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Chapter 42: Dinner at Jordan's

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The story so far

Chapter 42: Dinner at Jordan's

written by anonymous author

added on: 02 Apr 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

*sorry it took me so long to get this one out, I was on spring break and didn't have access to a computer, hope you enjoy!*

Open up to Jordan and Angela sleeping. It is Saturday morning at 11am. Angela is sleeping on her stomach, and so is Jordan. He is half laying on her with his arm draped over her bare back. He opens his eyes and kisses Angela's back softly so he doesn't wake her. He feels her soft skin with his hands and traces her spine to her lower back with his fingers. The camera focuses on Angela's face as she smiles with her eyes closed. Just as the camera is changing scenes Angela turns around and faces Jordan as he wraps his arms around her. She kisses him passionately as he moves on top of her.

Cut to the Chase house. Patty and Graham are in the kitchen standing and kissing. Graham is leaving to go to the restaurant when the doorbell rings.

Graham: Ill get it, I have to leave anyways.

Patty: Ok, have a good day.

Graham leaves and a minute later Rayanne waltzes through the kitchen door.

Rayanne: Hey Mrs. Chase.

Patty (turns around): Oh, Rayanne, you scared me!

Rayanne: Sorry. So, umm, is Angela home?

Patty: No, shes still at the lake with Jordan.

Rayanne: The lake?

Patty: Yeah, she took Jordan camping for his birthday.

Rayanne: Oh, well, I guess Ill just leave then.

Patty: No, its ok, you can stay. So how have you been?

Rayanne: Oh, you know, the usual.

Patty: Are you working this summer?

Rayanne: Yeah, I got a job at the record store in town.

Patty: Oh, well thats good.

Rayanne: Yeah, the hours are good and they work around my play schedule.

Patty: Oh, what play?

Rayanne: Angela didnt tell you?

Patty: No

Rayanne: Oh, I got the lead in the town play. We are doing The Sound of Music!

Patty: Oh, she must have forgotten to tell me, plus she hasnt been home much lately.

Rayanne: Yeah

Patty: So, were you guys supposed to get together today?

Rayanne: No, I just havent really talked to her lately and thought I would stop by. Can I ask you something?

Patty: Sure.

Rayanne: Is Angela still mad at me for what I did?

Patty: I dont know, why?

Rayanne: Cause, its like she hardly talks to me or sees me lately. I mean, we used to be so tight and now, its like we are hardly even friends. She doesnt talk to me about anything having to do with Jordan.

Patty: Well, maybe she feels awkward discussing him with you, since well, you know. Im sure she doesnt mean it she probably just doesnt want to make you or her feel uncomfortable.

Rayanne: I guess so...I just wish things could go back to the way they were.

Patty: Im sure they will, things like this just take time.

Cut to later that day. Jordan dropped Angela off at her house to shower. She had to plead with him to take her home, because he wanted to shower with her back at his house, but Angela felt uncomfortable doing that with his aunt there.

Angela: Mom, Im home....Oh, Rayanne hi.

Rayanne: Hi.

Patty: Hi sweetie. How was camping?

Angela: Fine.

Patty: Well, Im going to go in the kitchen and clean up.

Rayanne: Thanks for lunch Mrs. Chase!

Angela: You had lunch with my mom?

Rayanne: Yeah, well I stopped by to talk to you, and your mom invited me to stay for lunch.

Angela: Oh.

Rayanne: So, Angelika, whats up?

Angela: Oh, you know, the same (looking uncomfortable). What about you?

Rayanne: The same....So, are you ever going to talk to me about anything ever again?

Angela: What are you talking about?

Rayanne: You KNOW what I am talking about. Its like we are hardly even friends anymore. You dont talk to me about Jordan or your relationship at all.

Angela: Oh, that. I dont know, its just weird, like talking to you, about that stuff, since, you know.

Rayanne: Yeah, I know, ok. Its over, in the past, I dont even think about it, like, at all, ever.

Angela: I dont really either, but I just, I dont know, think it will be weird or something, like talking to you about Jordan, and like what we do.

Rayanne: Well, its not like I want details or anything, but some indication that you still trust me and want to talk to me.

Angela: I know. Look, I will, Im just not ready to yet, ok. But look, I want us to hang out more. Are you busy tomorrow night?

Rayanne: No.

Angela: Well, why dont we go out? Can you borrow your moms car?

Rayanne: Sure. Well, I better go, I have to get to work. (kisses her on the cheek) Ill see you tomorrow.

Angela: Ok, bye.

Angela goes into the kitchen and finds her mother.

Patty: Im proud of you. I know this hasnt been easy for you. I just think Rayanne wants things to go back to the way they were.

Angela: Mom, how do you know when you are really ready to like, move past things?

