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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 9: A new beginning

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Chapter 9: A new beginning

written by Amy

added on: 18 Jan 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan: Um, ok (looks at Angela who is smiling)

Patty: Ok, well I am going to start dinner, and I will call you guys when it is ready.

Angela: Ok, thanks mom (Patty leaves and goes into the kitchen).

Rayanne walks over to Angela and Jordan who are staring at each other smiling.

Rayanne: Actually, I think I am going to go eat with Rickie, cause he wanted to talk to me about something (winking at Angela), but I will call you later (kisses her on the cheek), later Catalano (waves to Jordan who has not stopped looking at Angela and then she walks out the door).

Jordan: Um, I hope it was like ok that I stayed cause I kinda wanted to talk to you.

Angela: Yeah, um why dont we talk in my room where no one can like bother us.

Jordan: Are you sure?

Angela: Well obviously with the door closed so my mom doesn't get the wrong idea.

Jordan: Oh, yeah, of course.

Angela walks up the stairs with Jordan following her.

JordanVO: Ok, Catalano, cool it, just say to her what you have been practicing and everything will be cool.

They walk into Angela's room which is a mess. She starts picking up stuff off of her bed and throwing it in the closet.

Jordan: Wow, I didn't picture your room like this.

Angela: Like what?

Jordan: Like messy.

Angela: Oh shut up, I am sure there is a lot you dont know about me (smiling).

Jordan: Ok, I am just going to say what I need to say, cause like you know how I have a hard time saying things, and I have been thinking about what to say for a while.

Angela: ok, I am listening, and I will promise not to interrupt. (sits down on the bed)

JordanVO: ok, here goes nothing.
Jordan: (pacing around the room) So, like, I know that you know that that letter was not from me, and I am sorry, because it should have been. I just had like all of these things I wanted to say, like, in my head, but when I wrote them down, they all sounded wrong. And when Brian wrote it it just sounded like it did in a poem, which is what you deserve. And I know that I have screwed up everything, but I just want to be with you so much, because what I like realize now is that I need you, and you are the best thing in my life, and you like know that I can be a better person, and no one else believes that. You are like my Angel. And...(pauses and looks down, and then looks right into her eyes) ....I love you.

Angela: (chin trembling, and a tear rolling down her cheek) That is the best thing you have ever said to me. And even though I can't forget what has happened, at least for now, I do forgive you, because I know that deep down you didn't mean to hurt me. And...I love you too.

Jordan walks towards her, gets on his knees and takes her face in his hands and kisses her. First kisses her cheek and then her lips, ever so gently as if she could break. He pulls away and wipes away her tear with his finger and looks up at her.

Jordan: I know that things can't go back to the way they were, and I don't want them too, but can we like start out again.

Angela: Yeah (smiles)

Jordan sits next to her on the bed and kisses her on the lips. She reciprocates and kisses him back. They pull apart and then he puts his arms around her and holds her as she puts her head on his shoulder and he strokes the back of her head.

Patty: (from downstairs) Dinner is ready!

Jordan: Well we better go downstairs before they get the wrong idea.

Angela: (smiling) yeah, lets go eat.

Downstairs the Chase's and Jordan just finished eating. At dinner Patty and Graham mostly talked to Danielle and Angela and Jordan played footsie under the table. They would occasionaly ask Jordan the non-embarassing question and he would give short answers.

Patty and Graham go into the kitchen to clean up and Danielle goes upstairs into her room.

Angela: Mom, I'm going to go walk Jordan out to his car!

Patty: (pops her head out of the kitchen) Ok, nice to see you again Jordan, and come again for dinner!

Jordan: yeah, thanks for dinner.

Angela and Jordan walk hand in hand to his car.

Angela: So thanks for stopping by and for everything you said.

Jordan: Well thanks for dinner, and for being you.

Angela smiles and wraps her arms around Jordan's neck and kisses him. He holds her around and lifts her up a little as he kisses her. He puts her back down and kisses the top of her forehead.

Jordan: I will see you tomorrow at school.

Angela: Ok

Jordan: (leans over and whispers in her ear) I love you

Angela: (smiling) I love you too

Jordan gets in the car and drives away. Angela walks back in the house smiling. Patty walks up to her.

Patty: So it looks like you two made up.

Angela: Mom! Yeah, we did, thanks for dinner.

Patty: Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, next weekend Daddy and I are going away for the weekend to relax, so I am counting on you to stay home with Danielle. You can go out with Jordan but you have to be home by 10 and you have to make sure Danielle is taken care of if you go out. Ok?

Angela: Ok, so um, can like Rayanne stay over?

Patty: Ok, but she is not allowed to drink at all while she is here.

Angela: I will make sure she won't.

Patty: Ok.

Angela goes up to her room to call Rayanne and tell her what happened with Jordan, and invite her to stay over.

Fade out to Angela laying on her bed on her side and slowly falling asleep.

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