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Chapter 30: The plan...

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The story so far

Chapter 30: The plan...

written by anonymous author

added on: 09 Mar 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Angela, Rayanne, and Rickie sitting on the bleachers outside eating lunch. It is wednesday and the last week of school, the next two days are finals, but none of them really are paying attention to what is going on with school, they are planning the road trip for the following weekend.

Rickie: So you really think I should invite Corey, it wouldn't be too wierd?

Angela: Of course not, we are all friends with him, you are just better friends with him (laughs).

Rickie: Yeah, but we don't really even know what we are yet, but still it might be fun for all of us to go together.

Angela: Yeah, it will be fun.

Rayanne: Plus, we are like getting a couple of suites, that each has two bedrooms, you know, for like, people to go and sleep, or whatever.

Angela: Rayanne!

Rayanne: Well, its not a big deal, i mean, we all know that you and Jordan are like really close to the rollercoaster, right?

Angela: Ummm, i guess so.
VO:There is no way I am like, telling Rayanne that we did it, it would be too wierd, and she would flip out about it.

Sharon walks up to them and sits down.

Sharon: Ok, Angela, you have to promise not to get mad.

Angela: What?

Sharon: Promise me.

Angela: Ok, I promise. Now what is it?

Sharon: I kinda told Delia that she and Brian could come with on the trip.

Angela: What!?! How did this happen?

Sharon: Well, she kinda overheard me talking about it to Kyle, and asked if they could come too, and I said yes.

Angela: Oh, god, this is bad. Jordan is not going to be happy.

Sharon: It will be fine, they can stay in the suite we are getting. And when we are all together you won't even notice he is there. Plus, I think he is finally over you, he told Delia that he loved her apparently.

Angela: Good, well, I better go tell Jordan the news and then go start studying for finals. (kisses them all on the cheek) Bye!

Angela walks off and leaves Rayanne, Rickie, and Sharon on the bleachers. She goes to find Jordan but he isn't by his car where he usually is. She walks into school and finds him standing by her locker waiting for her. Lunch is over in a few minutes, and the halls are starting to get more crowded.

Angela: Hi, I went to go find you by the car, but you weren't there.

Jordan: Yeah, I wanted to surprise you and meet you here instead.

Angela: So, how did the meeting go with Ms. Krysenowski?

Jordan: Ok, I will be a senior next year, only if I take two summer school classes.

Angela: Well that's good, right?

Jordan: Yeah, but that means that I will be here all day and then have to work at night, when will I get to see you?

Angela: I don't know, we will figure something out.
VO: It is still so wierd, to like, hear Jordan talk about us, as in the future and still together.

Jordan: Maybe I can just take the classes next year or something.

Angela: Well, I am going to be working too, actually.

Jordan: You are? Where?

Angela: My dad wants me to work at the restaurant.

Jordan: When will you be working?

Angela: Umm, I think he is going to start me off on the lunch shift, and then work dinner shifts sometimes.

Jordan: Oh, great, so now we really won't ever see each other.

Angela: Yes we will, I can tell my dad if there is a night I want off, and I am not going to be working every day, only 5 days a week, and isn't summer school only monday thru friday?

Jordan: I guess, I don't know.

Angela: Well, then I can ask for friday off and we can spend the day together or something.

Jordan: Yeah, that would be good. (faces her and wraps his arms around her and leans down to kiss her gently on the lips)

Angela: Umm, there is something that I have to tell you, but you can't get mad, because I didn't let it happen.

Jordan: What is it?

Angela: Ok, well, Sharon kinda said that Delia and Brian could come with us on the trip.

Jordan(getting mad): What?

Angela: Yeah, but it will be ok, they won't really even be hanging with us, she is friends with Sharon, and not really with anyone else, so they will just be hanging out with them, and they are going to stay in their suite, and I think Rickie and Corey are staying with us, and Rayanne and Tony are getting their own room.

Jordan: Why can't we get our own room?

Angela: Well, we will have our own room, but Corey and Rickie will just be in the same suite, or something. Plus, I really don't want Rayanne in the same suite as us, I mean, if she does then we won't really be able to be alone, she will always be bothering us.

Jordan: Yeah, I don't either. I'd rather have Rickie and Corey staying in our suite. So are they going to be driving with us?

Angela: Umm, yeah, I guess, is that ok?

Jordan: Yeah. (bell rings) Well, we should get to class I guess.

Angela: Yeah, so do you want to come over to study tonight?

Jordan: Yeah, that would be cool. I'll see you later then (kisses her gently on the lips)

Angela: Bye

Jordan walks away in the other direction as Angela watches him turn the corner, and then she heads to Geometry.

Later that afternoon Angela is at her locker getting her books that she needs to study. She is meeting Jordan at his car and then they are studying together for Katimsky's exam.

Rickie: Hey, so I asked Corey, and he said that he could come.

Angela: Cool, well I told Jordan, and he was ok with everything, I just don't want Brian anywhere near us. Oh yeah, you and Corey can share a suite with us, and drive with us up there.

Rickie: Are you sure?

Angela: Yeah, it will be fun. Well I gotta go, Jordan and I are going to study for Katimsky's together.

Rickie: Oh, I'm sure you will do a lot of studying.

Angela: Oh, shut up! I'll see you tomorrow, Bye (kisses him on the cheek)

Rickie: Bye

Fade out to the camera in back of Angela walking towards Jordan who is leaning against the car waiting for her....

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