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Chapter 43: Same old Rayanne

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The story so far

Chapter 43: Same old Rayanne

written by anonymous author

added on: 05 Apr 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Rayanne pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant. It is 7pm on Sunday night. She walks into the restaurant and is greeted by Hallie.

Hallie: Can I help you?

Rayanne: Yeah, Im looking for Angela.

Hallie: Well, she is in the back right now.

Rayanne: Ok, thanks (starts to walk to the back of the restaurant)

Hallie: Wait! You cant go back there.

It was too late Rayanne was already down the hall and through the door to the break room. Angela was standing there talking to Matt.

Rayanne: Hey Angelika, whatcha doin?

Angela: Oh, hi Rayanne. I thought I was meeting you out in the parking lot.

Rayanne: Yeah, well I got here early and decided to come in and see how the place looked. So are you going to introduce me to your friend (giving Matt a sexy look)

Angela: Oh, sorry. Rayanne this is Matt, Matt...Rayanne.

Matt: Nice to meet you Rayanne. So, what are you ladies up to tonight?

Rayanne (in a seductive voice): Well, what are you in the mood for Matt?

Angela: Rayanne! I thought we were just hanging out?

Rayanne: Yeah, but Matt can come with, cant you Matt?

Matt: Sure. If its ok with you Angela?

Angela: Sure....I am going to go change out of my work clothes.

Angela goes into the bathroom and changes into a t-shirt and jeans (it is cool at night). She comes back out and finds Rayanne sitting on the table flirting with Matt.

Angela: Uh, Rayanne, can I talk to you for a minute?

Rayanne: Sure Angelika! (walks over to her) Whats up?

Angela (whispering): Rayanne, you are totally flirting with Matt!

Rayanne: I know, it is so hard to resist such a temptation!

Angela: Yeah, but you have a boyfriend.

Rayanne: No I dont.

Angela: What about Tony?

Rayanne: We broke up.

Angela: You did!?! When?

Rayanne: Oh, a couple days ago I guess.

Angela: Rayanne, Im so sorry. Why didnt you tell me?

Rayanne: Cause, its not a big deal. I mean, we really didnt have much in common except for sex anyways.

Angela: Oh. Well, you should have told me. If you want to talk about it we can. Im sure Matt wouldnt mind hanging out another night.

Rayanne: No way! He is so fine Angela!!! Why didnt you tell me about him? I am definitely feeling some good vibes between us.

Angela: Oh, ok. VO: Rayanne is like incapable of getting attached to a guy. She just moves right on without a thought. Sometimes it seems like it would be so much easier to be like that, not have to worry about getting your heart broken, but then how would you ever know if you were in love?

Rayanne: So, where do you want to go?

Angela: Oh, umm, Im kinda hungry, do you want to go get something to eat?

Rayanne: Sure.

Matt (walks towards them): So, ladies, where are we headed?

Angela: Were going to get something to eat.

Matt: Ok, cool, Im starving. Can I drive with you and just leave my car here?

Rayanne: Ok. Hey, why dont we go to that new diner that just opened?

Angela: Ok.

They drive together in Rayannes mothers car, and get a booth in the back. Angela sits across from Matt, and slides over thinking that Rayanne will sit next to her, but instead she sits next to Matt.

Rayanne: So, Matt, where do you go to college again?

Matt: Penn State.

Rayanne: Oh yeah, right. Whats your major?

Matt: Oh, um, law.

Rayanne: Oh, well, Mr. Lawyer, so you got a girlfriend?

Matt: Not right now (looks at Angela, who is staring at both of them)

Rayanne: Good to know.

The waitress walks up and takes their order.

Rayanne: Ill have a chocolate milkshake.

Angela: Ill have a cheeseburger.

Matt: That sounds good, make that two.

The waitress leaves and Rayanne turns towards Matt and gets a flask out of her bag.

Angela: Rayanne!

Rayanne: Oh dont worry, Im only going to have a little. Ill be fine, and I can still drive. Hey, Matt, you want some?

Matt: Sure.

Matt takes a sip and then Rayanne sips the rest of the flask until it is empty about a half hour later and is on her way to being drunk. The food comes and they all start eating. Rayanne starts to act obnoxious.

Rayanne: So, Matt, did you know that Angela used to be my best friend?

Matt: She isnt anymore?

