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Danielle Chase

Danielle is both the annoying younger sibling and the perpetually overlooked child. She wants desperately to be noticed, but cannot compete with the adolescent antics of her older sister, Angela. She is ignored nearly to the point of invisibility within the family, and turns to attempting to obsere everything around her. This too is foiled; she is continually being kicked out of the rooms where the excitement is.
Danielle is, to all appearances, a typical 10 year old girl; she's a girl scout, she takes gymnastics, and she's good at imitating her sister. She has a crush on one of her sister's friends, Brian; she may actually have a love life, or at least a like life, involving some kid named Ryan from school.
Her life is totally edited (in ways she doesn't even realize).


Danielle (as Angela): "Mom, Sharon Cherski and I exist in, like, two different worlds, okay. I can't just hand her a disk, okay. I mean it's just not that simple."
Danielle (as self): "I'm doing Angela. Pretty good, huh?"
Patty: Thank God...I thought it was starting all over again.
Graham: That was really good...
Patty: That was really scary!

"It's not fair. My life is totally edited."

"How do you know whether I wish I was dead or not? Are you me? Am I allowed to have a feeling in this house, or isthat just Angela?"

(to her parents): "When you said what else they could be doing, did you mean, like, foreplay?"

Danielle: It's not fair. Angela got a new bike when she was eleven.
Graham: What do you do? Keep like running tally of everything we bought for Angela?
Danielle: Well, yeah.

"Do we have to keep talking about religion? It's Christmas."

"My whole life is waiting for something to happen."

"My whole life is different people kicking me out of different rooms."

"It's truly amazing. I have the power to be invisible."

(on Brian): "Oh my God. When he walked through the door, part of his arm touched my shoulder. I thought I would faint. I mean swoon."

(on Brian): "He was a genius. I had goosebumps, just watching him think."

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“My dad thinks every person in the world is having more fun than him.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"