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Chapter 37: More than Just Sex...

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The story so far

Chapter 37: More than Just Sex...

written by anonymous author

added on: 15 Mar 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to everyone hanging out in the suite. Angela is sitting with Sharon, Rayanne, Delia and Corey. Corey is telling a joke and is making them all laugh. Jordan, and Tony and sitting and talking, as well Kyle, Rickie, and Brian. All of the girls are still eating their ice cream cones, the guys have already finished. Angela is laughing from a joke that Corey just told, and she looks over at Jordan who is staring at her, and has a look in his eyes that says 'i need you'.

Angela: Umm, I'm getting kinda tired, I think I am going to go shower and go to bed.

Sharon: Awww, Angela, it's still early.

Angela: I know, but I am really tired.

Sharon: Well, we will miss you.

Angela: Thanks (kisses her on the cheek), bye everyone.

Jordan stands up.

Jordan(to the guys): I'm going to go walk her back to the room.

They walk out together and once the door is shut to the suite, Jordan stands in front of Angela facing her and inches closer to her (while staring into her eyes and then focusing on her lips) and her back gets closer to the wall until it is pressed against it. They both needfully kiss eachother at the same time. Angela takes her hands and puts them under Jordan's shirt on his lower back. She pulls him closer to her as he holds the back of her head with one hand and the other hand he has on her middle back. They kiss faster and more passionately. Jordan breaks away after a few minutes.

Jordan: Come on, I have something for you back in the room.

Angela: What is it?

Jordan: You'll have to wait and see.

They walk back to the room holding hands. They see Rayanne and Tony going into their room. They are all over each other and Rayanne is practically taking her clothes off in the hallway before the door is open. Angela and Jordan both look at each other and laugh. They get into the room and Jordan goes into his bag and gets out a lunch bag that has a note on the outside. He hands it to Angela and she takes it and opens the note:

Dear Angela,
You mean more to me than a note could ever say, but I can try. You have done more for me this past year than anyone has ever done for me my whole life. I wouldn't be where I am right now if it wasn't for you, and will always be grateful to you. I love you, and will always love you.


Angela looks up at him with a tear rolling down her cheek. She kisses him on the lips. She opens the bag and there is a casette tape in it, and on the label it says "Everything to Me", the song Jordan wrote for her.

Jordan: I made you a tape of that song I wrote you.

Angela: I love it, I will listen to it every night before I go to bed.

Jordan: Good.

Angela: I'm going to go take a shower, want to join me?

Jordan: Oh, uh, well I kinda told Rickie I would go back and hang out with him for a few more minutes.

Angela: Ok, well then I will see you in a little while.

Jordan: Ok (kisses her forehead)

Jordan leaves and walks down the hall to the suite. He goes into the suite and everyone else has left except Rickie and Corey who are watching tv. (Brian and Delia are already in their room)

Rickie: Hey Jordan, everyone already left after Angela decided to go to bed.

Jordan: Ok, well then I guess I will go back to the room. I will see you guys in the morning.

Rickie Corey: Ok, bye.

Jordan leaves and walks back to the room. VO: What was I thinking? Angela asked me to shower with her and I turned her down!?!

Scene cuts to Delia and Brian in their bedroom. They are both getting undressed and into bed. Brian gets under the covers and turns on his side away from Delia. She gets into bed and cuddles up next to him, but he doesn't respond to her.

Delia: I don't understand you. Prom night you wanted to do it, and ever since then you haven't been the same. Did I do something wrong?

Brian: No. I don't know, I am just really tired, ok.

BrianVO: How am I supposed to tell Delia that I don't feel like we are a couple. I want us to be like Angela and Jordan, totally in love, but how can you love someone you are with if you still think about someone you wish you were with...

Delia: Fine.

They turn the lights out and go to bed. Scene cuts to Sharon and Kyle. She is already in bed and Kyle is walking out of the bathroom in his boxers. He spoons his body next to Sharon's and kisses her shoulder and up to her neck.

Sharon: Kyle, I'm just not in the mood.

Kyle: What's the matter, your never in the mood lately.

Sharon: I don't know, maybe tomorrow night, ok, I just want to get some sleep.

Kyle: Ok, I love you Sharon...

She is already asleep when he says this. He lays back on his back and turns the tv on to ESPN while Sharon lays asleep next to him.

Cut to Rayanne and Tony. They are on the floor of the hotel room, Rayanne sitting in his lap facing him, and having sex. You can tell from their faces that they are not a couple in love, but love having sex together. Fade to black...

Fade in to Jordan walking back into the hotel room. Angela is in the shower still, which puts a smile on Jordan's face. He takes his shoes socks off, jeans, and shirt. He walks into the bathroom where Angela is in the shower (there is also a garden tub). He slips his boxers off and pulls back the shower curtain. Angela screams.

