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Chapter 39: Elizabeth...

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The story so far

Chapter 39: Elizabeth...

written by anonymous author

added on: 22 Mar 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Monday morning. Jordan's alarm blares the song "When I Come Around" by Green Day. Jordan rolls over and slams his hand on top of his alarm to shut if off. He rolls out of bed and groggily walks to the bathroom. He showers and throws on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He goes downstairs and finds his father eating breakfast before going off to work.

Tony: Morning.

Jordan: Hi.

Tony: Don't forget about tonight, we have to clean out the extra bedroom, ok?

Jordan: Alright.

Tony: Well, I'll see you when you get home from work. Oh, and, uh, why don't you see if that girlfriend of yours can come to dinner on Saturday night. What's her name again?

Jordan: Angela.

Tony: Oh, right. Well, Bye.

Jordan doesn't say goodbye to him. Instead he sits silently drinking a cup of coffee. Last night when he got home he found out that his aunt (his dad's sister) was going to be staying with them for a while. She couldn't afford the house that she was living in anymore (now that her husband had died) and wanted to start out new someplace, and until then would be a temporary house guest. Jordan liked his aunt, she had always been like a big sister to him, a little motherly at times though. That was the only thing that bothered Jordan about her coming to stay here she would try to change too many of his bad habits, and innterrupt his way of life. Other than that he was happy that it wouldn't just be him and his father for a while. His aunt wanted to make dinner for Jordan's birthday on Saturday night(his birthday is on Friday), something that his dad really didn't even remember. Jordan grabs his notebook and drives to school. He was taking Biology, something that he had flunked. He hated the thought of being at school for 8 more weeks, especially since he had to be there without his friends...and Angela.

JordanVO: Oh, shit! I was supposed to call Angela last night. Oh well, maybe I can stop there before work, I think she said she wasn't working until 1.

Jordan arrives at school and walks into the main hallway. There are a few students walking around, and they all look younger. He finds his class and takes a seat closest to the door. He doesn't really recognize anyone else in the class.

JordanVO: I wonder how many days I can ditch and still pass the class.

School goes by fast and before he knows it he is walking out to his car. Shane is waiting by his car.

Shane: Hey.

Jordan: Hi.

Shane: So, I talked to Tino.

Jordan: Oh, yeah, what does he want?

Shane: Well, I don't know really, he didn't say much.

Jordan: Ok.

Shane: So, how was the trip?

Jordan: Fine.

Shane: Are you and Angela still together?

Jordan: Yeah, why?

Shane: It's just, surprising, you haven't ever like, stayed with the same girl for more than a week.

Jordan: Well, this is different.

Shane: So, did you get in her pants yet?

Jordan(rolls his eyes): Look, I gotta go.

Shane: Ok, well, see ya.

Jordan: Yeah, whatever.

Jordan drives away and blasts the radio. He contemplates either going straight to work or stoping by to see Angela. The car unconsciously takes him to Angela. He parks the car in front of the house. Brian is just leaving his house to go to work. He stops the car to talk to Jordan.

Brian: Hey.

Jordan: Hi.

Brian: So, I can get Residue the gig at the July 4th concert, the, uh, coordinator just wants to see you guys practice first.

Jordan: Ok, uh, when?

Brian: Oh, he said he would stop by this sunday around 8. I told him you guys usually practice at the loft.

Jordan: Ok, thanks.

Brian: Sure. So how is summer school?

Jordan: It sucks.

Brian: Well, if you need any help, I'll be happy too.

Jordan: Thanks.

Brian: Well, I gotta get to work.

Jordan: Ok, see ya.

Brian: See ya.

Brian drives away and Jordan walks to the back of the Chase house. He knocks on the door and there is no answer. He tries to open the door and it opens. He walks into the hallway just as Angela is coming down the stairs.

Angela (gasps): Oh, gosh, you scared me.

Jordan: Sorry. So, did you like just wake up or something?

Angela: Yeah, kinda. (she is wearing a long t-shirt) So, what are you doing here?

Jordan: I don't know, I just wanted to see you.