Rayanne: No, not since I boinked her boyfriend, which technically he wasnt her boyfriend at the time.

Angela: Rayanne, stop, youre drunk.

Rayanne: Well, its true. Since then we are just friends or whatever you call it. I mean, you should like, be thankful for me, because without me Jordan wouldnt have even looked twice at you. Im the one that got him to notice you, and look at how you repay me, you forgive him but you dont forgive me. Real smooth Angela!

Angela doesnt say anything and gets up and runs out of the restaurant.

Rayanne: See, there she goes again, always running away from her problems.

Matt pushes Rayanne aside and gets out of the booth and runs after Angela. He finds her in the parking lot sitting with her knees hugged to her chest and crying with her arms covering her face. He kneels down to her and puts a hand on her shoulder.

Matt: Look, I dont think she meant what she said in there, she seems pretty gone to me. People say stupid things when they drink, and I am sure she wont even remember what she said tomorrow.

Angela (wiping her tears away): Yeah.

Matt (sits down next to her): So, is it true, what she said back there, about sleeping with your boyfriend?

Angela: Yeah.

Matt: That must have been hard for you, and must have taken a lot for you to forgive them.

Angela: Yeah, I guess.

Matt: Look, if you ever need someone to talk to about anything, you can always come to me, ok?

Angela (turns to face him): Ok, thanks.

They stare at each other for a minute, and without Angela realizing what is going on Matt starts to lean in towards her face to kiss her. Angela breaks the trance by unlocking her stare and wiping her cheek. Rayanne stumbles through the restaurant door. Angela jumps up, and Matt follows.

Rayanne (in a drunken tone): Hey, there you guys went. So, anyone up for a party?

Angela: I think I am going to walk home. Can you make sure she gets home safe?

Matt: Sure. Look, are you ok?

Angela: Im fine, I just could use some time alone.

Matt: Are you sure, cause I can drive you.

Angela: No, its ok. Thanks. VO: Did what almost happen back there really take place? Thank God I didnt let it happen, otherwise I would have done something that I would have regretted, or at least I think.

Angela walks away without saying goodbye to Rayanne.

Rayanne: Well, goodbye to you too. Jeez, some people dont know how to take a joke. So, Matt, are you in the mood for a private party?

Scene cuts to Residue practice. It is about a quarter past 8 and the coordinator is just leaving after hearing them practice a few songs. They will be opening up the concert. There are 5 other bands that will be playing and Residue will have a 30 minute set.

Jordan: So, we have to like, decide what songs to sing at the concert.

Tony: Dont worry, we have plenty of time before then.

Jordan: Yeah, but I dont want to look like a bunch of freaks in front of the whole town. We really need to practice more too.

Tony: Jeez, ok. Look, can we just finish practicing another night, Im really not in the mood.

Jordan: Yeah, ok, whatever. Look, is everything ok man?

Tony: Yeah. Its just, Rayanne sort of, broke up with me.

Jordan: Oh. Well, youll find someone else Im sure.

Tony: Thats the thing, I dont really want anyone else. It was all her idea. She doesnt like being tied down to just one guy for so long. I mean, I knew how she was when I asked her out, but I thought that maybe she would be different if I treated her differently than the other guys she has been with.

Jordan: Yeah, well, dont take it too hard. You were the only guy she, like, stayed with this long.

Tony: Yeah. Thanks man, for listening.

Jordan: Sure. Well, Im heading out. See you later.

Tony: Later.

Jordan walks out of the loft and leaves Tony sitting at his drums by himself.

Cut to Angela walking up to Mr. Katimskis house. She rings the doorbell and Rickie answers.

Rickie: Angela, hi!

Angela: Hi, Rickie, can I talk to you?

Rickie: Uh, sure, come on in.

Angela walks in and sees Corey sitting on the couch.

Angela: Oh, Im sorry, if its a bad time I can leave.

Rickie: Dont be silly. Come, sit. (motions for her to sit next to him on the couch)

Corey: Im going to go make some popcorn. Angela, do you want something?

Angela: No thanks.

Corey: Ok (gets up, kisses Rickies forehead and walks out of the room)

Angela: Wow, so is it official, are you guys a couple yet?

Rickie: Yeah, since last night. This has been the best 24 hours of my life. I feel like I am floating on air. So, whats going on?

Angela: Oh, nothing really. (chin starts to tremble)

Rickie: Angela, honey, whats the matter?

