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Chapter 41: Jordan's Birthday

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The story so far

Chapter 41: Jordan's Birthday

written by anonymous author

added on: 22 Mar 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Jordan waking up. It is Friday, his birthday, and he has the day off (this is the normal week he has friday's off and works sunday). It is noon, and he is still tired. Last night after practice he hung out with the guys in the band and Shane and drank. He is wearing boxers and his hair is a little messy from sleeping. He slowly gets out of bed and walks downstairs. He finds his aunt sitting on the couch watching TV. She is wearing a t-shirt and jeans, already showered and started her day. She is small, about Angela's height, has brown short curly hair, and is petite. She arrived yesterday, and was already straightening up the house and cleaning it.

Rita: Morning sleepy, Happy birthday!

Jordan: Uh, thanks.

Rita: A girl named Angela called over an hour ago. Is she the girlfriend I heard your dad mention.

Jordan: Yeah.

Rita: She sounded like such a sweetie! I told her you would call her when you got up.

Jordan: Ok.

Rita: So what have you got planned for today?

Jordan: I don't know. Tonight I am supposed to have dinner at Angela's.

Rita: I know, and she told me what she has planned for you after, it is really sweet, and romantic too.

Jordan: What is it?

Rita: Nope, not gonna tell ya. Can I make you some breakfast or lunch?

Jordan: No thanks

Jordan goes into the kitchen and grabs a cup and gets some leftover coffee from this morning when his dad made it.

Jordan: I'm going to go call Angela.

Rita: Ok, I'm going to go to the grocery store in a bit. Do you guys ever eat at home?

Jordan: Not really.

Rita: Well, I'm going to change that.

Jordan walks upstairs without acknowledging what his aunt said. He sits on the side of his bed and dials Angela's number as he throws on a t-shirt that was on the floor.

Angela: Hello?

Jordan: Morning.

Angela: Happy birthday!

Jordan: Uh, thanks. My aunt said you called.

Angela: Yeah, I wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Your Aunt Rita is so nice, I can't wait to meet her.

Jordan: Yeah.

Angela: So, what are you doing right now?

Jordan: Well, I just woke up, so nothing.

Angela: Can I come over?

Jordan: Sure, if you want.

Angela: Ok, I'll be over in a bit.

Jordan hangs up the phone and goes to look in the mirror.

JordanVO: I should really cut my hair.

Jordan walks downstairs and finds his aunt writing a bunch of stuff down on a piece of paper.

Rita: I'm writing up a shopping list, if there's anything that you want just tell me.

Jordan: A what?

Rita: A shopping list. You write down what you want to buy so you don't forget.

Jordan: Oh, yeah. Umm, I was wondering if you could, uh, cut my hair.

Rita: Really? I always used to cut your hair when you were little. I would love to.

Jordan sits down on a chair in the kitchen and his aunt spreads out newspaper on the floor. She grabs a scissors from her stylists bag (she was a hair and makeup stylist for a news station in Philly) and starts cutting Jordan's long hair. She cuts it so it is shorter locks in the front down to about his eyes and a little longer in back (kinda like in episode 2 "Dancing in the Dark"). She cleans up and Jordan stands up.

Jordan: Thanks, it was, uh, getting a little long.

Rita: Yeah, I didn't want to say anything about it.

Just as Rita is about to leave the doorbell rings. Rita opens the door and Angela is standing there. She is wearing a t-shirt and jean shorts with a pair of white keds decorated by Corey.

Rita: You must be Angela!

Angela: Yeah, are you Jordan's Aunt Rita?

Rita: Well of course. Come on in, it's so great to meet you! (gives Angela a big hug)

Angela: Yeah, you too.

Jordan walks in just as they are hugging.

Angela: Hi (goes up and gives him a kiss on the cheek), Happy birthday! You cut your hair! It looks good.

Jordan: Thanks.

Rita: I'm going to get going to the store. I'll see you tomorrow Angela, I can't wait to get to know you, have fun tonight!

