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16 - Resolutions

German title: Gute Vorsätze (Resolutions)
French title: Les bonnes résolutions (Resolutions)

First Air-Dates

  • USA: Thursday 05th January 1995 - 8pm ET/PT (ABC) [ratings: 7 / share: 11]
  • Germany: Sunday 02nd June 1996 - 6pm CET (RTL2)
USA: This episode was scheduled for December 29th, 1994, but got preempted.



The new year begins, and everybody makes their resolutions without resolving to keep them. Rickie's home situation puts him on his own odyssey, Brian and Jordan do some mutual tutoring, Graham considers Hallie's proposition(s).

the transcript (TEXT-Version)


  • RUNTIME: 49:19
  • SHOOTING DATE: around Tuesday 01st November 1994



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“And, you know, with your hair like that? It hurts to look at you.”

Rayanne Graff, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"