Patty: I dont know. Im not sure you can ever move past some things, but you will know when the moment is right. Something exciting will happen and she will be the first person you want to tell, and you will know that things are better.

Angela: Thanks.

Angela goes upstairs and showers and walks over to Jordans a few hours later. She is wearing a jean skirt and a black lace tank, with a black silk spaghetti strap tank under it. She has curled her hair a little and put on makeup. She rings the doorbell nervously, this is the first time she will be eating dinner at Jordans house.

Rita: Angela, hi honey, how are you?

Angela: Fine, thanks, how are you?

Rita: Good, I gotta run to the kitchen, dont want dinner to burn Jordan will be down in a second.

Angela walks in the house. It smells clean, and the carpets look like they have just been vacuumed. She sits on the couch and nervously crosses her legs. A couple minutes later Jordan comes down. He is wearing jeans and a black t-shirt.

Jordan: Hey, when did you get here? (kisses her on the lips)

Angela: A few minutes ago.

Jordan: Oh, you could have come up.

Angela: Its ok.

Jordan: I missed you.

Angela: You did?

Jordan: Yeah. Thanks for last night, and camping and stuff.

Angela: Sure. Im glad you liked it. So, wheres your dad?

Jordan: Oh, he uh, had to work, he will be home soon, I guess.

Angela: Oh, ok. you like having your aunt here?

Jordan: Yeah, shes cool. (moves in closer to her and puts his hand on her thigh) Do you want to, uh, go upstairs?

Angela: Jordan! Your aunt is right downstairs!

Jordan: Ok, we can just sit down here then. (moves closer to Angela on the couch and begins to kiss her just as Rita is walking in)

Rita: Ok, you love birds! Uh, Jordan, can you help me get something down in the kitchen?

Jordan: Sure (kisses Angelas cheek)

Jordans dad comes home and they all go and sit in the kitchen (they dont have a dining room).

John: So, uh, Angela, what are you doing this summer?

Angela: Oh, umm, working as a waitress at my dads restaurant.

John: Oh, your dad has a restaurant?

Angela: Yeah, he is the chef, and part-owner, they just opened a month ago.

Rita: Well, thats wonderful. What do you think you want to do after high school?

Angela: Umm, I dont know, go to college, I guess.

Rita: What do you want to study?

Angela: I was thinking about writing.

Rita: Oh, like a journalist or something?

Angela: Im not sure, maybe write books.

Rita: Well, thats nice.

They sit quietly and finish eating. Rita talks a little about what she did back in Philadelphia, and she puts Jordan on the spot by asking what he wants to do with his life, to which he does not reply. Angela breaks the silence by talking about the July 4th festival. Jordan tells them that they have the audition tomorrow, but basically they will be playing no matter what. After they are all done Rita does the dishes and John goes outside to do some work on the house. Jordan takes Angelas hand and leads her up to his room. Once they walk in Angela sits on Jordans bed as Jordan closes the door part of the way. He sits down next to her quietly.

Jordan: Can I ask you something?

Angela: Sure.

Jordan: How do you know....that you want to be a writer?

Angela: I dont know, its just something I like to do, and I guess I am pretty good at it.

Jordan: Thats the thing Im not good at anything, so how do I know what I want to do?

Angela: You are good at lots of things.

Jordan: Like what?

Angela: Like singing and playing the guitar. I could listen to you for hours.

Jordan: Yeah, but I dont really see myself having like, a future doing that, its just something I like to do. It like, helps me get through things. (looks down at the floor)

Angela: Yeah. Well, you will figure it out, dont worry.

Jordan: Yeah, I guess.

Angela: Theres something else youre good at.

Jordan: Whats that? (faces her now)

Angela: Kissing me.

Jordan: Oh really, well... (leans in and kisses her gently on the lips)

Jordan takes Angelas face in his hands as their kiss deepens and he opens her mouth with his tongue. He starts to lean his body against hers and pushes them down onto the bed. He wraps his legs around Angelas small body and rubs the side of her arm with his hand. Just as he is about to move his hand under her shirt she stops him.

Angela: Why dont we go rent a movie or something?

Jordan: Ok

They get up and leave the house and drive to the video store.

Angela: You can pick the movie, since its your birthday.

Jordan: Ok

They walk around for a few minutes before Jordan picks the movie Pulp Fiction and Reality Bites, because Angela was looking at it. They drive back to Jordans house and watch the movie downstairs on the couch. Jordan puts on Pulp Fiction first and turns the lights off. He sits down next to Angela and wraps his arm around her and kisses her forehead. Rita walks in just as the movie is starting.

Rita: What did ya rent?

Jordan: Pulp Fiction.

Rita: Ohhh, I saw that when it came out in the theaters, it is good. Well, Im going to go upstairs and make myself scarce. Happy Birthday again, and Angela it was so great to get to know you.