Angela: Thanks.

She leaves and Jordan and Angela are left alone. They go up to his room and Jordan sits on his bed leaning against his headboard. Angela has a small backpack with her and sets it down on the floor.

Angela: So, when do you want your birthday presents?

Jordan: There's more than one?

Angela: Yeah.

Jordan (with a sexy smile): Well, it depends on what it is...

Angela: Well, I'll give you this one first. She opens her bag and gets out a small thin box and hands it to Jordan and sits next to him on his bed. He opens it and reveals a picture frame with a picture of the two of them holding each other around and locked in a soft kiss from Atlantic City.

Angela: Sharon made me a copy of the pictures she took. I didn't even know she took that picture. Do you like it?

Jordan: Yeah, I love it.

He sets it down next to his bed. As he is doing this Angela sees the picture of the woman and picks it up.

Angela: Is this your mom?

Jordan (looks down): Yeah

Angela: She's beautiful.

Jordan: Yeah, she was. I found a bunch of pictures when my dad and I were cleaning out the extra bedroom.

Angela: At least you have them to remind you of her.

Jordan: Yeah, I guess. So, what do you want to do?

Angela: Well, I could give you another part of your birthday gift now (moving in closer and talking in a sexy voice)

Jordan: Really? Is it what I think it is?

Angela: Maybe.

Jordan: Well what if I want to save it for later?

Angela: Well, there is more than one of this present (they're faces are an inch apart now)

Jordan: Oh yeah...

Angela: Yeah...

Angela kisses Jordan passionately as she sits on top of him with her legs on either side of his body. He sits up straighter as their kisses become heavier. Just as Jordan is about to pull off Angela's shirt the doorbell rings. Jordan sighs angrily.

Jordan: I'll be right back, don't move.

Angela: Ok

Jordan runs downstairs and opens the door. Shane is standing in the doorway.

Shane: Hey man.

Jordan: Hey.

Shane: So, I wanted to see if you wanted to go grab something to eat and hang.

Jordan: Uh, Angela is kinda over...

Shane: Oh yeah, where is she?

Jordan: Upstairs...

Shane: Ha, I knew you would get in her pants! So, come on, lets go, you can see her later.

Angela walks down the stairs to see what is taking Jordan so long.

Angela: Hi.

Shane: Hi (smiling cause he knows that Angela puts out for Jordan)

Jordan: Uh, Shane kinda wanted to hang out.

Angela: Ok, well, I can see you later.

Jordan: Ok, thanks.

Angela: Sure (kisses him on the lips quickly) bye.

Jordan: Bye.

Jordan closes the door as Shane walks in.

Shane: So is it good man?

Jordan: Is what good?

Shane: Sex, with Angela.

Jordan: I'm not talking to you about this.

Shane: Whatever, so you wanna call up Tino?

Jordan: Whatever.

Jordan hangs out with Shane for a few hours (Tino was no where to be found) and then goes home.

Rita: Angela called and said to come over with an overnight bag at 5.

Jordan: An overnight bag?

Rita: Yeah. Just do it, ok?

Jordan: Sure.

Jordan goes upstairs and showers (he hadn't showered yet that day) and grabs some stuff and throws it in a bag. He says goodbye to his aunt and drives over to Angela's, leaving the bag in his car. He rings the doorbell and Patty answers.

Patty: Hi Jordan, happy birthday!

Jordan: Thanks.

Patty: Graham is just finishing up dinner, and Angela is helping him in the kitchen. (Graham got the night off, the restaurant hired a part-time second chef for when Graham wanted the night off)

Jordan: Ok

They walk into the kitchen and find Graham letting Angela have a taste test of the mashed potatoes he was making. He had made lemon chicken, mashed potatoes, and steamed vegetables (something less fancy than what they make at the restaurant). Angela is wearing a lilac sundress with deep purple flowers. Jordan gazes at how beautiful she looks.

Graham: Jordan, happy birthday!

Jordan: Thanks.