Angela: Oh, well I'm glad you stopped by, I didn't think I was going to get to see you for a few days. So, how was summer school?

Jordan: It sucks.

Angela: Well, it will be over before you know it.

Jordan: Yeah. So, is anybody else home?

Angela: No...

Jordan moves in closer to Angela and kisses her gently on the lips. He takes her face in his hands and rubs her cheek with his thumb. They walk over to the stairs and sit down on the landing right before the last couple of steps. Their kisses deepen and Angela runs her fingers through Jordan's hair as she pulls him closer to her. Jordan rubs a hand up Angela's bare leg and she starts laughing.

Jordan: What?

Angela: Nothing, that just tickles.

Jordan: Oh, really...

Jordan kisses her again and lays down on the landing and pulls Angela on top of him. She kisses his forehead and down the side of his face to his chin. She kisses his lips gently and passionately. Jordan pulls away for a second.

Jordan: I forgot to tell you.

Angela: What?

Jordan: Uh, my aunt is coming to stay with us for a while.

Angela: Oh, are you happy?

Jordan: Yeah, she is cool, you will like her.

Angela: So when is she coming?

Jordan: Uh, sometime this week. Can you come for dinner this Saturday night?

Angela: Umm, yeah, sure. Umm, last night my parents said that they wanted to have you over for dinner on Friday night for your birthday. But you don't have to if you don't want, we could just go out.

Jordan: No, it's ok.

Angela: Ok, well, I am still going to take you out after dinner.

Jordan: Oh, yeah, where?

Angela: It's a surprise...

Jordan: Oh, yeah, what kind of surprise? (gives her a sneaky look)

Angela: You will just have to wait and see.

Jordan leans in and gives Angela a passionate forcefull kiss on the lips. After a couple of minutes Angela pulls away and says that she has to start getting ready for work. Jordan says he will wait for her and drive her there, which Angela greatly appreciates. She goes and takes a shower, and Jordan eats some leftover pizza from the fridge. They leave together and Jordan drops her off at work. They kiss goodbye and Jordan says he will see her in a couple of days.

Jordan comes home after work and finds his father already home. He walks upstairs and starts helping his dad clean out the extra bedroom. There are mostly boxes, which Jordan hasn't ever even looked in. They are moving the boxes up to the attic. As Jordan is lifting one of the heavy boxes he drops it and old pictures come spilling out. He starts to pick them up and realizes that these are pictures of his dad...with his mom. He is shocked by some of the pictures. His dad is smiling, and looks happy. A tear forms in Jordan's eye just as his dad comes down from the attic to get more boxes. His dad sees the pictures that Jordan is holding and a sad look forms on his face.

Tony: That picture was taken on our honeymoon.

Jordan is stunned by these words his father hasn't ever told him anything about his mother or their life before she died. All he knows about his mother has come from stories his aunt and uncle had told him, which isn't the same as hearing it from your own father.

Tony: We went to California, all Lizzy wanted was to meet a movie star.

Jordan: Did she?

Tony: Yeah, we saw Robert Redford walking on Sunset Strip, but she didn't have the guts to go up to him and get a picture taken. Instead she just stood there and smiled.

Jordan smiles at the thought of this.

Jordan: How come you never like, talked about her?

Tony: I don't know. I was just so mad, and upset, about losing her and then having to take care of you on my own, it just hurt to even think about her.

Jordan: Oh.

Tony: Look, you can keep those pictures in your room if you want.

Jordan: Ok...thanks.

They continue working in silence. That night in Jordan's room he sits on the floor next to his bed looking through the pictures. Most of them are a little yellowed around the edges. He finds one picture of his mother, standing alone smiling with the sun shining on her face. She has long straight auburn hair, green eyes, and is wearing a long black sundress that comes to her ankles. This is more than has ever been revealed to Jordan about his mother. He places the picture on his nightstand next to his bed, standing up resting against a lamp. He lies in bed, with his knees bent and his arms curled near his face. He stares at the picture and a tear falls down his cheek. He closes his eyes and falls asleep...

Fade out to black...

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