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Chapter 16: Morning

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Chapter 16: Morning

written by Becca

added on: 26 Jan 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to scenes of everybody sleeping....Patty and Graham wrapped in each others arms at the bed and breakfast...DAnielle at Courtney's in a sleeping bag...Brian laying on his back staring at the ceiling...Sharon sleeping in her bed holding a picture of her and Kyle...and finally Angela and Jordan. Angela is sleeping on her back and Jordan on his side with his arm draped over her stomach. Jordan opens his eyes slowly and looks over at the clock.

JordanVO: Wow, I am up kinda early (sees that it is only 10am, then looks towards Angela who is still sound asleep) I can't believe I slept here and we didn't even have sex. It was almost as good as having sex too. God, she looks so beautiful just laying here, I wish I could stay with her all day like this...

Suddenly Angela's radio alarm clock goes off and the DJ comes on the radio announcing a new song.

DJ: And here is a new one by Sophie B. Hawkins from her new CD coming out in July, its called As I Lay Me Down.... (the song starts playing)

Angela moans and turns over towards Jordan and nuzzles her head in his chest. Jordan kisses the top of her head and wraps his arms around her.

Angela: What time is it?

Jordan: 10:04. Did you sleep good?

Angela(looks up at him and smiles): Better than I have ever slept.

Jordan leans in to kiss her on the lips, but then hesitates because of morning breath.

Jordan: Do you have a toothbrush I can borrow?

Angela: Yeah, there is one on the third shelf of the medicine cabinet.

Jordan gets up and walks into the bathroom in the hallway and brushes his teeth, after a minute Angela follows and does the same.

Angela: What time do you have to leave?

Jordan: Um, well I have to be at the garage for work at like 1, so I will leave a little before then.

Angela: Good, so we can spend the morning together.

Jordan (leaning in to finally kiss her): Of course

Angela wraps her arms around his neck and he lifts her up as he wraps his arms around her. Angela wraps her legs around his waist and he carries her back to the bed and lays her down. They make out for a few minutes like this. Jordan breaks away and just looks at her for a minute.

Angela: What is it?

Jordan: Your beautiful

Angela: No I'm not

Jordan: You are to me

Angela kisses him softly, the kind that drive Jordan nuts. The kisses become more rapid and harder. Suddenly Jordan starts to breathe heavy and then lets out a big moan.

Jordan: Uh, Sorry

Angela: Did what I think just happen actually happen?

Jordan: Yeah, sorry, I just couldn't stop it

Angela: Ok, well that hasn't ever happened to me before

They both look at each other and laugh. Jordan kisses Angela on the lips.

Jordan: Do you mind if I go take a shower?

Angela: Sure, I was just thinking that. You can go in the guest bathroom and I will go in my parents bathroom.

Jordan: Actually, why dont we take one together?

Angela: Umm, I don't know if that is such a good idea.

Jordan: Why not?

Angela: Well, because I havent ever seen you naked before.

Jordan: WEll there is always a first time for everything.

Angela: Yeah, but I guess I wanted the first time to be when we, you know, did it.

Jordan: Oh, well, ok, I guess so...

They both go into separate bathrooms and begin to shower. Angela is just standing under the running water thinking to herself.

AngelaVO: I mean the first time you see someone naked should be like the first time you do it right? Otherwise it would be to awkward or something, especially in the shower, I mean I would be like staring at it or something...But I actually really wanted to when he asked me. God Angela! Why don't you ever do what you really want.

They both finish showering separatly and go into Angela's room. Jordan has a towel wrapped around his waist.

AngelaVO: God he looks sexy when he is wet.

Jordan(turns around and sees her standing in the doorway with a towel and her hair dripping wet)VO: God she looks sexy with her hair all wet.

Angela: Hi

Jordan(walks over to her): Hi

Just as they are about to kiss the doorbell rings.

Angela: Oh my god!

Jordan: Should I hide?

Angela: Yeah, I'll close my door.

Jordan: Ok

Angela goes downstairs to see that Danielle is standing there waiting for her to open the door.

Angela: What are you doing home so early?

Danielle: Courtney wasn't feeling well, so her mom dropped me off now.

Angela: Well you could have called first.

DAnielle: Why? I live here too you know. So, why is Jordan's car parked out front?

Angela: Umm...VO:Oh my god, what do I do now?....Ok, Danielle you have to promise me you wont tell mom and dad.

Danielle: WEll what will you do for me?

Angela: I dont know, when I get my driver's liscense I will drive you where ever you want for a month.

Danielle: You promise?

Angela: Yes. Ok, well, Jordan stayed here last night because I didnt want to stay by myself.

Danielle: Did you guys do it?

Angela: That's none of your business, and he's still her, so just stay down here until he leaves, ok?

Danielle: Fine, whatever.

Angela goes back upstairs and sees Jordan standing there naked about to change.

Angela: Oh my god, I'm sorry, I should have knocked first.

Jordan: Don't be embarassed, you will be seeing me like this sometime.

Angela: Yeah, I know.

Jordan: So, is that all your going to say?

Angela: Um, wow

Jordan: That's it, just wow?

Angela: well, its not like I examined it or anything.

Jordan: yeah, next time (laughs)

Angela: yeah, sure (laughs)

Jordan: So who was at the door?

Angela: Your not going to believe this, but my sister is home.

Jordan: Oh, is she going to tell your parents?

Angela: No, I took care of that, I have to be her personal chaufer once I get my liscense, but its ok.

Jordan: Yeah, when do you get your liscense?

Angela: 1 month!

Jordan: So your birthday is in May?

Angela: Yeah, May 5th. Finally, I will be 16.

JordanVO: I better remember this.

Angela: When is your birthday?

Jordan: Um, June 1st.

Angela: Wow, and youll be 18, that is so cool.

Jordan: Yeah, I guess.

Angela: So, then it will be like illegal for you to go out with me.

Jordan: Oh, yeah, I didnt think of that. Well we better break this off then...(Angela looks shocked)...Just kidding. I will take the risk of doing something illegal to be with you any day.

Angela walks over to kiss him. They kiss for a few minutes.

Jordan: WEll we better go downstairs so your sister doesnt get the wrong idea.

Angela: yeah, ok.

The three of them sit and eat lunch together quietly before Jordan leaves to go to work.

Angela: Danielle, I'm just going to walk Jordan out to his car, if mom and dad call tell them I will be back in a minute.

Danielle: ok, bye Jordan

Jordan: yeah, uh, bye

(out at Jordan's car)

Jordan: SO I had an amazing time, just being here with you.

Angela: me too, we will have to find a time when we can do this again.

Jordan:yeah, maybe next time it can be at my place.

Angela: i'd like that.

Jordan leans down and kisses her on the lips gently: I love you

Angela: I love you too

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