Graham: Well, Angela, is it good?

Angela: Perfect!

They all go in the dining room and sit down. Danielle is sleeping over at a friend's house. They eat dinner, and discuss work, Jordan's summer school, and the concert for July 4th.

After they are done eating Angela goes to help clean up.

Patty: Honey, it's ok, Dad and I can clean up, why don't you guys get going, so you can be there by sunset.

Angela: Ok, thanks mom (kisses her on the cheek) Thanks for dinner dad.

Graham: That's what I'm here for!

Jordan: Thanks, for dinner, it was really good.

Graham: Anytime

Angela (to Jordan): Uh, you stay here, I have to put a few things in the car.

Jordan: Uh, ok.

Angela gets Jordan's keys and loads the trunk up with the tent, air mattress, blanket, pillows, snacks, her overnight bag, and the other camping essentials (flashlights, bug spray, cangles, etc.)

Angela: Ok, ready.

Jordan: Ok.

Patty Graham: Have fun, we'll see you tomorrow!

Jordan Angela: Bye

Outside at the car...

Jordan: So, where are we going? (as Angela gets behind the wheel)

Angela: It's a surprise.

Jordan: Well, I have to work tomorrow, so is it close enough so that I will be at work by 11?

Angela: You don't have work, I talked to your boss and got you the day off.

Jordan: You did?

Angela: Yeah, a couple weeks ago...

Jordan: Thanks (leans in a kisses her cheek while she is driving)

After about an hour's ride the pull in to a big camping site.

Angela: Well, we're here.

Jordan: Uh, we're camping?

Angela: Yeah, I thought it would be romantic.

Jordan: It is, I just, uh, haven't ever been camping.

Angela: You'll love it!

Angela gets out of the car and Jordan looks around. He sees the beautiful lake, and how each couple/family camping has a designated area to keep it private and far enough from each tent. The lake is huge, and it is not really crowded. He smiles at the thought of how much planning Angela put into this, and how romantic it really was. He walks over to Angela who is unloading the trunk.

Jordan (wraps his arms around her from behind): Thank you.

Angela: Do you really like it? I mean, I wasn't sure.

Jordan: Yeah, I just had no idea you were like, into this.

Angela: Well, we used to go when I was little sometimes.

Angela gets the tent out and starts setting it up. Jordan has no idea what to do, so he sits and watches Angela. He is mesmerized by how much she knows what to do. After the tent is set up she blows up the air mattress and puts it in the tent, along with the rest of the stuff. The tent is set up about 10 feet from the edge of the lake. They are in an area that really doesn't have anyone near them. The lake isn't lit up at all, but there are lights about 50 feet from the edge of the lake near the gravel road. Jordan walks over to Angela and kisses her gently on the lips.

Jordan: This is the best birthday I have ever had.

Angela: It's not over yet...

She grabs a blanket and they sit on the edge of the lake and watch the sunset. Angela sits in between Jordan's legs leaning against his chest. He is resting on his hands to support them. He nuzzles his face in Angela's neck and starts kissing her neck. Angela reaches back with her arm and holds the back of Jordan's head. Angela turns around after a few minutes and kisses Jordan passionately on the lips. He sits up more and wraps his arms around her body.

Jordan: Your so beautiful. When I saw you tonight, standing in the kitchen, my heart, like, stopped for a second.

Angela: Really?

Jordan: Yeah, I love you...

Angela: I love you too.

They continue to make out. This time Angela lays down and Jordan lies next to her, with his body leaning over hers. After a few minutes Angela feels something crawling on her leg. She jumps up and screams. It was a small spider. Angela freaks out. Jordan steps on it.

Angela: Maybe we had better just go in the tent, the sun is already set anyways.

Jordan: Ok.

They move to the tent and continue to make out. After a little while Jordan pulls away.

Jordan: Do you, uh, want to go skinny dipping?

Angela: Ok.