Angela (starts to cry): Its just, something Rayanne said.

Rickie: What?

Angela (takes a deep breath and then starts rambling): Well, we were out to dinner with my friend Matt, from the restaurant, and Rayanne was drinking and she started talking about how she and Jordan, you know, and then started saying how I was such a bad friend and how I forgave Jordan but didnt forgive her and how Jordan wouldn't have even noticed me if it wasn't for her and how I always just walk away from my problems. I dont do that do I Rickie?

Rickie (puts his arm around Angela): No. Look, you know how Rayanne gets when she drinks. I am sure she didnt mean it. I do know one thing thats not true.

Angela (wipes her tear): What?

Rickie: You are the best friend anyone could ever hope for.

Angela: Thanks, Rickie

Rickie: So, can I ask you something?

Angela: Sure.

Rickie: Do Corey and I make a cute couple?

Angela (laughs): Yeah, you guys are so cute together! Look, thanks for listening, I will leave so you guys can be alone.

Corey walks in with the popcorn and drinks.

Rickie: Do you want us to drive you home?

Angela: Oh, no, its ok.

Corey: Its too dark for you to be walking home by yourself. Come on, Ill drive.

Angela: Ok, thanks.

They all get into Coreys VW Bug and drive to Angelas. She gives them both a kiss on the cheek, says goodbye, and walks into the house. Once inside she notices a note on the table by the phone in her mothers handwriting.


Didnt know what time you would be home. Danielle is spending the night at Grandma and Grandpas. Went to dinner and a movie with dad, should be home around midnight. Leftovers in the fridge if you are hungry.

Love, Mom

Angela goes into the kitchen and looks in the fridge. She was still hungry she hadnt exactly finished her dinner. The food in the fridge was from dinner on Friday night. Instead she opened up the freezer and found a pint of cookie dough ice cream, her favorite. She puts it on the counter to soften and walks up to her room. She changes out of her clothes and puts on a tank top, pajama pants, and a hooded zip sweatshirt. She puts her long hair up in a loose bun with a scrunchie. She goes back downstairs and turns on the stereo in the living room. She puts in her REM CD, and goes into the kitchen. She gets out a spoon, sits on the counter, and starts eating the ice cream. The song "Losing My Religion" is playing. Angela sits quietly in the dark kitchen. It is 9pm. She contemplates calling Jordan, but figures that he will still be practicing with Residue. The back door opens. Angela figures it is her parents home early because they decided not to see a movie after all.

Angela: Mom?

Neil walks into the kitchen.

Angela: Oh, hi Uncle Neil.

Neil: Hi Angela. Is your dad home?

Angela: No, he and mom went to dinner and a movie.

Neil: Oh, ok.

Angela: Is everything ok?

Neil: Well, I dont really know how to answer that. I just got some news that is going to change the rest of my life.

Angela (eating the ice cream): Whats that?

Neil: Marla is pregnant.

Angela: What?

Neil: Yeah. Weve been broken up for five months now, and she has totally been avoiding me. And today she calls me up out of nowhere and says she needs to see me. So I meet her for dinner, and I notice that she is really pregnant, like 7 months.

Angela: Oh, my gosh. Uh, congratulations.

Neil: Thanks. I had no idea, I mean, she didnt find out until we had broken up and wasnt sure what she wanted to do.

Angela: So, what are you going to do?

Neil: I dont know. I want to be a part of the kids life, but dont know if I am ready to make such a big commitment.

Angela: You mean, like, marry her?

Neil: Yeah.

Angela: Wow. Well, do you love her?

Neil: Yeah, I mean I did, and think I still do. Look, dont tell your dad. I want to tell him myself and talk to him about this.

Angela: Ok.

Neil: Thanks for listening. I needed to see a friendly face.

Angela: Sure. Look, things will work out, I know it. In my opinion, I always liked Marla, she always seemed right for you.

Neil: Thanks Angela. So, whats going on with you, hows that boyfriend I keep hearing about, am I ever going to meet him?

Angela: Hes good. He was practicing with his band tonight, they are going to be playing at the July 4th concert. And I will let you meet him sometime, as long as you promise not to embarrass me.

Neil: Who? Me? Nah...

Angela walks Neil to the front door to let him out. Just as she opens the door she sees Jordan standing there about to ring the doorbell.

