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"My So-Called Life" - the TV show

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Created by Winnie Holzman.

Produced by Marshall Herskovitz, Scott Winant and Edward Zwick.

Copyright © A Bedford Falls Company production in cooperation with ABC Productions for ABC Network 1994/95.
"My So-Called Life" © 1994 a.k.a. Productions, Inc., a subsidiary of ABC Productions, a Walt Disney Company.

Original music by W.G. Snuffy Walden.

Directed by: Victor Du Bois, Michael Engler, Marshall Herskovitz, Todd Holland, Elodie Keene, Ron Lagomarsino, Patrick R. Norris, Jeffrey S. Perry, Mark Piznarski, Ellen S. Pressman, Mark Rosner, Claudia Weill, Scott Winant, Edward Zwick. operates the world's largest web site about the television drama, "My So-Called Life." Founded in 1997, is dedicated to sustaining and supporting new and existing viewer-enthusiasts of "My So-Called Life." The site's seven principal members and operators reside in Austria, Germany, and the United States. is not-for-profit, is advertising free, and is not affiliated with the Bedford Falls Company, or cast or crew of "My So-Called Life."

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Principal Members and Operators, Logo Sascha A. Beck (Switzerland)
- Server administration, site architecture, and engineering

William Blais (USA)
- Author "Angela's World"

Dan Fowlkes (USA)
- Designed, implemented, and wrote original content for all of the character pages

Mike Glenn (USA)
- Project Manager,

Wolfgang 'Digo' Hollin (Austria)
- Postmaster and Cofounder,
- Administrator of the So-Called NewsChannel

Steve C. Joyner (USA)
- Director and Cofounder,

Natasha (aka "candygirl") Young (USA)
- Forum and community administrator

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Former Contributors

Andi Wolf Dolphin (USA)
- MSCL Bible

Kelsey Miller (USA)
- Launch Letter, Assistant to Project Manager

Lawrence Leung (USA)
- Provided many of the videos

Alexander Brandl (Germany)
- Developed components of the original layout

Angie Bräuml (Austria)
- Support

Erin Podolsky (USA)
- Support


The information contained within this web site was compiled with the help of thousands of MSCL enthusiasts and insiders over many years. Thanks go to the members of the mailing list "Liberty" (especially Virany Kreng for the FAQ, Kory Lasker for the very first MSCL homepage, and Misty Jones for the soundtrack information), the maintainers of the so-called "MSCL Bible," the maintainers of countless MSCL web sites all over the Internet, to ABC, and, of course, to the Bedford Falls Company and the cast and crew of "My So-Called Life."

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“Ignore her. She got up on the wrong side of the coffin this morning.”

Enrique (Rickie) Vasquez, Episode 9: "Halloween"