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Chapter 32: Finals....

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The story so far

Chapter 32: Finals....

written by anonymous author

added on: 11 Mar 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to the next morning. The bus pulls up and so far there is no sign of Brian anywhere. Angela walks onto the crowded bus and sits in one of the two empty seats. At the last minute right before the bus pulls away Brian runs onto the bus and sits in the last seat, right behind Angela. Angela is sitting with her back against the window and her legs stretched across the seat, and Brian is sitting in the seat behind her in the aisle with someone else sitting next to him. They both ignore each other for the first couple minutes before Brian finally says something.

Brian(leaning forward to talk to Angela): So Chase are you like ever going to talk to me again?

Angela: I don't know, I haven't decided that yet.

Brian: Well you are going to have to some time, because we are going to be together on that trip next weekend.

Angela: I don't *have* to do anything, and I am going on the trip with Jordan and my friends, you just so happened to accidentaly get to come with.

Brian: Look, Chase, I'm sorry for whatever I did, but it is in the past and can't be changed. If I could go back and erase it I would, believe me, it was the worst thing I could have done, it was like kissing my sister or something.

Angela: Ok, just drop it Krakow!

Brian: Fine, look, I am sorry, it was a mistake.

Angela: Yeah, but why did you kiss me anyways?

Brian: I don't know, it just felt like the right thing to do at the time. I guess I was still wondering if I had feelings for you.

Angela: Oh, so do you?

Brian: No, not anymore, I'm with Delia, I really care about her.

Angela: That's good. Look, I want us to be friends again, but I think it needs to like, gradually get back to where we were as friends, I mean Jordan might get mad if he sees us hanging out again so soon.

Brian: Yeah, I understand, Delia would probably be hurt too.

Angela: So, I guess I will just talk to you sometime soon.

Brian: Yeah (both walking off the bus) I guess I will see you around.

Angela: Bye

Brian(walking her walk off): Bye

Angela walks into school and goes right to class. Jordan is already sitting there and Angela takes the seat in front of him. She turns around in her desk to face him.

Angela: How did the meeting go this morning?

Jordan: Fine.

Angela: So, what happened?

Jordan: I am taking one of the classes over the summer, and the other class I will take next year sometime.

Angela: That's good.

Jordan: Yeah, Kryzanowski thinks that you have been a good influence or something.

Angela: Really, well, you did all the work.

Jordan (leaning in towards her face): Well, without you I probably wouldn't like, even be here.

Angela leans in to kiss him gently on the lips.

Mr. Katimski walks into the classroom and puts his briefcase on the desk. The last few students are filing in just as the bell is ringing. Sharon sits down in front of Angela. Brian walks in and sits on the opposite side of the room from Angela and Jordan. Angela gives Brian a small smile as he sits down. She then turns around and whispers 'good luck' to Jordan, and he smiles.

Mr. K: is sad that on our...last day...together I have giving you you will...find is an exam that is worth...taking. Good luck....and have...a safe...and fun summer!

After they take the exam Angela and Jordan walk out of the classroom together.

Angela: How do you think you did?

Jordan: Ok, I guess.

Angela: Yeah, well, I should go to class and look over my notes before the geometry exam.

Jordan: Ok, good luck.

Angela: Thanks, so do you want to go out to lunch after exams?

Jordan: Umm, I guess, I have to be at work at 4 though, they are already putting me on more hours now that school is ending.

Angela: Ok, I will meet you at your car then.

Jordan: Ok (leans in and kisses her) bye.

Angela: Bye

Sharon walks up to Angela.

Sharon: Hey Chase, how did you like Katimski's exam?

Angela: It was easier than I thought it would be.

Sharon: Yeah, now we have to face geometry. Are you ready for this?

Angela: Not really, but I should hopefully pass at least.

Sharon: Yeah, so Brian told me that you guys are talking again.

Angela: Yeah, sort of, just trying to be friends again or something.

Sharon: That's good, at least it will make it easier on the trip.

Angela: Yeah, I can't wait, I just want finals to be over, and to be on summer vacation. Where are you working this summer?

Sharon: At the mall, I haven't really gotten a job yet, but I applied at a bunch of the stores.

Angela: That's good, at least you won't be sweating working tables all summer.

Sharon: Yeah, that's a bummer that you got roped into working at the restaurant, but at least you can get off of work easily.

Angela: Yeah, that is the only bonus, plus my dad says that once I am trained enough, since I am the only server he and Hallie actually trust, I can close the restaurant, which would be cool.

Sharon: Yeah, plus you and Jordan can have a little Rendezvous!

Angela: Sharon! Stop (laughs), look, no one else knows about us, you know, so don't like talk about it here, or anywhere else unless we are alone.

Sharon: Ok, I won't. Well, here we go, our last day in geometry, it's kinda sad actually...

Angela: Oh, yeah, I am so sad I think I could cry (laughs).

Fade out to Angela and Sharon walking into class....

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