Jordan: Angela, hi.

Angela: Hi.

Neil: So, this must be Jordan. Hi, Im Angelas Uncle Neil, Grahams brother.

Jordan: Hey (shakes his hand and walks into the house).

Neil: Are you sure I can leave you two alone?

Angela (face turns red): Goodbye Uncle Neil!

Neil: Bye.

Angela closes the door and gives Jordan a quick kiss on the lips.

Angela: What are you doing here?

Jordan: I wanted to see if you were ok.

Angela: Yeah, why?

Jordan: Cause Rickie called me and told me what happened with Rayanne.

Angela: Yeah, Im ok. I dont really want to talk about it.

Jordan: Ok. So, uh, what kind of ice cream do you have there?

Angela (in a teasing voice): Oh, you want some.

Jordan: Yeah.

Angela scoops some ice cream onto the spoon and slowly feeds it to Jordan. She pulls the spoon out of his mouth and kisses the corner of his mouth where there was a little ice cream.

Angela (walks into the kitchen and sits on the counter): So, how did rehearsal go?

Jordan: It was ok. I wish you had been there.

Angela: Im sorry, I'll try to come next time.

Jordan: Tony told me that Rayanne broke up with him.

Angela: Yeah.

Jordan: He seemed kinda upset about it.

Angela: Really?

Jordan: Yeah, I think he like, really liked her or something.

Angela: Oh. Look, can we not talk about Rayanne.

Jordan: Sure, sorry. So, where are your parents?

Angela: They are out.

Jordan (walking closer to her): And Danielle?

Angela: Sleeping at my grandparents.

Jordan: Oh, ok, well I gotta go (starts to walk away)

Angela jumps off the counter and jumps behind Jordan wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

Angela: You wouldnt leave me all alone, would you?

Jordan: Well, yeah...

Angela: Oh, really?

Angela stands in front of him and gives him a passionate kiss on the lips.

Angela: So, you still want to leave?

Jordan (teasing): Well, I guess I can stay, if you really want me too.

Angela: Yeah.

Angela wraps her arms around his neck and gives him another passionate kiss. Jordan wraps his arms around her body and walks with her into the family room. Just as they are about to lie down on the couch Angela gets up and goes to lock the front and back door, to make sure no one walks in on them. She walks back to where Jordan is standing, and dims the lights a little, just enough so she can see his face smiling at her. She walks over to him and loops her fingers in his as she gently kisses him on the lips. He sits down on the couch and she sits on his lap facing him. They start to kiss each other softly, Jordan holding Angelas face in his hands and Angela running her fingers through his short hair. She deepens their kiss, and as she is doing this Jordan pulls her sweatshirt off and it drops to the ground. Angela slowly takes off Jordans t-shirt and throws it on the couch next to them. She runs her hands across his bare shoulders and kisses his neck softly. Jordan puts his hands up the back of her tank top and kisses her shoulder with tenderness. He starts to get up, and holds her around so she doesnt fall and brings them to the ground. He lays on top of her and her legs are wrapped around his body. He feels the sides of her body and just as he is about to start pulling her top off a rattling of the back door is heard.

Jordan: What was that?

Angela: Oh my God! My parents are home!!!

They jump to their feet quickly. Angela puts her sweatshirt back on and zips it up while Jordan puts his t-shirt back on. Angela runs to the back door with Jordan and lets her parents in.

Angela: Mom, Dad, hi, I thought you guys were going to a movie?

Patty: Hi honey. Hi, Jordan. We were going to, but the show we were going to see was sold out, so we decided just to come home.

Angela: Oh, uh, well, Jordan and I were just leaving to uh, go rent a movie.

Patty (to Angela): Youre going out dressed like that?

Jordan: Well, I was, uh, just going to run in while Angela stayed in the car.

Graham: Oh, what movie were you going to rent?

Angela Jordan (in unison): Pulp Fiction.

They both look at each other and smile when they realize that they both said the same movie.

Patty: Ok, well, we are going to go upstairs and go to bed. (kisses Angela on the cheek) Bye Jordan.

Jordan: Bye.

Patty walks upstairs and just as Graham is about to Angela stops him.

Angela: Uh, dad.

Graham: Yeah sweetie.

Angela: Um, Uncle Neil stopped by before, and I think he really needs to talk to you about something.