Angela: Oh, God, you scared me. What happened...

Jordan quiets her by putting his finger over her lips. Angela smiles shyly when she looks down and sees how excited Jordan is. The water is beating against Angela's back. Her hair is damp, but not wet yet, it looks as though she just got in the shower a couple minutes ago. Jordan leans in and kisses her gently on the lips. He presses his body against hers as she backs up against the shower wall. The water is now beating against the side of their bodies as their kisses grow deeper. Angela runs her fingers through his dry hair and moves them under the shower head. They break apart for a minute to get their hair wet. Water is dripping down their faces as Jordan stares into Angela's eyes.

Jordan: Were you gonna wash your hair?

Angela: Umm, yeah.

Jordan gets the small bottle of hotel shampoo and pours a little bit on Angela's head. She lifts her arms and starts lathering her hair. Jordan pours the rest in his hands and washes his hair. They continue to look at each other while they are doing this. Jordan rinses his hair out. He closes his eyes while under the running water. Then he lets Angela go under the water to rinse her hair out. She stands facing the wall and the water is running down her head. Jordan is facing her back, and after most of the shampoo is rinsed off Jordan moves in closer to her and starts to kiss her wet shoulder. Angela's eyes close from the touch of his lips to her skin. Jordan touches her arm with one hand and with the other he touches her chin and moves her face to the side. As he does this he kisses up her shoulder to her neck and below her ear. Angela turns around and faces Jordan. She kisses his cheek and down to his neck. She then walks around to his back and kisses his wet shoulder blade and across the top of his back. Jordan's eyes close and he clenches his jaw from the excitement. They turn and face each other and stand under the running water. Water is running down their faces as Jordan presses Angela against the shower wall again. He loops his fingers in hers and raises her arms above her head as he starts kissing her again. Jordan kisses down her neck to her collar bone, and down to her wet stomach. As he is kissing her stomach Angela puts her hands on top of his head and turns his head to face her. He is on his knees looking up at her. They stare at each other and smile. He stands back up and shuts the water off.

Angela: What are you....

Before she can finish he lifts her in his arms and carries her into the bedroom. He lays her down on the top of the comforter and gets on top of her. He takes her fingers and kisses them, one at a time. They are both dripping wet. Angela runs her fingers through his wet hair and pulls Jordan closer to her. She kisses him passionately on the lips forcing her tongue into his mouth. They roll around on the bed together while they are kissing. When Angela is back on the bottom, Jordan pulls his face from hers and stares into her eyes. He pushes a piece of wet hair off of her cheek, and Angela does the same to Jordan's hair.

Jordan: I love you so much

Angela: I love you too.

Their lips meet again as Angela pulls Jordan's body in between her legs. She pushes him inside her and they both breathe in a little as this happens. Jordan loops his fingers with Angela's as she wraps her legs around his body. He leans in and kisses her on the lips as he moves back and forth with her body. He kisses her jawbone and down to her neck. Angela has her eyes closed and Jordan looks at her face. He kisses one of her closed eyes and she opens them and stares into Jordan's eyes. She licks her lips and picks her head up to meet Jordan's as they kiss. He starts to move faster, and Angela squeezes her eyes shut. It is obvious that she likes it better slower, and decides to tell Jordan.

Angela: Jordan, wait, wait, go slow...

Jordan(slowing down): Like this?

Angela: Yeah...

Jordan moves his body slowly, moving himself slowly inside Angela's body. Jordan closes his eyes with pleasure, because he realizes he likes it better slowly too. Angela takes her hands from Jordan's and pushes his body deeper inside her, which makes them both moan. She loops her fingers back with Jordan's and lets her legs push him deeper inside her. They both start to breathe heavier as they stare into each other's eyes. Their bodies move slightly faster as they both begin to have more pleasure. Jordan grips Angela's hands and puts them behind her head. They squeeze each other's hands as they both come at the same time. Their breathing slows down and their lips meet with a slow passionate kiss. They are still holding each other's hands, and Angela takes her right hand and holds the left side of Jordan's face. She pulls his body closer to hers so he is laying on top of her. He rests his head on her chest as she kisses his forehead. They lay like this for a few minutes with Jordan still inside her. Jordan pulls his body back up and looks into Angela's eyes. You can tell they are both mesmerized by what just happened. They get under the covers, still naked, and Angela lays in Jordan's arms. He kisses the top of her head as she lays it on his chest. She drapes her arm across his stomach, and he squeezes her tightly against his body. There are no words to say, because they are both so relaxed.

Jordan AngelaVO(they are both thinking the same thoughts, alternating sentences, with Jordan starting the first): That was(J)....Amazing(A)...We were so(J)...Connected(A)...It's like(J)...Our bodies were speaking to(A)...Each other(J)...It was more than(A)...Just Sex(J)....We were(A)....Making Love(J)....

Fade out to black.....

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