They take their clothes off and jump into the water. Jordan takes Angela in his arms. He runs his hands over her hair to get it out of her face. She wraps her arms around his neck and legs around his waist as she kisses him gently. They swim for a few minutes. Angela tries to push Jordan under the water, and Jordan pulls her under with him. She playfully swims away from him and he swims faster to catch up to her. Once he catches up to her he dives under the water to tickle her feet. She tries to squirm away from him. He surfaces as he hears her laughing uncontrollably. He moves closer to her as she stops laughing and she looks more serious. They are both breathing a little heavy from all of the swimming and goofing off. He moves closer to her and kisses her with urgency. They kiss for a few minutes and sneak out of the water. They dry off and get in the tent again. They still have their clothes off but have towels wrapped around their bodies. Angela lights a couple of small candles. Jordan sits down on the mattress and Angela sits next to him. She kisses him softly and then with a little force. Their kisses grow deeper as Angela lays down and Jordan gets on top of her. They still have their towels on. Jordan opens up Angela's towel and kisses her stomach. He feels in between her legs and takes his forefinger and feels inside Angela's legs. She lets out a little moan of pleasure. Jordan continues to feel inside Angela as he kisses her stomach with passion. He pulls his finger out of her and lays on top of her. She opens his towel and throws it next to the mattress, which blows the candles out. They laugh a little because they can't see each other.

Angela: Do you want me to light the candles again?

Jordan: No. It's kinda mysterious this way.

Angela: Yeah...

Jordan leans in and kisses Angela's neck. Angela runs her fingers up his bare back and feels his spine. He moves his body in between Angela's legs and pushes himself inside her. They both let out a little moan of pleasure. Their bodies move together slowly. After a couple minutes Angela rolls them so she is on top of Jordan. Jordan lays down at first while Angela is sitting on him, with him inside her. He wants to feels his skin against hers, so he sits up. Angela wraps her arms around his shoulders and he wraps his arms around her body. Angela bends her legs so she can move her body easier with her feet on the mattress to support her body. She moves up and down slowly. Jordan kisses her neck and across her chest. He has one of his hands on the middle of her back and the other he moves to the back of her neck. He pulls her face towards his and kisses her passionately. She kisses his eyebrow, and then his forhead, which is a little sweaty. Jordan's chest is pressed against Angela's. She leans back as Jordan kisses down her sternum, and then he pulls her up as he kisses up her neck. They both breathe a little heavier. Jordan begins to moan a little as his pleasure intensifies.

Angela: Ah...

Jordan: Are you ok?

Angela: Yeah...

Jordan: Does it feel good?

Angela: Uh-huh...

Jordan: Good...I love you...

Angela: (in between breaths) I love you too...

They meet in a passionate kiss. Jordan forces his tongue in Angela's mouth. He kisses her bottom lip and down to her chin. She moves her body back and forth slowly. This is the longest both of them have ever gone. Jordan feels up her back which is getting a little sweaty from the heat outside and the heat between them. Their bodies slowly move faster as Jordan feels Angela get goose bumps, and Angela feels the same on Jordan's body. She squeezes her arms tight around his shoulders and Jordan does the same around her body. They both breathe heavy and let out moaning sounds as they both begin to climax.

Jordan: Ah...mmmm....ooohhhh...

Angela: Mmmmmm....ooohhh....Ahhhhhh....

Angela squeezes Jordan even tighter as she comes, and feels Jordan's body come inside her. They both breathe heavy and meet in a kiss. They pull away and Jordan brushes Angela's hair off her face. He takes her face in his hands and kisses her with more passion this time. He lays back and Angela lays on top of him. He kisses her forehead and they both start to relax and slow down their breathing.

Jordan: I love you...

Angela: And I love you (kisses him passionately)

Jordan covers them with the blanket and Angela lays next to him with her head resting on his chest and her arm draped over his body. Jordan doesn't fall asleep and lays awake thinking...

JordanVO: This is the only birthday where I have actually been happy, and had someone to share it with. I want to stay like this forever...with Angela right to me...

Fade out to black...

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