Graham: Oh, ok, thanks. Goodnight (kisses her forehead)

Angela and Jordan walk out and they both start laughing.

Angela: That was so close!

Jordan (they both get into Jordans car): Yeah. So what was that all about your uncle?

Angela: Oh, well my uncle kinda told me something, that I am technically not supposed to know yet, because he wanted to tell my dad first, but I was just sort of there.

Jordan: Whats that?

Angela (Jordan starts driving in the direction of the video store): Hes going to be a father.

Jordan: Oh, wow. Is he like, happy about it?

Angela: I dont know. I think it will be good for him. It sounded like he was thinking about getting married too. He was always the kind of guy who didnt think about the future, and just like lived in the present. Now he is like forced to think about his future.

Jordan: Yeah. So, did you really want to go rent a movie?

Angela: No, it was just an excuse so we could be alone.

Jordan: Oh really, are you trying to seduce me Angela?

Angela: I dont know, are you seducible?

Jordan (pulls car into an empty parking lot): Well, for you, I would do anything you asked me too..

Angela: Good, now where were we?

Angela pulls Jordan close to her and kisses him passionately. Jordan unzips her sweatshirt and pulls it off of her. Angela climbs over the front seat and gets into the back. She takes Jordans arm and starts to pull him in back, but he hesitates and stops.

Jordan: Are you sure you want to uh, do this here?

Angela: I just want to kiss you.

Jordan: Ok.

Jordan climbs in back and kisses Angela with force. She sits next to him with her legs draped over his lap. He has his hands wrapped around her body pulling her closer to him as he forces his tongue in her mouth. Their kisses become longer and faster. She kisses his bottom lip and then pulls away.

Angela: Can I ask you something?

Jordan: Ok.

Angela: Do you ever, you know, when youre alone?

Jordan: You mean masturbate?

Angela (turns red): Yeah

Jordan: Oh, uh, yeah. Its something that guys just, like, do.

Angela: Oh. So, uh, what do you usually think about?

Jordan: Well, there is this one girl that just really turns me on.

Angela (getting mad): Oh, really, and who is this other girl?

Jordan: You, of course!

Jordan tickles her side and she starts laughing.

Jordan: So, do you ever masturbate?

Angela (laughs): No!

Jordan: How come?

Angela: I dont know, its just like, a guy thing to do.

Jordan: Oh, yeah, I guess.

Angela: So, do you ever, like, have fantasies, about like, us?

Jordan: Well, yeah, dont you?

Angela: Yeah..

Jordan: Really, we will have to uh, try them out sometime.

Angela: Jordan...

Jordan quiets her with a soft passionate kiss. They continue making out for an hour before Jordan drives Angela home again. She walks into the house and sees her dad and Uncle Neil sitting with her mom at the dining room table eating ice cream. Her parents are both in their pajamas and robes.

Neil: So, do you think I should marry her?

Graham: I dont know, thats sort of something you have to decide on your own.

Patty: Neil, look, you should talk to Marla, and find out what she wants.

Neil: She told me that she doesnt expect us to get back together, but she wants me to be a part of the babys life, which I want too. I just feel like, this may be my one chance to settle down and have a family like you guys. And Marla was the only girl that I would ever consider that with.

Graham: Well, then ask her to marry you.

Angela walks into the dining room to find out what is going on, even though she already knows, but is just pretending not to know.

Angela: Whats going on?

Neil (winks at her): Well, um, Im going to ask Marla to marry me.

Angela: Wow, congratulations. Did you guys get back together?

Neil: Well, not yet, but we are having a baby.

Angela (gives him a hug): Wow, when?

Neil: In less than 2 months.

Angela: Oh, well, Im really happy for you.

Patty: Wheres Jordan?

Angela: Oh, they were out of Reality Bites.

Patty: I thought you were renting Pulp Fiction?

Angela: Oh, yeah, I meant that. Uh, Im kinda tired, its been a long day. Im going to go to bed. (kisses her parents goodnight)

She walks up to her bedroom and closes the door. She flops onto her bed and stares at the ceiling.

AngelaVO: I cant believe that Jordan, like, has fantasies about us, and he told me. It is so weird when you find out someone else like, has fantasies about you, and sees you in a certain way that only they want to see you. The one thing that really scares me about all this is that when Jordan actually tells me his fantasies I might not be as good in actuality as I am in fantasy...

Fade to black...

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