hair and suggests ballroom dancing. Neither rendezvous nor dance lesson go as anticipated.
    • 3.3. Guns and Gossip Angela must cope with rumors that she had "complete sex" with Jordan Catalano while Principal Foster pressures Brian to identify a gunman in the school.
    • 3.4. Father Figures Angela's difficulty in trusting Graham centers around tickets to a Grateful Dead concert, while Patty's problem with her father centers around an IRS audit of Wood & Jones.
    • 3.5. The Zit Angela discovers a pimple at the same time that Patty wants her to participate in a mother-daughter fashion show. Angela does not want to be the center of public attention, but Patty seems to need it for approval and neither can fully understand the other's attitude. At school, the "Sophomore Top 40" rates Sharon as "Best Hooters," and Rayanne as "Most Slut Potential.
    • 3.6. The Substitute Angela and all her classmates save Brian are captivated by substitute teacher who turns out to have feet of clay.
    • 3.7. Why Jordan Can't Read Angela is crushed because Jordan "wasn't in the mood" to meet Patty and Graham; Patty fears she is pregnant; Rayanne and Sharon have a conversation in the Girls' Bathroom.
    • 3.8. Strangers in the House Sharon's father suffers a heart attack; Angela and Sharon reconcile; Patty fires Graham.
    • 3.9. Halloween On Halloween, Angela, Rayanne and Brian break into the school. While Brian and Rayanne "sleep" together, Angela apparently encounters the ghost of Nicky Driscoll.
    • 3.10. Other People's Daughters Patty's stodgy dinner party for her parents' 45th wedding anniversary coincides with Rayanne's wild birthday party; Rayanne overdoses and Patty rescues her.
    • 3.11. The Life of Brian Sharon urges Brian to ask newcomer Delia Fisher to the "World Happiness" dance, but his feelings for Angela complicate the matter. Graham wallpapers the master bedroom while Patty prods him to take a cooking class.
    • 3.12. Self-Esteem Angela is troubled by Jordan's insistence that they keep their boiler room make-out sessions secret; Rickie meets Mr. Katimski; Graham meets Hallie Lowenthal.
    • 3.13. Pressure Angela chooses not to have sex with Jordan and they break up. Hallie enters Patty and Graham's life and unveils her restaurant plans.
    • 3.14. On the Wagon Rayanne's thirty-three days of sobriety are put to the test as she tries to reconnect with Angela by joining Jordan's band.
    • 3.15. So-Called Angels While the Chases prepare for Christmas, Rickie finds himself homeless and Brian finds himself alone.
    • 3.16. Resolutions The characters make their New Year's resolutions. Rickie finds his way to Mr. Katimski, Brian begins tutoring Jordan and Graham tells Patty he really wants to open the restaurant with Hallie.
    • 3.17. Betrayal Rayanne and Jordan transgress while Brian catches it on video. Angela is not amused.
    • 3.18. Weekend Patty and Graham leave for a weekend to "reconnect" while Rayanne "connects" herself to their bed.
    • 3.19. In Dreams Begin Responsibilities Brian's letter causes Angela to forgive Jordan for the "betrayal;" Rickie admits he is gay; Patty meets Jordan; Graham and Hallie obtain financial backing for the restaurant.

Comments/Criticism/Suggestions/Flames/Etc: ~Bill

Copyright 1997 William E. Blais.
All Rights Reserved

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“I cannot bring myself to eat a well-balanced meal in front of my mother.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"