Angela (gets up and hugs Rita): You too, thanks for dinner.

Rita: Anytime. Night.

Jordan: Thanks Aunt Rita, night.

Angela and Jordan watch Pulp Fiction and then Reality Bites. After the movies are over Angela and Jordan lay on the couch for a while cuddling. It is already past midnight and they both have to get up early for work. Angela lays on top of Jordan with her head resting on his chest, and her body lying in between his legs. He strokes the top of head and runs his fingers through her silky hair. He pulls her face closer to his and kisses her lips gently. Angela deepens the kiss by forcing her tongue into his mouth and finishing by kissing his bottom lip (which drives Jordan nuts). Angela pulls away.

Angela: I had better go.

Jordan: Do you really have to, you could stay here.

Angela: Yeah right, my parents would kill me first. Maybe some other time though, ok?

Jordan: Ok, well, let me drive you home.

Angela: Why dont we walk instead?

Jordan: Oh, ok.

They open the front door and walk out of Jordans house. The night air is cool with a fresh spring smell. Jordan takes Angelas hand in his and they walk down the side of the street. Angelas house is almost a mile away, and they are walking at a leisurely pace. Jordan feels Angelas cold arm against his and wraps his arm around her to warm her up.

Angela: So, can I ask you something?

Jordan: Sure.

Angela: What would you do if I told you I was pregnant?

Jordan (stops in his tracks): Whoa, where is this coming from? Is there something you are trying to tell me?

Angela: No. It is just a question. Sharon thought that she was pregnant, and when she told Kyle he acted like a total butthead, and now they arent even talking.

Jordan: Oh. Well, I dont know exactly.

Angela: Oh.

Jordan: I guess its one of those things that you dont know how you are going to react until you hear it. I know that I would stick by you, because its not like it would be totally your fault.

Angela: Yeah.

Jordan: Is that what you were wondering, whether I would just leave you?

Angela: I guess so.

Jordan: Well, I wouldnt. (turns towards her and lifts her face with his finger under her chin) I mean it, I wouldnt leave you.

A tear forms in Angelas eye and runs down her cheek. Jordan wipes it away with his finger and kisses her gently on the lips. They continue walking hand in hand until they reach Angelas house. He walks her to the door and they stand there for a few minutes kissing. Angela wraps her arms around Jordans neck and Jordan has his hands squeezed around her body.

Angela: I had better get inside.

Jordan: Ok. Ill talk to you tomorrow. Can you come to Residue practice?

Angela: Umm, maybe, I kinda told Rayanne that I would hang out with her.

Jordan: Oh.

Angela: Well, I havent really seen her lately and I want to spend time with her. Things still arent exactly back to normal with us.

Jordan: Ok. Well, if you can stop by Id like that.

Angela: Ok. I love you.

Jordan: I love you too. (kisses her on the lips)

Jordan walks away as Angela goes inside. A few minutes later she is in her bedroom and hears small stones clanking against her window. She goes over to her window and opens it up. Brian is standing outside.

Brian: Can I talk to you?

Angela: Brian, its almost 1 in the morning, cant this wait until tomorrow?

Brian: Oh, ok, I guess so.

Angela: Never mind, Ill come down.

Angela goes downstairs and walks out the front door where Brian is waiting on the porch.

Angela: What is it?

Brian: Well, hello to you too.

Angela: Sorry. Hi Brian. Ok, now what is it?

Brian: Delia broke up with me tonight.

Angela: Oh, Brian, Im sorry. Are you ok?

Brian: I guess so. I just couldnt sleep and needed someone to talk to.

Angela: Sure. Why dont we sit down. So, what happened?

Brian: We had this fight.

Angela: About what?

Brian: You.

Angela: Me!?! Why?

Brian: Because Delia thinks that I am still in love with you. She says that I wasnt treating her like my girlfriend, which is preposterous because I did. We went out and went on the trip together, and I told her I loved her. Which I think I did.

Angela: Im really sorry Brian, I thought you guys made a cute couple. (sits silently for a few minutes) So, are you?

Brian: Am I what?

Angela: Still in love with me?

Brian: Oh, I dont know. I guess part of me will always love you.

Angela: Well, part of me will too, but only as a friend. You do know that Brian, right?

Brian: Yeah. Look, thanks for listening. I had better go home.

Angela: Sure. Look, Im here if you need to talk again, ok?

Brian: Ok.

They stand up and Angela gives him a hug. She goes inside and he watches her and then goes to his house. He goes upstairs and lies on his back on his bed.

BrianVO: Why does it seem like I cant do anything right? Delia is a perfectly nice girl, and I guess I loved her, in some way, and I cant even keep her happy. How am I supposed to keep someone else happy if I am not even happy myself?

Fade out to black....

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